Country Cottage Sofas

As if they were plucked out of a Jane Austen novel, these beautiful and classic country cottage sofas harken to a home on the prairie, or a farm, where life is simple, but love abounds. Introduce one or more of these provincial furniture pieces and take yourself back to a more basic time when clothes were homemade, and vegetables were picked from your own garden.

Country Cottage Sofas And Chairs

Country cottage sofas and chairs use colors and patterns to bring a room alive. These sofas and chairs are designed to be comfortable with a hand-me-down appearance that characterizes the cottage decorating style.

Combine a light tan, red, and green floral patterned country cottage sofa with a cushioned red plaid country cottage chair. Add a weathered light-brown chest to one side of the sofa for a pleasant lived-in appearance.

Your country cottage sofas and chairs should have colors like what you’d find in a flower garden. Sofa and chair fabrics should have graceful and traditional lines that outline the sofa or chair.

Exquisite Barrel French Country Cottage Sofas and Chairs

Exquisite Barrel French Country Cottage Sofas and Chairs

With a neutral beige hue, this dainty cottage barrel chair looks fabulous in your dining room, formal, office, or living room as a duo pair. The flute-shaped solid wood leg keeps you securely in the country sofa chair. Brushed antique finish legs and beige upholstery makings blending your current furnishing easier. These country cottage sofas and chairs will bring a gentle finesse to your room’s atmosphere. Write in your gratitude journal and sip on your toasty beverage of choice.

Crisp and Armless Accent Floral Sofa Chair

Crisp and Armless Accent Floral Sofa Chair

Floral sofas pair nicely with floral chairs of this nature. The armless design makes it so you can stand up and turn in your chair. This armless floral sofa chair will let you sit cross-legged comfortably. The orange and blue oil-painted flowers are a gorgeous addition to an artist’s home. Light-colored wood legs rest diagonally while still providing the durability you need. The artistic hand-me-down appearance is trendy this season. Sit with your best friend and laugh at the good ol’ memories.

Wavy Antique Cottage Floral Sofa Chair

Wavy Antique Cottage Floral Sofa Chair

English country interior designers are drawn towards a cooler-pigmented antique floral sofa chair. You can see why this one is catching everyone’s attention. The white flowers contrast stunningly against the medium gray upholstery. The curved floral sofa chair legs are stylishly created to withstand weight while looking its best. Scalloped material edging creates more movement in these antique country cottage floral print sofas and chairs. Adding two floral chairs beside your floral sofa will add dimension to your living room as you’ve never seen before. 

Leather Sofa Country Cottage

The leather sofa country cottage style gives a country cottage style a more luxurious feel. If floral cushions feel too much, you can choose a leather sofa instead.

Leather country cottage sofas can be bought in genuine leather, top-grain cowhide leather, or faux leather. The idea behind the country cottage style is to give off an elegant yet comfortable lived-in vibe to a room. 

Pick a faded brown leather sofa and pair it with a natural tan fiber area rug or add a deep brown, burnt orange, and forest green striped carpet instead. Another incredible addition is to add a colorful quilt over the top of the sofa.

Buttery Genuine Leather Country Cottage Style Sofas

Buttery Genuine Leather Country Cottage Style Sofas

The warmth from this genuine leather country sofa will melt your heart. So welcoming and charming, the cottage sofa’s black walnut rounded legs make you take a second glance at its luxurious design. With rolled armrests dazzled with nail head trim and a tufted button backing, French country designers choose these cottage sofas often. If you happen to spill, the synthetic fiber down cushion is easily removed for cleaning. Your new warm leather country sofa will be the talking point of your next get-together.

Gray Elegant and Uncomplicated Leather Cottage Country Couches

Gray Elegant and Uncomplicated Leather Cottage Country Couches

If an English-style floral sofa isn’t your forte, then check out this easy-to-clean leather country sofa. Simple with a touch of elegance, the recessed English arms are respected. The solid warm wood frame adds a splash of contemporary in your cottage décor style. Seat three family members with ease on the fiber-wrapped foam cushions. Feel the cool genuine leather on your skin during a hot summer day. That glass of water feels extra refreshing as you sit on your gray lived-in leather cottage sofa. 

