Corner Tubs For Small Bathrooms

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Sometimes your bathroom is too small to accommodate a full sized tub. Then behold, the corner tub for small bathrooms. About half the size of a traditional tub, a corner tub efficiently fills that awkward corner space, and can work as just a tub, or a tub and shower combo. Perfect if relaxing and luxuriating in a long, hot bubble bath is not something you enjoy, but still want the deeper shower space.

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Small corner bathtub under 60”

Small corner bathtub under 60”


Keep in mind that, while corner bathtubs aren’t usually as long as traditional models, they also result in more depth thanks to their unique shape.

The result? Plenty of room for you to relax… but not as much floor space to give up. Witchcraft, we know.

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Corner bathtub in an interesting finish

Corner bathtub in an interesting finish

Sterling by Kohler

Most bathtubs are white, and that’s always a versatile choice as well as a safe bet. However, if you already have plenty of white in your bathroom, this purchase could be your chance to introduce a new hue.

And it doesn’t have to be a completely different color (but it could!): it can simply be an unusual white shade like almond or biscuit. 

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Experiment with different colors

Experiment with different colors


Sometimes, the corner bathtub in the design of your dreams will also be available in different colors, which is great news if you prefer more choices.

For example, if you’re secretly hoping to inspire an elegant and luxurious feel, why not consider a black finish?

$2239.99 $2459.99

Create a special corner

Create a special corner


If you’ve got a little extra room to spare, think beyond traditional freestanding models and incorporate your new corner bathtub with a stunning design all around it.

This will also allow you to sit on its edges and get in and out more comfortably (as well as to surround yourself with candles and treats during your longest baths, of course).

$940.8 $1112

Small corner bathtubs with steps

Small corner bathtubs with steps

American Acrylic

Another trick to inspire a sophisticated look and turn that small corner of your bathroom into a resort-style spa is to choose a small bathtub that includes a step or two.

Not only does this make it easier to access it, but it results in a more harmonious transition from your bathtub to the rest of your room’s visual flow, walls, and floor.

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Add some hydromassage perks

Add some hydromassage perks

Simba USA Inc

There’s no denying that, if you want to pamper yourself as if you were on holiday, the obvious solution is a relaxing hydromassage. Luckily, you can now find lots of jacuzzi-style bathtubs as a corner model, too.

They usually include a few whirlpool jets, but you can treat yourself even further with features like adjustable massages, padded headrests, and (why not?) some colorful underwater lights.

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Luxurious black jacuzzi

Luxurious black jacuzzi

Simba USA Inc

Or why not make your new corner bathtub even more show-stopping by picking a luxurious black design?

What we think you’ll love the most about this choice is the bright effect of this bathtub’s lights or chromotherapy features against the darker background. 


Corner bathtubs for small bathrooms with a see through panel

Corner bathtubs for small bathrooms with a see through panel


Choosing a corner bathtub with a see-through panel comes with a few perks.

First of all, it creates an illusion of space, making your small bathroom appear wider than it actually is. Plus, we think it really adds to the sumptuous feel you’re after, don’t you?

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Bathtub shower combo for small bathroom

Bathtub shower combo for small bathroom

Simba USA Inc

Thanks to the most contemporary designs, you no longer need to choose between a corner bathtub and a shower. These corner tub shower combos will turn your bathroom into that of a 5-star hotel.

And why not add a fancy chromotherapy feature to your new corner bathtub with shower, while we’re at it? 


Small bathtub shower combo in a black finish

Small bathtub shower combo in a black finish

Simba USA Inc

Just like with shorter bathtubs, your new corner jacuzzi tub with shower can also be your chance to stray away from the same old finishes and try something new.

How about this elegant black design to reinforce a charming luxurious feel? 


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Corner Tubs For Small Bathrooms

Buying Guide

Do you love to soak, but have scarcely room enough for a shower? Do you have a full-size bathtub and hate knocking your knees on the bathtub rim as you use the toilet? Then there is a good possibility that a corner tub for small bathrooms would be just the tub for you.

A corner bathtub gives more design options for your bathroom while freeing up floor space. Styles range from classic American acrylic designs that resemble a standard alcove tub to super convenient walk-in tubs. Add a shower head, an attractive shower surround, and a charming curtain, and you have the best of both worlds – a choice of showering or soaking. Some models come with a built-in seat for added comfort and ease of use. They are sometimes referred to as “soaking bathtubs” and can be used for exactly that. Their best use, however, is to economize on space in your small bathroom.

Corner tubs can be made from any material that is used for a standard tub. That means that they can be made from acrylic, metal or from marble. More than that, designs can range from a simple tub to models that are not only walk-in but include spa-style swirling jets of water. Corner bathtubs can be a simple space saver, or they can be a luxury item added to a larger bathroom.

Safety rails can easily be added to the overall design, as well as lip area where soap, shampoos and perhaps even an attractive vase can be displayed. Never be without lovely aromas or your favorite moisturizing body wash again just because it is put away in a distant cupboard.

The cost of a corner bathtub is only slightly higher than that of a regular bathtub. Of course, like rectangular tubs, the material from which it is made and added features such as water jets or an inward-swinging door for a walk-in tub, will definitely increase the cost. Having the tub you want, especially one that will save the cost of moving a wall or adding an extension on the bathroom is well worth the added purchase price. After all, just think of missing out scrunching up to make it through the narrow confines of an ordinary bathroom, thanks to your attractive corner tub for small bathrooms.

A standard bathtub is usually about 60” long by 23” wide. A corner bathtub is shaped more like a triangle with the sides being each 60” long. However, a corner tub for a small bathroom might only be 48 inches by 48 inches on a side – or about four feet by four feet. Corner tubs also come in a larger size, 72 inches by 72 inches, which means you could size the tub according to the person who is likely to be using it.

