Two Person Chaise

It's snuggle time in your new two-person chaise. These chairs are the epitome of comfort when it is just you, why not try it when its the two of you. And these are a little wider for plenty of room and added comfort if you just want to lay side-by-side. Take a break, relax with your best companion, and enjoy to bliss brought to you courtesy of this awesome collection.

Best Products

Rudy Chaise Lounge

Rudy Chaise Lounge
It is a chaise recliner chair that is very comfortable and is an attractive addition to your living room, family room, guest room and other. If you looking for perfect recliner you need to buy this one.

Fabric Chaise Lounge

Fabric Chaise Lounge
The perfect fabric chaise lounge chair to relax on and kick up your feet. It’s a two-person chaise made from plastic and manufactured wood frame, foam fill, and soft microsuede upholstery. The chair features rolled arms, welt trim, and straight skirt. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Chenille Chaise Lounge

Chenille Chaise Lounge
Sophisticated chaise mounted on a rounded frame and massive legs. It is padded durable material and precisely quilted decorative buttons. Extra pillow provides support for the spine. Good solution for any interior as a place for relaxation.

Adrian Pearsall Two Person Wave Chaise Lounge Sofa Mid Century Modern

Adrian Pearsall Two Person Wave Chaise Lounge Sofa Mid Century Modern
Wonderful wave chaise lounge sofa in the style of Adrian Pearsall. The legs are solid walnut and quite thick. Newly refinished, shall serve its role for many years. Designed about 1960's, it constitutes a smooth piece of vintage furniture.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge
Chaise lounge with extra pillow on the headrest for added convenience. Streamlined frame is covered with a nice touch material and reinforced with solid seams. Neutral and modern design for any interior.


Comfortable chaise lounge filled with foam and durable cover of polyester. Wooden frame is rounded decoratively at the edges. Made in the USA. Suitable as an extra seat or a place to relax in any interior. Includes 2 extra pillows.

Franklin Chaise Lounge

Franklin Chaise Lounge
Elegant chaise lounge with a carefully made carvings on the frame. It is padded durable material in a sophisticated pattern. It offers 2 extra pillows for comfort. Beautiful accent to any interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Chaise lounges are charming, intimate and stylish. A two-person chaise lets you enjoy the company of another in complete freedom and comfort. Whether for use inside or out, the different options of chaise lounges will allow you to make any area special.

What are the features of a two-person chaise recliner?

When shopping for a two-person chaise recliner, look for features such as:

  • A wide seat can that holds 2 people comfortably - at least 35'' wide
  • Wide arms ample with cushioning.
  • Foam wrapped in soft, stain-resistant fabric, preferably microfiber
  • A push back mechanism that lets you control the right angle.

Place it in a TV room or family room, remembering that soft colors will blend in well with many different decors. Bring out the popcorn, put up your feet and enjoy your favorite movie together.

What chaise design is the perfect fit for traditional spaces?

An elegant outdoor bronze-coated cast iron chaise will make a perfect choice for enthusiasts of traditional style accented with a hint of Victorian era sophistication. It will bring you years of enjoyment and loving memories. Use as a place to share conversation in the sun or dream on the stars at night. and Make sure the the backs are adjustable for ultimate outdoor comfort. A mixture of quality, luxury, and comfort, you will never forget the sights, scents, and talks of this incredible chaise set.

What's style of chaise is best for outdoor use?

If you are looking to add beauty and comfort to your pool or a backyard sunbathing, set your eyes on a wicker lounge chair. Imagine a white canopy and curtains wrapped around a duo rattan daybed, thick padded cushions, and a cute table in between the reclining beds, all held securely in place by a sturdy frame during high winds. Luxury at its finest. Just pull the curtains to escape pesky bugs or tie open to let in the sun. Remember the fabrics should be both waterproof and UV-resistant.

Another great piece is a multi-purpose patio chaise lounger. Use it as a lounger, a bed, or remove the cushions for soft seating on your vacation or at home. A multi-purpose 2-chaise lounger is the most incredible way to relax ever. Rattan design makes it a classic for any outdoor activity and weather-resistant construction makes it a keeper for many years to come.

