Modern Bean Bags

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Modern bean bags add style and comfort to a room. Perfect for decorative purposes, they always look chic. You may desire to upgrade your space with a relaxing spot or reading nook and add a beanbag to complete this look. They are easy to maintain and style. From leather finishes, to soft plush velvets, you can adorn your room. Find a style to match your needs. Comfy, or supportive, jazzy or simple. This staple for the home requires little care. You can add to the finished look. Throw in a blanket or cushions to embellish the aesthetic.  

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Updated 16/06/2022
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Comfortable Bean Bag With Back Support

Comfortable Bean Bag With Back Support

Big Joe

What we like: Large, comfy and easy-to-clean.

What we don’t like: Not overly aesthetically pleasing.

Perfect for: Reading nooks with great back support.

Not so good for: A smaller room with a lack of space.

This modern bean bag is made of durable double topstitch SmartMax fabric, which makes it ideal for reading for longer periods. The monochromatic color options are ideal for a simple home. You can add it to a corner spot.

You can move your bean bag with an on-the-go handle, and the bean bag overall is lightweight. It is filled with polystyrene beans for a breathable finish.  

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Classic Bean Bag

Classic Bean Bag

Mack & Milo™

What we like: Bright toned, soft.

What we don’t like: Best suited only for children/teens.

Perfect for: Relaxing, playing.

Not so good for: Living rooms or kitchens.

Soft, and comfy, this bean bag is made from cotton twill. It is stuffed with lightweight polystyrene beans. The material finish is soft and comfy. This makes it ideal for kids, and winding down times.

This can be placed anywhere, and moved around easily. It has a machine-washable slipcover. It is carefully closed up to ensure no spillage when kids are playing. However, it can also be placed in an adult bedroom, for relaxation, or a simple modern aesthetic. Available in multiple colors and patterns.

$52.99 $95.13

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Large Velvet Bean Bag

Large Velvet Bean Bag


What we like: Fun, large and comfy.

What we don’t like: Not breathable material.

Perfect for: Watching TV.

Not so good for: A small room or traditional space.

This bean bag is crafted from Microfiber/Microsuede, and gives you that ‘sinking’ feeling as you sit on it. It has a velvet finish. It is a warmer material and often looks good in a pair. Available in vibrant colors and more muted tones.

With this bean bag, you’ll find strength with its double-stitched construction and refill beads are available if you desire to keep the inside full and dense.

$49.99 $66.58

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Diamond Patterned Bean Bag

Diamond Patterned Bean Bag

Zipcode Design™

What we like: Compact, stylish.

What we don’t like: Very small.

Perfect for: Minimal living spaces.

Not so good for: Long-term seating/relaxing.

With a delicate diamond pattern throughout, this dark brown or blue toned bean bag for a living room is ideal for a minimal home. It makes a great statement piece as it has a three-dimensional look. It is crafted from easy-to-clean fabric and is sturdy and ‘stool-like’. It is compact and rounded. You can add a cushion or rug underneath for added textures and coziness.

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Rounded Polyester Bean Bag

Rounded Polyester Bean Bag

Big Joe

What we like: Large, sturdy.

What we don’t like: No removable cover for cleaning.

Perfect for: Using as a footrest, for kid use.

Not so good for: Relaxing, sitting or long periods.

This modern bean bag is a great addition to a living room. It can be used as a bean bag or foot rest, which makes it versatile and chic. Made from 100% polyester, it is lightweight yet sturdy. It has shredded memory foam for its filling, which makes it mold easily to every body part. It must be cleaned only with water-based cleaners. Therefore you must pay a little extra care to this. Furthermore, this piece is ideal for a modern designed room and never goes flat.

$40.43 $59.99

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Large, Flat Bean Bag

Large, Flat Bean Bag

Symple Stuff

What we like: Flat, ideal for lounging.

What we don’t like: Larger and less airy.

Perfect for: Relaxing in front of the TV.

Not so good for: Play rooms

This modern bean bag lounger is great for modern living room design. It is crafted from soft and durable flexible foam and 220 gram microsuede covers. This makes it soft and versatile. The flat style of this piece is ideal for relaxing in front of the TV. It boasts a removable cover.

The shredded foam filling adds an added element of comfort. It is a great living room accompaniment and would be ideal placed alongside pine furniture for warmth and texture.


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Modern Bean Bags

Buying Guide

Yes, bean bags can be considered modern since they have been literally invented in the 60s!