$1999.99 $2109.99

Lush Balmy and Luxurious Leather Country Cottage Sofas

Lush Balmy and Luxurious Leather Country Cottage Sofas

The deepest warm French country leather cottage sofa is here. This country sofa permeates extravagance and is the focal point in anyone’s living room. The water-resistant material makes spills less of a headache. Recessed and rolled arms with beaded trim are subtle but noticeable, while the distressed brown genuine leather takes the spotlight. A clever element about this country sofa’s material is that it’s fire-resistant. The medium firm fiber-wrapped firm prevents you from sinking too deep into these French country sofas. Pine hardwood frame makes these cottage-style sofas last for decades. 

English Country Cottage Sofas

The English country cottage sofas are cooler-toned and feel softer than French country cottage sofas. They are great with wide wooden boarded floors and picture frames with hunting dogs or horses on the walls.

A distinguishing factor between English and French country cottage sofas is that English sofas have natural scuff marks to give them the illusion of being lived in. They bring personality into countryside life.

Botanical print and natural print fabrics are the main features of the English country cottage sofa. Couple a light floral patterned English sofa with English garden floral long curtains on a large window.

Rolled arm Cool toned Striped English Country Cottage Sofas

Rolled arm Cool toned Striped English Country Cottage Sofas

There’s no need to compromise on style or comfort with this striped English country cottage sofa. The loosely pleated skirt and down-fill cushions provide comfort for sitting. These English country sofas come with a full-sized sofa bed too. Talk with your children before they head off to school. This English country cottage sofa is excellent for when grandma and grandpa come to visit. When you get bored of the stripes and want to go for English floral sofas, simply take the slipcover off and purchase a floral sofa cover instead.


Worn Red and Yellow Striped English Country Sofa

Worn Red and Yellow Striped English Country Sofa

For a warmer tone, these striped cottage-style sofas make terrific living room furniture. These foam-filled cushions provide the support you need along with the décor style of your preference. Small cottage-style sofas and chairs sit nicely in your smaller-sized home. The English country sofa skirt hides the couch’s legs creating a flawless allure. Snack on your morning biscuits and sip on your tea in your quiet and peaceful home. 

$3564 $4455

Warm Neutral Comfort and Sophisticated English Country Sofas

Warm Neutral Comfort and Sophisticated English Country Sofas

You can’t make up your mind if you like the luxury of French style or the comfort of English-style country sofas. Well, there is a solution for that. This country cottage sofa is evenly balanced between both. The country couch arms bring in the English, while the honey brown exposed legs bring in the French. Polyester plush cushions invite comfort to every home. Your English country accent pillows will look delightful on these cottage-style sofas.

$1425.6 $1742.99

French Country Cottage Sofa

French country cottage sofas are a step up in warmth and luxury compared to the lived-in English country cottage design style. These sofas come in warm earth colors toile fabrics and orderly floral patterns.

You’ll also notice French sofas are paired most frequently with red, yellow, and brown farm animal décor. Furnishings like tables and chairs nearby will still have a weathered vintage feel to them and floors and fireplaces are normally stone.

Blend the French country cottage sofa to a room by adding wood pieces and antique sculptures next to the sofa. Hang a chandelier in the center of a formal room to bring out a French style.

Curvy Cream French Country Cottage Styled Sofas

Curvy Cream French Country Cottage Styled Sofas

Delicate herringbone design work and tufted backing bring out the charm in this French country-designed cottage sofa. The smooth curvature on top and soft polyester draw you towards it. For those of you who love a luxurious French theme but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, French country cottage sofas are the way to go. The tapered cherry legs place the focus on the shapes of your enchanting and romantic cottage sofa. Enjoy a glass of wine with the love of your life beside you. Vivre la vie!

$959.99 $1023

Brown Faux Leather French Country Cottage Sofas

Brown Faux Leather French Country Cottage Sofas

This dark brown faux leather French-country-styled sofa doesn’t compromise on luxury. It looks and feels like real leather. The warm earth tones provide a rich tone to your space, and the nail head trim adds another high-taste design component. Chocolate-rounded solid wood legs add balance to this rectangular-designed foam-filled cushion cottage sofa. To clean your beautiful country cottage sofas, simply use a dry cloth. Curl up next to the warm fireplace with your favorite romantic novel.

