Double Chaise Lounge

Have you ever sat in a chaise lounge and wished you had just a bit more room? Enter the double chaise lounge. Wider, longer, and generally more spacious than a regular chaise, you’ll find it difficult to get up and stop relaxing once you take the plunge and purchase a double one.

Fabric is an important factor as your chaise lounge could become discolored or dirty over time depending on whether you have pets, children, or frequent guests. Selecting the right fabric for your home can be tricky with the array of choices, but with the variety available you’re sure to find one which has everything you’re looking for.

Leather Double Chaise Lounge

Leather Double Chaise Lounge

This soft genuine leather chaise will allow you to melt into it after a long day. The classic all-over quilted design and roomy backrest ensure comfort, whereas the neutral brown shade will fit in well with any modern living space. Classic without being outdated, this chaise lounge will be easy to clean with a vacuum or cloth. Additionally, leather lasts for decades if looked after well, meaning this chaise is a good investment for the future. 

Double Chaise Lounge Indoor

Double Chaise Lounge Indoor

If you’re a fan of mid-century designs, this attractive double chaise would be perfect for you. Features such as button tufting, comfortable foam stuffed cushioning, and a solid wood frame create a sleek and streamlined look that will complement your living space beautifully. However, the back of this chaise is short, meaning you may not find it comfortable to rest your head against if reading or watching the latest drama. 

Large Double Lounge Chair

Large Double Lounge Chair

Looking for something simple yet effective at its job? This lounge chair looks so comfortable you’ll be fighting for a spot on it amongst family or friends and also has plenty of room to share with a partner. Design features like flared armrests add a subtle accent touch for that coastal farmhouse vibe. This lounge is available in a staggering thirty-three colors, meaning you will definitely find one which is a match for your existing décor. 

Double Wide Chaise Lounge Indoor

Double Wide Chaise Lounge Indoor

If you’re searching for something which feels truly spacious, this double chaise is so wide it gives the impression of never-ending. You can stretch out, curl up, or share with a friend - and still have room left over. This chaise would fill any large room and add a hint of modern luxury. As a plus, the accent and throw pillows are included for an unforgettable leisure experience every time. 


Double Chaise Lounge Chair

Double Chaise Lounge Chair

This double chaise is a good choice if you don’t have a massive amount of spare space. Larger than a single but not as widespread as others on this list, the simple contemporary design would suit a living room, bedroom, or anywhere else you wish to place it. Able to withstand a lot of weight, the sturdy back and sides of this chaise are contrasted with thick foam cushions for coziness.


Indoor Double Chaise Lounge

Indoor Double Chaise Lounge

Crafted in a unique olive shade that offers understated extravagance, the traditional look of this chaise lounge will add a charming feel to any living room or office.

Designed in an all-over velvet upholstery, this would be a brilliant choice if your taste in décor leans more towards the vintage than the modern, although bear in mind that this chaise may not be the best choice for families with pets or children. Velvet on the whole is not a fabric that holds up well in terms of wear and tear. 

Double Armless Chaise Lounge Indoor

Double Armless Chaise Lounge Indoor

This armless chaise lounge stands out from the others on this list due to its distinctive design. Blending modernity with older styles, the expansive seating area is matched by mid-century features such as button tufting and sophisticated wood framing. Intended for two people to snuggle up on, this chaise could also be used in an office. Nevertheless, the lack of armrests could potentially be an issue for those who like something to lean against when relaxing. 

Contemporary Double Chaise Lounge

Contemporary Double Chaise Lounge

If you’re looking for a double chaise that is both interesting and visually appealing, this certainly ticks both boxes. Designed with an intriguing rectangular shape along the back and rigid square armrests, the rose gold accenting used for the frame is both chic and durable.

The biggest benefit of this chaise is the ability to change it into a single lounge rather than a double if you wish to save space. Using a handy easy conversion, you can use this feature to your advantage when guests come to visit.  

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Plush Double Chaise

Plush Double Chaise

Add a touch of royalty to your home with this regal double chaise lounge. Complete with an elegant rolled backrest and matching throw cushion, you are sure to feel like a King or Queen when resting upon it. Built with sturdy wood legs and small details like the brushed finish which add to the overall effect, this chaise is ideal for those who like a bit of extravagance in their everyday lives.


