Folding Bathtub Doors

An alternative to the classic shower door option, folding bathtub doors, use accordion style hinges to contract into a small space, out of the way. They offer a different approach to an often overlooked bathroom decor choice, make cleaning a little easier, and come in an array of hardway options. As well as can be several panels, or just two. And they don't need a frame to operate properly.

Fold Semi Frameless Tub Door

Fold Semi Frameless Tub Door

$519.99 $547.42

Fold Semi Frameless Tub Door


$519.99 $547.42

What we like: Reversible door configuration

What we don’t like: Glass is not extremely thick 

This is a chic, minimal folding door for any bathtub/shower combo. The tub door has a modern European design with frameless construction and rounded corners. Made from tempered glass, this 36” W x 58” H tub door has a glass thickness of 0.25".

The self-closing hinges allow effortless rotation toward the inside of the bathtub. The door can also pivot in and out from the wall. This bathtub door offers a sophisticated look and creates an open and inviting bathtub space. 

Frameless Bi Fold Tub Door in Black

Frameless Bi Fold Tub Door in Black

Frameless Bi Fold Tub Door in Black

What we like: Perfect for smaller bathrooms

What we don’t like: Expensive price

This bi-fold tub door is specially designed to fit bathtubs and is a convenient alternative to a shower curtain. The door doesn’t cover the whole bathtub, so you can still enjoy a relaxing soak without feeling enclosed in a tight space.   

The construction is sturdy and durable, with 0.23" thick glass secured in a chic black frame. The door also features a flexible rubber gasket along the base, ensuring that it properly contains water. This contemporary tub door is stylish and can help you keep your bathroom dry and clean. 

Hinged Frameless Tub Door

Hinged Frameless Tub Door

Hinged Frameless Tub Door

Glass Warehouse

What we like: Beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish

What we don’t like: Lacks helpful assembly instructions

The hinged frameless tub door is a well-designed and sturdy door with ANSI-certified tempered glass and the special Enduroshield treatment. Enduroshield is a leading company in glass coating. The treatment helps glass repel water, soap scum, and grime. It reduces cleaning time dramatically, helping you keep your bathroom clean. The factory-applied glass coating comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

The heavy-duty brushed nickel hardware is unobtrusive yet extremely durable, and the bi-fold bathtub doors feature out-of-plumb adjustment, allowing you to level the doors easily. 

Another special feature of this tub door is its height. It measures 78", which is significantly higher than their competitors. This extra height provides a unique style and makes it suitable for bathrooms with high ceilings or low-profile bathtubs. 

Hinged Frameless Tub Door

Hinged Frameless Tub Door

Hinged Frameless Tub Door


What we like: Easy to keep clean

What we don’t like: Only one color option for hardware

This folding tub door has a very simple design, but it’s reasonably priced and easy to install. It features a clear glass finish, tempered glass, and chrome hardware. The basic design complements any bathroom and ensures the glass is easy to clean, so you keep it looking new.

It doesn’t have a handle or support bar, but it features a trackless style and convenient rotation. 

Polyester Door

Polyester Door

Polyester Door


What we like: Alternative to glass

What we don’t like: Could appear dated

If you are looking for folding shower doors for tubs that aren’t glass, this polyester door is an alternative that offers more privacy when you’re in the tub or shower. 

It’s an easy-to-use folding glass shower door for a bath made of vinyl and polyester material. Requiring less maintenance than a clear glass door, you’ll still need to wipe the door down regularly to prevent grime and soap suds from building up. This product is easy to install, and the white color suits most traditional bathrooms but could appear dated in an ultra-modern design scheme. 

Folding Frameless Tub Door

Folding Frameless Tub Door

Folding Frameless Tub Door

What we like: Suitable for all bathroom sizes and layouts

What we don’t like: No rubber gasket for water sealant

This folding tub door has a convenient reversible configuration, which easily adapts to any bathroom layout. It has a basic design with two glass panels, two hinges, and wall mounting hardware, which comes with the product. The smooth, clear glass gives this tub door a contemporary look that won’t detract from your bathroom’s design.

