Klik Klak Sleeper


A klik klak sleeper is simply an upgrade to the Futon concept, accept exponentially more comfortable, and traditionally, boasting additional storage for bedding. These couches are stylish if relatively modern in design, and the fold out sleeper option is very easy to do with just one person. And they can easily sleep two adults, or three children, depending on size. Take a look.

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Klik klak sleeper

Sleeper futon with hidden storage and klik klak mechanism. It can be used as a sofa at day and it provides additional comfortable sleeping space for guests at night. Its sitting and sleeping space is finished in gray color.

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With this convenient regatta full klik klak sleeper with storage

With this convenient Regatta full klik klak sleeper with storage, you get a comfy sofa and a guest bed all in one. Its clean-lined contemporary styling features an armless design that will help keep your room feeling open and airy. And when guests stay th

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Klik klak

Kubo Klik Klak Sleeper | Your living room can double as a guest room thanks to this contemporary 2-piece sleeper with storage.

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Sofa bed klik klak

Brady Full Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage

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Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

It is a contemporary convertible sofa that is a perfect and fantastic addition to your living room, guest room and other. It has got a very comfortable seats and it fits to any style and décor.

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Klik klak sleeper

We just love the look of this modern, contemporary couch with a hidden storage underneath, perfect for an impromptu day bed for whenever unexpected guests decide to show up. Perfect for a mid-century living room.

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Klik klak sleeper 12

Klik Klak sleeper- sofa bed

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Click klak

A beautiful, modern couch with a simple, yet beautiful design with a soft, cotton upholstery in a cream colour and a handy little compartment hidden under the couch, great for storing pillows and beddings.

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Klik klak bed

Mira Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage | Perfect for apartment living or a smaller home, this Mira microfiber klik klik sleeper with storage can transform your living room into a guest bedroom in seconds!

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Klik klak sleeper 8

Scone Chocolate Velour Klik Klak Sleeper Futon Sofa Bed

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Klik Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik klak sofas

Caspen Full Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage

Klik and klak

InRoom Designs Klik-Klak Sleeper Sofa | Wayfair

Klik klak secord sofa bed sears sears canada

Klik Klak ‘Secord‘ Sofa Bed - Sears | Sears Canada

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

Klik-Klak Convertible Sofa

If you're a fan of elegant and intriguing solutions, this awesome convertible sofa is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and enjoy its unique design, no matter what is your preferred style.

Klik klak sleeper 11

Brady Full Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage (Raymour & Flanigan alternative, got poorer reviews tho)

Klik klak sofa bed

The beautiful color of upholstery and Scandinavian style perfectly complements every interior,with its unique character.Wooden feet and top-quality materials add a touch of elegance and accentuate its Scandinavian style to this klik klak slepper.

Klik klack


Klik klak sleeper 1

Klik Klak ‘Marvin' Sleeper Futon with Hidden Storage - Sears | Sears ...

Klik klak sofa bed with storage

Klik Klak Sleeper Sofa by New Spec Inc

Back klik klak sofa futon bed sleeper from kings brand

Back Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed Sleeper from Kings Brand Furniture

Klik klak sleeper 17

Reno Full Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage!!! I want this futon! I absolutely love it! I want this for my doggy/livingroom! Only a darker color. Dark Brown

Klik klak sleeper 1

An elegant, foldable sofa with a storage case for linen. It features a dark brown base that is nicely combined with light leather upholstery. The texture of the seat is uneven, but has a smooth and silky finish.

Regatta full klik klak sleeper w storage 1

Regatta Full Klik Klak Sleeper w/ Storage