Corner Bathtub Sizes

Many people want a corner bathtub or garden tub, but don't know what sizes they come in. It is important to get an accurate measurement of the space where you wish to install a corner bathtub, and in this collection, we show many corner bathtub sizes, so you can pick the right corner bathtub for you. Take a look, and don't get stuck buying a tub that is too big, or too small.

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Japanese tub

Japanese tub
If you don't have enough space for a regular bathtub then this corner one might just do the trick. It will fit neatly into the corner of your room and will still allow or maximum comfort and convenience.

70.9" x 47.25" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

70.9" x 47.25" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub
Allow yourself to soak the hours away in this rounded rectangle tub edged up against one corner of your bathroom. The high-gloss acrylic construction is scratch-resistant while providing an elegantly curved exterior for a clean-line look. Its inline heater keeps the water at a constant temperature, allowing for long, luxuriant bath times.

60" x 60" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

60" x 60" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub
Cozy up in the corner with this deep whirlpool bathtub designed specifically to make the most of small spaces. Holding up to 84 gallons of water, this 60” tub is constructed of slip-resistant, antimicrobial acrylic. Step up onto the bench-style ledge before climbing in for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak.

60.63" x 60.63" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

60.63" x 60.63" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub
With a sleek, modern design, this whirlpool bathtub invites you in with its beautiful lines and a tempered glass panel in front. With a capacity for 100 gallons of water and a soaking depth of 16.25”, this luxurious bathtub not only entices you in but also beautifies the room.

Designer 60" x 60" Corner Whirlpool Acrylic Bathtub

Designer 60" x 60" Corner Whirlpool Acrylic Bathtub
Create your own island getaway by adding this stunning whirlpool tub to your bathroom. This 75-gallon corner bathtub can help you escape the stresses of the day with 6 adjustable jets controlled by a soft-touch panel with a 30-minute timer. With a paneled exterior, it is ideal for adding modern luxury to a traditional bathroom.

Small Basement Remodeling Ideas

Small Basement Remodeling Ideas
Small and practical bathroom design. It includes a bathtub, sink, toilet and shower. All functional elements are finished in neutral white color. This bathroom includes a black floor and walls that look very nice with white elements.

Xstyles bath design studio traditional bathroom detroit

Xstyles bath design studio traditional bathroom detroit
If you’re looking for an elegant, classy bathroom with a plenty of utility and a unique, vintage appearance, take a look at this wonderful setup! The tiles covering the appliances give this bathroom a really cosy feeling.

Our advice Buying Guide

Corner baths offer the best alternative to regular straight baths. If you want to give your bathroom a bit of luxe similar to that of hotel suite bathrooms, then you definitely need a corner bathtub as a stylish feature. Since corner bathtubs differ in size from regular tubs, check out our guide on corner bathtub sizes below.

What are the common corner bathtub sizes?

The standard dimensions of corner bathtubs are the following:

  • 5 ft x 5 ft or 60 in x 60 in with 20 in. or 1.6 ft as water depth.
  • A small size measures 48 in x 48 in with 18 in. or 1.5 ft as water depth.
  • The large size runs at 72 in x 72 in or 6 ft x 6 ft with 20 in. or 1.6 ft as water depth.

How to select the right size corner bathtub?

It’s crucial for you to know that size is the most important consideration that needs to be taken into account when choosing corner bathtubs. If you will be adding a corner tub into a bathroom that's already been designed, you will find it a lot of easier to just go with the tub that fits the dimensions of the spot allocated for this specific type of bathroom fixture.

In most cases, standard bathtubs can only be accommodated. The regular tub is 30 inches wide, five feet long, and 15 inches high. However, don't assume that all tubs have standard measurements. As much as possible, get the exact measurements of your space so you can determine the size of the tub that can be reasonably installed in your bathroom.

If you are building a brand-new bathroom or you'll be undertaking a bathroom remodeling project in the near future, then you can be picky regarding your bathtub's size. When you check out your options online, you can be certain that you'll find a tub that matches your needs. We suggest you spend time browsing through the available selection online and work alongside a reputable contractor in determining which tub makes the most sense within the space you are designing.

What are the most durable materials for corner bathtubs?

Most corner bathtubs you'll encounter are made using fiberglass and acrylic as they're affordable options. Acrylic is the most popular choice as it is lightweight, durable, and capable of holding heat in well. As for fiberglass, it is conveniently lightweight and especially affordable, but it is prone to scratching. It also doesn’t hold heat. Although these two options are common, they're not the most durable. What's more, they aren't known for bringing anything extra in terms of aesthetics. If you are prepared to invest in a tub that’s heavy duty and beautiful at the same time, then consider materials like cast iron, steel, marble, and copper.

Bonus tip: The installation of a corner bathtub is a massive job, but it will only occur once throughout the entire lifespan of your tub. By having a good warranty, you'll be confident that this will be your case and you have ample protection for your investment.


