Southwestern Living Room Furniture

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For the touch of the desert, southwestern living room furniture is perfect for you. WIth a motif of the Arizona cacti, the turquoise of the southwestern tribes, and the wandering foothills of the rolling dunes, you will love the colors and textures of this furniture. In couches, chairs and other furniture options, take a long look down the trail of this huge collection.

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Updated 12/04/2023
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Create your southwestern furniture palette

Create your southwestern furniture palette

The most characteristic southwestern palettes will involve earthy hues like gold, coppers, ochre, umber, grays, and silver, and these can be excellent starting points for your actual living room furniture.

However, it’s the accent colors that can help you personalize it, especially by reinforcing its warm nature or, on the contrary, adding some cold hues to create a conscious contrast.

Some popular southwestern accent colors that you can consider for your decorative elements are purple, blue, and turquoise.

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Start with a southwestern couch made of leather

Start with a southwestern couch made of leather

Omnia Leather

When it comes to south western furniture, a leather couch is a must if you want to go all in with this interior style.

To further emphasize your earthy palette and this decor’s signature elements, consider a brown or tan finish with a bit of an antique or retro feel rather than a sleek, contemporary design in a black or colorful hue.

We also recommend adding cushions in recognizable indigenous patterns and bold colors.

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Maintaining a harmonious balance between your southwest furniture and other decorative items

Maintaining a harmonious balance between your southwest furniture and other decorative items

From rugs to prints and plants, try and choose decorative items that will actively complement your southwestern style furniture.

For example, they could include the usual patterns or earthy colors from your palette.

Other signature items that you could experiment with are colorful tiles, artwork relying on noticeable textures, succulents, woven baskets, macrame, terracotta pots, animal skulls (or replicas), or horns. 

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… or a southwestern style furniture ottoman

… or a southwestern style furniture ottoman

Adding to its characteristic cozy feel, ottomans with legs are another popular choice when it comes to this southwestern furniture style.

While the top can involve some patterned upholstery or prints (much like with a pouf), the legs could even match your other wooden items, helping you maintain a cohesive decor.

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Add some chairs to your southwest furniture

Add some chairs to your southwest furniture

Greenland Home Fashions

Should your southwestern living room furniture match when it comes to sofas and armchairs? It depends on your personal preference.

However, to keep them consistent while avoiding an overwhelming result, we recommend matching only two out of these three features: height, color, and design.

For example, you could pick a southwestern chair in the same design and height as your couch but in a different finish.

Plus, don’t forget that your accent pillows or covers can add another layer of consistency.

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Consider a pouf for your desert southwest furniture…

Consider a pouf for your desert southwest furniture…

Union Rustic

Given its typical upholstered design, a pouf isn’t just a comfortable and practical addition: it can become a strategic element to consciously reinforce the inspiration behind your southwestern living room furniture.

For example, an effective decorative choice would be to stick to some Navajo prints or other patterns homaging indigenous cultures.

$106.99 $389.99

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Finding the right cabinets for your southwest style furniture

Finding the right cabinets for your southwest style furniture

As well as sticking to familiar wood finishes, there’s another element that will help you make your southwestern living room furniture even truer to this style: a raw, light-washed, or distressed feel.

This can either be achieved by relying on a natural wooden design alone or a hand-painted model striving for the same aged vibe.

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Best Value
Southwest style living room table

Southwest style living room table

Union Rustic

Perfect For: A contemporary living room with Southwestern accents

What We Like: The teakwood smells amazing

This solid teakwood table features rough textures and a distressed finish with three iron paperclip legs for balance. It’s part of a collection where each table has a unique, one-of-a-kind cut that gives it a rustic, handcrafted look.

$379.99 $469.99

Designer Advice:

Decorate this unique table with succulents to create that ideal Southwestern look. It can be used as a coffee table or a cocktail table and you’d do well to use a combination of ambient and task lighting to highlight the table’s rustic finish and create a cozy mood.

What Users Say:

We ADORE this table. It is exactly as advertised and gives us the simplistic and natural look we wanted for our living room. It is very sturdy and simple to assemble.

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   or an eclectic or Navajo print sofa

or an eclectic or Navajo print sofa

Another practical way of obtaining a southwestern sofa is to focus on this style’s typical desert-inspired or ethnic patterns (Navajo prints are obviously the most iconic ones).

