Oversized Chaise Lounge


We should just call this the cuddle chaise lounge because that's what it's designed for. These are a fun way to relax through the day with you special someone or to cuddle with the kids. Watch a movie, read a book, take a nap, or whatever. It is all good in these fantastic oversize chaise lounges. They are well made, hand stitched, and upholstered perfectly

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Billy Double Chaise Lounge Chair With Wheels

Billy Double Chaise Lounge Chair With Wheels

The oversized chaise lounge dedicated for the couples. This piece of furniture is equipped with the additional wheels, what makes it very functional especially if the apartment is tiny and each meter counts.

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Oversized chaise lounge

A wonderful, super comfortable chaise lounge which will easily seat two adult people. It features soft, grey upholstery and plenty of matching cushions. A distressed china cabinet and an industrial lamp give the room a minimalist feel.

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Oversized chaise lounge 1

Spacious chaise lounge - so wide it looks almost like a fullsize bed. Oversized lounger with stunning midnight blue velvet upholstery. Invites to lay down and take a delightful nap. With thick padding and button tufting.

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Oversized chaise lounge 1

Luxurious chaise lounge. This piece of furniture is multi-functional, because you can used to sit or lie. It has dark wooden frame and sculptural kickstands. Chaise lounge is covered of leopard-print leather.

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Oversized lounge sofa

Very comfortable oversized chaise for master :) beautiful light beige color of this cool chaise lounge corresponds nicely with the overal style of this cool room. I love this soft, beige fluffy blanket and cushions.

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Oversized chaise lounge

I could lay myself immediately on this lusciously oversized chaise lounge bed... Love the color, too. Dark brown, like chocolate, isn't it. And plush, like velvet. Perfect option for lounge area. And those pillows, and enormous seat cushion!

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Oversized chaise lounge 2

Elegant, opulent comfort with this oversized, tufted chaise lounge upholstered in brocade and supported with tooled woodwork. Imagine relaxing with a book, a box of chocolates, and a flute of champagne. Beautiful decadence at its absolute finest and most beautiful.

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Oversized chaise lounge 5

This oversized chaise lounge constitutes a great option for all those who love the afternoon/evening relax. It has the size of a chair and half, therefore providing enough space for a comfortable nap.

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Lounges 1


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Park place oversized chaise lounger

Park Place Oversized Chaise Lounger

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Oversized Chaise Lounge

Buying Guide

The oversized chaise lounge is an understated piece of furniture that often gets overshadowed by more conventional choices, like couches, love chairs and the likes. The fact though is that there’s no better seating option that hits the sweet spot between utilitarian and aesthetic.

Put it in the living room. It’s perfect for conversations, for reading a book or for a mid-day siesta. It can fit into a corner, by the window or even float smack bang in the middle, to make the space appear bigger than it is. Put it outdoors and you can get a dose of the sun and air while napping, eating a meal or getting a tan.

Despite all the positives, it’s not a universal fit for all homes. Here are some of the factors that you must consider before you get home an oversized chaise lounge.

There’s a reason why it’s called an ‘oversized’ chaise. That’s because it has a much larger footprint than a conventional chaise lounge. Typically, it can fit two adults. So, grab that measuring tape and get to work. Measure the length, the width, the height and the backrest and compare it with the available space in the room or in the patio.

Ensure that the height of the chaise and the backrest is comfortable for the person who will be using it most frequently. A very tall person might find it cumbersome to get in and out of a low chaise lounge. And vice-a-versa.

Don’t forget to calculate the additional space needed around the chaise for clearance.

Chaise lounges are generally considered to be patio furniture. And if it’s intended for outdoor use, then look for a weather resistant frame made of hardwood, wicker, aluminum, plastic or stainless steel.

Wrought iron chaises might seem obsolete. But they add a vintage flavor to your décor and are surprisingly easy to blend with a variety of décor themes.

But if you are the finicky homeowner who likes to redo or rearrange the patio furniture every week or so, then consider chaises with casters that are easier to move around. Or materials that are lightweight.

Wicker is a great choice. So is softwood. The caveat is that softwood doesn’t hold up to the elements very well.

Choose a weatherproof, non-absorbent, mold and mildew resistant fabric like Vinyl or sunbrella for the upholstery.

Goes without saying that removable and washable covers for the cushions and pillows will be easier to maintain as compared to permanent ones.

For indoor use, nothing beats the elegance of solid wood. You can pick a variety that blends with the rest of the décor pieces. You can also choose softwood, like pine. It’s cheaper than oak or other hardwoods.

  • A chaise with an adjustable backrest is perfect for loungers who just like to put up their feet and watch the world go by. Various reclining positions from 45 degrees to completely flat, allow you to go from poolside lounging to catching some shuteye.
  • Armrests and footrests will make it easier to get in and out of the chaise. For outdoor applications, even a contemporary, armless one would do just fine.
  • In a high-usage setting or in a household with kids, an upholstered chaise with plush cushioning will be a better pick. It will make your all-day sojourns a lot more comfortable.
  • Fire-retardant foam with a waterproof lining is one of the best materials for the cushion fill.
  • If you have niggles and aches in your joints, then memory foam will help ease the soreness a tad.
  • Polyfill is a cheaper fill material but will need to be drained every time a guest comes soaking wet out of the pool to rest on the chaise.
  • In any case, ensure that the cushion has a waterproof lining or cover.

Best Ideas

Clearance furniture joanna designer style two arm oversized chaise

... Clearance Furniture > Joanna "Designer Style" Two Arm Oversized Chaise

Cooke Chaise

Cooke Chaise

It is a stylish chaise lounge that is available in two colors: grey and chocolate. It has got a microfiber upholstery and wood construction. It adds comfort and beauty to any living room.

Oversized chair 4

Oversized Chair

Leather Chaise Lounge

Leather Chaise Lounge

It is a chaise lounge that is made of leather and has got a white finish. It is very stylish and comfortable. This lounge is perfect for your living room area. You will be impressed how amazing this lounge is.

Oversized chaise lounge 4

An extra large chaise lounge in a lavish style. It features a graceful silhouette with a slightly leaned backrest for greater comfort. It's in a neutral, ivory color with tufted upholstery, which gives the piece a sophisticated look.

Oversized chaise lounge 6

This oversized chaise lounge will prove to be an amazing addition to your decor, especially with its long structure that will allow you to put your feet up and enjoy a boost of comfort, while the simple structure makes for a fine option for any style of decor.

Commotion Chaise Lounge

Commotion Chaise Lounge

Gorgeous chaise lounge designed utilizing profiled frame made of solid wood, comfortable sinuous springs support in durable, stain resistant 100-percent polyester microfiber, and decorative pillow for added elegance.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge

This gracefully contoured chaise lounge not only nails the essence of relaxation, but of the contemporary style, too. It is padded with midnight black fabric covered with white script print. It stands on black block feet.

Storage Chaise Lounge

Storage Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge is a piece of furniture that provides comfort, relaxation and softness on the highest level. Its sitting space includes button tufting. The product also includes a storage compartment.

Big comfy chaise lounge

These oversized chaise lounges for theatre-rooms constitute an exquisite example of style and comfort. Plush reclining seats stand for unique, charming comfort, that will engage you for many hours.

Oversized chaise lounge 8

Oversized Chaise Lounge Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Oversized chaise 1

oversized chaise

Oversized chaise lounge 15

GRAND BOVARY CHAIR. Is it a cute mini-sofa? Or is it an over-sized elegant chair? Who knows. All we know is that it rocks (figuratively speaking!) #occasionalchair #livingroom

Oversized chaise lounge

perfect for the bedroom to read a book and have quite time