Modern Pull Out Sofa Bed

Times have changed and not only are modern pull-out sofa beds more stylish, they are also infinitely more comfortable. Thanks to new foam technology and body memory features, the evolution of the pull-out sofa bed has taken that dreaded sleeping option and made it a dream come true.

Invite over some guests and show them you care with a modern pull-out sofa bed.

Caillinn 85” Sleeper Sofa Bed

Caillinn 85” Sleeper Sofa Bed

Give anyone who pops over for the night a real treat when you open this lovely model and show them the massive sofa bed inside. If you didn’t know this attractive sofa had a bed within, it would blow your mind. It doesn’t look like there would be nearly enough room, but remove the cushions and behold, a bed fit for a king.

Plus, even if you never use the bed feature, it is still a huge sofa that easily seats three, and is plush, great for movie watching, game night, and even those wonderful naps on a lazy day. Add some throw pillows to complete the picture. And it comes in plenty of upholstery styles and colors.

What we like:

●  Large Size

●  Stylish

●  Reversible cushions

●  750 Lb. weight capacity

What we don’t like:

●  Expensive warranty

Brice 79” Square Arm Sleeper Sofa

Brice 79” Square Arm Sleeper Sofa

For a mixture of style and symmetry, the Brice Sleeper is a perfect choice. It has plenty of aesthetic charm, and of course a very comfy bed within. It features a two-cushion design, while comfortably seating three, and the cushions are reversible. And the thin armrest pillow can be removed if you wish to decorate it differently.

It can be difficult to find the right sofa, much less the right pull-out sofa bed if your home has a contemporary design style. This is no longer true if you put one of these tasteful Brice Sleeper Sofas in your den, living space, or even your bedroom if you have the option and need.

What we like:

●   Large size - seats 3

●   Contemporary Style

●   Solid Construction

What we don’t like:

●  Thin arm rests

●  Low to the ground

Katerina 93 5” Round Arm Sofa Bed

Katerina 93 5” Round Arm Sofa Bed

A touch of the modern with a hint of the classic, this round-arm sofa bed shows with pride that the best of both worlds can be achieved, and it looks amazing in the process. One solid cushion on the seating area and the backing ensures no one has to sit in that uncomfortable crack, and the tufting is plush and has a coolness to the touch you will love.

It only comes in leather, but that is perfectly fine, because looking fabulous is only one of its features. It seats 3, has a huge, full size foam mattress within, and can support up to 850 lbs of weight from your guests. Looks, quality construction, and the lovely feel of leather; you can’t go wrong with this pull-out sleeper choice.

What we like:

●  Long seating area

●  Leather

●  Stylish

●  High weight capacity

What we don’t like:

●  Limited color options

●  Full size mattress vs. Queen


Tiquan Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Tiquan Convertible Sleeper Sofa

A true pull-out design, this feels more like a trundle bed than a sleeper sofa, but we assure you, it is both. The convertible design hides a mattress below the seating area and pulls out with a simple tug on the sliding mechanism. The seat, the hidden mattress, and the back all connect to give you a large sleeping area that is tufted and very plush.

It is easy to set up, easy to put away, and when not sleeping on this sizable bed, feel the ultimate relaxation that comes with sitting on such a tasteful seating option. Its look is simple by design to fit well in your modern home, and it comes in upholstery colors that will match your décor with ease.

What we like:

●  Simplicity of use

●  Large bed

●  Convertible

●  Microfiber Upholstery

What we don’t like:

●  Limited colors available

●  Assembly Required

Ashlyn Reversible Sleeper Sofa with Storage Chaise

Ashlyn Reversible Sleeper Sofa with Storage Chaise

Where do you store those things you use the least? For most of us it is an out of the way place like the garage or the attic. And we would imagine extra bedding that is seldom used has a special home as well. Well, we have a different idea for those sheets and blankets that are brought out only when guests visit your home. It is called a storage chaise.

Everyone loves a chaise lounge, but until now, it was not a feasible part of a sleeper sofa. Now with design innovations and the use of foam mattresses for sleeper sofa beds, you can have your comfortable modern couch, your chaise lounge, and sleeper, all in one. It’s a relaxation trifecta that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

What we like:

●  Chaise lounge

●  Storage space

●  Innovative design

●  Very Long

What we don’t like:

● Only in Gray

Novogratz Brittney Sleeper Sofa

Novogratz Brittney Sleeper Sofa

An incredible way to give your home a touch of style that most sleeper sofas can’t quite match, this model has the comfort you crave with the look you need. The cushions are overstuffed and tufted in strips, not squares, which is uncommon and quite an attractive idea. And the arms are rolled, not squared.

