Unique Toilet Seats For Your Home

Want to add a whimsical aire to your bathroom. Then maybe you should take a look at the unique toilet seats for your home in this collection. So many crazy, cleavor and even adorable options, so little time. And it doesn't stop at just the seats. Lit covers, alternatives to the tank, and even a seat made of leather with leather armrests. You will smile everytime you go into your bathroom.

Best Products

Coins Round Toilet Seat

Coins Round Toilet Seat
An often overlooked design element in our bathrooms is the toilet seat. Show how valuable the space is by installing this coin and dollar bill encased toilet seat. Made of sturdy, high-quality acrylic with a chrome hinge, its long-lasting design is a durable and novel addition to the most important room in your home.

Karamel Elongated Toilet Seat

Karamel Elongated Toilet Seat
Add a little fun to your bathroom with this whimsical print of a dog reading a daily newspaper. The elongated toilet seat is made of medium-density fiberboard and comes with versatile zinc alloy hinges. Easy to install, it fits all standard bowl sizes and enhances even the plainest bathroom.

3D Vario Scenario SeriesSeasons Round Toilet Seat

3D Vario Scenario SeriesSeasons Round Toilet Seat
Make nature the central attraction in your bathroom decor with this 3D seasonal scene decorative toilet seat. The rust and stain-resistant seat features four images that change according to your standing angle and the height of the lid. It installs easily above the bowl using a discreet bolt system.

Art of Acryl Shabby Elegance Slow Close Round Toilet Seat

Art of Acryl Shabby Elegance Slow Close Round Toilet Seat
Whether you love distressed shiplap or outhouse-inspired design, the high definition image covering this toilet seat will grab your attention. Carefully crafted with a seamless acrylic glass coating providing a high gloss finish and featuring a slow-close metal hinge, this quality constructed work of art will add a touch of shabby elegance to any bathroom.

Marbleized Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

Marbleized Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat
Thanks to faux marble painting, this toilet seat offers you a perfect balance between attractive look and attainability. It is made of wood for optimal sturdiness and hygiene. The finish is non-toxic.

Molded Wood Rose Design Round Toilet Seat

Molded Wood Rose Design Round Toilet Seat
Elegant novelty seat for standard round toilets. It's made of moulded wood with a resistant glossy white finish and features a large embossed rose design. It has plastic hinges and fits most modern bathrooms.

Premium Piano Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Premium Piano Wood Elongated Toilet Seat
Modern toilet seat with a hinged lid. It is made of wood with a resistant multi-layer surface finish. It has an intriguing brown and beige zebra-like zigzag pattern bringing in a gust of exoticism. Easy to clean with warm water.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you need unique toilet seats for your home, then scroll through the following ideas. Toilet seats, no matter what the manufacturers might think, are not “one size fits all.” They are often a case of making do because at some point everyone has “gotta go.” Humans come in all sorts of sizes from two-foot tall toddlers to six-foot plus size adults. If there is any seat in the house that needs to cater to comfort, it is the potty seat.

What are some examples of unique toilet seats for your home?

Elevated Toilet Seat

If there is one place in the world where you don’t want to be uncomfortable, it is the toilet seat. Big or tall people are often forced into what amounts to crouching or squatting on seats meant for people of average height. An elevated toilet seat allows the big person in your household to be able to sit comfortably. Styles are available for both regular and elongated seats.

Unique Toilet Seat Covers

The bathroom is probably one of the most used rooms in the house, so why not make that favorite seat attractive as well as comfortable? You can add a fur-lined or plush cover for the toilet seat ring and say goodbye to those chilly mornings. On top of that, you can add colorful, funny or beautiful themed toilet lid covers, toilet front rug, and bathroom shower rug can help with both comfort and attractiveness in your bathroom. You can even add a little humor to essential messages, such as encouraging everyone to close the seat or clean up after themselves with rhymed or snarky bathroom signs.

What are some examples of unique toilet seats for kids?