However, they’re now available in so many different styles that you can easily make them work with your modern interiors even if they draw inspiration from previous decades.

The trick is to look for a modern bean bag in the colors and styles that characterize its specific palette and signature features. For example, if you have mid-century modern interiors, you could look for a modern bean bag in a warm hue like yellow or brown and with a design that emphasizes its length.

Modern bean bags belong anywhere that you want to encourage a slouched, relaxed vibe. Because of this, these types of bean bags make for excellent floor seating in a TV or entertainment room, or even in a casual living room. Place them opposite a couch, next to an armchair, or around a coffee table to enjoy them in their most intuitive settings.

Best Ideas

Modern bean bags

Apart from creating a perfect spot to rest, this bean bag will add warmth and coziness to the space. Elegant grey finishing is a universal composition, that will fit well into almost every kind of interior.

Grey bean bags 7

Modern Living Room Furniture, Lacoon by Jai Jalan

At3075 modern bean bag sofa

AT3075 Modern Bean Bag Sofa

Awesome bean bags 4

An elegant modern bean bag chaise lounge and a bean bag chair. They're comfortable large and massive, upholstered in quality leather in beautiful warm brown shades with decorative piping along edges.

Modern bean bags 3

Why not choose something completely different as your primary choice of seat in your household and opt for these amazing bean bag chairs that sport the unique shape that conforms your body splendidly.

Lazy boy bean bags

Bean bag chair as additional seating or place for relaxation. It is covered with thick material and reinforced with solid seams. Modern accent for the living room, teenager's room and others interiors as needed.

Modern bean bags 2

The kitty shaped knitted bean bags in two colors. Perfect for the cat's lovers. It wil be an ideal part of relaxing corner at your apartment. Mixed with the fluffy rug guarantee having fun in a comfortable place.

Modern bean bags 5

Bean Bag Chair 2 Colorful, Cheery, Youthful and Cozy: Modern Bean Bags

Beansack Big Joe Milano Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Beansack Big Joe Milano Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

Allowing for both comfort and durability this bean bag chair offers the plush, faux fur cover that surely is cozy and comfortable and comes with the long-lasting polystyrene beans filling to ensure the shape conforming your body perfectly.

Modern bean bags 4

Bring comfort and modern elegance into your gaming or living room with this comfy bean bag chair. Made from comfortable microfibers, the piece is perfectly suited for kids. It’s also compact so it should be easy to store away when not in use.

Modern bean bags 5

Single-family house interior design, Warsaw

Big Joe Lumin Chair Multiple Colors

Big Joe Lumin Chair Multiple Colors

A high quality chair that provides the best possible level of comfort thanks to its softness and solidity. This piece of furniture is filled with special UltimaX Beans and its dimensions are 35"W x 35"D x 32"H.

Modern bean bags 18

My Minimalist House Modern- Big bean bags <3

Modern bean bags 1

White, Home, Interior, Industrial, Inspiration, Bedroom, Living Room, Oracle Fox

Modern bean bags 11

Single-family house interior design, Warsaw | TAMIZO ARCHITECTS

Slumber poufs why cant i find this for my son

Slumber poufs - why cant I find this for my son in the US??

Tiffany blue chevron small bean bag contemporary bean bag chairs

... Tiffany Blue Chevron Small Bean Bag contemporary-bean-bag-chairs

Stone bean bags

Modern Ottomon/Bean Bag

Abbey Neon Pink Fur Bean Bag

An awesome fur bean bag for girly room, family room, living zone, bedroom and more. The fantastic bright neon pink color will be a strong accent in any space.

Luxury beanbag

Bean bags are the perfect comfort seating for teens, kids, and anyone else agile enough to sit on the floor. These high-end bags look like giant bed pillows, but have all the versatility of standard bean bags. Napping just got better.

Modern bean bags 11

Wonderful outdoor entertaining space

Fur bean bag

This faux fur bean bag is an element, that has got a decorative and functional role in the house. It brings the comfort and luxury touch into any interior. Trust me, everyone will tell you how soft and comfy this product is.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

A bean-shaped, soft bag chair. It brings a sophisticated and refined touch to any bedroom, study, or den. It is strong and durable. It features a zipper closure. It is mainly made of cotton and polyester.

Modern bean bags 17

Giant Bean Bag. A piece of advice given to us by our advisor was to buy bean bags. These would have been the fanciest choice