Bean Bag Door Stopper

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You've seen bean bag chairs so why not a bean bag door stop? These are built in the traditional style, and look just like the oversized bean bag you sit in or sleep in. They add an element of whimsy to your doorstep needs. If you're looking for an intricate and interesting door stop, then look no further than our collection of beanbag doorstops.

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Updated 13/02/2023
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Weighted Free Standing Puffin Door Stopper

Weighted Free Standing Puffin Door Stopper

This adorable weighted door stopper comes handmade in cotton and polyester, with a soft stuffed top and a sewn bottom filled with rice pieces. The colorful material creates a fun decor piece that holds any standard door.

Designer Advice:

You can get a bean bag door stopper in various styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Animal door stoppers can make a fun and functional aesthetic that everyone will love. However, not all door stoppers have bean bags to provide the weight needed to keep doors open. Some weighted door holders have other fillings, like rice, glass beads, or popcorn kernels.

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Handcrafted Colorful Weighted Duck Door Stopper

Handcrafted Colorful Weighted Duck Door Stopper

This handcrafted door stopper comes as a flat duck with a slight cotton filling that forms the head and neck. The bare bottom can hold beans or sand, while orange faux leather feet with wires allow custom molding. 

Designer Advice:

Some bean bag stoppers come to you unfilled and flat, leaving you to add whatever weight you want to give the bag a solid form. Unfilled stoppers like this adorable duck have a zipper or need to be sewn closed to keep the filling inside. You can use anything you'd like, including beans and sand.  

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Colorful Fish Themed Fabric Weighted Stopper

Colorful Fish Themed Fabric Weighted Stopper

This 9" wide by 12" tall linen door stopper comes in a white background with a bright, colorful fish print perfect for kids' rooms and play areas. A buckwheat hull filling adds weight to the teardrop cover with an attached loop.

Designer Advice:

Bean bag weighted door stoppers are excellent for kids' rooms, preventing pinched fingers or you being locked out of the room. A fun pattern print fabric can excite your children, while soft filling like buckwheat hulls provides a safe, harmless weight. And an attached loop at the top helps you keep up with the stopper by hanging it on a door knob.

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Elongated Bean Bag Door Snake Stopper

Elongated Bean Bag Door Snake Stopper


This snake door stopper comes in six sizes and three colors of polyester wadding with a simple floral pattern and a weighted glass bead filling. A hook and loop tape keeps the snake in place to block noise and droughts.

Designer Advice:

Elongated snake stoppers can be an economical way to preserve your home's energy and add a classic decorative pattern for contrast. These weighted stoppers can stretch across the bottom of your entire door, blocking drafts when closed and securing the door in place when open. In addition, the tape at the bottom helps keep the stopper in place, so there's no risk of an accidental door closing.

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Vintage Chic Velour Bean Bag Stopper

Vintage Chic Velour Bean Bag Stopper


This 100% chic polyester fabric doorstop prevents floor scratches with soft velvet in six colors. A golden pompom tassel adds a vintage touch, while a sown loop is a door hanger. The 2.3-pound weight is from 90% sand filling.

$24.36 $24.3

Designer Advice:

When deciding on a door stopper for your home, one consideration is the fabric material. You want something soft yet durable that won't damage your floors but will stay in place. Velvet is a soft yet sturdy material that is excellent for filling with a weighted substance, like sand. And you can use accents like tassels and sown loops to create decorative accents.

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Bean Bag Door Stopper

Buying Guide

While doors are essential to any structure, you still need to be cautious about their downsides. Mainly, doors tend to swing and bang on the wall when they’re opened. After this scenario repeats again and again, there's a guarantee that the wall will sustain damages.

Fixing a damaged wall is a serious business. After all, it's likely that you'll need to repair the entire face of it. This is a very costly endeavor. Thankfully, there's a way to protect your wall, and that's through a bean bag door stop.

A bean bag door stop absorbs the shock of any swinging door and prevents it from hitting the wall. Considering how ridiculously cheap a bean bag door stop is when compared to repairing a wall, it's a no-brainer purchase.

These days, bean bag fillings come in a number of forms. The popular ones are EPS beads, EPP, beads, microbeads, compressed foam, and organic.