Are there two-person chaise lounges for kids?

An outdoor two-person chaise does not have to be limited to adults. Give those kids a reason to get outside and pretend they are as important as they feel. A wooden 2-seater with designer canopy will make them feel as if they are living the high life. 2 cup holders will keep refreshing drinks by their side.


Personalized Chaise with Umbrella

Personalized Chaise with Umbrella
Pretty contemporary set for kids. A chaise frame with wide flat arms is made of wood with a light brown finish. It has a padded cushion covered in canvas with a blue and white stripes design. The same pattern has a hexagonal umbrella.

Two person chaise 1

Double chaise longue upholstered with velvet fabric and finished with decorative quilting on the back. It is mounted on wooden frame. Includes additional pillows for added comfort. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Two person chaise

Effectively decorated chaise lounge indoor chair to the perfect way to create a unique interior decor. Warm camel colors, attractive decorations, combining textures, fringes and soft cushions creates a perfect piece of furniture.

Sofa and cuddle chair set

A very comfortable chaise lounge, excellent for bringing stylish and relaxing benefits to contemporary rooms. Its large seat allows you to kick back in style, using soft filling, nice-to-touch beige upholstery, 3 back pillows and a pair of throw pillows.

Two person chaise 3

This two-person chaise lounge will create a great lounging spot for your and your beloved person. Chill out smoothly, forgetting about your problems and fatigue, enjoying the soft and comfy, dark leather finish.

Two person chaise 2

Excellently executed in a very modern form, two person chaise is the original element of the garden, patio or terrace. The whole, based on a wooden structure in the shape of a spiral, delights in details and allows for a pleasant, relaxing experience.

Big comfy chaise lounge

This oversized pad-over-chaise 2-arm flexback chaise constitutes an exquisite combination of comfort and style. Its soft-in-touch, plush finishing along with various regulation possibilities will make this one your new favourite leisure spot.

The two person chaise time to cuddle

the two-person chaise, time to cuddle .

Enjoy browsing nearly 300 indoor or 2 person chaise lounge

Enjoy browsing nearly 300 indoor or 2 Person Chaise Lounge Indoor have ...

Ashley famous collection antique leather chaise lounge

Ashley Famous Collection Antique Leather Chaise Lounge

Two person chair

Modern two person chaise is a perfect combination of ideal form and functionality that suits to contemporary interiors. The whole is beautifully stitched and finished in a sensational red color delights.

Orbit lounger replacement cushion

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs 69 Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Engage Chaise Lounge

Engage Chaise Lounge

Two person chaise 2

... , two people can sit on the end of the chaise when you have company

Two person chaise lounge

This multifunctional, convertible set, available in 2 colors, allows different arrangements, depending on your current needs. It can be a bed, a two person chaise lounge or a couch. It is handcrafted, thanks to which it gains additional value.

Hale Chaise Lounge

Hale Chaise Lounge

Chair for two people 1

From an intimate two-seater sofa to a wonderful, liberal corner formation with a chaise longue; the Madeira elements programme makes it possible to achieve a personal solution for any interior requirement. The Madeira is more than just a sofa; it shapes t

Two person lounge chair

A modern outdoor 2-person chaise lounge with a large oval metal frame wrapped with dark grey resin wicker. It has a lifted backrest, a storage compartment, 2 round wicker side tables on metal stems. Cushions are covered in resistant creamy fabric.

Cedar gliders

Double glider made of wood. Designed for outdoor use. Back consists of vertically stacked strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral accent for garden, porch and more. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

And chaise lounge springtime double chaise longue b b italia

... and Chaise Lounge > Springtime Double Chaise Longue B&B Italia

Two person lounge chair 1

Confluences Sofa - colorful, non-symmetrical pieces can be pieced together to form two, three o four seater sofas with a chaise option

Enjoy browsing nearly 300 indoor or 2 person chaise lounge

Enjoy browsing nearly 300 indoor or 2 Person Chaise Lounge Indoor have ...