The mattress hidden within is accessible with a simple to operate spring mechanism revealing thick memory foam that is just what you need for your perfect restful night. Never stress again or fear the spring mattress of the past. The memory foam option is the only way to sleep and you will appreciate the feel of the foam as it conforms to your body perfectly.

What we like:

●   Thick memory foam

●   Tufted back cushion

●   Plenty of colors

●   Tall Seat Height

What we don’t like:

●  Cushions not reversible

$950.36 $1113.99

Michigan 50 3”

Michigan 50 3”

More a loveseat than a full-sized couch, this model gives innovation a whole new definition in the world of seating. It is perfect for two people to sit comfortably, but looks nothing like you are used to with those old-style loveseats. It features both a plush cushion set and a steel frame with leather wrapping.

The sleeper draws out with a simple slide mechanism which also gives you access to a monstrous storage area below the foot of the bed. Store anything and never fear it will be damaged under the weight of the person sleeping. This bed supports two people with ease and ensures plenty of sleeping pleasure.

What we like:

●   Innovative design

●   Solid Construction

●   Ease of Use

●   Huge Storage Area

What we don’t like:

●  Cold look of steel

●  Low to Ground


Indie 93” Slipcovered Recessed Arm Sleeper Sofa

Indie 93” Slipcovered Recessed Arm Sleeper Sofa

Beware…for once you sit on this wonderful couch, you might never want to get back up. Yes, it is that good. With reversible overstuffed cushions that are upholstered to perfection and the huge size, you may never need the bed within. But you will be even happier when you try it out, if for no other reason than the ease of use pulling it from its hiding spot within.

This model will wow everyone who sees it when they enter your home, and they just might want to stay a little longer when they are enveloped in the softness. And that is before they open it up and discover a memory foam mattress that will have them catching z’s before they know it.

What we like:

●  Down Fill Cushions

●  Deep Pocket Design

●  Very Long

●  High Quality

What we don’t like:

●  There is nothing we don’t like about this sofa!

Alia 75” Square Arm Sleeper Sofa Bed

Alia 75” Square Arm Sleeper Sofa Bed

One common problem with modern sleeper sofa concepts is the arm rests. They are often too thin to be comfortable. But not on this lovely sofa option. The Alia has square armrests that are wide enough to put your arms on comfortably for your entire sitting time without any ill effects. And they don’t take away from your sleeper bed space.

It has a very relaxed look that isn’t too impersonal, yet doesn’t throw off the aesthetics of the room, and comes in neutral colors that will not clash with your décor. All pillows and cushions are thick and fluffy and totally removable. And the queen-sized bed is ready to accommodate your guests. A perfect blend of relaxing style and modern appeal.

What we like:

●  Comes with matching throw pillows

●  Queen-size bed

●  Thick cushions

What we don’t like:

●  Only seats 2

Zaine 77” Square Arm Sofa Bed

Zaine 77” Square Arm Sofa Bed

This beauty is simple enough to fit in any home, modern enough to not clash with your contemporary look, and comfortable enough to appease even the pickiest of couch enthusiast. It features a solid construction capable of handling about 300 lbs. of weight, and the upholstery is hand stitched to ensure quality.

The sleeper function is easy to operate, giving your guests a queen size bed for the night, although it has one flaw and that is the mattress. The mattress that is included is an innerspring, which has the probability of poking your guests after repeated use. We recommend swapping it out for a memory foam counterpart if available.

What we like:

●   Queen bed

●   Quality design

●   Versatile size

What we don’t like:

●  Only handle 300 lbs

●  Innerspring mattress

Swifton 72” Recessed Arm Sofa Bed

Swifton 72” Recessed Arm Sofa Bed

This model might take some getting used to because of the short arm rests. Although because its arm rests are almost nonexistent, it means you have extra room to stretch out without impediments, which is great for napping when the sofa is not in its bed mode. And the comfort of these plush cushions will help to lull you to a peaceful sleep.

Once open and pulled out, you have a bed fit for a king and queen. This design is both compact and convertible, with removable back cushions and plenty of space for two adults. And you can be sure the modern feel of this model will agree with your decorative scheme. Especially since it only comes in gray and white.

What we like:

●   High Quality

●   Low arm rests

●   Plush upholstered cushions

What we don’t like:

●   Not very large overall

●   Limited colors

$1452 $1605.99

Clark 82” Square Arm Sofa Bed

Clark 82” Square Arm Sofa Bed

Lets start with its most wonderful feature and that is the wide array of upholstery colors it is available in. Upon ordering one of these contemporary sofa beds, you can choose from 15 different colors, meaning you are sure to find one that matches your décor flawlessly. And what says “modern home” like adding a new furniture piece that aids in the symmetry of the space.