A disadvantage of this model is it doesn’t have a rubber gasket along the bottom. If you are looking for a simple and affordable tub door that you can easily install yourself, this is a good choice. 

Folding Frameless Tub Door

Folding Frameless Tub Door

Folding Frameless Tub Door


What we like: Trackless, ultra-modern design

What we don’t like: Can be challenging to install independently

Trackless shower doors significantly cut down your cleaning time because they won’t trap grime and soap scum. They also give your bathroom a sleek, refined aesthetic. This simple folding tub door is one of the best trackless shower doors for tubs on the market to make your bathroom cleaner and more stylish. 

The door features tempered glass and a chrome hardware finish. It doesn’t offer extra features like support bars and door handles, but it’s reasonably priced. The hinges allow for reversible door handling to fit different bathroom layouts. 

Ultra Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Ultra Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Ultra Frameless Hinged Tub Door


What we like: Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

What we don’t like: Not suitable for installation on a curved bathtub

This frameless hinged model is a 48" wide and 58" high bathtub door. It’s a fairly wide door that contains water inside the tub space. This is a good option for smaller bathrooms where a sliding door won’t work. It can be installed on any bathroom as long as the design of the tub isn’t curved.

With thick certified tempered glass and anodized aluminum, this is a durable door. The door has a unique curved silhouette and an extender panel that provides extra splash cover. Overall, if you are looking for folding shower doors for tubs, this is an excellent choice. 

Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Frameless Hinged Tub Door

Frameless Hinged Tub Door


What we like: Allows for wide entry space with bi-fold screen

What we don’t like: Hardware provided is soft and strips easily

The frameless hinged tub door is a top choice among folding shower doors for its ultra-lux glass coating, which creates a long-lasting shield on the glass that repels water and contaminants. This coating helps the door avoid staining and mineral build-up, making it the ideal choice for homes in areas with a high water hardness level.

Look for a tub door that has a shatter retention safety film on the glass. This safety film is bonded on the panels and holds all the fragments in place in the case of breakage. This provides protection in case of an accident. 

Pivot Bathtub Door With Towel Bar

Pivot Bathtub Door With Towel Bar

Pivot Bathtub Door With Towel Bar


What we like: Towel bar included

What we don’t like: Some users report water seepage under the door

This tub door with tempered glass and prime aluminum hardware is a durable choice for any bathroom. The door features a stylish chrome finish and a handy towel bar on the outside of the glass.

The pivot bathtub door comes with detailed instructions, and installation is fairly easy. You can adjust the brackets to fit onto the edge of the bath or the bathroom floor, depending on your tub design. The design is also reversible, so you can install two opposite each other to create a swinging door set up for a wet room. 

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Folding Bathtub Doors

Buying Guide

Have you ever been taking a shower and had the cold curtain hit your skin? It doesn't make sense that in a hot, steamy shower, that darn curtain gets so impressively chilly. How about another question? If you never had to deal with that again, would you? The answer is obvious. Of course, you would.

Shower and bathtub doors have been around for a long time. But they are still playing second fiddle to a simple plastic shower curtain. Why? Because shower curtains have an endless selection of patterns, pictures and other decorative options, and shower doors don't. But these days, they have other possibilities.

These lovely glass gems, that had no other purpose than to keep your shower and bath water from getting all over the place, have taken a much needed decorative turn. They still only come in clear, frosted, or a combination of the two, but frames have spawned many new possibilities.


Around the door or double doors is a metal frame that is fitted to the opening of the shower space. This is the most common model a person might see, because they are the original shower and bathtub door concept.

It is designed to prevent leaks, and does that job well. Most of these are naturally a brushed nickel color, and will go with any gray or silver hardware already in, or soon to be added, to the bathroom. White, black, or gray colored towels will work well against this option. A very traditional look.