Two person lounger

TRIX by Kartell Designer: Piero Lissoni "TRIX" is made up of three different elements connected by an elegant system of elastics which can transform and adapt to different uses through easy rotation. Trix can be an original two-person pouf, a comforta

Chaise lounge for two people

A very comfortable and fashionable living room set consisted of 1 sofa, 2 armchairs, and 1 chaise. Each piece is well-padded, upholstered in a nice-to-touch fabric, and stands on espresso-finished wood tapered legs.

2 seater chaise

Boss Contemporary Sofa $2090 The sofa is suitable for modern spaces and lounge rooms because of its futuristic design. Boss Sofa is a modular style unique sofa that features two separate adjustable backrests and two separate seats that can be moved

Bliss Hammocks 2-Person Gravity-Free Lounger - Denim Blue

A perfect bliss hammock for 2. Great denim blue colour reminds the sky. 3 position of sitting allows you to sit or lay in a comfort position. The little shelfs on the backs gives possibility to have your favourite iced coffee by your side.

Chair for two people

Piece of furniture that provides comfortable sitting space for two people. This chaise features a thick and soft seat cushion with additional pillows. It also offers solid arms and durable legs for better support.

Sunset Swings 421L Two-Person Lounge Swing

Imagine a sunny Sunday with your beloved person in your beautiful garden? You sit comfortable and relax in a two person chaise. This model is equipped with 5 position canopy adjustment, which will make your relaxation even more relaxing.

Darlee Elisabeth 2-person Cast Aluminum Patio Double Chaise Lounge Set - Antique Bronze

Double chaise lounge set for chilling at the fresh air. Solid, fully welded, rustproof aluminium construction with antique bronze finish will bring the elegant style into your garden. The toughest in the outdoor furnishing,

Adriatic indoor outdoor chaise lounge adriatic indoor outdoor chaise

adriatic indoor outdoor chaise lounge adriatic indoor outdoor chaise ...

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Two person chaise 5

Easy Comfort LC-300 Lift Chair Fabric: Green by Mega Motion, Inc. $679.00. Two position all electric lift and recline. Hardwood chair frame. Heavy duty steel lift mechanism. Evergreen fabric. 22 in. D x 22 in. W. LC300GGRE Fabric: Green Features: -Easy Co

Two person chaise 3

Space was a two person home office. View out the window is of a transformer box. Door leads to the rooftop patio/garden. What Eubank Staging did: Advised the home seller invest in an opaque white shade for the window to conceal the bad view but still allo

Darlee Santa Barbara 2-person Cast Aluminum Patio Chaise Lounge Set With Granite Top Table - Antique Bronze / Brown Granite Tile

2 person chaise lounge indoor

It's a wonderful comfort zone at your home. It features three cosy armchairs, two flowery ottomans, a chaise lounge and a low coffee table in the middle. Warm colors of nature and decorative cushions create an inviting atmosphere.

2 person chaise lounge

An ideal solution for your garden. Wooden houselike frame and also wooden bed frame with an addition of beautiful curtains and comfortable pillows, blankets and mattress will transform your backyard into a relaxation station.

Bond Chair Lounge

Bond Chair Lounge

Renton Chaise Lounge

Renton Chaise Lounge

Eagle one avalon 2 person recycled plastic patio chaise lounge

Eagle One Avalon 2-Person Recycled Plastic Patio Chaise Lounge Set ...

Chaise multifunctional chaise leather and aluminium 43 x 84

chaise multifunctional chaise leather and aluminium 43 x 84

Darlee malibu 2 person cast aluminum patio chaise lounge set

Darlee Malibu 2-Person Cast Aluminum Patio Chaise Lounge Set - Antique ...

Veo 2 person chaise

Veo 2-Person Chaise

Indoor rattan chaise lounge 1 indoor rattan chaise lounge 1

indoor rattan chaise lounge 1 indoor rattan chaise lounge 1