Hinge Door Stop

A door stop can be a very solid investment, especially if you have kids that burst through doors. Or maybe you're going in and out, and the door just won't stay open. These hinge door stops keep your door from opening too widely, and some models, allow the door to not swing closed. Installable on the hinge, or put in on a needed basis, our collection of hinge door stops will have what you seek.

Best Products

Hinge Pin Stop (Set of 3)

Hinge Pin Stop (Set of 3)
This professionally made Set of 3 Hinge Pin Stops can be adjusted from 70 - 100 degrees. The set is made of durable steel, suitable for contemporary interiors, and fits most types of doors.

Solid Brass Hinge Pin Stop

Solid Brass Hinge Pin Stop
This solid brass hinge pin stop is available in six different finishes to exactly match the hardware in your home. Made from weather-resistant material this door stop is rust, corrosion, water, tarnish and fire-resistant. For simple care and cleaning just wipe it clean with a cloth.

Door Hinge Pin Stop

Door Hinge Pin Stop
An adjustable door hinge pin stop is the most convenient way to outfit your cabinetry. The door stop adjusts from 85° to 125° and comes with a 2”-13” range. Made primarily of steel, you can purchase the hinge pin in 3 different finishes to match your door’s hardware.

Steel Hinge Pin Stop

Steel Hinge Pin Stop
This steel hinge pin stop is strong and durable and the brushed chrome finish is modern and on-trend. Adjustable from 70° to 100°, the minimum compatible door thickness is 1.38” and the maximum compatible door thickness is 1.75”. Simple DIY assembly and installation is required.

Zinc Hinge Pin Stop

Zinc Hinge Pin Stop
This cast zinc hinge pin door stop is available in a variety of finishes including brass, brushed chrome, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass and antique nickel. You can adjust the hinge between 70° to 100 °. Adult assembly and installation is required and this product is not a door holder.

Hinge Pin Stop (Set of 2)

Hinge Pin Stop (Set of 2)
This professionally made Set of 2 Hinge Pin Stops can be adjusted from 30-170 degrees. The set is built to last, suitable for contemporary interiors, and fits most types of doors.

Mabis Healthcare Inc. Security Door Stop Alarm

Mabis Healthcare Inc. Security Door Stop Alarm
It is a very functional piece of equipment that can be used as a door alarm. It sounds when the door is open, so it can protect the house or it will help to take care of the people with a wandering tendency.

Our advice Buying Guide

Without a doubt, the doors throughout your home are one of the most important elements in its construction. Not only do they play an essential role in your home's safety regarding the exterior doors, but they also protect everyone's privacy with the interior doors. Therefore, if they're banging into your walls, this isn't a good thing. The best way to prevent that from happening is by installing a hinge door stop. Just as there are a plethora or doors and hinges from which to choose, hinge door stops are no exception.

What are the benefits of a hinge door stop?

Door stops have been around for decades to help doorknobs from going through walls. Under most circumstances, consumers could find them available in the kind that you could screw into the baseboard or secure with screws to the floor. However, if you changed your mind regarding its placement, you were left with the holes from its original location. Use of a hinge door stop prevents that from happening because it installs directly into the door’s hinge to prevent the door from hitting against the wall.

What are hinge door stops made of?

Some common materials used in making hinge door stops include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Traditional solid steel
  • High-quality metal
  • Solid forged brass
  • Silver plated
  • Bright brass
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Cast metal
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Zinc

When selecting these door stops, the best choice is to match the materials with the existing door knob and hinges for the sake of continuity. In doing so, you’ll create a cohesive look when the door is closed.

Are hinge door stops durable?

Because these door stops are located on the hinge, they are constructed with the highest quality materials as noted in the previous section. Therefore, you can rest assured that they’ll last a lifetime. The only parts of the door stop you’ll have to worry about are the rubber bumpers. Over time, they’ll experience cracking and will eventually need replacing. The cracking occurs as the room’s temperature warms and cools, as well as from frequent door usage. Because these are small pieces, it’s simple to pop them off and replace them without having to remove the entire unit.

What's the selection of hinge door stops?

