Ergonomic Living Room Furniture

Standard living room furniture, unless you seeked otherwise out, is largely boxy. Squares and rectangles, with corresponding cushions to match. Ergonomic living room furniture takes a different slant on the nature of living room design. Some items are still all right angles, but they are created with a more comfortable fit for the body. And some of the chairs come in fun colors.

Best Products

Wildon Home %c2%ae Conroy Leatherette Ergonomic Recliner

Wildon Home %c2%ae Conroy Leatherette Ergonomic Recliner
Take your favorite tea, sit back and relax with the superior comfort of this swivel recliner. This a perfect ergonomic furniture for your living room. Beige faux leatherette cushioned material is very soft. The most fun will give you swivel base.

Multipurpose furniture urban leather ergonomic recliner with ottoman

Multipurpose furniture urban leather ergonomic recliner with ottoman
This set includes a recliner chair with a footrest ottoman. Both of these products stand on solid and stable round bases. Their surfaces are very soft, so they assure relaxation on the highest possible level.

Madison charcoal linen lounge chair

Madison charcoal linen lounge chair
A solid and ergonomic lounge chair with a solid wooden frame. Its soft seat is supported by a button-tufted backrest. This kit also includes a small pillow. Charcoal linen upholstery looks very stylish in different indoors.

Elizabeth Living Room Collection

Elizabeth Living Room Collection
A whole living room collection that includes one sofa and one ottoman that use only hardwood frames. Its contemporary style perfectly blends with other modern furniture. It features removable seat cushions.

Mac motion 58 oslo series leather ergonomic recliner and ottoman

Mac motion 58 oslo series leather ergonomic recliner and ottoman
Recliner and ottoman in modern form. Wooden base and reinforced with solid supports. It is upholstered with faux leather. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Received very good reviews from customers.

Safia Living Room Collection

Safia Living Room Collection
This living room collection is gonna totally amaze you, no matter if you prefer traditional or modern style. Check it out and enjoy its functionality and perfect design brought straightly to your house.

Aero7 Ergonomic Office Chair

Aero7 Ergonomic Office Chair
This Ergonomic Office Chair in Black Finish is designed to ensure correct posture during sitting. The chair can be adjusted in terms of its height while also offering a padded support, arched flat tops, upright seating angle, and 7-star base with wheel casters.

Our advice Buying Guide

Buying living room furniture, specifically loveseats, sofas, and chairs, must be treated like buying shoes. You're supposed to have showpieces that are fashionable, sculptural, and collectible.

However, if you truly want to relax, you'll need ergonomic living room furniture that fits you well like a pair of quality running shoes that has just the right amount of cushion and support.

Read our buying guide below to find the best furniture pieces for your body.

What are the most common types of ergonomic living room furniture?

  • Sofa beds are best for those who live in smaller accommodations because they allow guests to sleep without the need for extra bedrooms. Most sofa beds available in the market today come with foam mattresses. They are adequate for occasional use only. If you’ll be able to spend more on a sofa bed, consider the unit that has a sprung mattress as it offers extra comfort.
  • Lounges are often sold according to the number of people that need to be accommodated. You may want to entertain often in your living room. If so, then consider the sofa that has a seating capacity of 6-8 people. Modular lounges are popular today as they can be used independently or put together. They are ideal for those with irregularly shaped living rooms and those who require flexible seating arrangements. If you constantly find yourself stretching out when you’re on the couch, get a lounge that has a chaise so you’ll be able to lie comfortably without taking up the entire seating space.
  • Recliner lounges and chairs are good for those who want to take their downtime seriously. They're best for kicking back into the most comfortable seating position, which is reclined, for unparalleled comfort. Recliners may come with or without footrests that can support your feet as you recline.

What are the best materials to upholster ergonomic living room furniture with?

If you will be using your furniture daily, you need durable fabric. Linen and cotton will prove to be your best options, but make sure you check for loose weaves as they can snag. Another terrific option for you is synthetic microfiber, which is capable of mimicking most fabrics. It's stain resistant as well. Linen and cotton can be treated to resist staining, but they are not as easy to care for and clean.