The framing does a great job of providing structural integrity, so the glass can be thinner than with other framing options, so the unit is altogether less expensive.


Only one of two sides of the shower entryway have frame components attached. They also are designed to keep the water inside the shower or bathtub area. As shower doors evolve, the semi-frameless look is growing in popularity. It has the efficiency of a fully framed doorway, without all the excess metal, which offers a wider range of decorative pairing. A modern, aesthetically pleasing look with a traditional feel.

The glass in semi-frameless options may not need to be as thick as in frameless shower door but will still need to be thicker than framed glass.


Set in hinges, this option has no frame, just a latch to keep the door closed, or a free swinging option that returns to a magnetic latch setting. Although, if the door doesn't sit flush to the tile or footer, it may lead to a leak if water is sprayed directly at the door.

A completely contemporary choice, any decorative style will work in a bathroom with this shower or bathtub door, as the lack of a frame removes the obstacle inherent in picking aesthetic choices to suit. Only the hinged side shows the metal, and often, that can be manipulated with the buyer's taste. Wherever your creative eye takes you when picking your color and wood scheme, a frameless shower or bathtub door will complement it.

For maximum structural integrity, the glass in frameless shower doors must be considerably thicker than in the other two options.

Not all hardware options can be used with every type of shower or bathtub door. Here are some aesthetically pleasing options:

  • Brass and gold: Available in traditional, brushed or antique, its shiny gold color can brighten a bathroom and give it a provocative undertone. Paired with red towels, brass inspires the fantasy of walking the decks of a great, old ship.
  • Chrome: In standard, polished or satin chrome, its reflective nature can brighten any room. Black, or dark greens, blues and reds, go well with chrome hardware.
  • Bronze: Regular bronze, brushed bronze or oil-rubbed bronze, this lovely tint can fit well with a wood themed bathroom setting. A medium wood works best, like a walnut or cherry. If the wood is too dark, the space will feel smaller.
  • Stainless steel and silver: The standard stainless steel, along with brushed, and polished can go with almost any bathroom decor. SIlver, much like chrome, pairs best with dark colors.
  • Black and white: Either together or seperate, these monochromatic favorites go well with an equally monochromatic decorating choice. Black towels with white hardware, and vise versa.
  • Nickel: Whether it be brushed, satin or polished, it's basically gray, which is the standard frame color in a prefab shower or bathtub door. Nickel works with a host of aesthetic choices, but works well with muted tones, like tan, olive drab, and sage.

If you already have a shower or bathtub door, some of these will work with your current frame, or lack thereof. If you wish to get a shower door, choosing how you want to enter the shower space is a big part of the selection criteria.

  • Hinged: Set on a large hinge and opens by swinging in one direction. Sometimes reversible.
  • Pivot: Swings in and out of the shower. Offers greater flexibility.
  • Sliding: Set on tracks, it slides along a frame guide. Easy to remove.
  • Double Sliding: Also on track guides, this is designed for large showers. Both sides slide.
  • Fixed: Only one half of the shower has a glass partition that doesn't move. The other half of the shower is open.
  • Folding: A multi-sectional door, with hinge points set in frame tracks, that folds when opened. Similar to an ornamental japanese screen.

Once you have picked your hardware, how you want the shower or bathtub door to open and what, if any, frame you want, now it's time to pick your glass.

Choosing the right glass is very personal, and can speak to a particular level of intimacy. Clear glass exposes you to the room. Frosted glass is protective. Clear glass lets you see who is in the bathroom with you, if you wish to have a mid shower conversation. Frosted, not so much.

Making this choice speaks to your own level of privacy and security, even if you live alone. If you are the type of person who locks the bathroom door, then frosted is the way to go. Although, if you are a little wilder, a little free, and have very little personal shame, go clear, all the way.

Shower and bathtub glass is designed to maximize safety. In the old days, it was just a simple pane of window glass, but these days, tempered safety glass is all the rage. It doesn't shatter like laminated glass, so if you fall into it, the likelihood of injury is slim, save a few bruises. And it's double paned, so it offers an extra layer of protection.

