Giant Fluffy Bean Bags


Chairs may get all of the glory, but there’s nothing better than a giant fluffy bean bag to lounge the day away on. If you are worried about your bean bag looking childish, colors like beige, gray, or white which are associated with sophistication are the best options. A large bean bag will look nicest when placed next to a sofa due to its size – that way, it won’t become the main focal point in the room unless you want it to be.

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Our Picks

Furry bean bags 1

The soft fur cover of this bean bag is a perfect combination of attractive style and unusual form. The white trim and pleasant seat will be a significant element of modern interior design. The whole is extremely impressive.

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Large Classic Bean Bag

Large Classic Bean Bag

This fabulous furry beanbag is not only exceptionally comfortable it is the perfect centerpiece to showcase your zany style and equally as handy as a corner addition to any room in case there aren’t enough chairs. The cover is made from durable polyester, and the filling is plush foam which conforms to your body for the coziest seat in the house.

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White bean bags

A fluffy beanbag is so comfy and looks fabulous. White color creates a uniquely restful area. Everyone will be delighted how wonderful beanbag is. I would love to have it!

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Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Fun, fluffy, and comfortable, this bean bag is a chic and practical addition to your home. Available in three neutral colors, the faux fur adds a funky twist to any home decor, and with its easy to wash outer layer, this will soon become the favorite seat in the house.

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Standard Bean Bag Chair

Standard Bean Bag Chair

Not just your standard bean bag, this innovative chair design provides all the comfort and nostalgia of the original, but with a modern twist. Filled with shredded foam material that keeps its shape and featuring a structured back, this plush faux fur seat offers more support than a traditional bean bag chair without sacrificing body-conforming comfort.

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Large Faux Fur Bean Bag Cover

Large Faux Fur Bean Bag Cover

Fabulous and functional, this funky seat is covered in ultra-soft polyester faux fur and comes with a side pocket for books, game controllers, or snacks. Enjoy laying back on this inflatable bean bag, which can support up to 300 lbs. and move it easily from room to room for maximum convenience.

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Luxe faux fur bean bag 4

Luxe Faux Fur Bean Bag

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Shaggy bean bag

Characterized by nice-to-touch upholstery, this deep bean bag will show you how the true comfort feels like, while snuggling you with its pink faux fur. Beautiful and generously filled, the bag boasts of its adjustable shape, easily adapting to the shape of your body.

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Furry bean bag

Bean bag chair covered with nice touch faux fur. Perfect for watching TV, reading books and more. Tasteful addition to all kinds of interiors according to taste.

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Furry bean bag chair

furry bean bag chair

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Giant Fluffy Bean Bags

Buying Guide

There are several ways to clean furry bean bags. If you only need to get out a minor stain, use some dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth to blot the mark, then rinse the fabric with some cold water and let the bean bag dry. Avoid rubbing the fabric as this can cause the furry texture to become matted, fade the color, and set the stain in further.

When you want to do a deep clean on your furry bean bag, use your vacuum’s rubber-bristle brush attachment to remove debris and dry dirt out of the fur. Then, you’ll need to wash the fur case by hand. Put the fabric in a sink and clean it with warm water and mild detergent, then leave it to soak in the soapy solution for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse it under cold tap water, then use your hands to wring out the fabric gently.

Then, add some diluted fabric softener or conditioner to the faux fur, then rinse the fabric through again. Pat the fur down with a towel or kitchen paper, then leave it to dry flat in the shade. You may need to brush once dry to restore the texture.

Furry bean bags are a quirky, fun item to have in your home. They come in many colors and sizes and offer a wacky visual and comfortable seating. To fill your bean bag for the first time or replace your chair’s beans once they become compressed and flat, use good quality EPS or expanded polystyrene beans to fluff your bean bag up. The amount you need varies depending on the size and shape of your chair.

EPS beans are sold in cubic foot bags, measuring 3, 6, and 9 cubic feet. A 9 cubic foot bag generally fills 1 adult-sized bean bag. A smaller 3 or 6 cubic foot bag fills smaller, child-sized bags, whereas an oversized furry bean bag requires several large bags of filler. Consider how compact you want your furry bean bag to be. Use more foam beans for stiff seating or less to sink deeper into your bean bag.

Furry bean bags can be made of different materials… as long as the finished product looks super fluffy and comfy, of course! The most popular option is faux fur, which usually involves a blend of polyester and acrylic fiber.

Alternatively, microsuede upholstery is another practical material for furry bean bags.

Best Ideas

Ace Bayou Medium Chenille Lounger Bean Bag Chair

This original product is a bean bag chair that has got a large shape ideal for kids and adult users. The chair is filled with soft materials that assure the best level of comfort, relaxation and ergonomy.

Fuzzy Fur Bean Bag Chair Size: 84", Color: Royal Blue

It is a small bean bag that has got a faux fur upholstery and beautiful colors to choose. It adds maximum comfort to your home. You will be impressed how fantastic this bean bag is.

Fuzzy bean bags

Furlicious Chevron Lounge

White fur bean bag chair

Dimensions 50" diam., 24"H $199 These are ENORMOUS. We'll have to check the space! 50" diam., 24"H

Grizzly beanbag

Grizzly Beanbag!

Sumo bean bags 1

Huge and furry to ensure a bit more comfort and a cozy feel to your body - this bean bag is just the most fitting option for your living room or your teen's room, making sure that it beautifully conforms to your body's shape.

Spotlight on leo designs

Spotlight on Leo Designs

Do we have room for anything furry down there anna

do we have room for anything furry down there? anna has always loved this line of furry furniture. furlicous

Adult Fur Bean Bag, Brown

Comfy large contemporary bag chair for adults. It has a tall tapered back support and an inner bag liner filled with polystyrene beans. A childproof double-zippered cover is made of plushy brown artificial fur and should be spot-cleaned.

Adult Plush Bean Bag, Brown

This type of chair is a bean bag chair that features an extended bag for enhanced support. It is covered with luxurious plush fabric and it is filled with polystyrene beads that provide softness and support.

Home kitchen furniture kids furniture chairs seats bean bags

home kitchen furniture kids furniture chairs seats bean bags

Whats the best bean bag one of the furry bean

What's the best bean bag? One of the furry bean bags! There is just something a little more special about a fuzzy bean bag chair. It seems a little...

Furry bean bag chair 1

Furry bean bag chair

Fuzzy Fur Bean Bag Chair Size: 90", Color: Lime Green

I cant't name any animal that would have a lime green fur, but this bean bag chair is so fluffy that it really reminds me a furry friend from outer space maybe! The piece has a round form that cozily snugs the human body.