$559.99 $639.99

Antique Beige French Country Cottage Style Sofas

Antique Beige French Country Cottage Style Sofas

Cream-colored wood framing brushed with an antique charm; these country cottage sofas exude French country territory. Delicate legs and a boxy linen cushion frame make these small cottage-style sofas luminous. They are the perfect balance between antique and country cottage. The two matching beige pillows blend seamlessly with your cottage sofa. French country couches give the formal, living room, and library the much-needed space they deserve. They will also match your current French décor and furnishings beautifully.

Cottage & Country Sleeper Sofas

Cottage and country sleeper sofas give you the best of two worlds – the stylish décor world and the comfortable sleep world. They are wonderful to own if you enjoy the weathered cottage country style but also need extra sleeping room for guests.

Find a blue and white vertical striped or plaid sleeper sofa or even a red plaid sleeper sofa and pair it with wide wood boarded floors and either blue or red decorative plates.

Place a clear vase filled with bright flowers next to your sleeper sofa for more color. With a tan or neutral-colored sleeper sofa, add floral pillows that match the flowers sitting next to it. 

Sweet Cream Cottage Sleeper Sofa

Sweet Cream Cottage Sleeper Sofa

Simple and sweet, these cream cottage-style sofas make picture-perfect canvases for plaid or striped cottage pillows. The queen sleeper sofa mattress inside sleeps two adults comfortably. Reunions at the family cottage now hold more space for more people to sleep. These warm cream foam-filled cottage sofa cushions are removable making them easier to spot clean. Seat three family members to watch the kids put together creative crafts. The three brown coffee legs give support to these cottage-style sofas. Spend your day actively playing yard games, and when night falls, get restful sleep for tomorrow’s events.

Wild Horses Microfiber Country Sofa Sleeper

Wild Horses Microfiber Country Sofa Sleeper

This one is for all you horse lovers out there! Maybe you can bring your horses inside with you. The wild horse country sofa sleeper looks like leather but comfier with its microfiber material. Comfy foam durable cushions and a solid wood frame lend a hand to longevity. The nail head buttons in the front of the armrests bring a touch of rustic. Seat three and sleep two on this homey country sofa. Nothing hollers country sofas more than a brown lived-in attractive sofa sleeper with country animals printed on it.

Warm Stone Crosshatch Pattern Country Cottage Sofa Sleeper

Warm Stone Crosshatch Pattern Country Cottage Sofa Sleeper

With a classic and subtle approach, this warm stone country cottage sofa doubles up as a couch and a sleeper. Made of 100% cotton fabric, this cottage sofa sleeper is both comfortable to sit on and sleep on. Spot clean your stylish and classic cottage sofa sleeper for longer-lasting material. These plain cottage-style sofas are great to use with your country cottage-tailored pillows. Give you and your retired spouse a cozy cottage sofa to sip coffee on and watch the sunrise. 

Floral Sofa Cover

Floral sofa covers are a fabulous option for people who enjoy changing the appearance of their furnishings often. They also add protection for the original sofa’s fabric resting underneath it.

 Floral sofa covers are found in a few different sizes. The Sofa armchairs (one-seater, small) cover length is 35 to 51 inches, sofa loveseats (two-seater, medium) is 53 to 67 inches, the three-seater sofa (large) is 68 to 86 inches, and the four-seater (extra-large) sofa cover is 88 to 114 inches long.

 An English floral sofa cover will have floral meshed design patterns. The French floral sofa cover will have an organized floral design layout. 

Off white and Purple Floral Sofa Cover

Off white and Purple Floral Sofa Cover

Delicately design yet wear-resistant, this polyester purple floral country sofa cover is a must-have in your living room. Invite your neighbors over for some tea and a chat. The T-cushion floral sofa slipcover uses an elastic band to keep your cover in place. Oh, and you’ll love this, the elastic band is high strength stretch that doesn’t deform when you pull it off to put it in the washing machine. This off-white and purple floral couch cover are great for turning an old, outdated couch into a beautiful and feminine printed showcase.

$51.57 $58.66

Gray Bold Designed Floral Sofa Cover

Gray Bold Designed Floral Sofa Cover

This gray and bold designed floral sofa cover is made for people who enjoy neutral tones but want their floral couch to be recognized. The polyester spandex box cushion design can stretch over a four-seater cottage sofa. If you share your lovely, flowered sofas with your pets, then you probably need a floral sofa cover that comes off easily for washing. Thankfully, this slipcover is simple to take off and you can throw it in the washer, so you don’t have to deal with your pet’s hair clinging to your black clothing.