Gotta Go Portable Kid Seat

Nearly every parent in the world has the closest public restroom on their normal travel route mapped out, fully prepared for that piping voice from the back seat that says, “Mommy, Daddy, I gotta go!” While most US establishments make efforts to keep their public restroom clean, few have kid-sized seats. You can avoid having to help your three-year-old balance on the edge of an adult seat by using a portable kid seat from Cushie. The seat fits on an adult-sized toilet seat and presents a clean, soft resting spot for a young behind. Not only does it protect from contact contagion possibilities, it also saves parental backs and makes the inevitable toilet stop so much easier.

Step Up Ladder Seat

When the choice of where to go at home is diaper, a potty chair or the big potty, you can take life a little easier by providing your independent youngster a step up to the Big Potty. He or she will be able to sit comfortably on a child-sized ring and will be able to manage on his or her own by using the built-in ladder.


Designer Solid Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Designer Solid Wood Elongated Toilet Seat
Add some stylish durability to your bathroom with this solid wood elongated toliet seat. It has factory installed hinges that are PVD plated, corrosion resistant and perfectly aligned between the cover and seat. Includes also built-in anti-microbial agent.

Marbleized Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

Marbleized Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat
Toilet seat with faux marble painting made of wood. Its size fits standard toilets. Additionally, the seat is water and stain-resistant, which makes cleaning it and its maintenance very easy and practical.

Reserved For Vicky Set Of 2 Crochet

Reserved For Vicky Set Of 2 Crochet
Hand-crocheted with the highest attention to details, this cover for your toilet seat and tank lid will instantly make your bathroom feel more homely and charming, while its bright yellow finish brings some more life to it.

Crochet toilet seat cover or crochet

Crochet toilet seat cover or crochet
Mosaic toilet covers can always constitute a funky accent to the space, creating an inimitable appeal. Hand-crocheted with the same pattern, 95% acrylic/5% metallic (sparkles), fits any kind of toilet seat and tank lid.

RealTree Camouflage AP Elongated Toilet Seat

RealTree Camouflage AP Elongated Toilet Seat
This is an elongated toilet seat that offers maximum comfort and hygiene in the toilet. It has got a solid top with the picture of a tree. It is a durable piece of equipment that looks nice in any toilet design.

Unique toilet seats for your home 3

OK, that's indeed a wide range of unique toilet seats to choose from. Some people want their toilet seat to be outrightly decorative, even dramatic in some cases, and this choice of flowers, shells and sealife is decent to sift through.

Number 7 4

Number 7:

Unique toilet seats

Why not add a fun choice for your bathroom with this hilarious, designer toilet seat and cover that looks like the mouth of a monster, packed with colors and ample originality. It will make your space into a truly original and unique one.

Designer toilet seats

Why not add a charming accent piece to your bathroom with this lovely toilet seat that sports the decorative theme with the seahorses and under the seat shells. It will keep the interior warm and welcoming.

Design toilet seats

A whole variety of differently themed toilet seats, ready to embellish any bathroom. This vibrant set comprises a full palette of colours, from white, through celadon, red, purple, on a navy blue ending.

Red toilet seat 28

If you just can't help yourself and want to add a hilarious piece to your home decor, while at the same time making sure you can use its practical side then this toilet armchair will do the trick with its original shape.

Toilet seat designs 4

This mermaid toilet seat design is a unique proposition for all, who like to have some funky decor accents. It takes to the world of fairy tales and legends, being an attracitve proposition for both kids and adults.

Unique toilet seats for sale

Oh my god, I have never seen so incredible toilet seats. This collection is inspired of music instruments, especially piano and different types of guitar. It is very stylish and funny present for every musician!

Unique elongated toilet seats

This magical cat has swallowed half of the universe, becoming a blue-glowing star, hunting for a fish in an aquarium. In it, the black secret of the universe with the moon and the sun - and this is just a unique toilet seat for your home.

Designer toilet

Unique toilet seat with gloss finish. Adds freshness and modernity to any bathroom. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Unique toilet seats for your home 2

A good choice of various toilet seats that will help you to find the one you are looking for. The toilet seats come with different types of material, and various colors and patterns, but with each of them also working like a charm.