Gray Double Chaise Lounge

Gray Double Chaise Lounge

Last but undoubtedly not least, this chaise lounge in a versatile neutral gray will do the job without any fuss or bother. Large enough for two or more to relax separately or cuddle up on, this chaise has the advantage of being modern enough to fit the decor styles of most homes. With a generous weight capacity, it is sure to be a firm family favorite due to the generous cushioning and space it offers.


Our advice Buying Guide

An indoor double chaise lounge is the most luxurious type of seating that you can share with a friend or partner. Since furniture makers produce these incredible chairs in large quantities, check out our buying guide as it will prove to be handy when you’re selecting a double chaise lounge.

How to measure for a double chaise lounge?

A double chaise lounge isn't really small, so make sure that you measure your available space first and see if you can make room for a new large addition. Each unit measures almost 7 feet long. It would also require more space when it is reclined.

Search for pieces online that can fit your space without overwhelming it. Also, you'll need an area rug or side table with your new furniture to frame it better, so ensure there's wiggle room.

Online retailers and furniture makers include the dimensions of their products on descriptions so you can easily determine whether they will fit your home perfectly or not.

What are the standard dimensions of a double chaise lounge?

While double chaise lounge chairs vary in sizes, they're generally 40-50 inches wide and 6-7 feet long. A small or single chaise lounge is great for reading a book or napping, but a two-seater chaise allows you to curl up with your loved one.

What are the best upholstery options for a double chaise lounge?

With double chaise lounge chairs, picking between different upholstery options can be a challenge. If you are after a furniture piece with more of a traditional flare, then look at silk or velvet units with intricate brocade patterns. If your taste leans towards modern or contemporary styles, then check suede, linen or chintz seating.

You may want to pay close attention to your chair cushion's plushness and thickness. Depending on your room's décor, a tufted cushion may fit your home interior perfectly. There are also minimalist versions with slim padding and sleek lines.

If you plan on placing the chaise lounge in a communal room and it's often used, then your cushioning must be made only out of stain-resistant materials in order for you to preserve your furniture's life. Also, make sure that your furniture won't be exposed to direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fading.

Leather furniture is best used in a room that's sophisticated and elegant. But, it can also pair well with various design schemes. Not a lot of homeowners know the difference between different types of leather, but it is essential that you understand each one as they all differ in price and quality.

We'll start with full grain leather which is the highest in quality but the most expensive option. It comes untreated but the hair from the source (animal) is removed. It's extremely durable, plus it retains a hide's natural rugged texture.

For homeowners who want the class and sophistication of leather without spending their hard-earned money, the best choice for them is bonded leather. It is the combination of scraps of leather used from other projects. The scraps are then rolled together using an adhesive material.

You may also want a microfiber upholstery for your chaise lounge. Consider microfiber as an upholstery material if you want your seating to be hypoallergenic, comfortable, and soft.


Double chaise longue contemporary day beds and chaises london

Double chaise longue contemporary day beds and chaises london
An extremely comfy chaise lounge that is going to be the most occupied piece in your living room. It's oversized and over-padded, upholstered in nice-to-touch material and decorated with matching throw pillows.

Rudy Chaise Lounge

Rudy Chaise Lounge
Elegant chaise longue upholstered with leather. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Great for watching TV, reading books and more. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Cooke Chaise

Cooke Chaise
It is a stylish chaise lounge that is available in two colors: grey and chocolate. It has got a microfiber upholstery and wood construction. It adds comfort and beauty to any living room.

Franklin Chaise Lounge

Franklin Chaise Lounge
Elegant chaise lounge with a carefully made carvings on the frame. It is padded durable material in a sophisticated pattern. It offers 2 extra pillows for comfort. Beautiful accent to any interior.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge
A comfortable and durable chaise lounge that has got a durable metal frame. Its sitting space is very soft and supported by a backrest with two pillows. The neutral black color of this product matches any decor.

Indoor double chaise lounge double chaise lounge need one of

Indoor Double Chaise Lounge | Double Chaise Lounge - need one of these in my future reading area

Indoor double chaise lounge 1

An exquisite addition for dens, living rooms, and bedrooms. This double chaise lounge boasts of a bold shape and streamlined design. The chaise offers a truly relaxing position, has nice-to-touch a bit fuzzy upholstery, distinctively enlarged sides, nail head trim and stylishly curved metal feet.