Our advice Buying Guide

Country cottage sofas bring thoughts of the days when gentry owned country estates, or when an overstuffed sofa was the prized centerpiece of a parlor. Often covered with Chintz, a floral print fabric, these puffy sofas with their roll top arms and high backs, were a place where couples could sit or a reader could lounge with a good book. Those purposes still hold true. The fabric coverings have branched out and can include neutral tone beiges through bright checks.

What decorating styles are accepting of country cottage sofas?

Country cottage sofas can be part of your shabby chic decorating. Whether you buy your sofa new or pick up one from a flea market and recover it, the fabric colors can lend themselves to almost any décor. In muted beige and tan, they can serve as a backdrop for bright cushions and knit throws. The print or check covers can lend a bright spot among muted colors. They go well with dark wood furnishings, vases of dried flower arrangements and painted tray wall hangings.

How to coordinate country estate furnishings?

One charming decorating idea is to slipcover or upholster your sofa with a Scottish tartan print, and coordinate it with a bold, tartan rug. Placed before a fireplace – real or electric – this can bring back thoughts of hunting lodges and country gentlemen. No need to decorate with heads of wild animals, although mounted trophies are an option. This goes equally well with school prizes and ribbons or pictures of horses and hounds.

How to arrange a sitting area with country cottage sofas?

Team your country cottage sofa with matching overstuffed chairs or even a recliner that are slipcovered with the same or with a complementary pattern or color. Add soft throws, plush, knit or crochet work well, a storage footstool or an adjustable height coffee table to round out convenience. Your sofa doesn’t have to be the stiff, starchy furnishing that was found in parlors. Instead, it can be a warm, inviting place that suggests curling up with a good book or even playing a game on your computer. You can make that “fireplace” your media screen, rather than a single purpose heater, especially if your home has central heating and cooling.

How to arrange a home retreat corner with a country cottage sofa?

Your sofa can be the focus of a living room or drawing room space that is your special spot for getting away from the cares of the world. Muted prints work well for this, or even checked gingham for that country touch. Add a vase of flowers or even a windowsill of potted plants for a little freshness, and set up an embroidery frame. You could go so far as to ban electronics from this space, making it a gracious area for meditation or quiet thought.

Country cottage sofas are versatile furniture pieces. Only your imagination limits your use of them in any chosen décor. They are comfortable for one, cozy for two, and can even be an inviting part of a family room or den. The high backs and scrolled arms make an inviting area to lounge.


Parkes Contemporary Settee

Parkes Contemporary Settee
If you’re looking for a comfy sofa with a mid-century design and chic, molded feet, you’ll love this settee. The back cushions are removable and durable, with chemical-resistant polyester upholstery. This model comes with either a red, floral, or ivory finish and lends a dash of elegance to your living room.

Duffield 65" Settee

Duffield 65" Settee
Fans of the Hollywood Glam style will love this luxurious, rounded sofa, with its sanded wooden legs and opulent camelback design. The microfiber upholstery brings a natural, understated color to the cushions while increasing the material’s breathability. Carved legs and a camel backrest put a traditional design twist on modern comfort.

Edgewater 79" Flared Arm Sofa

Edgewater 79" Flared Arm Sofa
When it comes to picking a sofa with the correct color palette for your living room, this flared arm model is a great choice. Choose between 38 different upholstery options and 17 different leg finishes to suit your home’s style. The manila wood rattan frame brings stability to the overall design, and adds a tropical luxury touch, perfect for coastal homes.

Audio Upholstery 66" Rolled Arm Loveseat

Audio Upholstery 66" Rolled Arm Loveseat
Combining modern practicality with traditional elegance, this cozy roll arm loveseat is the perfect addition to your quaint country cottage. It features an exposed solid Asian wood frame in a distressed oak finish and linen-look polyester upholstery for easy maintenance. The tight tufted backrest complements the curved design, and the cushions are foam-padded on a sinuous spring base for added comfort.

Country couches

Place this adorable couch in your living room and watch how it brightens all place up. The couch has soft cushions and matching throw pillows, all wrapped in a quality fabric with stunning floral patterns.