Aside from the variety of materials from which you’ll have to choose, there’s also a wide variety of product options as well. Under most circumstances, the hinge stopper will feature a bumper on each end of its swing arm. However, the swing arm is where the product’s appearance will vary. Some of the stoppers look like a half moon while others look like a water faucet when they’re not installed. Therefore, it’s up to the consumer what style they would like to use.

How to install a hinge door stop?

While each of these door stops will come with installation instructions, they’re straightforward regarding putting them on the door hinge. You close the door, take out the door pin, insert the hinge door stop on the pin’s head, then replace the pin into the door hinge. You’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure it’s hitting against the door and the wall adequately.


Hinge door stop home depot

hinge buddy door stop red hd supply part 758844 hinge buddy door stop ...

Install hinge door stop

Door Saver ... replaces door stops that can ruin door or walls. Just replace a hinge pin with this and it keeps the door from slamming into the wall.

Chock it tactical door hinge wedges

Chock-It Tactical Door & Hinge Wedges

Door hinge stopper

Hinge Buddy Portable Door Stop (1 ea.)

Of timber door enabling the door to swing both inwards

... of timber door enabling the door to swing both inwards and outwards

Wedge-It - The Ultimate Door Stop - Black

It is a small, simple, but very useful product designed for use with doors. This door stop is made of solid plastic and its contact points are covered with rubber, so it protects walls, doors and furniture.

Smart stop hinge pin door stop satin nickel 2

Smart Stop Hinge Pin Door Stop - Satin Nickel

This door stop hinge is a fabulous solution if you

This door stop hinge is a fabulous solution if you have a door that hits a mirrored closet or wall where a normal doorstop won't work. All you do is put it on the top hinge of the door itself. Takes a few minutes to put it on, that's it.

Hinge door stopper

That’s it! Your door will now stop at the desired position, each and ...

Door saver hinge pin stop

hinge door stop | Door Designs Plans

Door stop hinge door designs plans

door stop hinge | Door Designs Plans

Affinity 3d butt hinge is now available on door stop

affinity 3d butt hinge is now available on door stop composite doors ...

Ives by Schlage 69F5 Hinge Pin Door Stop

Durable and built to last, this hinge pin door stop is designed of quality materials to ensure proper holding of your door. The door stop is equipped with 2 protective caps, and is easy to install.

Hinge pin door stop 26

Add something both extremely useful and colorful with this sublime hinge pin door stop. It sports the material finish and the soft, colorful structure that will still do its job beautifully and smoothly.

Ives by schlage 69f5 hinge pin door stop by schlage

Ives by Schlage 69F5 Hinge Pin Door Stop by Schlage Lock Company. $6.03. From the Manufacturer IVES has produced a full line of quality building hardware for over 120 years. Throughout this time, IVES has adhered to the firm convictions of

Doorsaver ii hinge pin door stop satin nickel

DoorSaver II Hinge Pin Door Stop (Satin Nickel)

0123 angle door stop


INOX DSIX08-32 Wall Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

A very functional and solid product created for use with doors. It is a door stop that is designed for a wall mounting. The tip is made of durable rubber that protects doors from impact damage. It is a simple and elegant product.

Door stop hinge

With this type of door the hinge is on the top and bottom edges of the door, I believe it is referred to as a pivot hinge. You could have a door stop molding on both the right and left side of the door and the noise then we be no greater than a standard d

Nuk3y Door Saver 2 Hinge Pin Stop for Residential Doors Fits All 3" to 4-1/2" Hinges (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Universal hinge pin stop with ultra low profile is highly durable and sturdy, made from strong carbon steel. Easy to install and it helps prevent damage to walls when opening a door. Its simple form is immensely versatile.

Designers Impressions Satin Nickel Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 3576 - 10 Pack

Pack consisting of 10 adjustable doorstops, which are perfect for majority of standard doors. Each of the pieces is made of heavy duty metal and features satin nickel finish. The doorsteps are perfect for hitting wall with door.

Stanley Hardware 76-6310 Hingepin Doorstop- Brightt Brass

This super strong and durable door stop is a great solution for your home. Simple finish with excellent quality materials to protect doors and walls from damage. A perfect match for many types of interiors.

