Unique Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks have become very popular because of how simple they are to install especially when granite countertops have been put in place in the bathroom. But many of them look the same and perhaps you want something a little different. For you we offer unique pedestal sinks they will take your bathroom area and give it an eclectic personality that fits your own.

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River house eclectic bathroom other metros

River house eclectic bathroom other metros
Unique and functional element in a bathroom. This sink features a durable wooden pedestal base. I like its glass bowl and original metal elements of sink. The sink is suitable for unique and original bathroom styles.

Onyx Sink On Tree Stump Modern Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles Cleveland

Onyx Sink On Tree Stump Modern Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles Cleveland
Nowadays, wood furniture is associated with nature, solidity and palatial elegance. In this basin, the ceramic unique pedestal sink console touches the roots of nature because it is based on a naturally curved tree stump.

22 in wide hand made black granite

22 in wide hand made black granite
Unique designed sink, will be a great furniture in modern bathrooms. The granite pedestal and original shape bowl of the sink will impress your guests. Black color of the sink makes it match to most room decors.

Aberdeen Pedestal Sink Set

Aberdeen Pedestal Sink Set
This pedestal sink has a nice, column-like base which supports a circular sink. Its whole body has been made of ceramic. There are three faucet holes. This piece will require some installation. Lasts for years.

Black pedestal sink

Black pedestal sink
With this pedestal sink your interior will surely gain on its functional side, while the design itself makes for an elegant option for any master bathroom and will let you complete the classy look with its black, glossy finish.

Unique bathroom sinks

Create the unique look in your bathroom, and choose this amazing pedestal sink. It features the brass finish, beautiful details and pedestal base.

Unique pedestal sinks

Fitting perfectly to any minimalistic, contemporary bathrooms, this unique pedestal sink enchants with its refined, designer appeal. Made from high-quality wood in a gently tapered form.

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Unique pedestal sinks are an attractive addition to almost any bathroom. The attractive pedestals lend stability to wall mounted sinks without adding the bulk of a cabinet. The disadvantage to pedestal sinks is minimal, primarily being the lack of the ability to mask pipes and drains outside the wall and floor cavities. With that said, a pedestal sink can be a great space saver in a small bathroom. In addition, there are numerous variations on the pedestal sink, making it a unique decorator item for your bathroom.

What are the features of a pedestal sink?

To begin the examination of pedestal sinks, we can take a look at the standard basic pedestal sink. This unit, or variations thereof, can be found in almost any hardware or home supply store. It has a generous basin, a built-in splashboard, and three access holes for the spigot and spigot handles, along with a drain hole at the bottom of the sink. The pedestal does not contain any plumbing. Its primary function is to hold up the sink, supplementing support offered by the wall mounting. Within those constraints, there are lots of different ways to make a pedestal sink unique.

What are some examples of unique pedestal sinks?

A Pedestal Sink Set on a Stump

You can set your sink on a stump. Not a real stump, of course, but one molded of resin or concrete. It can be shaped like a simple, cut-off tree or it can have a surreal or eldritch appearance for a special effect. The “stump” takes the place of a normal pedestal. If the bathroom is small, an alcove for toilet paper can be molded into the side and branchlike knobs could be used as towel or washcloth hangers.

A Natural Theme Using Wrought Iron

The wonderful thing about wrought iron is that it can look delicate and ethereal yet be strong at the same time. It can be used to form stumps, vines, delicate flowering trees or just simple designs that can cradle or support the sink basin. With such openwork supports, it is easy to incorporate sanitation paper holders or towel racks, making it easy to have style even in a tiny bathroom. Your sink bowl can mimic a hollowed-out rock or a fantasy crystal furthering the illusion while still presenting perfect functionality.

Utilitarian Pedestal

Not all sink pedestals need to be decorative or surreal. They can also have clean, modern utilitarian lines that incorporate things like a continuous supply of toilet paper or spacious towel racks. Some models might even add a shelf or space for reading material to keep the Throne’s occupant suitably distracted while biological events are taking place.

Futuristic Design with Glass and Steel

Transform your bathroom into something that might be seen in some futuristic movie set, or in a supremely modern setting. The main column is gleaming stainless steel, which supports two layers of clear Plexiglas shelving. The effect is stunningly beautiful, with clean, easy-care lines that can easily make the style a favorite whether it is in a private home or the executive washroom in a high rise office building.


Wood pedestal sink

Oh God, I must have these in my bathroom one day. These tall bucket shaped pedestal sinks are carved from a single block of stone, and their bases are lighted! Not sure if ithe stone is really as yellow in daylight tho.

Unique pedestal sinks 11

unique/modern wash basin/sink for a bathroom ~ by ciuri-1

Unique pedestal sinks

A fantastic sink for both larger and smaller bathrooms, that will easily bring unique shapes and modern appeal to the whole interior. The sink rests on an intricately designed pedestal, made of matching pieces of thick wood that form stylishly uneven, yet stabile structure.

Unique bathroom sink

Unique shape is a very important aesthetic feature of these original sinks. Their pedestal base is solid and takes small amount of interior space. White color of each sink is neutral and looks nice in any bathroom.

Unique sinks vanities

Unique Sinks Vanities

Glass pedestal sink

Boasting of clean lines and flawless aesthetic, this modern sink can be a lifesaver for your small bathroom. It's embedded in a beautiful wood frame in walnut finish, with tapered legs and curvaceous edges.

Old bird bath

The beautiful combination of unique mosaic decor and bird bath pedestal is a decorative and functional solution to the garden. The enchanting pedestal sink is an exotic and very stylish addition that delights.

