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Turn your living room or den into a sleeping space within a minute with a klik klak sofa bed. Equipped with adjustable back mechanisms, they’re easy to transform for when you have guests over or if you want a quick nap in your home office. While most don’t have arms, other designs already have one, making them look like a formal sofa instead of a convertible one. With these options, all you need are extra pillows and a blanket and you’re ready for a sleepover.

All Tufted Klik Klak Sofa

All Tufted Klik Klak Sofa

$519.99 $749.99

All Tufted Klik Klak Sofa

Corrigan Studio®

$519.99 $749.99


What we like: Chic, bowl-like structure and 70’s appeal

What we don’t like: A bit too straight when up

Not so good for: Pets since fabric is thin

Perfect for: Adding throw pillows for comfort

Ensure a good night’s sleep for your guests with this klik klak futon with an 8.5” mattress for support. The piece itself gives off mid-century styling but it can blend well with contemporary aesthetics of your living room, guest room or den. Beautiful buttonless tufted upholstery runs across its exterior that adds an air of opulence to this composition.

Try this futon out if you are looking for a piece that can stand the test of time while also serving as a focal decor piece in your living space. Its metal and solid wood frame holds everything together and is built to last. To tie it all together, the piece rests on dark wooden tapered legs for added character. 

Tufted Click Clack Bed

Tufted Click Clack Bed

$629.99 $699

Tufted Click Clack Bed

Ebern Designs

$629.99 $699


What we like: Color selections blend well with most interiors

What we don’t like: Above-average price point

Not so good for: Elegant, traditional spaces

Perfect for: Chill, casual interiors

Click clack sofa beds are especially made to be functional while also great space savers. Available in an array of neutrals and blues, it features a linen blend upholstery with a tufted back design for a touch of elegance. The piece rests on solid manufactured wood and comes with black wooden legs to tie it all together. Its modern styling and elegant design makes it easy to pair with other decorative aesthetics.

It can seat up to three people when used as a sofa, so it is a great option when hosting some guests over. Simply lie the sofa flat when you need an extra sleeping space for guests or family. Complete your ensemble with a coffee table on casters to make your space more flexible.

Klik klak sofa bed

Klik klak sofa bed

Klik klak sofa bed

Zipcode Design™


What we like: Adjustable arms; good price point

What we don’t like: Feels thin, best to add a topper

Not so good for: Heavy people

Perfect for: Modern, urban apartments and compact bedrooms

Designed to bring style and functionality to your living room or guest room, this klik klak sofa bed is a modern take on convertible sofa beds. As a sofa, it can seat up to two people while still giving comfort with its plush back cushions. The sofa is cushioned by memory foam with a waterproof linen upholstery and beautiful button tufting for a luxurious touch. 

Aside from saving space with its multifunctionality, the piece also offers simple assembly and set up. A split back is a feature that allows you to operate both sides of the sofa independently. The whole composition rests on a solid wood frame with black metal legs for contrast. You can add a foam topper for better comfort.

Chic Klik Klak Sofa

Chic Klik Klak Sofa

Chic Klik Klak Sofa

Everly Quinn


What we like: It doesn’t look like a klik klak sofa

What we don’t like: No neutral color options

Not so good for: Moody interiors

Perfect for: Modern glam chic interiors

Bring a deluxe appeal to your space with this klik klak sofa. The piece is fully covered in handpicked velvet that is soft to the touch. A padded cushion made of high-density sponge helps keep the sofa comfortable and resists deformation. The modern sofa features wide square arms that is not only artful but keeps you in a comfortable position when using the item. 

It comes with three adjustable angles for the back rest at 105°, 135° or 180° that help you find which support feels best for you or your guests. This product is made for long term use with its sturdy wooden frame and metal tapered legs that complements the upholstery. Perfect for transitional, modern farmhouse, and Hollywood glam interiors.

Midcentury Modern Klik Klak Sofa

Midcentury Modern Klik Klak Sofa

Midcentury Modern Klik Klak Sofa

Latitude Run®


What we like: Unique look

What we don’t like: No black option

Not so good for: Those who prefer a fully open headrest and footrest

Perfect for: Modern and contemporary interiors

With a mix of retro vintage styling with modern touches, this convertible sofa can bring warmth to a home space. Resting on a solid Eucalyptus frame, this multi-functional seating option can host up to three people when seated. Its beautiful, lush velvet upholstery with tufted back and soft foam underneath brings comfort and style at the same time. The product comes with an adjustable armrest for added support when using it as a sofa or sleeper.

This sofa can easily turn into a bed but doesn’t take much space which is perfect for tighter spaces. It is built to last while also resistant to mold and mildew. Let your guests stay the night without a worry with this multi-functional couch. 

Rectilinear Sofa

Rectilinear Sofa

Rectilinear Sofa

Zipcode Design™


What we like: Water-resistant fabric, good price point

What we don’t like: Foam on the thin side

Not so good for: Taller people

Perfect for: Adding a mattress topper

For those looking for more minimalistic vibes, this klik klak sofa bed is a great option. It features simple button tufting and clean lines all over its linen upholstery. For comfort, it comes with two seat and back cushions filled with memory foam that leaves you with a delightful seating experience. The piece rests on straight black wooden legs to keep it off the floor and adds a flair to the space.

An added feature is how the upholstery is water-resistant which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance and ensures the piece will last a while. The back has an option to recline at three different angles: 95°, 135° and 180° to suit your preference and support needs. 

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Klik klak bed

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Sleeper futon with hidden storage and klik klak mechanism. It can be used as a sofa at day and it provides additional comfortable sleeping space for guests at night. Its sitting and sleeping space is finished in gray color.

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Comfortable and durable sofa with a klik klak mechanism that is able to change it into a bed. Comfortable seat cushion is available with three soft, tufted backrest cushions for additional level of comfort.

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Klik Klak ‘Secord‘ Sofa Bed - Sears | Sears Canada

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Perfect for the cottage or guest room, this space-saving sleeper gives you two pieces of furniture in one. The sofa is so simple to convert into a sleeper with the fantastic Klik Klak system. All you do is fold down the back and listen for the click that

Klik klak sofa bed with storage

Klik Klak Sleeper Sofa by New Spec Inc

Klik klak couch

Klik Klak Sleeper Sofa in Burgundy - basement?

Click klak

A beautiful, modern couch with a simple, yet beautiful design with a soft, cotton upholstery in a cream colour and a handy little compartment hidden under the couch, great for storing pillows and beddings.

Klik klak sleeper

We just love the look of this modern, contemporary couch with a hidden storage underneath, perfect for an impromptu day bed for whenever unexpected guests decide to show up. Perfect for a mid-century living room.

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

It is a contemporary convertible sofa that is a perfect and fantastic addition to your living room, guest room and other. It has got a very comfortable seats and it fits to any style and décor.

Klik klak sleeper 1

An elegant, foldable sofa with a storage case for linen. It features a dark brown base that is nicely combined with light leather upholstery. The texture of the seat is uneven, but has a smooth and silky finish.

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

If you're a fan of elegant and intriguing solutions, this awesome convertible sofa is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and enjoy its unique design, no matter what is your preferred style.

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Scone Chocolate Velour Klik Klak Sleeper Futon Sofa Bed

Klik klak sofa bed

The beautiful color of upholstery and Scandinavian style perfectly complements every interior,with its unique character.Wooden feet and top-quality materials add a touch of elegance and accentuate its Scandinavian style to this klik klak slepper.

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Klik klak sofa bed sleeper

KLIK-KLAK SLEEPER® 'Checkmate' Sofa Bed - Sears | Sears Canada

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