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Lamps are definitely an important thing in all houses. Feel free to get to know this rich collection of carousel lamps, all of which are not only functional but also nice looking. There is no need to rush so we encourage you to take your time while browsing through these photos.

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Decorative carrousel lamp with an umbrella stylization. It features a durable shade in red finish, decorated with some metal accents. This element of home design is made of durable materials resistant to excessive wear.

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Such a flying balloon could cross the deserts of Africa. The wonderful colonial style, but also the art deco finish, are visible in the replica of this carousel lamp in the shape of a flying brown amber hot air balloon.

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.This looks like the carosel in Paris my sisters & I rode! Precious memories

Carousel horse lamp

Buy John Lewis Devon Easy-to-fit Ceiling Shade Online at

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Vintage Kodak 760H Slide Projector + Remote + Carousels & Lamp + Manuals #KodakCarousel760HProjector

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Terracotta Pendants by Thomas Housden, handandeyestudio via a designforwife: Available in three sizes and a variety of colors. #Lamps #Terracotta_Pendant #handandeyestudio

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Soft Silver 4-Light 24" Wide Crystal Chandelier - So pretty for Master Bathroom...

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