Indoor lounger

A stylish proposition, designed to bring in refinement into the space. This white double chaise lounger will be a perfect companion for an afternoon relax with your beloved person.

Double chaise lounge indoor 1

Add comfort, style, elegance and beauty into your home with this Washington chaise. It features the traditional look, gray upholstery and double seats for two. Great for living zone and bedroom.

Indoor double chaise

A traditional chaise lounge and a daybed in one for 2-persons. It has a wooden frame and features a deep seat, a quite tall backrest and rather low flat arms. Bedding is crafted of plain fabric in a light colour.

Double arm chaise lounge

This double indoor chaise lounge constitutes a perfect example of the contemporary understanding of leisure. Its non-commital, smooth form will encourage you to sit and relax with a cup of coffee or a favourite drink.

Double chaise lounge couch

A stunning and utterly beautiful leather chaise that sports the upholstered structure and will make for just the best choice for your interior when you need a place to relax. It comes with the lovely, contrasting accent on the sides of the piece itself and the cushions.

Indoor double chaise

We will notice such crazy projects only with Italian designers. Produced just in sunny Italia - an indoor double luxury chaise lounge is a usable art, which is upholstered in a fabric promemoria in gray color, along with leather inserts.

Double chaise lounge chair indoor

A double chaise lounge chair, which will create a romantic spot to chill out together with another person. Its soft-in-touch, white cushioning and solid metal construction will distinguish the item from the others.

Double chaise lounge indoor

The double chaise lounge is a perfect place to rest for two. Beautiful design with very stylish upholstery makes the whole appearance in the phenomenon. The classic performance will be tested in modern, modern interiors.

Reclining chaise lounge chair indoor

This reclining chaise is a great living room furniture. Comfortable seat, backrest, and armrests make a great connection. Soft upholstery and solid construction create a neat piece of furniture for any decor.

Indoor chaise lounges

Made of beautiful design and upholstered with upholstered upholstery, the chaise lounge captivates with details and is an exceptionally pleasant furniture for the living room or another interior. Beautiful quilting and decorating buttons, charms and makes the rest is extremely nice.

Double wide chaise lounge indoor

Looking for a proper chaise lounge? Check out this winner! Rich, soft upholstery will make you fall asleep as soon as you lay on it. Brown colour with white trim is elegant and timeless. It can accommodate up to two people at the same time.

Double chaise lounge indoor 3

Red double chaise, perfect for a romantic evening. The red colour will provide an intimate, energetic atmosphere for your interior, while the quality upholstery ensures that the chaise is as comfortable as possible.

Double chaise lounge living room

Chaise longue is a piece of furniture for a loner or an individualist because it is impossible to rest in it in 2. This double one has different shades of chocolate, embroidered wide cushion and leather decorative cushions, as well as armrests made of leather

Green sectional sofa with chaise

Furniture, Highly Regarded Soft Color Chaise Lounge Sofa Unique Design ...

Indoor double chaise lounge pictured chaise lounge with scroll design

Indoor double chaise lounge pictured: Chaise Lounge with Scroll Design ...

Double wide chaise lounge

modern neutrals w/ color accents, faux stone look walls-subtle elegance

Indoor double chaise

Elegant design for a classic double indoor chaise chair covered with a dark brown leather with a tufted pattern all over and a decorative seam around the edges, which nicely fit in with the stylish wooden legs.

Valencia Double Chaise Lounge

Valencia Double Chaise Lounge

Master lz478 jpg


Indoor lounge furniture

Indoor Double Chaise Lounge | master:KLS1298.jpg

Two arm chaise lounge

Chaise Lounge Chairs Indoors | ... facing Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair contemporary outdoor chaise lounges

Put your chaise lounge chairs for bedroom

Put Your Chaise Lounge Chairs for Bedroom

Indoor double chaise 5

Double chaise lounge with removable cushions for easy cleaning. Frame is made of wood and finished with openwork pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Two sided chaise lounge

Double chaise that provides comfortable and relaxing space for two people. This piece of furniture includes a durable metal frame with four legs. Cushioned sitting and backrest spaces are finished in gray color.

Master ctci148 jpg


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