PRO Tip: Different framing options call for different glass thickness. Experts recommend that the minimum thickness of the shower glass door should be 3/8". The general rule of thumb is that the sturdier the frame, the thinner the glass can be.

Beyond the cold shower curtain argument and the decor enhancement customizations, glass shower and bathtub doors have the luxury of being easy to clean.

Shower curtains are made of an outer, thinner vinyl sheet, and a thicker, inner sheet, designed to be pretty on the outside, and functional on the inside. The problem with this bi-partisan concept, is it's hard to clean both thoroughly. If regular cleaning isn't done, just like dirty shower tiles, mildew will form and make the curtain smell.

Glass shower and bathtub doors on the other hand are easy to clean, and there's even an attachment that can connect to your shower head, that sprays a cleaning agent on the shower's interior, including the doors, on programmable intervals If you do not possess this neat little tool, some antibacterial window cleaner and a soft, scour pad will clean the door and get those hard to reach areas near the frame, if there is a frame. Then, just wipe it down with a paper towel.

Three Panels of Tempered Safety Glass

Imagine three panels of tempered safety glass with rounded corners and polished chrome hinges. They make a very nice touch for a modern bathroom, perfect to go with a modern bath that already has chrome fixtures. The door keeps the water in the bath where it belongs, not all over your floor.

Translucent Solid Door

A three-panel translucent solid door, intended for use with either a bath or a shower, runs floor to ceiling or from the lip of the tub to ceiling creating a good barrier between the spray from a shower head and the rest of the bathroom. As long as privacy is not an issue, this is an excellent choice for any bathroom.

Folding Panel Shower or Bath Door

If privacy is an issue, the folding panel shower or bath door can be opaque white. While not as secure as the solid door, it is a quick, effective choice to pull around a bath or shower stall. Drips can be combatted by placing the bottom of the door inside the bathtub.

Tinted Translucent Shower Door with Floral Design

Enjoy a little subtle beauty with a green-tinted translucent shower door with a delicate floral design. It has the same sturdy construction as other shower doors, keeping the water in the tub, not on the adjacent floor area.

Narrow Panel

A narrow panel tempered glass folding shower curtain, without the bottom guide track is perfect for the bath and shower person who likes to sit on the edge of the tub to get in and out. Narrow panels are also easily fit into a small bathroom. Ideal for retrofitting older bathrooms where you want to preserve the general appearance of the tub. If added privacy is desired, a ceiling to floor cloth curtain could be added outside the tub.

Opaque White Folding Shower Door

Love the idea of a folding shower door, but are just not ready for that panel of glass? An opaque white folding shower door combines convenience with privacy – almost an absolute must in a family bathroom that is the only facility in the house. Add a caddy inside the shower/tub area for shampoos and soaps, and you are all set.

Trackless Barrier Free Shower and Tub Door

Ideal for providing wheelchair access to walking tubs or showers. Trackless barrier-free shower and tub doors fold out of the way toward both sides of the facility. No track means no floor bumps for easy accessibility. One more way to help someone maintain independence.

Best Ideas

Hinged tub door

Modern setup for a contemporary bathroom with a long bathtub made out of white ceramic with a set of glass panels and a shower head hanging from above, alleviating the need for an additional shower curtain.

Concertina shower screen doors

Translucent, solid door and fence intended to bathtub or shower cabinet. Unfortunately it doesn't give you more privacy, but it have an other advantages - it is water proof and it prevents to slushing water.

2 panel shower screen

Creative and practical bathtub doors with a folding construction. They include metal and glass elements that are not only stylish, but also resistant to excessive wear and damage caused by different factors.

1200x1400mm folding shower bath screen easyclean glass door panel y73

... 1200x1400mm Folding Shower Bath Screen Easyclean Glass Door Panel Y73

AquaFold 58" x 60" Pivot Hinged Tub Door with Hardware

AquaFold 58" x 60" Pivot Hinged Tub Door with Hardware

So many ways to protect your bathroom from with the water ejected from the bathtub accidentally. One of them is a folding bathtub door with hardware. They are transparent and works like a hand-fan. Bi-fold action offers convenience.