An elegant singularly attractive and highly eco friendly recycled

An elegant, singularly attractive, and highly eco-friendly recycled ...

Unusual pedestal sinks

Stunning forest themed iron sink pedestal holding an integrated granite boulder basin - each boulder is unique, differing in size, colour and shape. Open back for drain connect is provided in the base.

Sinks for small spaces unique narrow half bathroom ideas decorated

... Sinks For Small Spaces : Unique Narrow Half Bathroom Ideas Decorated

Unique pedestal sink 2

If you like to create some cool, raw or boho climate in your interiors, check out this cool pedestal bathroom sink. Carved in wood, with a hollowed-out metal sink, features also enough space to put your cosmetics and accessories.

Its a bathroom but the wall finish is perfect for

It's a bathroom, but the wall finish is perfect for my foyer! I love it as a bathroom.

Glass bowl pedestal sinks

The fairy tale decoration of the bathroom space. If you have ever seen the Snow White movie, you could probably feel like the same forest - beautiful, but scary. The central point of this stylization is the unique vessel on the oak style pedestal.

Unique pedestal sinks 5

Having the characteristic oyster shape, this unique pedestal sink enchants with its dark, lucid finish. Ideal to add refinement and luxury to one's bathroom decor.

Unique pedestal sinks 6

Madera Pedestal and copper vessel - SinksGallery

Pedestal sink base

If you value exceptional interior design, this entirely made sink with a built-in bicycle is a unique combination. Interesting use of the basket for towels and the impressive top makes a great work.

Unique pedestal sinks

The unique and highly effective pedestal sink is a fantastic combination of beautiful style and functionality. Interesting decorations in antique style delight the details, and the beautiful color scheme captivates in every interior.

Unique pedestal sink log home handcrafted on ranch acreage british

Unique pedestal sink || Log Home Handcrafted on Ranch Acreage - British Columbia Interior

Unusual sinks

Looking for some out of the ordinary, modern decoration? Just take a look at this pedestal sink. I can’t think of anything more futuristic than this sink. White colour and delicate construction add to the minimalistic, modern feeling.

Unusual pedestal sinks

There is a lot of cool ideas how you can use tree stumps in your interior. One of them is to use it as a pedestal sink. It is a very unique solution. Easy to put on - the sink and bathroom accessories.

Unique pedestal sinks bati 3 jpg


S21 2


Unique pedestal sinks 1

Finished in cobalt blue, this unique designer pedestal sink will truly distinguish any bathroom space. The combination of cobalt blue and silver aluminium creates an eclectic, contemporary appeal. The mirror above complements the sink perfectly.

More woodworking projects on 6

More Woodworking Projects on

4 stand alone a high contemporary freestanding stainless steel pedestal

4. Stand alone. A high, contemporary freestanding stainless steel pedestal sink shows high design. Get ready to stand out in a crowd!

Unique pedestal sinks 10

: Spaces » Bedroom and Bathrooms » Timber Frame Bath Design

Onyx pedestal sink reclaimed teak vanity top mirror contemporary

Onyx Pedestal Sink & Reclaimed Teak Vanity Top & Mirror contemporary ...

Unique pedestal sinks 4

Transitional bathroom with unique pedestal sink equipped with antique brass faucets. The sink is double (a boon for a couple!) and contoured. The mirror hanged on a wall echoes the shape of the basin.

Granite_unique_pedestal_sinks jpg


Pedestal sink towel bar attaches to the wall 17 99

Pedestal Sink Towel Bar - attaches to the wall. $17.99 Available @ skymallcom

Unique pedestal sinks 2

If you are going to forgo having storage you may as well have a dramatic pedestal urn sink!

Unique pedestal sinks 7

simplicity - exposed brick wall in the bathroom with vintage lighting and pedestal sink

Unique pedestal sinks 3

Close to nature as possible at every step-even in the bathroom, where instead of a ceramic enclosure or a metal base, the brown small sink is based on a natural tree trunk.A very wide unique pedestal sink and second life for this quintessence of life on Earth.

This would be awesome in a teeny powder room and

This would be awesome in a teeny powder room, and check out that basketweave floor tile! Wow!

Unique pedestal sinks 1

Unique Pedestal Sinks

Unique pedestal sinks

This jewel of a Powder Room was created by Design Connection, Inc. using a unique light reflective Silver Metallic Snakeskin Wallpaper. A Crystal Ceiling Light Fixture & Crystal Sconces With Drum Shades accent this small but dramatic Powder Room. Bathroo

Wood pedestal sink base

Unique pedestal sink in a white bathroom (ok, it's ivory mostly... and the walls are cappuccino). The sink (with unique retro faucets) was juxtaposed against an ivory storage cabinet with lots of drawers.

Unique pedestal sinks

Mansion 1878, Santorini | Luxury Retreats I LOVE the idea of the urn as the sink!! Amazing

Dont see many good ideas for tiny bathrooms although l

Don't see many good ideas for tiny bathrooms, although L would hate having to squeeze past the sink/mirror...

Vessel pedestal sink 24

Bathroom Furniture, Rustic Vanities, Barnwood Vanity, Hammered Copper Sink, Stone Pedestal Sinks

Bird bath stand ideas

Now you can improve your garden with this lovely birth bath, made of a repurposed bathroom sink. Its old-fashioned look also features a tapered pedestal with a stylishly-shaped, square base and a chrome-finished, small faucet.

Unique sinks

Bathroom faucet in modern style. It is made of glass and imitates a fountain. Unique addition for each bathroom according to taste.

Granite unique pedestal sinks china bathroom sinks for sale

granite unique pedestal sinks / China Bathroom Sinks for sale