The square arms swoop up to meet the back of the sofa where it has three overstuffed pillows, which pair with the three cushions to give you a relaxing seat you will love. All the cushions are reversible and the unit can withstand up to 900lbs between the three people sitting on it. A wonderful sleeper sofa option indeed.

What we like:

●   900 lb weight capacity

●   Seats 3

●   Plush cushions

●  15 color options

What we don’t like:

●  There is nothing we don’t like about this sofa!

81” Square Arm Sofa Bed

81” Square Arm Sofa Bed

A sofa with limited frills, this is the embodiment of contemporary simplicity. The arm rests and the back are the same height, which works perfectly with the custom designed cushions, and attached headrest cushions ensure you are well supported. The seating cushions are thick and filled with quality foam, with two throw pillows to bring the look together nicely.

The ratcheting headrests and the seat backs cascade beneath the convertible bed with a simple pull of a strap, and they are hidden beneath the sleeper. And the steel tube construction of the bed frame and springs can support up to 800 lbs. with ease. Add the comfort of the included mattress and you are ready to take a trip to dreamland.

What we like:

●   Simple style

●   Convertible design

●   Ratcheting headrest

●   Support 800 lbs.

What we don’t like:

●  Mattress is thin

Phillips 76” Sofa Bed

Phillips 76” Sofa Bed

In the world of furniture, two very important variables are key to ensuring the happiness of many owners, and that is comfort and price. But getting passed those, there are two other notions that are gaining in popularity: the safety of the materials so you know it won’t hurt your family, and the sustainability of the materials lets you know you are doing your part for the planet.

The Phillips Sofa Bed is designed to factor in all 4 of these ideals. Of all the sofa beds on this list, it is by far the most eco-friendly. The materials are made of recyclable products and sustainable fabrics, but this doesn’t mean it sacrifices comfort. Far from it. The cushions are incredibly soft and it is well-constructed, capable of holding up to 800 lbs of weight.

What we like:

●   Environmentally friendly

●   800 lb weight capacity

●   Reversible cushions

●   23 color options

What we don’t like:

●  Nothing

Patternson 88” Round Arm Sofa Bed

Patternson 88” Round Arm Sofa Bed

A perfect blend of the old and the new, this contemporary gem is a thing of beauty with a style you will appreciate every time you feast your eyes on its elegant lines. A wide sofa seating area can accommodate 3, but if you get close, 4 will fit pretty well, which works for its 750 lb capacity. The three cushions almost beg you to seat 4, based on their different sizes between the ends and the middle.

All cushions are reversible and removable, and with a few throw pillows to add to the charm, you might never actually sit on it but admire it from a distance. It is that attractive. But the look is only half of its worth. Take off the cushions and open the spring-loaded queen bed and you are ready for guests, or when the wife sends you to the couch when you’ve been naughty.

What we like:

●  Lovely style

●  Large width

●  750 lb capacity

●   American Made

What we don’t like:

●  Nothing

$1429.99 $2174.99

Our advice Buying Guide

Your modern pull out sofa bed need not be a newer version of grandma’s lumpy sofa bed – the one with the hard bar that was always in the middle of your back. Advanced engineering can create innovative, stylish approaches to an age-old problem: how to make space where very little space is available. With a little engineering and the availability of modern materials, your sofa bed can be anything but boring and can offer a comfortable place to sleep – for guests, or even for you if your space is limited.

What are the most popular designs of modern pull out sofa beds?

Sectional Pull Out Sofa Bed

It’s a sectional, it’s a couch, it’s a … yep, it’s a modern pull out sofa bed. When not in use, it’s a comfortable sectional couch that fits neatly into a corner, creating space-efficient seating or a cozy conversation corner. By night, it can transform a sitting room or living room into a comfortable sleeping area for guests or even for a space-challenged student or worker who is living in a tiny bed-sitting room, or even as the main furniture piece in a tiny house for one.

Pull out loveseat

If you need something that has a little smaller daytime footprint, try a sophisticated daybed that looks like a sleek loveseat that wouldn’t be out of place in the waiting room of a law office. Pull out the bottom of it, and it transforms into a comfortable bed – perfect for a power nap or for an unexpected guest, or even as your main sleeping space if your office is also your home.

"Pull out" bunk bed

If you are dealing with an older home or an apartment that has been carved out of a larger space, you might have plenty of upward space, but a very small floor area. In this situation, a standard pullout bed might not be feasible. Instead of pulling out, it springs up on a scissor jack to turn into two bunk beds! Another interesting design is one that opens to reveal props that turn into legs and a footstool that transforms into an easy-access three-step stair.

