Designer Ping Pong Table

If you love the game of ping pong and really want to show it, then for your rec room, you need a designer ping pong table. Instead of the traditional blue that is often made of particle board, these are composed of stained wood, or a laminate topper, and some even have drawers built in to hold paddles and extra balls. You take ping pong seriously. We give you a serious table.

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Designer ping pong table 17

Designed by Etel, this wooden ping pong table is made from walnut, brass and leather, being an inimitable piece of furniture, that brings table tennis out of the basements straight to the living rooms.

Designer ping pong table 1

Designer ping pong table is the perfect solution for entertainment room and more. It has a built-in drawer for pallets and balls, and a stylish table top made of dark wood impresses. Great place to have fun.

Convertible ping pong table 1

A splendid choice for game rooms, and basements, for anyone who loves to play a little ping pong. The table takes a fresh approach for an 11-point game, standing on well-balanced wood legs, with a smooth white top and a tray underneath for storing your balls and table tennis rackets.

Designer ping pong table 3

Ping pong table made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and modern design.

Homemade ping pong table

How to buy a tennis table to make good money?This table will be a conference table or work table - until you want to play tennis. The top is made of wood inlay with added line that divides a table. The orange legs are made of custom fabricated steel.

Custom table tennis tables

The ping pong table can be attractive too! this one is a perfect example of contemporary design. The dark deep brown color and the construction bring the solidity and simplicity into any interior.

Homemade table tennis table

You will spend some hours working hard at this table to say at some point-enough of that!We play ping pong!This designer ping pong table has a round legs,and black color.Even the net is black.Multifunctional table, wonderfully presents on artificial grass.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you were at your wits' end trying to squeeze in a full-sized ping pong table into your home, then here are some ideas on how to swap it with a designer one.

What are the benefits of a designer ping pong table?

Designer ping pong tables bring the fun and the excitement of the game right into your living room. These protean furniture pieces can double up as a coffee table or even a dining table if need be. And when not in use, instantly transform into a ping pong table. Completely eliminates the need for a dedicated gaming zone in your home which is such an overkill. The best part is that these tables are available in some really amazing shapes, sizes and designs. These are designer tables after all and can well be the aesthetic centerpiece in your living room.

How to match a designer ping pong table to the existing decor theme?

If it’s a classic décor theme with solid wooden furniture, then opt for a wooden ping pong table. The advantage is that it can easily be tucked into a corner of the room. It will look innocuous, almost like any other wooden furniture at home. And the surface (more than 22mm thick) offers excellent bounce and kick back as compared to say, MDF or fiberboard.

If you have a contemporary décor theme, then you have your options open. There are some stunning designer ping pong tables with tubular metal frames and tabletops made of glass, natural stone or bamboo. You can pick just about anything that blends into the décor theme. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the occasional spill of food or beverage on the table top.

How to measure for a designer ping pong table?

Grab a painter’s tape and mark an outline of the table that you have selected. Stand at either ends and try to move your arms and your body freely. If there isn’t enough room, then you might have to make do with a mini or smaller sized designer ping pong table.

Ping pong is a game that demands a lot of room to swing your arms and to make sideway movements. Think about defending that blinding speed drive or sending a lob towards your opponent. It’s a given that you will need room.

Should you choose 1 piece or 2 piece ping pong table?

Depending on the available room, you can choose between a 1-piece or a 2-piece table.

2-piece tables have the space advantage. They can be two side tables on either sides of your bed and interlock when it’s time for a ping pong game. Professional players might find these tables lacking in the bounce and authenticity. But it’s perfect for recreational use.

If you have the room, go for a 1-piece table by all means.

What extra features to look for in a designer ping pong table?

  • Integrated drawers to store the nets, the paddles and the balls minimize the risk of misplacing them.
  • There are tables with pull out drawers that can double up as a serving tray for your beverages and food.

Bonus tip: Irrespective of the style or the design, a ping pong table needs to be sturdy and wobble-free. So look for tables with a strong frame and legs.


Contemporary ping pong table 1

Custom made designer ping pong table with a large expansive surface. The piece is constructed from wood and comes in stunning natural wood grain finishing. It sits on two supportive bases and you get up to five matching ping pong paddles.

Designer ping pong table 2

This beautiful and elegant sport table is a ping pong table (also called table tennis). It’s made of wood and has a well-polished surface that’s perfect for the purpose of the table. The table has a net that divides it into two halves and on each half we can see a bat and also a ping pong.

James perse ping pong table an absolutely gorgeous dream of

James Perse Ping Pong Table--an absolutely gorgeous dream of a ping pong table.