Best Ideas

Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom

A long, relaxing bath is a great way to recover from a hard day. In order not to give up the shower, it is worth choosing a white acrylic corner bathtub for small bathrooms with a glass screen. Compact shapes, longitudinal form and use of space.

Small tub shower combo

Minimalist bathroom idea: corner tub is combined with shower surrounded by traditional white curtains hanged on industrial bronze bar (matches the vintage shower head). There are white tiles on a wall and mosaic tiles on floor.

Corner tubs for small bathrooms 1

This amazing bathroom design is a truly perfect example that you are able to fit everything you need in even the smallest space, since it provides a solution for all those, who don't have the largest bathroom but would still like to experience maximum comfort.

Small corner tub shower combo

Soaker Tub Shower Combo

Small bathtub shower combo

This incredibly useful and compact tub is the perfect solution for small interiors. Simple design, specially shaped interior and impressive fittings add style and style. Ideal for modern and minimalist interiors.

Small bathtubs

A comfortable, solid and functional bathtub that is suitable for corner placement. It saves plenty of space in small bathroom indoors. This solution is very hygienic, resistant to wear and damage caused by different factors.

Corner tubs for small bathrooms 2

Corner bathtub with 3 steps. Designed for back to wall installation. Great solution for saving space in each bathroom according to taste and need. Traditional form and functional design.

Corner tub

Pretty corner-mounted bathtub so space-saving and ideal for small bathrooms. This triangle-shaped tub with a gently wavy front edge and rounded corners is made of acrylic white inside and pale pink outside. It has decorative legs.

For small bathrooms magnificent bathroom with round corner bathtub

for small bathrooms magnificent bathroom with round corner bathtub ...

Corner tubs for small bathrooms

The corner tub that doubles as a shower is an excellent addition to small bathroom. It features three shelves for cosmetics and bath accessories. It has white color and ceramic construction, which is very easy to care for.

Cipini verona circular shower enclosure small right review compare prices

Cipini Verona Circular Shower Enclosure Small (Right) - review, compare prices, buy online

Small bathroom corner bathtubs for small remodeling ideas

small bathroom corner bathtubs for small remodeling ideas

Sumptuous dark bathroom floor tile ideas with white corner tubs

Sumptuous Dark Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas With White Corner Tubs As ...

Corner bathtub shower

Corner bathtub in modern form. It is made of high quality acrylic. Great solution for small bathrooms.

Corner tub shower combo

Contemporary setup for a colourful bathroom with tiled walls fitted with two-coloured tiles in blue and beige. The corner bathtub made out of white ceramic with a showerhead above provides a comfy place to wash.

Corner bath tub from neptune the new wind bath bathtubs

Corner bath tub from Neptune - the new Wind bath | Bathtubs On the trendir site

Corner bathtubs 3

corner bathtubs

Corner tubs

Struggling to refurbish a small bathroom? I'd never believe that you can have both tub and shower in a space-limited bathroom, but here the corner facilities do the job. Dark brown surfaces are visually balanced with cream elements.

Small bath tubs

If you have spacious bathroom and you love long bathing with aromatize oils and lather, this corner, wide bathtub is dedicated special for you. It is made of white ceramic and has metal, silver-plated taps.

Corner bathtubs for small bathroom designs

corner bathtubs for small bathroom designs

Small corner bathtub

If you are in a need of something chic and modern for your not so large bathroom, you can try this eye-catching, corner bathtub. The bathtub doesn't sink into the floor, only rests on it, just like the traditional one.

Small bathtub

This picture shows a nice idea for an arrangement of a small bathroom. A corner sink is located just above a bathtub. These white, functional elements are attractive and very solid. They save a lot of space.

Small corner tub

White, contemporary and space-saving bathtub. Designed to fit into the corners of bathrooms, it's a great idea for anyone who doesn't have all that much space in his bathroom. Modern, white finish and sleek, steel faucet make it really stylish.

Short bathtub

corner bathtub with led lights for modern bathroom design

Corner Tubs For Small Bathrooms

Questions & Answers

Corner tubs are usually installed in smaller bathrooms, when consumers would love to have a tub, but can’t quite fit a standard one. As they have a different shape than typical tubs, it’s best to visit a storeroom and try sitting in one, to get the feeling.

Corner tubs come in various materials. The most popular ones are fibreglass, porcelain on steel, acrylic, cast iron, cultured marble, ceramic tile as well as stone and wood.

Usually, it’s the price that dictates your choice. Cultured marble or cast iron, for example, are more expensive than acrylic tubs. The more expensive materials are known to last longer, but you don’t always need a heavy duty corner tub. Consider what you need and your budget, as well as the aesthetics. As a corner tub is often not the main one, cheaper materials might just do the trick.

Corner bathtubs are usually around 60 inches long and 60 inches wide. Their shape, however, makes them very space-efficient.

The height of 22 inches is the standard for corner bathtubs. Of course, there are some exceptions, and you can always have your bathtub custom-made to suit your preferences.

The location of faucet spout and handles directly impacts the accessibility of your corner bathtub. If these are placed on the front, you need enough space on the sides to exit the tub.

Not at all. Rinse it with clean water and then give it a wipe. For heavy dirt or moderate stains, it’s best to sprinkle the tub with baking soda and spray some vinegar-and-water solution over the stain. Let it bubble for several minutes, and afterwards scrub it with a soft cloth or a sponge till paste forms. Let the paste work for around 15 minutes, then wipe and rinse.

Yes. While most of the corner tubs have a roughly triangular shape, the number of sides may vary from three to five. Generally, the triangular shape is the most popular, but if you’re looking for something different, check out the rectangular tubs. These are also called “two-sided tubs” or “double apron tubs”.

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