Denim Living Room Furniture

What type of upholstery a person has on their furniture, says a lot about their personality. Tastes change, what's inside a person rarely does and that can often be seen buy wood fabrics they have on their furniture. So, if you are a diehard fan of denim, then you'll definitely love the denim living room furniture we have in this extensive collection. Every piece is made with the best denim upholstery. And they come in several colors.

Best Products

Modern Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa

Modern Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa
Bring a touch of modernity to your living room arrangement with this classy sectional sofa, which will fit in nicely in a TV setup next to a small coffee table. Finish the composition off with a couple of comfy armchairs or recliners, and you will have the perfect home movie theater. The sectional comes with quite a number of pillows and cushions, which provide additional back support and make it even more comfortable.

Contemporary Solid Wood Reversible Sectional Sofa

Contemporary Solid Wood Reversible Sectional Sofa
With a contemporary style and a smooth and sleek silhouette, this modern-style sectional sofa has a reversible orientation which allows you easily customize it and make it fit in your living room. The frame of the sectional has been constructed out of solid wood to ensure the sturdiness of the highest quality, and the bottom of the sofa is fitted with wooden tapered block legs, layered with a rich coffee finish.

Dark Walnut Finish Sofa With Throw Pillows

Dark Walnut Finish Sofa With Throw Pillows
Being a well-crafted combination of a traditional style with a contemporary element, this sleek-lined sofa is a sophisticated choice for your living room. It is placed on a durable frame, constructed out of a combination of both manufactured and solid wood, and it is finished off with veneered bottom and legs in dark walnut. The surfaces of the sofa and the cushions are all upholstered in a polyester fabric, which resembles denim.

Foam Filled Solid Wood Sectional

Foam Filled Solid Wood Sectional
If you’re looking for a larger piece of furniture to furnish your living room with, that will without any problem fit a couple of your guests or family members while watching a movie in the evening, take a look at this classic sofa with three wide seats, sure to accommodate a couple of people. The sofa features oversized arms with a rolled designs, plush cushions, and removable covers with zippers.

Customizable Aquatic Loveseat Sofa

Customizable Aquatic Loveseat Sofa
Furnish your living room to resemble a cottage on the countryside or a beach house, lying just next to a sandy seashore, with this classic loveseat sofa, fitted with a twinge of coastal, aquatic style. The sofa has been entirely crafted and assembled in the United States and has a frame constructed out of solid wood, which provides superior strength to manufactured wood, which is often used in cheaper equivalents.

Mid-Century Sofa With Linen Lining

Mid-Century Sofa With Linen Lining
If you are searching for something eclectic and futuristic to place in your mid-century apartment, you might be interested in taking a look at this stylish sofa. The sofa is a perfect fit for smaller living spaces, as its compactness makes it take a relatively small amount of space while still providing a plenty of seating spots. It is also sturdy and durable, as its frame has been constructed out of solid wood with a natural color.

Loveseat Sofa With Rolled Arms And Finished Back

Loveseat Sofa With Rolled Arms And Finished Back
Having a more traditional and quite old-fashioned design, this loveseat-size sofa is a good choice for smaller living spaces, where you cannot fit a full-sized sofa or a large sectional, as there is simply not enough room. This one provides a little bit of additional seating space while providing a classic element to your living room, which is universal enough to complement most interior arrangements and décor styles.

Our advice Buying Guide

With a denim living room furniture or sofa, you can give your living space the inviting, casual feel it needs. You may already know that buying a sofa can be considered as an investment that you need to make for the home you're trying to furnish. Follow the advice we'll give you in this article, so you'll make the right buying decision. Let's get right into it.

How to select the right size denim living room furniture?

It's an excellent idea to take the dimensions of your living room before you check out your options online as you'll have a set guideline for the furniture's size. In general, you'd want to leave 36 inches between the furniture and the wall, 6 to 10 feet between the TV and the sofa, and 18 inches between a coffee table and the furniture.

Size is an important factor when making a denim living room furniture purchase as it'll play a role in your home's flow as well as the piece's functionality. You may want a massive denim sectional that can fit a crowd in your family room. However, if your purchase is too large, you'll be throwing off the entire space's scale. The furniture may also block the room's natural traffic flow.

The same is true for denim living room furniture that's too small for your space. For instance, you may want a denim modern sofa for a cavernous room with an open floor plan and high ceilings. Get a small sofa and it'll end up being insubstantial and out-of-place in the room.