Unique toilet seats for your home

If you want to incorporate a bit of the tropical climate straight into your interiors, why not invest in a such a decorative toilet seat? Its unique design resembles the palm leaves, adding a cool, coastal vibe to your bathroom.

Decorated toilet seats 25

Bathroom set in a Mexican style. Set is consisting of hand painted sink, toilet with traditional pattern, mexican toilet seat and ceramic accessories. This untypical make your bathroom more special and oriental.

Unique toilet

Why not decorate the bathroom also through the unique toilet seat for your home.It has a pearly color thanks to a texture with a chrome-plated classic appearance made of acrylic. The pearly color adds lightness and potential to a bathroom in a Marianist style.

Decorative toilet seats

Every place is good to personalize - even a home toilet. Instead of a dull white toiletry board, you can use the blue decorative chrome toilet seat for your fome - made of acrylic. Funny character add bubbles trapped inside.

Toilet seat designs 21

Unique design for an unusual bathroom toilet seat, made to resemble a guitar. The toilet seat is actually made out of real wood but has a thick layer of laminate cover which makes the wood save and gives the seat a shiny look.

Let My People Go - Jewish Matzoh Cloth Toilet Lid Cover black letters - For Passover

Printed Round Soft Toilet Seat Spa Pink 15.5"l X 14.25"w

Comfortable and decorative cushioned toilet seat in white, with big high definition picture printed on its top. The image depicts fuchsia pink orchid and some pebbles; the print refers to spa accessories.

Decorated toilet seats

Elegant toilet seat. It has metal, silver-plated brackets. This seat is made of ceramic and it is covered of glittery, silvery stickers. This lavatory is very comfortable and durable, so it plays its role even during stomach flu.

Unique toilet seats for your home 1

The beautifully decorated toilet seat is a great way to revitalize the bathroom. Beautiful details and attractive ornaments will bring color and joyful atmosphere to the decor. Great solution for any home.

Bemis 122EC Elongated Closed Front Molded Wood Toilet Seat With Cover,

Pretty toilet seats

If you want to add some unique style to your bathroom, this decorated toilet seat will be a great proposition. Inimitable design, evoking unconstrained associations with western, will be a real bargain for all rustic style fans.

Deluxe Molded Elongated Toilet Seat

Deluxe Molded Elongated Toilet Seat

Decorated toilet seats 1

A funny toilet seat decoration, if you're looking for some funky or vibrant accents to your bathroom. Black finishing with a face of different countenances stands for lightness and freshness.

Image of tavistock premier toilet seat with gold hinges mahogany

Image of Tavistock Premier Toilet Seat With Gold Hinges Mahogany ...

Green toilet seats 2

Very original toiled seat connected with a side sink. It features a very practical water recycling system. This bathroom element is made of durable materials that are comfortable in use. White finish looks good in any home design.

Round Molded Wood Swirl Design Toilet Seat with Easy Clean and Change Hinges

With its exclusive swirl design complementing bath décor, this wooden round toilet seat with Lift-Off Hinges is made in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA with environmentally friendly materials and processes.

RealTree Camouflage Advantage Max HD Elongated Toilet Seat

RealTree Camouflage Advantage Max HD Elongated Toilet Seat

Ginsey home solutions ginsey home solutions emb spring blossom white

Ginsey Home Solutions Ginsey Home Solutions Emb Spring Blossom White

Unique toilet seat

Out of boredom, you start to knit, but everyone already has scarves, hats, and sweaters made by you. Time for decorative clothes on the toilet, unique toilet seats cover for your home, in this case, made of greenish and gray wool.

Home zambia safari decorative toilet seat

Home > Zambia Safari Decorative Toilet Seat

Home coral cascade decorative toilet seat by waverly 1

Home > Coral Cascade Decorative Toilet Seat by Waverly

Unique toilet seats home inspiration

Unique Toilet Seats | Home Inspiration

The coolest and most unique decorative toilet seats

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The Coolest and most Unique Decorative Toilet Seats!

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