Your other options are blends of synthetic and natural fibers but they tend to fade in just a year. Leather and wool are stunning and strong, but they can be expensive. Fabrics with patterns that are woven in have the tendency to wear better compared to fabrics with printed patterns. As for silk, it’s sleek but it is fragile. Pile fabrics like boucle, velvet, and chenille are popular as they're capable of masking dirt and resisting wear even in a high traffic area.

How to select the optimal ergonomic feature?

Consider how living room furniture (e.g. chair and sofa) fits the body frames of the users. A frame that’s low to the ground can be difficult for people to stand up after sitting for a long time. Sofas with deep seats may also leave petite persons with their feet several inches away from the floor. To find out which is best for your home, think about the function of the room where the furniture will be placed as well as the people who will be using it.


Boss Modern Ergonomic Office Chair

Boss Modern Ergonomic Office Chair
This is a functional and durable piece of office furniture. It is a chair that provides an ergonomic posture that enhances productivity. This type of chair has got an attractive and supportive base made of chrome metal.

Ergonomic living room furniture 5

Why not actually go for ergonomic seating to ensure that your back can be well supported and you can enjoy your relaxation. These living room chairs offer just the perfect solution with their curved frame and convenient arm rests.

Ergonomic living room furniture 1

This unique ergonomic sectional sofa is an excellent piece of furniture for any modern interior design. Small size made of high quality soft and nice in touch fabric would please anyone and provide the high standard of comfort into your home.

Best ergonomic recliner

This uniquely original yet functional piece of furniture is an ideal way to relax. Robust bent wood construction, soft seat, backrest, and footrest give you exceptional comfort. Modern design delights.

Ergonomic chaise lounge

Resting the back plays a key role in our functioning. Ergonomic comfort gives the seat upholstered with eco-leather and the entire mechanism based on a wooden frame. Ergonomic living room furniture has "zero gravity" but maximum satisfaction!

Ergonomic living room chairs 7

Combine functionalities and choose this ergonomic, stylish zen sofa, which has the black upholstery and shelves around the back and sides. It's a modern solution to the any drawing room.

Ergonomic living room furniture 9

A very safe and effective combination of colors is using the same color palette, e.g. brown. Chocolate brown on the cushion upholstery is associated with bitter chocolate on the leather padding of the base and sides of this ergonomic living room furniture.

Ergonomic living room furniture sofa

Ergonomic living room furniture sofa

Ergonomic living room furniture

A comfortable choice for contemporary TV rooms, offices, and bachelor pads. This ergonomic recliner comes with an ottoman, leather upholstery, stylish tufting, and a walnut-finished wood circular base for stability.

Ergonomic living room furniture

Beautiful combination of ergonomic shape and comfortable finish makes this stylish set of living room furniture delight. Lovely round armchairs are low but at the same time very comfortable, providing a comfortable rest.

Ergonomic living room furniture

Your back supports you vertically on a daily basis, and what are you doing for your back ? You can give them pleasure thanks to this ergonomic living room chair, with a beige strong upholstery in polycotton and beech wooden elements, and round swivel base.

Ergonomic living room furniture 2

The ergonomic living room recliner covered with the natural leather. Multipositional, what will guarantee you the highest comfort of relax. Try it and you would never come back to your old armchair or sofa.

Ergonomic and comfortable eli fly chair for future interior design

Ergonomic And Comfortable Eli Fly Chair for Future Interior Design

Ergonomic furniture for the home

There is a lot of sofa types. Maybe you thought that it is so easy to find the proper one - nope. Match it to your decoration style, take care about the space you have, choose the proper pattern, a voila!

Ergonomic recliners chairs design home furniture ideas for sitting

Ergonomic Recliners Chairs Design Home Furniture Ideas for Sitting ...

LexMod Waverunner Modular Sectional: Loveseat in Green

This modular sectional loveseat is one of the most comfortable seats you have ever seen. It has got a green finish and contemporary design that fits to any style and décor in your living room.

Oslo 58 Home Theater Recliner (Set of 2)

Oslo 58 Home Theater Recliner (Set of 2)

Leather essentials ergonomic recliner by lane furniture lane furniture

leather essentials ergonomic recliner by lane furniture lane furniture ...

