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30 Very Peri Living Room Ideas for a Vibrant & Trendy Home

Declared color of the year by Pantone, very peri is so dynamic and unique that we bet you'll want to keep it in your living room for much, much longer.

Technically, it's 'Pantone 17-3938', but friends call it very peri! This charming periwinkle hue blends blue with a violet-red undertone. The result? A bold shade of lavender that's easy on the eye but energetic and exciting at the same time: a perfect color for interior design!

Whether you'd rather use it as an accent or go very peri with your palette, our experts have come up with a varied range of ideas to get you started.

1. Place a very peri sofa in the middle of your seating area

Room with gingham walls and very peri sofa
Summer Thornton Design, Inc

With your old couch being the core of your seating area, it wouldn’t a bad idea to swap it for a stylish very peri model.

It’ll immediately brighten up and bring energy to your entire room thanks to its size and strategic position.

While you can always complement it with smaller accents in that hue (from flowers to artwork), a very peri sofa is definitely a clever place to start.

2. Decorate around a very peri accent chair

A very peri chair next to a fireplace
Bocca Do Lobo & BRABBU

Rather than blending in with the rest of your furniture, accent chairs are meant to stand out, and a vibrant hue like very peri can help them do so even more effectively.

So, place yours strategically to create a visually interesting corner. For example, start by considering the colors behind it: in this case, it contrasts against the white walls while inspiring a sense of warmth thanks to the golden accents.

3. White room with colorful plexiglass

Experiment with very peri glass panels
Crosby Studio

Colorful plexiglass panels never fail to inspire a nostalgic retro feel!

From doors to tables, they can also introduce a splash of very peri in a more creative way.

Another idea would be to use them as a room divider in smaller settings: unlike opaque materials, the see-through effect of plexiglass maintains an airy vibe while still separating different corners (perhaps the dining area in your living room?).

4. Try very peri walls with decorative motifs…

Room with ornate decor and very peri walls
Susan Barett

If you already know that you can’t get enough of this color, paint your living room walls in that shade!

Very peri can also be an ideal background hue to add some decorative motifs in lighter or golden shades, much like this fairytale-esque wall with floral elements.

To avoid an overwhelming feel, we recommend refraining from placing other very peri pieces (such as accent chairs) right against your walls.

5. … or use a saturated wall to make other items pop

Living room with very peri walls
Alex Papachristidis

Very peri walls will work divinely as a monochrome background, too. In fact, they’re a great starting point to then help your selected pieces of wall decor pop!

To further achieve this balanced contrast, you could consider decorating them with white and golden accents in particular.

6. Go very (peri) big

Very peri rug
Tom Strigner Desing Partners

A clever way of focusing on very peri while also creating a separate seating area is to introduce a large rug in this color.

That way, you’ll have your own island to catch up with your guests while sitting on white or light-colored living room furniture.

At the same time, to keep everything cohesive, you can always include additional very peri accents like these stools, lamp base, and cushions.

7. Experiment with smaller very peri items or accents

Room with several very peri items
Robert Frank

Very peri works wonders as an accent hue too, and especially if your palette already involves lighter shades like white or contrasting hues such as gold and yellow.

Some strategic very peri items that you could scatter around your living room to create a consistent feel are cushions, vases, throws and blankets, books, and small artwork… or check out these tasteful curtains with very peri accents!

8. Choose patterns that include this color

Living room with several very peri patterns
Dona Elle

If you prefer busy prints or patterns rather than too many monochrome or saturated elements, think of how you could complement them with some very peri accents.

For instance, you could choose some patterns that involve bright very peri motifs against a white background to create a balanced contrast, or some lighter periwinkle shades to maintain a cohesive feel.

9. Complement your walls with some pieces in the same hue

Very peri walls and armchairs
Anthony Baratta

Pressing some very peri pieces against walls in the same colors could backfire and create a busy vibe, preventing your furniture from standing out.

However, if they’re in the middle of your room or there’s another element in between them (much like this large fireplace acting as a background behind the chairs), then it can certainly be a winning combination: perfect to keep your living room looking stylish and cohesive!

10. Use it to inspire a sense of sophistication

Very peri walls with artwork
Emily Dobbs

Even though it’s the color of the year, very peri is still fairly rare: can you actually remember seeing it in many of your friends’ homes?

Thanks to its uncommonness and excellent balance between warm and cold tones, very peri can help you convey a sense of elegance and finesse, especially if your living room already includes refined elements like antique decor, precious artwork, or period-based furniture.

11. Add flowers in the same color

Room with very peri cushions and flowers

As well as your more traditional accent items such as cushions and blankets, natural elements like flowers can also help you introduce this energetic color into your living room in a quirkier way.

Some very peri flowers that you could scout for are the clematis multi blue, verbena bonariensis, nemesia denim blue, and heliotrope marine.

12. Introduce it right from the start

A very peri entryway
Mary McGee

Most of these very peri ideas can be reinforced even further by displaying this hue before you and your guests have even walked into the actual living room.

This trick will take your sense of cohesiveness to the next level by creating a consistent vibe between that room and your entryway.

For example, you could have a very peri door, walls, or bench… or, in this case, all three!

13. Use white items in front of very peri walls

Very peri walls with a white lamp
Old Masters

Similar hues like blue, periwinkle, violet, and purple would end up disappearing or resulting in a weird mismatch against very peri walls.

Instead, to make smaller elements or pieces of furniture pop against them, consider lighter wood finishes and colors like white, gold, or yellow.

14. Try a contemporary accent chair

Very peri accent chair

With very peri being the current craze, it’s no wonder that it goes hand in hand with contemporary interiors.

So, if you’re planning on introducing a new very peri element (like a chair or sofa), consider sticking to simple lines, geometric shapes, or even a bit of a futuristic twist.