  • EPS is short for expanded polystyrene. The EPS bead is lightweight and comes with a rigid structure. In fact, each bead consists of 98% air. It's also resistant to moisture and heat.
  • EPP stands for expanded polypropylene. While not as light as the EPS beads, the EPP is still durable, strong and incredibly resilient. When it's compressed or crushed, it quickly returns to the original size and form.
  • Microbead is a relatively newer form of beads filling. Each bead is exceptionally smooth. Since there's less friction between the beads when compressed, microbead filling tends to last for a very long time.
  • Compressed foam is even newer than the microbeads. It also is popularly known as the memory foam. Compressed foam is perhaps the best filling when it comes to absorbing shocks.
  • Organic filler typically means using beans, rice, and other organic materials. It's an excellent choice if you want something eco-friendly.

Always keep in mind that you are buying a bean bag door stop to prevent the door from banging the wall. You also need to be aware that bean bag door stops typically compress when pressure is applied. This means you can't just buy a bean bag door stop that has the same thickness when compared to the thickness of the doorknob. This is because the bean bag will compress, and the doorknob will still likely hit the wall. Hence, you need to give it a suitable buffer.

The other thing that you need to consider is weight. Generally, the heavier the bean bag door stop filling, the lesser it will compress. In other words, you can get away with a smaller-sized bean bag doorstop if it has a heavier filling. On the downside, heavier fillings tend to be more expensive than the lighter ones.

Best Ideas

Life door stopper 2pack beige or black sand filled

Life door stopper 2pack beige or black sand filled

A practical accent in any decor, this universal door stopper is a funky bean bag, filled with sand. Comes in a 2-pack, with beige or black items. Recommended for all surfaces liable to any knocks and scratches.

Padded door stops

If traditional door stops don't match your home decor, you can always try this gorgeous bean bag. Designed of a polka dot quality fabric with a lovely heart eambroidery, the bag is stylishly tied with strong binder, and also works well as a beautiful decoration.

Bean bag door stop 9

If you are looking for a doorstop that is a bit less visible and would still like to go in line with the nautical theme of your interior then these amazing beach bags will surely come to your aid with the white and blue finish and the classy looks.

Bean bag door stops

Made of beautiful materials, the owl door stop is a functional and very eye-catching design element. Pleasant bean bag colors delight and the motif of the owl adds charm to create a unique whole perfect fo any interior design.

Corded good doggy bean bag door stop 1

Corded ‘Good Doggy’ Bean Bag Door Stop

Bean bag door stop

Add something colorful and functional into your home, and choose this bean bag door stop with stripped pattern. The colors of stripes reminds me of the rainbow. It's a fantastic product to the kids room.

Bean bag door stop 4

A pair of beautiful door stops that can also be used as a stylish decoration. Designed in shape of a lime pear with brown tip, each door stop is filled with beans that make it shapely, and heavy enough to keep your door in place.

Sand bag door stop

A simple but practical bean bag door stop in a shape of a cube. Its cover is manufactured of durable fabric with a restful checked pattern in bluish and greyish tones. It has a sturdy handle on a top.

Pyramid door stopper

Pyramid Door Stopper

Door bean

OMG! Look on these lovely, colorful and handmade chicker doorstops! They brings the versatility and durability into any home. They are for interior and exterior use, as a doorstop or decoration.

Home mouse door stop

Home > Mouse Door Stop

Bean bag door stop 2

Chicken Bean Bag Toy (or door stop?)

Bean bag door stop 6

This combination - protect the walls from door bumps, protect the door from knocks in general and love the stuffed animals. Stuffed in the middle of the sand, a plush eco-leather cat in bronze forms a bean bag door stopper.

Transomnia transomnia cute red heart owl bean bag doorstop

... › Transomnia › Transomnia Cute Red Heart Owl Bean Bag Doorstop

Bean bag door stop 1

If you are looking for a fun and functional Doorstop this bean bag shaped chicken will be perfect. Colorful design, excellent materials, and comic form captivate and works well in any decor of home interior.

Bean bag door stop 2

I am a hundred percent fan of home made doorstoppers for your kid's room. The homemade mouse with the really big ears could play not only the functional role, but will be a great decoration of the kid's room.

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