Decorative Elongated Toilet Seats

Not all toilet seats are the same, because not all toilets are the same. If you are one of the rare few that hasn't elongated toilet seat, you're probably sick of that same old drab white seat option. Instead for you we have decorative elongated toilet seats. They are creative and will accent your bathroom perfectly to go with your existing style.

Best Products

The Crossing Oak Elongated Toilet Seat

The Crossing Oak Elongated Toilet Seat
Western style toilet seat in elongated oval shape. It is crafted of oak and it has a vintage brass hinge, so it's really stylish. On its top, it has a high quality picture of a Wild West horse rider. Truly stunning piece!

Premium Piano Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Premium Piano Wood Elongated Toilet Seat
Modern toilet seat with a hinged lid. It is made of wood with a resistant multi-layer surface finish. It has an intriguing brown and beige zebra-like zigzag pattern bringing in a gust of exoticism. Easy to clean with warm water.

Butterfly polyresin elongated toilet seat

Butterfly Polyresin Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorative elongated toilet seats 2

Toilet seat with shell theme. It is made of durable plastic. Suitable for each standard toilet. Received many positive recommendations from customers for modern design and high quality.

Decorative elongated toilet seats

Funny toilet seat. It is made of translucent glass and it has painted plugs. Plug is popular type of hard-bodied fishing lure, it looks like little fish with angle. This funny and comfortable lavatory make your toilet more joyous.

Decorative elongated toilet seats 24

Bright tile pattern makes this elongated seat and lid a unique addition to your bathroom. Excellent for a baroque or Egyptian themed personal retreat. The tiles seem almost like alligator skin or the scales of some great jungle snake.

Decorative elongated toilet seats 1

This foil elongated toilet seat makes a really astonishing impression. The imitation of crumbled crystal fragments constitutes a delightful sparkling experience. Recommended for all, who want to distinguish their bathrooms a bit.

Our advice Buying Guide

Can I use an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet?

You can use an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet, but it may affect the fit, aesthetic, and comfort level.

Elongated toilet seats are considered more comfortable. Their design more accurately fits the human body and provides sufficient space from front to back when sitting.

In general, round toilet seats measure 16.5” while elongated ones measure 18.5”. Due to its differing dimensions, the oval elongated toilet seat creates an overhang off the front of a round toilet bowl. In turn, the seat will extend further into the room, which may be confining in a smaller bathroom.

Decorative elongated toilet seats add a modern, fun, and whimsical aesthetic to your bathroom. If you plan to keep the top lid closed for its unique design, the overhang of the seat won’t be as noticeable or distracting. Instead, anyone entering the room will be drawn to the decorative elements of the toilet seat.

What are the trending designs of elongated toilet seats?

The trending designs of decorative elongated toilet seats are currently varying to match the other aesthetic influences of their owners’ bathrooms. In years past, toilet seats have generally been assumed to be a piece of home design that should remain stark white—perhaps because many people tend to think it’s easier to clean. Now, we’re seeing many different types of decorative seats, from translucent, glittery options to marbleized ones, seats with shell textures, padded leather upholstery and even blue LEDs to create a spa-like feel at night.

The design you should choose depends entirely on the other decor you have in your space. Try to match colors with your elongated toilet seat, or go for a fun texture if the colors in your space are already rather minimal.


Decorative toilet seat seahorse design elongated

Decorative Toilet Seat - Seahorse Design Elongated

Toilet seat decorative

Seaside offerings of shells, seaweed, and facsimiles of sea creatures are embedded in clear Lucite to create a toilet seat and lid like no other. Perfect for an ocean themed bathroom or for a bathroom attached to a sailor’s bedroom.

Decorative seat covers

Anyone keen on beach themes here? No idea how to bring beach and nautical accents to a bathroom? Some would recommend decorative toilet seat covers, which are easy to install, not to mention that they're budget-friendly.

Decorative toilet seat

The toilet seat in your bathroom can be a decorative as well as an utilitarian item. This particular elongated seat is decorated with a frieze of shells on both lid and seat, while flowers adorn the center of the lid.