Traditional pull out sofa bed

Perhaps you aren’t really into ultra-modern gadgetry but you like the clean lines of modern design. A modern sofa whose back is really two removable cushions can quickly become a daybed. Need more sleeping space? Its front panel conceals a trundle bed, a way that has been used for centuries to conceal extra sleeping space. It’s a perfect solution for a tiny house, or small bed-sitting room apartment, especially if your sleeping space also doubles as your office.


Modern White Sectional Sofa With Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Bed Pull Out

Modern White Sectional Sofa With Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Bed Pull Out
This sectional sofa provides plenty of comfortable sitting space for large groups of people. It can also be extended into a bed. White color of this product perfectly matches many interior stylizations.

Solid Walnut Frame Mid Century Modern Trundle Pull Out Bed Daybed Sofa

Solid Walnut Frame Mid Century Modern Trundle Pull Out Bed Daybed Sofa
This mid century trundle pull out daybed sofa is a multi-functional piece of furniture. It features the solid walnut finish and wooden frame. This is a fantastic option for the guest room or small apartment.

Breyani two tone contemporary sofa bed

Breyani two tone contemporary sofa bed
This modern pull out sofa bed has a round shape and cushioned backs with two shades of gray colors. Looks fab in the living room with neutral color palette and modern, simple design.

Zian 3 piece modern micro denier upholstery sectional

Zian 3 piece modern micro denier upholstery sectional
A stylish and comfortable sectional sofa that has got a hardwood frame. It also features soft, decorative pillows that update a living room decor and provide enhanced level of comfort. The overall size of this sofa is 155 inches long x 103 inches wide x 38 inches high.

Modern Sleeper Sofa

Modern Sleeper Sofa
Modern sofa with a sleeper inside to take advantage of vertical space at its best. The upholstery - here in gray - is available in many colors. Sturdy stainless steel feet will hold up to intensive daily wear.

Damen Full Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Damen Full Convertible Sleeper Sofa
Comfortable and soft sofa for the living room and more. Carefully upholstered pleasant to the touch material and reinforced stitching. Extra pillows for comfort seats.

Modern pull out sofa bed

Bring this sectional sofa into your living room or guest room, and marvel at its functionality and flawless appearance. The sofa has medium-firm seat cushions, and can easily be transformed into a comfy bed.

Trundle sofa

A very comfortable sofa that also decorates different interior stylizations thanks to its neutral color. Its soft cushions provide relaxation. This sofa can also extend into a bed that provides additional sleeping space.

Modern pull out sofa bed 1

Trying to find the extraordinary and functional piece of furniture? This modern pull out sofa bed is awesome! It features the orange and red bright colors and solid construction.

Contemporary day beds

This comfortable daybed is going to work perfectly not only as a fashionable sofa but also as an extra bed. To transform the piece into the bed, all you have to do is to pull out the bottom part from underneath the bed. The whole is upholstered in black vinyl.

Couch bed ikea

Minimalistic sectional sofa covered with grey canvas and decorated with two cushions. It is take-down, so you can used as a bed for two people. It will play its role perfectly in living room or guest bedroom.

Comfortable sofa beds design

Comfortable Sofa Beds Design

Sofa bed with storage drawer

A splendid piece for creating an extra sleep area; this sofa can be converted into a comfortable bed with just one easy pull. The sofa is upholstered in a gray fabric, with medium-firm padding and 3 matching pillows.

Sofa bed pull out 1

Pull out bed with 2 places to sleep. It is mounted on metal frame and upholstered with nice touch fabric. Includes extra pillows for added comfort. Modern design for the living room, teenager's room and more.

Smart ideas of sofa folding beds and sleeper sofas

Smart ideas of sofa folding beds and sleeper sofas

Ikea l shaped sofa bed

The pull out sofa bed is under the TV stand, so it's a fantastic space saver. The sleeping space which is perfect for your guests. Very comfortable mattress and modern clean lines. This is what I really like!

Pullout couch

A multi-functional element of furniture. This blue sofa offers a soft sitting space with a solid backrest and padded arms. This sofa is also able to convert into a bed with thick, ergonomic mattress and metal legs.

Sofa bed pull out

The practical and very sleek bed pull out sofa is a perfect combination of solid wood construction and functionality. The beautiful beige finish of upholstery, cushions and the ability to use the whole as a bed is excellent.

Double pull out sofa bed

Modern interiors love multifunctional furniture. Such is the modern pull out sofa bed, which is a leisure model, and if turns into a comfortable bed. An interesting honey shade of natural leather upholstery is crowned on the sides with a characteristic rim.