You can either look for a model that already incorporates them (for example, on its back or cushions) or make the most of accessories like throws, slipcovers, or couch protectors.

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Top Rated
Two piece southwest living room furniture set

Two piece southwest living room furniture set

Loon Peak®

Perfect For: A warm, country-style living room

What We Like: It comes with toss pillows

This charming living room set consists of one three-seater sofa and a seat made from solid walnut wood. Both pieces are covered in polyester blend upholstery with a natural grain finish that lends itself well to the Southwest aesthetic. The web-suspended seats are cushioned with comfy foam and rolled arms for an even cozier feel.

$4599.99 $4659.99

Designer Advice:

With its warm earth tones, this set would go well with bright accent colors such as turquoise, red, and yellow. Make sure to incorporate a woven rug and pillows with geometric patterns and bold graphics inspired by the Native American aesthetic.

What Users Say:

 This is an amazing sofa and chair. Even nicer than I expected! You will love it!

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Place a rug in your southwestern living room

Place a rug in your southwestern living room

Wide and covering the largest floor real estate, a new rug can be the key element to tie your southwestern living room furniture together and really make this desert inspiration obvious as soon as someone walks into your home.

The trick? Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to colors, Navajo prints, or other southwestern patterns.

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Best Farmhouse
Southwestern style furniture set

Southwestern style furniture set

Millwood Pines

Perfect For: A rustic living room with a fireplace

What We Like: It’s made to last

Not So Good For: A contemporary space

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the desert landscape and the rich cultural heritage of the region's Native American inhabitants, Southwest-style decor is characterized by its use of natural materials and bold patterns. That’s exactly what you get with this four-piece living room set with a leather-finish microfiber fabric cover and nailhead accents. You’re looking at solid wood frames that’ll last for years and high-density foam fill that adds a comfort factor.

$4200 $4000

Designer Advice:

This set would look great in a cozy wooden cabin with natural materials, and warm, earthy colors. You can decorate it with Native American patterns and decor, and accents such as pottery and cacti.

What Users Say:

 This is an awesome set. Well made. Would purchase it again.

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Adding animal prints to your southwestern style furniture

Adding animal prints to your southwestern style furniture

House of Hampton®

An article on southwestern living room furniture and decor just wouldn’t be complete without a special mention of animal prints.

Cowhide is obviously the most iconic, but, if you’re not comfortable with actual leather or animal skin, don’t worry: you can find synthetic equivalents or even incorporate it as a print through your upholstered elements or wall decor.

$314.99 $409.99

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Southwestern Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Southwestern U.S. furnishings can reflect traditions both old and new that are peculiar to the region. If you're shopping for this kind of furniture, here's what you can take into consideration to make a well-informed purchase.

Southwestern living room furniture is an amazing blend of cultures. Some of the items have traveled north from Mexico, some come from the Conquistadores, while other parts are contributions from the Hopi, Navajo and other native Americans who lived in the New Mexico and Arizona region long before the European settlers made their way westward.

The southern residents of the U.S. in the 1800s made their contributions, as well. Both the white families from the south-eastern states who were looking for more or better lands and escaped African slaves, as well as African freedmen made their way into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. All brought their influences.

“Southwestern” is both a distinctive style and a blending of several cultures. In a living room that reflects these cultures, you are likely to see bold, geometric patterns. People descended from the Anasazi – the builders of the ancient cities – had many skills, including weaving and silver working. Rugs, wall hangings, and blankets might include traditional weave patterns as well as storytelling designs.

The fireplaces of the region tend to be shallow and tall, geared toward building a small fire and making the most of it. In an area where wood is scarce, this makes excellent sense.

You might also see Spanish mission style furnishings – iron scrollwork, heavy couches upholstered in leather, hand-tooled leather ornaments of all sorts. And lace – lace curtains, mantillas, tablecloths, and more.

Sand paintings and pottery might round out the decorations, with tall, angular desert plants (look out for those spikes) completing the scene. You might expect to see thirsty oranges, light yellows, and deep black as part of the decorating palette.

Although there might be an occasional whatnot shelf or other bit of frippery from “back east,” most Southwestern furnishings are practical and comfortable. Although modern Southwesterners are probably not all that different from people in other parts of the US, the people who lived in the area when the United States was young were busy. In the arid regions that make up Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, it took hard work to make a living. Until the railroads were completed, it was a difficult and hazardous journey to bring good and supplies from the cities on the coast. Many of the things they used were made locally – blankets, serapes, hats, those heavy leather couches, and more.

