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Relaxing on a chaise lounge is so nice. Relaxing on a chaise lounge that reclines is absolutely magnificent. In our collection of reclining chaise lounge chairs for indoors, you are going to find your perfect option in a new chaise lounge for your seating pleasure. Large enough to fit two people, they can also double as a quick and easy guest bed if the need should arise.

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Updated 01/03/2023
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Best Power Chaise Recliner
Traditional Electric Chaise Lounge Chair

Traditional Electric Chaise Lounge Chair

Williston Forge

Perfect For: If you want a typical recliner

What We Like: Extra features

There are six colors to choose from with this chaise lounge chair, which has a traditional tufted design. Upholstered in polyester fabric with a solid and manufactured wood frame, it is powered via electricity. The power aspect of this reclining lounge chair can connect to a qi-compatible phone. A cup holder and pocket are included at the side.

Designer Advice:

This chaise lounge isn’t old-fashioned, but it isn’t super modern, either. Because of this, it would fit in best with a transitional living room. As for colors, both teal and navy blue will bring color to a neutral space. Pair your chaise with a sofa that has a similarly tufted design for a chic look. 

What Users Say:

Very firm and comfortable. Mechanism is a bit noisy to start. Fabric is comfy. Style is expensive looking and stylish.

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Best for Style
Two Tone Adjustable Chaise Lounge

Two Tone Adjustable Chaise Lounge

Mercury Row® Teen

Perfect For: Adding texture to a room

What We Like: Unique design

This stunning adjustable chaise lounge can recline back fully and features a curved left arm.There are four finish options to pick from, including dark/light gray and dark/light pink. The dark brown frame is made from manufactured wood, whereas the seat itself is upholstered in plush velvet. Moreover, you can lift the top to find a decently-sized storage space. One toss pillow is included. 

$639.99 $729.99

Designer Advice:

Wherever you choose to put this chaise lounge, it will steal the spotlight. For a feminine vibe with sophisticated overtones, the dark/light pink color option would look gorgeous. Alternatively, the dark and light beige color combination is ideal for creating a Scandinavian vibe, particularly in a room that already has a warm neutral décor scheme. 

What Users Say:

Very well made chaise, sturdy, yet elegant. A great purchase.

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Best Modern Chaise
Faux Leather Chaise Lounge Recliner

Faux Leather Chaise Lounge Recliner

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: An affordable chaise lounge

What We Like: Low-maintenance material

Not So Good For: If you prefer chaises with arms

An excellent option if you’re on a budget, this chaise recliner comes in black, brown, gray, or white. Tear-resistant, it features reversible cushions for easier cleaning. The frame is made of plywood with a center plastic leg for additional support, whereas the main legs are made from chrome-plated metal, giving it modern look. Best of all, this chaise lounge can be converted from a regular chaise to a lounging chair and then to a bed.

$205.99 $285.59

Designer Advice:

This chaise lounge recliner is a brilliant option for a study/guest bedroom hybrid. Stylish in whatever form it takes, it will bring contemporary edge to a space. Plus, the faux leather upholstery is incredibly easy to maintain.

What Users Say:

Comfortable versatile and good for when family comes to visit. The faux leather can be easily wiped off.

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Power Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Power Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Wildon Home®

What we like: Excellent modern features such as wireless phone charging

What we don’t like: High price tag

This oversized, padded-back recliner sets the standard when it comes to coziness and comfort, with its solid kiln-dried wood frame and air-blown fiber back cushion. It is an extra-large lounge chaise with seat and arm cushions, making it the ultimate living room, game room, or home theater chair.

The contemporary tailored lines and topstitching blend seamlessly with the gray polyester cover, making it suitable for most modern homes. It is durable and easy to clean.

This recliner contains storage space within the arms, which can hold snacks, magazines, or remote controls. It also has a built-in wireless phone charger in the left arm for powering Android and Apple smartphones.  