Pull out couch bunk bed

In day couch, at night the bed for at least two people. So functional you can use this sofa bed, with a soft, suede upholstery in brown earth. Comfortable cushions, square shapes -of sofa bed pull out they burst forward to entertain your friends.

Sofa bed with trundle

Loveseat with a neutral, modern stylization and brown color. It provides a very comfortable sitting space for two people and it can also convert into a double bed supported by a very solid metal frame.

1267545509_2840_product_image_1_71739 jpg


L shaped sofa bed

A modern, contemporary sofa that features a comfortable cushion, arms and backrest. This sofa is extendable into a bed that assures more comfortable sleeping space. Its green color looks very interesting.

Nuovoliola king size mattress

Nuovoliola king size mattress

Couch trundle bed

Classic sofa with sleep function. It is upholstered with high quality fabric and finished with solid seams. Perfect solution for small spaces. Traditional form and functional design.

Modern sofa beds save spacing furniture ny

modern sofa beds save spacing furniture NY

Ikea trundle couch

A comfortable piece for contemporary interiors; this beautiful sofa can be quickly turned into a full size bed with only one easy pull. Upholstered in brown micro velvet, the sofa includes generously-padded cushions and a durable metal frame.

Trundle bed sofa

CONTEMPORARY PULL OUT SOFA | Convertible Bed Couch: Sweet Transforming Sofa Design | Designs ...

This is the way to do a sofa bed one

This is the way to do a sofa bed. One straight pull forward and back drops down, only width, not length comes out into the room, stays at original sitting height. Nice basic 87" modern sofa with two rectangular back pillows when put back. "Eperny" sofa

This luxurious sofa bed makes a useful addition to your

This luxurious sofa bed makes a useful addition to your space with its magazine pocket on the side and curved arms with cup holders. It also features contemporary black vinyl upholstery and a polyurethane filling for extra style and comfort.h

Modelos de sofas para sua sala

modelos de sofás para sua sala

Modern pull out sofa bed

Furnish your living zone with the apartment size sectional sofa. It features the grey fabric upholstery, easy pull out bed and modern design. Your guests will be impressed how cool this product is.

Pull out double bed ikea

A gorgeous sofa for embellishing country homes, that can be converted into a comfy bed with just one easy pull. The frame is made of pine, fir and oak wood pallets and bathed in a distressed off-white finish, holding a white cover mattress and a bunch of matching throw pillows.

Pop up sleeper sofa

Eureka! Idea for reverse Murphy bed! Instead of lifting the bed up, lower a clamshell "lid" over the bed to create a platform! Area over bed can be used as floorspace! Install floating workspace over where the headboard would be!

Homelegance Meyer 4956PU* Bi-Cast Vinyl Daybed with Trundle, Dark Brown

Daybed with dark brown finish, trundle and modern curve-arm design. It's a great addition to living room or bedroom, as it provides a lot of comfort and style. It's trundle can be used as additional storage space.

Platform couch

This Mondo sofabed is a great example of the Scandinavian design. Made by Softline in Denmark features a nice and neat, functional design and a modern form. Sleeping on the width causes less disruption than in case of pulling out the front.

Trundle couch bed

The Room and Board Orson Queen Sleeper is a super comfy couch and my guests say that the pull out mattress is actually pretty comfortable as well!

King size pull out bed

The Nuovoliola 10 is a self-standing, queen size wall bed with a two seat sofa that provides additional storage underneath the sofa seat.

Sleeper sofa chaise

Modern Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage Chaise Couch Sleeper Futon Pull Out | eBay

Modern couch bed

LOVE this with pull out couch and ottaman starage

Ideabooks 86


Danish modern sofa or daybed with trundle pull out bed

Danish Modern Sofa or Daybed with Trundle Pull Out Bed

Francis sectional made in usa modern design sofas

Francis sectional made in USA | Modern Design Sofas

Pull out double sofa bed

mid century sofa ideas

Modern pull out couch

Pull out sofa bed |

Couch trundle

Modern Sofas and Sectionals | Butterfield Sleeper Sofa | Jonathan Adler. Its an air mattress rather than a traditional pull out mattress

T136 modern brown leather sofa w pull out sofa bed

T136 Modern Brown Leather Sofa w/ Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Fresh cheap pull out sofa bed inspiration modern sofa

Fresh Cheap Pull Out sofa Bed Inspiration - Modern Sofa ...

Pull out couch sleeper sofa bed modern furniture lounge

Pull Out Couch Sleeper Sofa Bed Modern Furniture Lounge ...

Modern pullout beds ideas hidden storage

Modern pullout beds ideas – Hidden Storage