Butterfly 58 to 58-3/4 in. W x 58 in. H Bi-Fold Tub Door with Hardware

Butterfly 58 to 58-3/4 in. W x 58 in. H Bi-Fold Tub Door with Hardware

Folding doors intended for mounting on the bathtub. The panels are made of tempered glass and mounted on an aluminum frame. Made in China. Functional addition to any bath.

Folding 3 Panel Bath Tub Door

Folding 3 Panel Bath Tub Door

3-panel frameless safety tempered glass bathtub door with rounded edges, polished chrome hinges and hardware, designed to bring a contemporary chic to a modern bathroom, able to be installed on either side.

Folding 3 panel bath tub door

Folding 3 Panel Bath Tub Door

Bifold tub doors

This charming bathroom design is a combination of beautiful bluish tiles in few variations, a practical shower stall by the tub and a handy towel rack with a shelf. The whole is presented incredibly cozy and functional.

Glass pivot bathtub doors

... Tub Enclosure Bath Tub Glass Screen with 4 Panel Folding Swing Door

Butterfly 58" x 58.75" Pivot Bi-Fold Tub Door with Hardware

Butterfly 58" x 58.75" Pivot Bi-Fold Tub Door with Hardware

Aqua Fold 36" W x 58" H Folding Semi-Frameless Tub Door

Aqua Fold 36" W x 58" H Folding Semi-Frameless Tub Door

This frameless, bi-folding door style is where style meets function. Also trackless, this style is open and inviting and makes it feel like a home. The DreamLine frameless bathtub doors are the only choice for a modern, stylish bathroom. Suitable for right or left hand installation. [46]



Folding bathtub doors 2

The tub with folding swing door panel is a perfect solution for those who would like to have a possibility to have a quick shower, even if they sometimes like to have a bath. The frameless bathtub enclosure guarantee the good appearance and long-time usage without any issues.

Bi fold shower door frameless

A folding door for a bathtub or shower enclosure is a great way for an elegant and stylish interior finish. Simple glass with solid chrome fixing allows you to use the whole in any decor. Ideal for small spaces.

Folding tub shower doors

An aesthetic folding bathtub door. It's built of 4 tall panels of clear tempered glass in chromed aluminium frames and has a round horizontal handle with a grey central part. This door matches well modern bathrooms in prevalent greys and whites.

Folding bathtub doors 16

Folding Bathtub Doors

Aurora Lux Pivot Tub Door

Aurora Lux Pivot Tub Door

Maax collection 3 folding panels trackless tub door

MAAX Collection: 3 Folding Panels - Trackless Tub Door

Bi fold shower doors 1

Beautiful bathroom in modern design allows for functional use. An interesting detail is the folded bathtub doors made of glass. Elegant detail is durable, easy to maintain cleanliness and practical in everyday use.

Folding bathtub doors

If you are looking for a functional and minimalist shower curtain, this stylish glass cabin will be perfect. The simple folding design is ideal for small spaces. This solution makes it easy to keep the bathroom clean, and the whole is elegantly presented.

Mirage 58" x 60" Sliding Frameless Tub Door

Mirage 58" x 60" Sliding Frameless Tub Door

Hardware 90 degree wall mount brackets and 180 degree glass

Hardware: 90 Degree Wall Mount Brackets and 180 Degree Glass To Glass ...

Encore 56" W x 58" H Bypass Semi-Frameless Tub Door with ClearMax Technology

Encore 56" W x 58" H Bypass Semi-Frameless Tub Door with ClearMax Technology

This semi-frameless bathtub door will make you feel like you are showering in a hotel-style bathroom. The modern black edge is a classic design, and the two opening doors means you can easily access the tub from either end. Give your bathroom an elegant yet industrial edge.