48" x 48" Corner Soaking Tub

48" x 48" Corner Soaking Tub
This corner soaking tub is a perfect choice to use in even very small bathroom. It has an oval shape, it is made of solid acrylic, available in three colors. It is big enough to lie and rest in a hot bath.

Colony 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub

Colony 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub
Aesthetic pentagonal 2-person tub designed for corner mounting. It is made of white acryl and fiberglass. It's comfy, with dual lumbar support, central tap holes and wide edges for toiletries. It has a central drain hole and is easy to damp clean.

Neo angle measurement guide

Neo-Angle Measurement Guide

Corner bathtub sizes 28

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Corner bathtub sizes 1

A corner bathtub is a functional and stylish proposition for all who love to relax in water. Ideal both for a single bath or a romantic one with your partner. Available in various sizes and prizes.

Corner bathtub sizes 5

Tremendous Best Corner Bathtub with corner bathtub size

Corner bathtub sizes

If you hate the risk of slipping and falling when entering and leaving your bathtub or shower, take a look at this clever idea – a walk-in tub/shower combination with an oval door and contemporary, modern design!

Corner bathtub sizes 1

Big Corner Whirlpool tub Steam Shower Room L90S42WS 60x60x90

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Corner bathtub dimensions 1


Corner bathtub sizes 34

corner tub shower combo -Don't need space for fine things & they cost less than full sized

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Ideas Bathroom Furniture. Awesome Bathroom Designs with Cool Furniture and Decorations. Amazing White Gray Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Feature White Corner Curved Edge Whirlpool Bathtub And Wall Built In Soaps Shampoos Storage Shelving Plus Wall Mounted

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Dimensions for 35" Corner Tub

Of corner bathtub size ideas photo 14 amazing corner bathtub

of corner bathtub size ideas photo - 14 Amazing Corner Bathtub Sizes ...

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Corner bathtub sizes 35

Atlantis 6060S Atlantis Sublime Corner Tub

Corner bathtub sizes 12

I hate all the tile, but I love that tub/shower.

Corner bathtub sizes 13

14 Amazing Corner Bathtub Sizes Photo Ideas

Corner bathtub size

Perfection...put the sink floating above the foot of the tub and put the toilet where the sink is!

Corner bathtub sizes 37

like the use of different size tile in the same feel - interesting but not overwhelming. Love the fireplace by the tub. The window in the shower to provide extra light or diminish the closed in feel?

Corner bathtub sizes 2

The romantic corner jacuzzi with the set of lamps, which provides the dimming lights. It has enough place for two, so it could be an ideal place for spending the romantic evening with your husband or partner.

Corner bathtub sizes 9

OMG! Looks soooo relaxing! Oh how I'd love to take these types of Soothing baths every night! I would so sleep in there!

While its already the size of my bedroom i could

While it's already the size of my bedroom, I could see putting a small cot in here to sleep on...

Corner bathtub sizes 3

Master Bathroom Remodel

Vienna master bath tub shower traditional bathroom dc metro by

Vienna Master Bath - Tub & Shower - traditional - bathroom - dc metro - by Synergy Design & Construction

Atlantis 6060a alexandria corner tub 645 this is my fav

Atlantis 6060A Alexandria Corner Tub $645 This is my fav!

PureScape 314 Corner Acrylic Bathtub

PureScape 314 Corner Acrylic Bathtub

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Corner bathtub sizes 24

A Right-Sized, Deep Jacuzzi Tub Rather than the corner Jacuzzi tub, which takes up valuable square footage in a master bathroom, opt for a smaller, deeper tub that is large enough for two people but will slide against a wall or next to a shower room. Tub

Not a fan of the materials but i like the

Not a fan of the materials, but I like the size & open feel to the bathroom. Love that it has a fireplace. But I'd make the fireplace bigger & not have it in the corner.

Freestanding corner bathtub 1

Contoured design of this freestanding corner bathtub reflects natural body curves. No more boxy tubs! A bathtub should be streamlined. Next to comfort matters, a trendy contemporary feel is guaranteed.

Corner bathtub sizes 16

Shower+ bathtub next to it. Duz cijelog zida ? maybe

72" x 72" Corner Bathtub

72" x 72" Corner Bathtub

Corner bathtub sizes 14

Love this bathtub! (View Duralight Bathtubs by teuco)

Corner bathtub sizes 15

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Corner bathtub sizes 30

Small Bathtubs 4 'With Black Wall

59" x 59" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

59" x 59" Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

Corner bathtub walls color scheme step up higher normal size

corner bathtub - walls, color scheme, step up higher, normal size tub?

Corner bathtub sizes 4

Awfully big for just one water source... Maybe think about putting in a rain shower head and an additional traditional shower head or wall jets on the other wall to utilize the wasted space..

Trinidad 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub with Center Drain

Trinidad 60" x 60" Corner Soaking Bathtub with Center Drain