What is "double rub count"?

If you're concerned about your denim furniture's longevity, ask the seller or the manufacturer about the "Double Rub" number of the fabric. The count is determined when a fabric undergoes an abrasion test, which involves back-and-forth motions to check the approximate usage. A high double rub count means it's durable. In general, a textile that meets the 15,000-standard for double rubs is considered as a heavy-duty material. It's suitable for upholstered furniture. Counts can reach up to 100,000, but 35,000 and above is already considered as unnecessary for residential use.

What's the best quality frame material for denim living room furniture?

Living room furniture that's made from hardwood will hold up better than any other type of framing. But, what's best is the unit that's made out of kiln-dried hardwood. The quality hardwood will be joined together using glue with double-dowels to reinforce the frame and strengthen it. The frame's four corners are reinforced with glued, screwed, then stapled corner blocks. The entire process ensures that the frame of your denim sofa is strong and stable.

Spend as much money as you can on a frame that's of high quality as it will allow you to make good use of the furniture for years. Make sure, before you commit, that the manufacturer of your chosen sofa offers you a lifetime guarantee as that will tell you if the maker is confident about the product or not.

That's it. You're now capable of making an informed buying decision! Browse online to check out the beautiful options you have.


Pb Basic 4 Piece Chaise Sectional

Pb Basic 4 Piece Chaise Sectional
Sectional sofa for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with thick denim fabric. Traditional form and contemporary design for each home.

Blue jean furniture

If you love denim material or you just hate to have your beautiful sofa covered with cream leather always dirty - this is a solution. Even if it will fray a little bit after the longer usage - the stone-washed denim is still up-to-date! :)

Denim couch

All denim sofa embodies the trend-right look, but functionality is also worthy: thick blue jeans is particularly resistant to tearing. Therefore, this wide three-people denim couch is a welcome addition to a front room.

Denim couches

Sectional sofa in classic form. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with solid seams. It has 5 seating capacity. Stylish accent for each living room as needed.

Denim couch 1

A great choice for bachelor pads, teenagers' rooms, and living rooms with a contemporary flare. Sofa is great for various activities, upholstered in a blue fabric, equipped with soft seat cushions and slightly rolled arms, and decorated with a cute skirt and a couple of throw pillows.

Cindy crawford denim sofa

Living room in Scandinavian style. Soft sofas and armchairs are complemented by coffee table in industrial style. Sophisticated decorations adds freshness and modernity.

Ethan allen denim sofa

A country style living room featuring white walls and natural woody ribbing. A sofa with thick seats and back pillows is covered in blue denim. A coffee table has a frame of black plumbing fitting. A top and a shelf of wood in browns are rectangular.

Linden sofa in blue jc penney

Linden sofa in blue, JC Penney

Cindy crawford home beachside blue denim sofa

Living room set with a sofa, loveseat and amrchair. These pieces of furniture are finished in blue color and they include elements with multi-color stripes. They also feature soft seat and backrest cushions.

Denim sectional sofa

A comfy casual sofa with a wooden frame. It has a quite high backrest, a bit rolled out arms, reversible seats. Its skirted slipcover, seat and back pillows covers are of blue denim fabric but 2 pillows in grey, white and blue vertical stripes.

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Of cindy crawford home beachside denim chair from chairs furniture

... of Cindy Crawford Home Beachside Denim Chair from Chairs Furniture

Denim sofa

Smart living room. Great light! Again, another reason to (possibly) consider white... or a lovely warm grey. Love the denim sofa.

Denim living room furniture 2

WSH <3 the deep blues mixed in with the natural fiber. Via House Beautiful.

Ve always loved denim couches cb has them now lounge

ve always loved denim couches... CB has them now!! (Lounge 93 ...

Denim 7 pc livingroom cindy crawford home beachside denim 7

... denim 7 pc livingroom Cindy Crawford Home Beachside Denim 7 Pc

Cindy crawford denim couch

Dress your interior in natural delicate fabrics with denim living room furniture set - in the form of even floral upholstery romantic armchairs, combined with a dark blue couch. The company adds an upholstered ottoman on wooden legs in a light yellow color.

Blue denim loveseat

Lounging Chair - Furniture - RLH Collection - Ralph Lauren Home - - Ridiculously expensive but very pretty!