Hinge pin door stop 1

Metal hinge pin door stop with a durable nickel construction. This element of equipment is very small, but it is also very useful, because it provides protection for doors and walls from impact damage.

Ives by Schlage 70A92 Hinge Pin Door Stop

This practical door stop is the perfect solution when traditional restrictions can not. Interestingly finished in silver shade gives style to any interior. It has a high-quality rubber protection.

National Hardware V8024 Hinge Pin Door Stop in Antique Brass

Practical contemporary on hinge-mounted door stop for protection walls against hitting. It's crafted of cast metal with a brass finish. It's equipped with a steel adjusting screw and elements of white rubber and plastic.

Hinge pin door stop 1

Metal pin door stop with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. This element of home design is small, simple, but provides good protection for doors and walls from impact damage. It is resistant to wear and damage.

KES® HDS201-2-P2 Solid Stainless Steel Floor Door Stopper Stops Screw Mount 2 Pcs Pack, Brushed

This element is a door stopper that features a durable stainless steel construction. It has got a special protection, so doors will not become damaged. This door stopper has got openings for mounting screws. It is designed to use on the floor.

Ives door stop

Ives by Schlage 72Z-625E Door Saver Hinge Pin Stop by Schlage Lock Company. $5.40. From the Manufacturer IVES has produced a full line of quality building hardware for over 120 years. Throughout this time, IVES has adhered to the firm convi

Hinge door stop 1

This hinged door stop, available in two finishes distinguishes itself with solid forged brass. Its unusual styling and functionality have surprised many consumers. This model is finished with oil-rubbed bronze.

Ives by Schlage 70B15 Hinge Pin Door Stop, Pack Of 2

This kind of product is a high quality door stop mounted on hinges. It features a solid construction that protects walls and furniture. This pin door stop allows for regulation according to specific requirements.

Hinge pin door stop 20

If you need more privacy in your home or office, you should buy this useful element. This pin door stop is made of metal and it is very simple, but useful. This incredible gadget protect you from gatecrashing.

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Lite Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7242

This professional door stop is characterized by quality material construction, in an oil rubbed bronze finish. The door stop features a black stopper tip that protects your walls from getting damaged. Easy to install and built to last.

KES HDS200-2 Solid Steel Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Brushed Stainless Steel

It is a door stop that plays a functional role in any house. This product is damage resistant thanks to its 304 premium grade stainless steel construction. It has also got a chromium/nickel layer that protects from rust and corrosion.

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder for Home or Office in Brushed Steel- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer

Elegant magnetic door stop / door holder, crafted from high quality metal with brushed steel finish. Thanks to versatile design, it seems appropriate for both home area and professional applications, such as in office.

Hinge door stop

You just want to leave the door a little bit ajar, but instead it keeps opening wide open? It can be really annoying, but there is a simple way to solve the problem. All you need to do is remove the hinge pin and slightly bend it.

Ab adjustable hinge pin door stop


Door stop hinge pin install

Crown Bolt 62081 Hinge Pin Doorstop, Bright Brass by Crown Bolt. $5.71. From the Manufacturer This Bright Brass Hinge-Pin Doorstop mounts to the door hinge and features 2 bumper pads to help protect the door and wall trim. The adjusting scr

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 4461 - 10 Pack

A very small, but very useful item created for the purpose of door stopping. It protects walls and pieces of furniture from impact caused by door opening. This product can be atttached to hinge on door.

Composite door installed near stratford upon avon picture

Composite Door Installed Near Stratford Upon Avon Picture

Design House 204776 Hollow Hinge Pin Door Stop, Satin Nickel Finish

This door stop in a satin nickel finish is crafted from durable zinc, and is able to hold your door as effectively as it should. The piece is easy to install, easy to use, and prevents your door from hitting walls.

Door hinge stop

Straighten Sagging Refrigerator Doors ..Straighten a crooked fridge door in less than five minutes. You save money too by stopping cool air leaks around the door. Straighten the door by adjusting a hinge

Hinged door stop

Hinged Door Stop

Hinge pin door stop

An aesthetic practical contemporary door stop having a quarter-spherical casing of durable brushed metal. It has a round backplate with a pre-drilled hole for a screw. A shape-matched bumper is of grey rubber.