15. Create an airy feel

Living room corner with very peri elements
Ziger|Snead Architects

With its blue tones, very peri can easily remind you of peaceful landscapes like the sea or the skies above it.

As such, you can use it to maintain a relaxed vibe that makes your room look more spacious and airier. For the best results, do so by sticking to monochrome very peri pieces and simple lines rather than busy patterns.

16. Find the right balance between patterns and monochrome pieces

Very peri sofa and chairs
Jane Ann Simon

If you couldn’t be more obsessed with this hue, nobody’s stopping you from introducing some very peri chairs and a sofa. However, in most cases, this could lead to a bit of an overwhelming feel.

An easy way to avoid it without giving up on your bold vision is to alternate monochrome very peri pieces of furniture with others that include elements in this hue within their prints or patterns.

17. Use it for coastal decor

Coastal room with very peri accents

As we mentioned, light very peri hues can remind you of the sea and tranquil maritime landscapes: so, if you have coastal interiors, it would be a sin not to embrace them!

Whether you’d rather use this color extensively (for example, on walls or rugs) or as an accent (like these cushions and stools), pair it up with white elements and light, distressed wood finishes for the best coastal results.

18. Try a very peri carpet


Your walls and rug aren’t the only large elements to introduce the biggest splash of very peri charm into your living room: a carpet can be key, too.

You can then reinforce it even further with some cleverly placed accents like the very peri cushion and vases in this stunning living room.

19. Go very peri from top to bottom

Boldly decorated very peri living room
Decorilla Interior Design

We can already see all the minimalists jump to the next tip, but if you’re fascinated by bold color choices and a more maximalist approach… why compromise?

Consider a very peri ceiling, walls, rug, and even more, much like this electric-looking room.

At the same time, we still recommend breaking it up with lighter sections and elements, especially in white.

20. Use this color on a smaller wall

Very peri wall section
David Kaihoi

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to adopt an all-or-nothing approach.

For example, if you love the idea of some very peri living room walls but are worried that they’d be too overwhelming after a while, stick to a single one: you could easily complement your largest white walls with a smaller very peri section.

21. Place a very peri rug underneath your dining area

Dining area with a very peri rug
Black Lacquer Design

When we think of very peri rugs, we tend to picture the large one underneath a seating area.

If your living room also includes a dining table on the side, however, you could further separate those sections by using a very peri rug underneath the latter.

Wanna make your chairs pop? Include some white elements: they’ll create the perfect contrast against that new very peri rug.

22. Make very peri items pop against white walls

Living room with a very peri sofa
Lounge Lovers

So, we’ve seen how you can help white elements stand out against a very peri wall, but don’t forget that… it works just as well if you try this trick the other way round, too!

Keeping your walls white is also a clever choice in smaller settings as they inspire an airy and spacious feel.

Instead, make your other core items very peri, such as your large sofa.

23. Go for very peri curtains

Living room with very peri curtains
Dress Homes

Whether you prefer monochrome models, patterns, or prints, it doesn’t matter: you can easily find a way of incorporating this stylish shade into your curtains.

Then, to further enhance your living room’s cohesiveness, add another accent or two in the same color: see how this large artwork replicates the curtains’ hue?

24. Create a reading nook

Very peri chair
22 Interiors

With very peri being such a beautiful mixture between relaxing and energetic, it’s also an excellent choice for your special reading corner.

For example, you could start with a very peri chair and then complement it with smaller touches, like this very peri artwork.

Other harmonious ideas would be to put a few books with covers in that hue right in the spotlight.

25. Make this color the center of your seating area

Living room with a very peri coffee table
Chango & Co.

Very peri sofas and chairs are far from being the only way to make this hue the star of your living room: after all, coffee tables are right in the middle of it!

In that case, consider white or light-colored seating solutions, as darker hues like black or navy blue could create a cramped feel when paired up with a very peri coffee table.

26. Choose chairs and curtains that match

Room with very peri curtains and chairs
Kara Herbert Interiors

Perhaps you’re still intrigued by the very peri chair-and-wall combination that we’ve seen earlier but aren’t ready to commit that heavily to this hue?

Here’s another idea that’s humbler and yet just as effective and cohesive: very peri curtains and, on the other side of the room, chairs in the same hue.

Don’t forget to balance it all out with some white in between them!

27. Use it as smalls accents

Elegant living room with white elements
Lois Moore

As well as small accent items or one color in a busy pattern, there are other ideas that allow you to use very peri sparingly but strategically.

For example, you could rely on large items that consist of other colors and only include a small splash of very peri magic, like artwork or this elegant rug.

28. Create a separate very peri area

Bright very peri section of a room
Kendall Wilkinson Design

If you have a large living room with a different corner beyond your seating area (such as a dining table or this conservatory-style section that prioritizes the view outside its windows), why not use this trendy color to separate it in a tasteful way without the need for room dividers?

From your walls to the floor and some furniture pieces, get creative sticking to different hues in each area.

29. Use it for storage pieces

Living room with very peri storage
Suburban Floor Covering

The best very peri living room ideas aren’t limited to upholstered pieces: you can find wooden items painted in this unique finish, too!

For example, think of storage-based furniture like cupboards or credenza tables: a guaranteed showstopper whenever your guests see them for the first time.

30. Very peri bedroom

Very peri bedroom
Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd

Once you’ve planned the very peri living room of your dreams, you don’t necessarily have to stop there.

We’ve looked at the potential of a very peri entryway, but think of your bathroom or bedroom, too!

Because this color is so eye-catching and memorable, introducing small very peri items in other rooms (such as bedsheets or towels) will maintain a harmonious sense of cohesiveness throughout your entire house.

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