$2730 $7394.5

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Powered Oversized Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Powered Oversized Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Wade Logan®

What we like: Soft teddy fleece upholstery makes this chair very cozy

What we don’t like: Material may be hard to clean and remove stains

If you’re looking for a luxurious, oversized chaise lounger with soft and cozy upholstery, this piece is an excellent choice. Wrapped in a soft teddy fleece, the chair feels amazing, particularly during winter evenings by the fire. The fleece adds comfort and textural interest to the room, making it the perfect addition to an inviting living room.

This chair is equipped with several modern features. It is power-operated, allowing you to recline with the touch of a button. It also contains a built-in wireless charger for your smartphone on one arm and a chrome cup holder on the other. 

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Tufted Velvet Fully Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Tufted Velvet Fully Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Everly Quinn

What we like: Smooth velvet material with elegant button tufting gives this chair a classy finish

What we don’t like: Click-Clack reclining mechanism restricts the number of positions the chair can be set to

With its tufted velvet finish, this recliner chaise seat is perfect for completing a bedroom or cozy reading corner. The plush seating with high-density memory foam cushions offers superior comfort. The cushions are highly responsive, allowing you to nestle into your comfiest position and relieve pressure points as you read or watch TV.

The flared arms and refined rose gold finished legs add a touch of glamor to a room. The reclining function allows you to convert this chair into a comfortable bed, perfect for an afternoon nap. 

$309.99 $419.99

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Faux Leather Chaise Lounge Recliner

Faux Leather Chaise Lounge Recliner

Zipcode Design™

What we like: Compact design makes it suitable for a variety of spaces

What we don’t like: The exposed chair legs give it a bare look

Crafted from sturdy materials like solid wood and stainless steel and with high-density foam-filled cushions, this faux leather chaise lounger is an excellent durable option for a game room, office, or study. It has three adjustable positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable spot for relaxing. It also converts into a bed, giving you a practical sleeping option if you’re entertaining guests.

This chair is an excellent option for a modern household because it contains built-in power outlets linked to USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone or laptop.

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Portable Recliner Chaise Lounge Chair

Portable Recliner Chaise Lounge Chair

Latitude Run®

What we like: Durable and portable, making it suitable for indoors and outdoors

What we don’t like: Large footprint when unfolded

If you need a portable lounge chair for occasional use, this piece is foldable for easy portability. It is incredibly versatile and offers various features for convenience and comfort. The chair has eight swivel wheels, enabling easy transportation around the house. Built with a strong steel frame, it is durable and suitable for outdoor use.

One of the best features of this chair is that it can be folded neatly for easy storage and transportation. It fits comfortably into wardrobes or car trunks. With six adjustable positions, this chair adds a touch of luxury to your balcony, and its thick cushions make it a comfortable mattress for lounging in your living room or under the sun. 

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Tufted Round Arm Chaise Recliner

Tufted Round Arm Chaise Recliner


What we like: Removable cushion is designed to reduce cervical and back pain

What we don’t like: Only suitable for casual decor

As a floor chaise recliner, this tufted chair is lightweight and portable, allowing you to reposition it around your home. The removable cushion is designed to relieve back and cervical pain but can also be used as a foot or headrest when you need extra support.

You can set the chair to your desired angle with five adjustable positions, including 180° for use as a fold-out bed. The upholstery is 100% linen and tear and stain-resistant. Its compact design and portability make it an excellent option for your bedroom, study, or game room.

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Armless Adjustable Chaise Lounge Indoor Chair

Armless Adjustable Chaise Lounge Indoor Chair

Orren Ellis

What we like: Fold-out section beneath the seat allows you to convert the chair into a bed

What we don’t like: Vinyl upholstery susceptible to UV damage

For individuals living in homes with limited space, this adjustable chaise lounge offers comfortable seating as well as an extra sleeping arrangement for when guests visit. This chair can fit neatly into a living room corner due to its angular design. It contains a fold-out section beneath the seat to convert the chair into a longer sofa or single bed. It also comes with a removable cushion that can be used as back support or pillow.

Due to its simple design, this chair is ideal for a game room, home office, or college dorm. The compact design means it can be stored easily if it’s only needed for occasional use. 