Country cottage sofas

Wide sofa in Vintage style. It is mounted on carefully carving legs made of wood. Upholstery is made of polyester and decorated with checkered pattern. It has additional pillows for added comfort.

Country cottage sofas

Primitive, yet super cute furniture is a way to gain a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Design based on the grille contrasting colors, hotchpotch additives, and impressive decoration form a unique entity.

English country

English Country :

Shop home furniture sofas carolines cottage country blue sofa 714

shop home furniture sofas carolines cottage country blue sofa $ 714 ...

Country style living room furniture and sofas

Country Style Living Room Furniture and Sofas

Country style sofas

With such a comfortable sofa, you can really take a quality time to relax. Designed in country style, the sofa is overstuffed, upholstered in fashionable plaid, and equipped with wooden legs with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Floral sofas

A classic cottage style sofa with a sturdy wooden frame. It has tick split seats, a pillowed backrest, gently rounded full arms. Its upholstery is crafted of natural cotton with a checked pattern in light blues and white tones.

Stickley Sofa

Stickley Sofa

Yellow floral sofa

Welcome to the kingdom of coziness! Create an interior full of charming trinkets and fluffy carpets, emanating warmth and family atmosphere - where the queen will be a light country cottage sofa with striped upholstery in pastel shades of cream and blue.

Flowered sofas

Make it all pastel! Few bolder color accents are present in this front room. Varied textures are used to pep things up a bit. Big and inviting sofa has ruffled skirting and lots of pillows on it. Strong English cottage vibe can be felt here!

Carolines cottage living room full chambersburg pa

Carolines Cottage Living Room Full Chambersburg Pa

Country cottage living room furniture 1

If you want your interior to simply shout and scream coziness and charm then this peanut color setting will be the way to go thanks to the vibrant accents of the red shaded upholstery of the sofa and chairs.

Country plaid sofas

Shabby setup for an adorable country cottage living room with a moody interior, furnished with a loveseat sofa upholstered in a plaid-patterned pink cotton upholstery with a variety of decorative throw pillows.

Primitive couch

gingham sofa- I could so easily do a gingham sofa - my problem would be deciding on which color I would like it in! :)

Cottage style furniture sofa

Vintage setup for a farmhouse living room in a cottage style, fitted with a large sofa sectional upholstered in a cotton fabric in a white color and decorated with a set of pink throw cushions and blankets.

Country cottage sofas

This cozy bedroom is a combination of design and details in the style of the French countryside. Beautiful gratings on the sofa, plant motifs, colors in the range of reds, browns, and white are presented in a very pleasant way.

Cottage sofas

A pretty country style sofa with a wooden frame and quite thick mid brown turned tapered legs. Its thickly padded seat, rolled out arms and same height backrest are covered in patternelss reddish fabric with white piping.

Country couch

A beautiful, country-style sofa that is sure to enhance every interior. Gentle, neutral colour and interesting floral pattern ensure that it won't be overwhelming. If you want to keep your living room light and soft, it's a great choice.

Portland Sleeper Sofa

Portland Sleeper Sofa

Country sofas

If you want to improve your living room with rustic accents, this capacious trunk will be perfect for you. Crafted of durable wood and decorated with iron handles, the trunk includes a movable lid that can also work like a tasteful coffee table.

Red and white checkered sofa

Love everything about this Shabby Chic French Style... ♥

Overstuffed couches

This exceptionally attractive living room design creates a great place to relax. Simple fascination and expressive design and colors make it look like a classic American house. Bright walls and floors add all the lightness.

Hydrangea hill cottage

This charmingly arranged living room in the style of the English countryside is a charming combination of vibrant colors, grid pattern and beautiful details with flowers. The whole is decorated in warm colors and impresses with the details.

Floral sofas in style

Den of homeowners/Designers Andre Walker and David Simmons on their Wisconsin acreage.

Cottage couch

Gustavian style/Swedish Country - the rustic & vintage mix..definitely perfect for a cottage

Overstuffed sofas

Maybe new curtains, but love the room, books, fireplace and sofa... and colors...Laura Ashley living room.

Pink and grey country living room decorating with country colours

Pink and grey country living room | Decorating with country colours | Decorating |

Sofa flower print

soft floral quilt used to cover up the couch...I think I could sink right into this spot on a rainy day!

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