Toilet Tattoos Medallion Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid

Capice elongated toilet seat

Capice Elongated Toilet Seat

Pink marble toilet seat elongated 1

Pink Marble Toilet Seat (Elongated)

Home silver foil elongated toilet seat

Home > Silver Foil Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorative toilet seat nautical design elongated

Decorative Toilet Seat - Nautical Design Elongated

Home capice elongated toilet seat

Home > Capice Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorative toilet seats sea horse


Fishing lure toilet seat

decorative elongated toilet seats | Clown Fish 3D Image Toilet Seat - Elongated | Potty Training Concepts

Decorative toilet seats

Who said that a toilet seat must always be dull and white? This extraordinary toilet seat will be a pretty decoration of your bathroom as it features lovely pictures of subtle, pink and purple flowers with green leaves.

Fish toilet seat

Shells, tropical fish, pleasant associations and the ocean - all contained in a decorative elongated toilet seat, with a transparent cover. Full of ocean life is perfect for your bathroom. Form - remains standard, oval shaped.

Decorative toilet seat cover

Animal Print Toilet Seat Covers, Zebra Seat Cover ...

Ginsey sea isle elongated toilet seat

Ginsey Sea Isle Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorative toilet seat

Decorative Toilet Seat

Decorative toilet seat sea shell design elongated

Decorative Toilet Seat - Sea Shell Design Elongated

Tropical fish toilet seat

Elongated Realtree Camo Bambo Toilet Seat

Decorative toilet

Designer Toilet Seat, Zebra

Green marble toilet seat elongated 2

Green Marble Toilet Seat (Elongated)

Toilet Tattoos Catch The Wave Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid

Toilet seats decorative

Topseat RealTree Camouflage AP Elongated Toilet Seat

Marble toilet

This unusal toilet seat is made of resin. Both the seat and lid are transparent with pieces of gold foil accents inside. It features chrome finish and it's easy to install. It will give your bathroom a modern look.

Decorative toilet seat duck design elongated 2

Decorative Toilet Seat - Duck Design Elongated

November Whitetail Deer Oak Elongated Toilet Seat

November Whitetail Deer Oak Elongated Toilet Seat

Wave toilet seat elongated

Wave Toilet Seat Elongated

December Dawn Chickadee Oak Round Toilet Seat

December Dawn Chickadee Oak Round Toilet Seat

Real seashell designer elongated toilet seat 4007wt l home kitchen

Real seashell designer elongated toilet seat[4007WT L] Home & Kitchen

Church nextstep child adult white wood elongated toilet seat this

Church Nextstep Child/Adult White Wood Elongated Toilet Seat this would be perfect for my daughter that is potty training and refuses to use a childs seat or potty chair.

Decorative elongated toilet seats 3

Hand Painted Primitive Toilet Seat Star Vines Berries Elongated | eBay

Tropical toilet seat

Okay...if I had to go all out with the western theme in a bathroom...this toilet seat is classy ! Cowhide & Leather Toilet Seat

Decorative elongated toilet seats 12

Whitehaus Collection Magic Flush 1-piece High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White-WHMFL3309-EB-WH - The Home Depot

Decorative toilet seats elongated

Buck and doe toilet seat

Decorative elongated toilet seats 1

Heart Island 3D Image Toilet Seat - Elongated

Decorative elongated toilet seats 20

signature hardware-Algorithm+One-Piece+Elongated+Toilet+-+ADA+Compliant

Designer elongated toilet seats

The simplest designs are often the prettiest. This pretty, two-piece, elongated toilet constructed out of white ceramic is sure to fit any bathroom design. Why over-complicate simple things if the most obvious design looks so beautiful?

Decorative elongated toilet seats 15

(BEst thing ever invented)Flip Potty Toilet Seat (ELONGATED) - Bemis

Decorative elongated toilet seat

Comfort Seats Decorative Elongated Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges | Wayfair

Decorative elongated toilet seats 10

View the Kohler K-3817-Touchless Memoirs Stately 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Comfort Height Toilet with AquaPiston and Touchless Technology - Seat Included at

Beadboard toilet seat

Magnolia Bamboo Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorative elongated toilet seats 18

Kohler® Cachet® Quiet-Close™ Quick Release™ Elongated Toilet Seat in White -

Decorative elongated toilet seats 19

Check out the TOTO MS964214CEFG ECO Soiree One Piece Elongated Toilet Sanagloss with Softclose Seat priced at $548.80 at