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Adjustable Floor Chaise Lounge Chair

Adjustable Floor Chaise Lounge Chair

George Oliver

What we like: It comes with an ottoman footrest with a storage pocket

What we don’t like: Compact design means it may not be comfortable for tall people

This modest, contemporary floor chair is characterized by its large overstuffed seat, back cushion, and adjustable headrest. It is designed for comfort, and its ergonomic build provides you with reliable back support. You can sit and relax for hours in this cozy lounge chair, whether you use it to read, play video games, or watch TV.

This adjustable chair is compact, meaning it can be used as additional guest seating in a living room. It comes with a comfortable stuffed ottoman, giving you the option to kick back and put up your feet.

The upholstery blend cover is zippered and removable for easy washing. 

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Traditional Chic Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Traditional Chic Reclining Chaise Lounge Chair

Canora Grey

What we like: Exceptional style and attention to detail from the design to the supporting legs

What we don’t like: Sacrifices comfort for style in places

Crafted in a curvaceous silhouette, the contoured seat cushion is supported by short turned bun legs with dark wooden veneers, giving it a chic traditional look inspired by 1920s style furniture.

The 100% linen upholstery is comfortable and durable, offering tear resistance as well as style. The beige material is embellished along the side of the chair with pearl-like studs for an elegant piece that would coordinate seamlessly with traditional or antique interiors.

Crafted in the USA, this chair is exceptionally well built and supports a weight capacity of up to 750 lbs. Though it lacks the adjustability of other recliners on our list, it is a stylish option for occasional extra seating in the living room or master bedroom.

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Reclining Chaise Lounge Chairs

Buying Guide

Aside from being something that symbolizes elegance and a furniture piece that can add beauty to a home, a reclining chaise lounge chair also has practical uses. It's the one place where you can just relax your body and elevate your tired feet from a full day of strenuous activities. Also, you can use read a magazine, newspaper or book comfortably with your body in the most relaxed position possible.

To find the best reclining chaise lounge for you, consider where you'll be placing your new recliner. Are you looking into adding extra seating to your living room? Perhaps you want a furniture piece that aids relaxation in your bedroom. For bedrooms, fabric and microfiber upholstery is the best option. Protected leather, on the other hand, is best added to a living room as it's more resistant to staining and minor scratches. Since you will be placing it in a communal room, consider a unit that offers varying reclining positions. For reading and relaxation, generous upholstery, back pillow support, and arms are great additions.

A contemporary-styled reclining chaise lounge has no arms, has a tight back, lowered seat height, and a chrome base. Traditional-looking units have wooden framing, fuller or tufted upholstery, a higher seat height, and arms on both sides.

The reclining chaise lounge that is best for your home is one that's not just visually appealing, but also one that matches all the other pieces of furniture that you have within a space. A modern unit is made from several different types of materials like teak, metal, plastic, wood, and rattan, which can have a massive impact on the design of a chair.

Aside from just being a piece of furniture, a reclining chaise lounge augments a home's interior as well. It's important that you check the specific color that can blend with your home décor's theme. Color is one of the factors that can influence the satisfaction you get out of your new seating. If you want a soothing and calming atmosphere in your room, then go for earthy and muted tones. For vitality and dynamism, opt for bold and bright colors.

Consider the colors you already have within your space before you make your final decision. You must observe harmony to achieve equilibrium in terms of your room's design and aesthetics. If you want just a tiny bit of disparity and not follow our advice, you can go ahead but make sure that it's not too obvious or else it will result in a merging of colors which can be confusing. Also, a room would look disorganized.

Best Ideas

Rudy Chaise Lounge

Rudy Chaise Lounge

It is a chaise recliner chair that is very comfortable and is an attractive addition to your living room, family room, guest room and other. If you looking for perfect recliner you need to buy this one.

Reclining chaise lounge chair indoor

This reclining chaise is a great living room furniture. Comfortable seat, backrest, and armrests make a great connection. Soft upholstery and solid construction create a neat piece of furniture for any decor.

Large lounge chairs

Modern reclining chaise lounge with a smoothly and quietly working mechanism. This comfortable oversized piece of furniture features a very thick backrest and pillow armrests. It is upholstered in nice to the touch soft light beige fabric.