Longhorn cattle and cattle ranching are part of the southwestern culture. Lean, rangy bovines that could make the most of the sparse forage available to them were more easily brought to market when the railroads provided a way to take the beef-on-the-hoof back east. The horns of those cattle became an iconic part of the decorations and ornaments of the region, along with silver conchos, which were silver medallions used to decorate chaps and other leather items, and mounted hunting trophies.

Best Ideas

Southwestern living room furniture

This rustic interior relies on wood and animal hides, but bright red, yellow and green accents on the wide loveseat and spacious rectangular ottoman make the whole vivid to accomplish Southwestern chic.

Southwestern living room furniture 2

Metal elements, aztecs prints on the cushions makes the couch perfect addition to living room in southwestern design. Wide seats provides a lot of space for users. Faux leather body and reversible cushions are easy to clean.

Southwestern couch

A chic western style set with wooden frames and brown turned legs. An armchair has a thick removable seat, a tall arched wingback, rolled arms, a square ottoman - a 2-tier seat. Covers are of cotton fabric with geometric patterns in prevalent browns.

Southwestern living room furniture 1

This charmingly finished chair in a stylish upholstery motif is an excellent way to get the original interior design. Beautiful details fascinate, and robust wooden construction with beautiful legs creates a solid piece of furniture.

Native american furniture designs

The Southwestern Buckley chair has the black frame with a lot of details and a patchwork pattern with brown and orange colors. The cushioned seat is comfy and inviting to relax.

Santa fe easy chair southwest furniture santa fe style southwest

Santa Fe Easy Chair: Southwest Furniture, Santa Fe Style: Southwest Spanish Craftsmen

Southwest living room furniture

Traditional setup for a classy living room with a long sofa sectional with a chaise, upholstered in real leather in a light brown color which nicely complements the square coffee table made out of walnut wood with a glass top.

Southwestern style furniture

Put this western ottoman in your living room and watch as it brightens up the whole place with its vivid colors. The ottoman has a comfortable seat upholstered in a durable fabric and stands on stylishly turned legs.

Southwestern style sofas

An amazing piece of timeless elegance, this accent chair is fashionably upholstered in a tribal print fabric and accentuated further by a stylish, nail head trim. It rests on tapered legs, made of wood and covered in an espresso finish.

Shop for products

Shop for Products

Southwestern living room furniture 3

Turquoise Leather Rocker

New mexico southwest full size hide a bed

New Mexico, Southwest Full Size Hide-a-bed

Southwestern sofa

Enhance your country home decor with Southwestern style by using this rustic table in a weathered, two-tone finish. Along with durable wood construction, you're also getting a smooth top, 2 small drawers, 1 open shelf and thick legs.

Zapotec woven pillow 1

Zapotec woven pillow

Native american themed furniture

Furnish your living room with the Southwestern living room set, which includes red ottomans, dark brown coffee table and eastern accents like the chinoiserie screen. This drawing room is an inviting zone.

Western couches living room furniture lord sofa western sofas western

Western Couches Living Room Furniture | ... Lord Sofa | Western sofas | Western living_room | Western Furniture

Cody club chair ottoman crowsnest 2800 plus additional shipping charges

Cody Club Chair & Ottoman crowsnest $2800 plus additional shipping charges $200, ottoman $1100

Southwestern living room furniture 11

Spirit arm chair that tells the story of the American Indian lives on in the bold, hand-woven rug fabric. Distressed black leather seat and outside back with brass nail heads. Ornate, hand-carved wooden frame with antiqued finish.

Southwestern sunset chenille chair and ottoman from king ranch saddle

Southwestern sunset chenille chair and ottoman from King Ranch Saddle ...

Western style living room furniture

A chic comfy chaise lounge with a curved up bottom. It's of wood with a rubbed brown finish. It has turned legs and a tall backrest with a rolled out top. Upholstery is of fabric in browns but edges in greenish leather with brass nailhead trims.

Love the fabric mixed with leather

Love the fabric mixed with leather.....

Furniture southwestern style furniture desert wild animal themed jpg

... furniture-southwestern+style+furniture-desert+wild+animal++themed.jpg

Southwestern living room furniture 8

powell brower home: the Native American trend

American furniture classics deer valley lodge living room collection

American Furniture Classics Deer Valley Lodge Living Room Collection