Denim blue living room furniture

Denim Blue Living Room Furniture

Blue denim sofa

Snuggling in this armchair, you won't have to worry about the lack of comfort. It's upholstered in blueish fabric, along with a button tufted back, well-padded sides, and a generous seat cushion. All rests on wooden legs - flared at the rear and turned in the front.

Jean sofa

This Denim Living room set of furniture combines casual and elegant, bringing in a great sense of colour and liveliness to the space. A good tip is to break the main scheme a bit and allow yourself a bit of variation.

I dont know whats going on with that wall but

I don't know what's going on with that wall, but the couch is fabulous!

Denim living room furniture 2

This denim living room set constitutes will be an eclectic accent, wherever appearing. Fitting well into both traditional and modern interiors, blue denim will be an eye-catching accent, distinguishing your space from the others.

Durable living room 20 beautiful beach cottages coastal living

Durable Living Room - 20 Beautiful Beach Cottages - Coastal Living

Denim furniture living rooms

Upholstered seating denim living room furniture set will transform your living room into an oasis of peace and relaxation. A comfortable blue lounge suite consists of three parts, a three-person sofa, a double sofa and a chair.

Denim sofas

You can easily elevate your room's appearance, with those two fashionable ottomans wrapped in cowhide-like covers. Their compact size and eye-catchy design make the whole room much more appealing.

ZUO ERA Civic Center Square Coffee Table, Distressed Natural

This square coffee table is a great option to have your vintage-inspired décor complete. It has natural distressed finish, and its sides feature lattice design. When the room is full of light, it can shine through.

Denim living room furniture 1

This cute denim sofa is an original detail for the interior design. The sofas and cover of the couch are exceptionally tasteful, and the solid construction ensures a comfortable rest. Pleasant contrasting stitching adds to the charm.

Beachside denim 8 pc livingroom rooms to go livingroom furniture

... Beachside Denim 8 Pc Livingroom :: Rooms To Go - Livingroom furniture

Denim couch and loveseat

Indigocitron Room - LandingPage - Calico Corners -thanks Nickie, I'll take the dog too.

Denim corner sectional

Denim Corner Sectional

Blue denim couch

We're painting the paneling in the den a light color (most likely light gray), and I like this denim couch and the ottomans, as well as the one wicker chair I see in the corner. That French door which leads to their patio would lead instead to our sun roo

Lasso Commercial Grade Blue Denim Fiber Armchair

It is an arm chair that has got a grade blue denim fiber upholstery and vintage design. Everyone will be impressed how amazing and comfortable this arm chair is. You need to have it.

Denim furniture

This comfortable sofa with gray upholstery and sturdy frame, can be a nice way to upgrade your contemporary home. it has soft seat cushions, fabric-covered armrests, and few throw pillows for better appearance and comfort.

Denim living room furniture

This amazing interior impresses with its uniquely decorated ceilings, the combination of blue, white and shades of wood and functionality. The impressive chandelier and eye-catching fireplace complete the whole.

Zuo era lasso denim sofa

Zuo Era Lasso Denim Sofa

Denim living room furniture 1

Blue is not only the color of royal blood - but also the sky and many wonderful elements of our universe. It is associated with the truth, so it will check the slain in the form of the upholstery of denim living room furniture set.

Blue jean couch

Long and comfortable design for a sofa couch upholstered with a cotton material in a deep blue color, which provides a smooth and nice-to-touch texture with a tough hardwood frame underneath to make it stable.

Denim sectional

A comfy classic sofa with a hardwood frame and low brown turned bun feet. A wavy backrest and showy rolled out arms have the same height. It's thickly padded and upholstered in washed blue denim with button tufting and a diamond stitching pattern.

Bamboo living room furniture 8

Beautiful design for a contemporary, coastal living room with a spacious appearance. The three large windows provide a plenty of light during the day, making the room seem brighter and giving it a fresh look.

Bamboo living room set

Oriental, exotic setup for a bright and colorful living room with bamboo furniture and a contemporary appearance. The red, seated chair provides a nice complement to the long, white ottoman which matches the throw pillows and curtains.

Bamboo living room furniture 2

Play with natural light with the use of these bamboo shades. It adds a layer of texture, smoothly blocking the outdoor light, yet allowing some beams to enlighten the rooms. Natural bamboo finishing will appeal to boho or eco-design fans.

Faux leather sectionals 1

If you want to create a distinguished interior, that will enchant with its charming elegance, this faux leather sectional may be an ideal choice for you. Refined brown tufted button upholstery covers a considerable space to sit, ideal for up to 8 people.