Chaise lounge chair indoor

This exceptionally impressive oversize chaise lounge is a beautiful piece of furniture designed for blissful relaxation. Beautiful upholstery, stylish embroidery, and super-comfortable rugged construction create a perfect whole.

Big comfy chaise lounge

This oversized pad-over-chaise 2-arm flexback chaise constitutes an exquisite combination of comfort and style. Its soft-in-touch, plush finishing along with various regulation possibilities will make this one your new favourite leisure spot.

Reclining chaise lounge chair indoor

Using this chaise lounge, you can be sure that your feeling of comfort is going to be much more noticeable. Designed for indoors, only, this elegant piece provides nice-to-touch upholstery, comfy filling, and easily-operated reclining mechanism.

Chaise lounge chairs indoors

A comfortable luxury reclining chaise lounge with a push back operated mechanism. It has a woody frame and low round black feet, a thickly-padded lying surface, wide pillowed arms, a mid height wide backrest, upholstery of soft light grey fabric.

Oversized chaise lounge sofa

Reclining chaise lounge for watching TV, reading books and more. It is upholstered with soft material and finished with decorative quilting. Great solution for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Rudy Chaise Recliner

Rudy Chaise Recliner

This oversize recliner in contemporary style is designed to provide you with maximum comfort. Made from solid and durable hardware, it features 100% microfiber upholstery, backed up by the reliable spring and coil seating base and pillow top arms.

Reclining Chaise Lounge

Reclining Chaise Lounge

If you dream about endless comfort and intriguing design, this lounge would be a perfect choice for you! You will fall in love with its incredible style and the highest funtionality making your living room an enjoyable place.

Exceptional indoor double chaise lounge

exceptional indoor double chaise lounge

Chaise lounge chairs indoor

Polyester often is used to create a pleasant to the touch and look upholstery reclining chaise longues. This indoor chair is folded as needed. It has the color of coffee mixed with milk - with a slightly shiny structure.

Kensington reclining chaise lounge

Kensington Reclining Chaise Lounge

Reclining chaise lounge chairs

reclining chaise lounge chairs

Chaise lounges indoor

chairs chaise lounges best home furnishings danika chaise lounge chair

Indoor chaise lounge

Thanks to this indoor chaise lounge you can rest, snuggled by a very soft cushion. The chaise lounge has a wooden frame made of white planks and a nicely-tufted cushion that's generously padded with soft filling.

Chaise recliner

Velvete, above all in strong, expressive colors, proudly enters catwalks and lounges. This reclining indoor chaise longue, which finds its roots in French culture has a slightly green tone of velvet and to increase its versatility, it is free from quilting.

Chaise lounge 74

Chaise Lounge

Details about chaise lounge chair sofa bed settee pillow lounger

Details about Chaise Lounge Chair Sofa Bed Settee Pillow Lounger ...

This Lovely Chaise Lounge Chair for Indoors Offers a Sleek Style and Loads of Comfort. Made with Rich Micro Velvet Upholstery and Accented with Espresso Stained Legs This Piece of Living Room or Bedroom Furniture Will Have Your Guests Amazed.

It is a beautiful chaise lounge that has got a sleek style, espresso legs, rich micro velvet upholstery and burgundy color. It adds comfort, beauty, elegance and style to any room in your home.

Tortuga Lounge (Honeysmoke)

Reclining chaise lounge chair indoor

With this contemporary chaise you will quickly know the true meaning of relaxing time. It's upholstered in a gray fabric, has a walnut wood base, and aluminum feet covered in a chrome finish. Each cushion is generously padded for extra comfort.

Reclining chaise lounge indoor

A comfy contemporary chaise lounge very easily convertible to a chair, a recliner or a flat position. It has a lightweight metal frame so is easy to move. It's thick-padded and covered in soft dark blue microfibre.

Chaise recliner chair

Sporting the lavish, retro appeal of its unique design this red leather upholstered chaise lounge will let you kick your feet up and provide you with utmost comfort thanks to the wide structure as well as the thickly padded seat and back.