Moroccan Inspired Furniture


As if it was plucked from a bizarre and the northwest African desert, we have a collection here of furniture inspired by the land of Morocco. So much vibrant color and intricate design goes into everything they do in their furniture stylings and you will see all of it here in our collection. We have painstakingly cultivated this, and we think you'll appreciate it once you take a look at all we have to offer.

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Our Picks

Moroccan style multicolor painted stepped chest world market i need

Moroccan Style Multicolor Painted Stepped Chest - World Market - I need this for my bedroom!

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Diy moroccan furniture

Tasteful cabinet in Moroccan style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Suitable for storing clothes and others necessities. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

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Moroccan inspired furniture 7

Stunning Moroccan-inspired chest of drawers constructed from wood and finished in stunning art décor detailing that will blow you away. The piece also features several storage drawers for that excellent combination of elegant style and functionality. It’s a great choice for the bedroom.

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Moroccan inspired furniture 1

This beautiful Morrocan cabinet is a must-have for all who like a bit of exotism in their houses. From the very first look, you can see how carefully it is designed, with high attention to details.

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Moroccan inspired furniture

Inspired by the Morrocan design, this original coffee table will add a smooth exotic oriental touch to your living room space. Vibrantly coloured, patchwork top shall appeal to all, who feel the bohemian vibe.

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Moroccan inspired furniture 6

Antique design for an oriental sideboard cabinet with a lockable compartment on the bottom. The sideboard is made out of oak wood with a distressed coat of blue paint and has Indian decorative decals on the front.

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Moroccan furniture stencils

Inspired by traditional Moroccan art, this beautiful chest of drawers is embellished with the characteristic stencil. It will add your space a unique refined character, providing one of the most stylish storage spots.

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Moroccan painted furniture 1

Bring in some spiciness to your interiors with this smooth, Morrocan inspired commode. Embellished with traditional Arabic paintings, it delights with warm, vibrant appeal. Features 2 double doors and 4 drawers for storage.

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Moroccan style dresser

Create a typical Mediterranean style in your home with this piece of Moroccan inspired furniture. The desk incorporates Moroccan styled leaf edges and patterns painted on ocean blue surfaces. It is made of solid wood with ample storage and working space.

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Declan Ottoman

Declan Ottoman

Wonderful contemporary ottoman with a square frame of plywood and a flip-out seat. It's all upholstered in beautiful purple polyester velour. It features a base with split-arched aprons, angled legs and nickel-plated nailhead accents.

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Moroccan painted table

A sensational, antique cabinet inspired with a Moroccan style. It's made of top quality solid oak. The front panel and the top are in a rich color of the wood while the frame features turquoise, weathered finish. The front panel is nicely ornamented.

Moroccan style bedroom furniture

27 Ideas To Use Moroccan Styled Tables In Interior Decorating | Shelterness

Moroccan style furniture

This hand painted tables will add the touch of orient in your living room or porch. Made in Moroccan style with a lot of magnificent ornaments, will add the color on your patio or will be great addition to orient style room.

Prints Polyester Medallion Tiles Shower Curtain

Prints Polyester Medallion Tiles Shower Curtain

This shower curtain features nice, eye-catching print with flowers, medallions and plant motifs. It will perfectly match navy blue, gray and white coloring scheme, as the pattern combines all these tones.

Painted moroccan furniture

A wonderful and unique bookshelf inspired by Moroccan architecture. It features a black structure with golden accents and typical for Morocco curved decorations. It will give your interior an exotic character.

Moroccan inspired furniture 1

Bring immense color into your bathroom with this Moroccan-inspired sink. The piece is constructed from sturdy materials too and comes with a unique mix of white and blue shades that will completely revamp your spaces. You also get a nice gourd-shaped table at the top.

Moroccan inspired furniture 4

diy moroccan wall

Moroccan inspired furniture

Cutting Edge Stencils shares aDIY stenciled dresser using the Indian Inlay Stencil kit. #stencils #dresser

Moroccan painted furniture

Moroccan painted Furniture

Gypsy style furniture


Moroccan inspired furniture 2

It's a truly royal bedroom, which will make you feel as if you woke up in Marrakesh. The walls are decorated with patterns in a Moroccan style. The bed is covered with a stunning, glittery comforter. The whole room is in warm, earthy colors.

Moroccan inspired furniture 4

Moroccan inspired furniture with an updated modern twist. Opulent silver hanging lamps are paired with silver painted carved vintage chair and outrightly modern tin plant stand. Intricate lacework style room divider serves for the background

Moroccan decor diy

Have you got any old, ugly dresser at home? You can upcycle one with paint and a little bit of imagination. In fact this moroccan furniture looks like it went out of the furniture factory, but you can do one even better!

Diy moroccan decor

This beautifully ornamented chair represents the most wonderful features of Arabic design. If you are a fan of ethnic, exotic furniture, this one shall undoubtedly enhance your collection.