Custom ping pong table

An amazing addition for dorms, game rooms, basements, and bachelor pads. This awesome ping pong table is crafted of solid wood, featuring a lacquered top with slightly weathered white lines, very stabile legs, and a dark net with proper fastenings.

Designer ping pong table 11

Ping Pong Table BDDW

Convertible ping pong table

Modernize your home and add some fun with this convertible ping pong table. It has the strong glass top and base with stainless steel structure. It brings the glamour touch into apartment space.

Designer ping pong table 2

A professional ping pong table that boasts of sturdy and well-balanced construction. Designed of reclaimed hardwood floor planks, the table rests on strong legs that support a distressed top with an installed, black net.

Wooden ping pong table

This designer ping pong table is an attractive combination of functionality and style. The beautiful reflective top, chrome-plated steel base and glass baffle, are exceptionally elegant and chic, perfect for modern interiors.

Ping pong table 3

Ping Pong Table.

Ping pong table diy

A perfect addition for improving modern interiors. This fabulous ping-pong table is made of solid wood in a two-tone natural and espresso finish. Features a smooth top with a black net, a half-pipe center attached to the flat square base.

Custom table tennis table

SPiN Standard Ping-Pong table

Designer ping pong table

The Bola Service Table is the Newest Sexy Ping Pong Table

Designer ping pong table 19

Designer ping pong table 10

BoBos » Bola Ping Pong Table

Designer ping pong table 21

You can draw all over this ping pong table with chalk! (Not completely disney but you can draw on it!!!)

Modern ping pong table

Ping pong tables don’t have to be boring! Just look at this one here. It’s colourful, interesting and one of a kind. We’re sure that your kids will love such an extraordinary piece of functional furniture!

Ping pong table design

Sarah Jessica Parker has a ping-pong table in her West Village Brownstone living room.

Designer table tennis table

SJP Puts Her Greenwich Village Apartment Up for Sale - Elle

Ping pong dining table

Convertible ping pong table for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. It is made from high quality maple wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Traditional form and modern design.

Unique ping pong tables

Laurent Perbos circular ping pong table! OH BABY! This could be fun after a beer or two. Though I am worried that the I would break my wrist on the sides.

James de wulf for gilt home dining room ping pong

James de Wulf for Gilt Home – Dining Room Ping-Pong Table

Designer ping pong table 13

12 Amazing DIY Furniture Projects by Student Builders - Popular Mechanics

An outdoor ping pong table for design lovers 1

An Outdoor Ping Pong Table for Design Lovers

I want this ephemeralist table public outdoor ping pong 2

I want this.... Ephemeralist-Table-Public-Outdoor-Ping-Pong-2

Ping pong chandaleir i like this idea with the play

ping pong chandaleir. I like this idea with the play-pen colored balls for a kids room or party decor! 

Designer ping pong table 7

Now this is a boardroom we would be excited to meet in! Brought to you by - promotional products for your business

Custom ping pong table tops

Ping pong table

Modern ping pong tables

Double Duty: A Ping-Pong table painted with beachy seafoam green cabana stripes is a stylish treat. Remove the net and it transforms into an extra dining table perfect for seating kids. 2012 | Rosemary Beach | Game Room | Designer: Urban Grace Interior

Wood ping pong table

Now you can make a ping-pong tournament inside your own home by choosing this fine table with a tubular metal frame, and a smooth black top with a matching net. The table comes with a pair of natural wood seat benches.

Designer ping pong table 12


Ryan mcginness launches custom ping pong table at the standard

Ryan McGinness Launches Custom Ping Pong Table at The Standard

Table de ping pong puma par aruliden

Table de ping pong PUMA par Aruliden

Ping pong table custom ping pong paddle custom beer pong

... Ping Pong Table , Custom Ping Pong Paddle , Custom Beer Pong Table

Ping pong table ideas

Brunswick Indoor/Outdoor Tournament Table Tennis

Designer ping pong tables

Concrete Table Tennis Table for long-lasting outdoor installations

Puma ping pong table by aruliden

Puma Ping Pong Table by Aruliden

Designer ping pong table 20

Interior Door Design Flips & Doubles as Ping-Pong Table

Designer ping pong table 1

... ping pong tables that make the game of table tennis even more exciting

Designer ping pong table 15

Basement Design. Ping Pong Table by charmaine

Mesa de ping pong

Mesa de ping-pong

Convertible ping pong table

Folding ping pong table is a convenient solution for your home entertainment system. Beautiful and modern design captivates the details and is perfect for any contemporary decor. This is an excellent way to have fun.

Bouncing around rounding up the most innovative ping pong

Bouncing around: rounding up the most innovative ping pong ...