LexMod Waverunner Modular Sectional: Sofa in Light Gray

This piece of furniture is a high quality, modular, sectional sofa that has got a neutral light gray color, so it looks very stylish in any type of decor. This product assures high level of comfort and softness.

Living room furniture cheap 2766 modern living sets living room

... living room furniture cheap – 2766, Modern Living Sets, Living Room

Ergonomic loveseat

Interesting piece of ergonomic furniture. It might look weird at first, but it’s actually very handy, as everything has been designed to allow easy and efficient use. Metal and wood used to create this furniture are both very reliable.

Ergonomic chair for home 6

Used to improve posture and work the core muscles, this exercise ball chair constitutes an ergonomic must-have for your office. Equipped with a removable stability ball, ideal for your training.

Ergonomic sofa furniture

This is a novelty for lovers of unforced luxury. Ergonomic living room furniture sofa, one-block with oval streamlined form has ordinary upholstery in shades of gray and khaki. A bit cosmic but certainly comfortable.

Ergonomic sofa

Ergonomy is the most important advantage of this living room chair. It supports ergonomic and relaxing postures of its users. Solid wooden base in round shape is very stable. Padded arms provide additional comfort.

Ergonomic sofas

Two elements that provide comfort and relaxation. The set of chair and ottoman includes elements based on durable wooden frames. They support ergonomic postures that are healthy and comfortable for users.

Ergonomic chairs for home

Beautiful interior of this living room is due to beautiful ergonomic furniture which combined with attractive colors, cozy fireplace, and unique details delight. All in bright colors with dark details is very harmonious.

Flash furniture ergonomic kneeling chair with black mesh back and

Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Black Mesh Back and Fabric

Ergonomic living room chair

A bunch of ideas on how to redecorate a narrow living room. Ergonomic furniture is the key. Geometric patterns were used here to expand the space visually. There are many tricks that make the space appear bigger and more spacious.

Ergonomic for contemporary living room chairs

ergonomic for contemporary living room chairs

Ergonomic house

With this sectional sofa you will be able to accommodate your all guests in one place. The sofa has off-white upholstery and generous filling, offering removable cushions, button-tufted backs, deep seats, over-padded arms, and a metal frame with low-profile legs.

Boss Black Leather Plus Guest Chair Black

This type of chair is a product that assures strength, stability and resistance to many negative factors. It has got a metal frame and a comfortable, padded seat supported by a padded backrest for enhanced softness.

Ergonomic furniture for home

Furniture Minimalist Living Room Furniture Grey Rug Bright Orange Sleeper Sofa Ergonomic Stylish Sleeper Sofa Bring your Advantageous

Ergonomic chaise

Winter interior design trends

Ergonomic living room furniture 5

Day Dreaming: Luxurious Daybed Inspirations Bring Together Form And Functionality!

Ergonomic chair for home 11

A funky innovative ergonomic chair in the shape of a round tapered up accordion-like tower of durable plastic in vivid colours. It acts like a ball so a sitting person has to constantly wobble and engage muscles improving blood circulation.

Ergonomic chair for home

Modern office chair with height adjustment function. Base is made of metal and plastic. It is upholstered with high quality leather. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Great solution for teenager's room.

Lafer kiri leather ergonomic recliner allmodern

Lafer Kiri Leather Ergonomic Recliner | AllModern

Dear womb chair despite hugh hefners best efforts i love

Dear womb chair: Despite Hugh Hefner's best efforts, I love you. Please come to live in the bay window in my bedroom.

Flash Furniture Mercer Living Room Set, Mocha Fabric

Ergonomic chair for home

In your automotive office - it's essential to show how great your taste is. This leather ergonomic chair becomes a showcase of the company thanks to its black-and-red colors and the shape of the racing car chairs.

Rodlann Living Room Collection

Rodlann Living Room Collection

Bridgeport ergonomic contour grey linen swivel modern cross legs accent

Bridgeport Ergonomic Contour Grey Linen Swivel Modern Cross Legs Accent Chair |

Melk i ergonomic stool by georgmuehlmann design tischlerei 1

Melk-i - Ergonomic Stool by georgmuehlmann design tischlerei