Home Theater Sectional Sofas

Every movie and TV show buff needs a comfortable spot to settle in for a screening, and there’s no better option than a movie room couch. With so many options in sizes, designs, and colors, it's challenging to decide which sectional sofa will be best for your home theater experience.

Investing in a media room sofa will not only make your home look great but also ensure you have plenty of space to relax and enjoy movie nights with your family and friends. 

Stationary Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Stationary Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A movie room couch that’s stationary and features a chaise is ideal for an entertainment space that doubles as a sitting room when guests come over. It has a polished, chic aesthetic that’s perfect for daytime coffee and conversation, but at night you can sprawl out and relax while you enjoy a film or TV episode. 

Choosing an upholstery that is a polyester blend makes your sofa easy to keep clean and gives the room a modern look. A sofa with tapered wooden legs is also contemporary and will look fantastic in a minimalistic, Scandanavian style home. 

Wide Sectional Sofa With Left Hand Chaise

Wide Sectional Sofa With Left Hand Chaise

You'll feel comfortable and cozy in a modern movie theater sofa that is the perfect balance of plush, soft fabric, and chic design. A velvet upholstery material is an excellent choice for a basement home theater where you need that extra bit of warmth when snuggling in for a viewing. Selecting a darker color adds to the classic home movie theater aesthetic.

Be sure to select a sofa model that seats 3-4 people comfortably so you can sit down to watch a movie with friends or family without pulling up any extra chairs. 

Fabric Sectional Sofa With Right Hand Chaise and Ottoman

Fabric Sectional Sofa With Right Hand Chaise and Ottoman

A movie theater sofa with a chaise and ottoman provides tons of space for lounging, entertaining, and even setting up snacks during movie night. A three-seat sofa with a chaise allows four adults to sit comfortably, while an ottoman can act as a footrest or a makeshift table for popcorn and sweets. 

Firm foam cushions ensure adequate support for you and your guests while enjoying a double feature. Selecting a model with removable cushions can make cleaning up after a movie night easier. 

Modular Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Modular Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A modular sofa offers a space-saving design that can be configured in multiple ways to fit your space or accommodate guests. Choosing a sofa with stain-resistant, washable fabric means you can crack open a soda or sip a glass of wine during a movie without worrying about ruining your seating if a spill occurs.

A chic gray fabric is a natural choice for your movie room sectional. It’s modern, sophisticated, and hides stains or pet hair better than a lighter colored upholstery. 

Sleeper Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Sleeper Home Theater Sectional Sofa

The best couch for watching movies is one where you’re comfortable enough to fall asleep. Consider investing in a sectional sofa for your entertainment space that doubles as an extra bed. A sleeper sofa that converts into a queen-sized bed is perfect for hosting guests after a late-night movie marathon. 

It’s also an inviting opportunity to put on your coziest pajama set, snuggle under the covers, and settle in for binging a new series on Netflix right up until you fall asleep. 

U Shaped Home Theater Sectional Sofa

U Shaped Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A U-shaped sectional theater sofa offers plenty of space to sprawl out for home movie viewings. The sleek design of this couch style means you can incorporate it into your living room, family room, or basement and host guests for any occasion, not just movie nights. 

While a gray upholstery fabric is refined and contemporary, you can brighten up a basement home theater by selecting a material that adds a pop of color. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a U-shaped sectional in purple or navy blue upholstery for a sofa that every guest will comment on. 

Wide Corner Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Wide Corner Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A wide corner home theater sofa built from solid and manufactured wood is suitable for a large entertaining space. While smaller rooms might feel overcrowded with such a bold and full-shaped couch, a vast basement rec room or living room with vaulted ceilings will benefit from the robust aesthetic of a wide corner sectional. 

Plush cushions make it easy to relax and unwind in front of your TV or projector screen. Select a model with reversible and removable cushions for easy maintenance so you can keep your sofa looking fresh for longer. 

Velvet Tufted Chesterfield Sofa

Velvet Tufted Chesterfield Sofa

Bring some historic charm to your home with a theater sofa featuring eye-catching velvet upholstery and tufting. If you want to turn a drab basement area or even a dark living room into a fabulous home theater that friends flock to, a statement piece sectional is a must-have. 

An L-shape design allows you to position the sectional sofa in the middle of your room or tuck it away in a corner to maximize floor space. The shape also allows you to seat five people comfortably, so everyone has a prime spot in front of the screen. 

Reclining Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Reclining Home Theater Sectional Sofa

If you want to maximize relaxation while watching movies in your own home, consider purchasing a reclining home theater sofa. A model with a contemporary design looks chic in neutral tones like beige, oatmeals, or even gray. 

A compact sectional sofa with a reclining function is ideal for a small living space because it has a minimal footprint but still offers a spot to lay out in the evenings. Look for a model with a storage compartment under the chaise for storing blankets, DVDs, or game consoles. 


Deep Seated Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Deep Seated Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A down-filled chaise, a spring system for extra comfort, and plenty of pillows make for a home theater sofa that everyone will love. Down-filled cushions might be too deep for those who prefer more support and firmness in their media room couches, but if it’s comfort you’re after, you won’t be disappointed. 

A deep-seated sectional invites relaxation and guarantees you won’t want to get back up even after the credits roll. 

Multifunctional Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Multifunctional Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A multifunctional home theater sofa guarantees your couch will meet all the needs of your space. With its many functions, parts, and accessories, a multifunctional sleeper sofa is best suited for small living spaces such as apartments or condos and maximizes any space available in your home. 

A large unit that doubles as a couch and a bed will become the focal point of your entertaining space, so ensure you select a contemporary upholstery color like gray that will match your existing condo or living room decor. 

Symmetrical Home Theater Sofa

Symmetrical Home Theater Sofa

Once you sit down on a wide, symmetrical home theater sofa, you will be wrapped in ultimate comfort. The amount of space on a U-shaped home theater sofa provides adequate seating for yourself and a few guests or you and the kids to enjoy a show or movie together. 

A U-shaped home theater sofa looks great when positioned in the middle of the room, complementing the couch’s symmetry, but if you’re working with a small space, you can also situate it in a corner, turning one of the loungers into a cozy corner seat. 

L Shaped Home Theater Sectional Sofa

L Shaped Home Theater Sectional Sofa

An L-shaped home theater sofa provides a blend of functionality and comfort with space for two people to sprawl out during a movie or 4-5 people to sit and chat during morning coffee. With an ergonomic L-shaped design, home theater couches will enhance your movie experience without having to pay for a theater ticket. 

Selecting a polyester fabric ensures the sectional is easy to spot clean, which is great for homes with pets or small children. 

Right Facing Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Right Facing Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Sleek, right-facing movie couches are perfect for small spaces. Because of its modular design, this set can easily be rearranged and moved to suit any unconventional living or media room layout. Some pieces might be too narrow and firm for your guests to lay on comfortably, so make sure you provide plenty of throw pillows and blankets so visitors can get cozy. 

If you can’t fit the entire sectional in your space, leave out one or two pieces to create a smaller sectional, then place the remaining sections in other areas of the room. 

Genuine Leather Home Theater Sectional Sofa

Genuine Leather Home Theater Sectional Sofa

A genuine leather home theater sofa provides comfort for your entire family and lasts for years, holding up against spills, stains, and general wear and tear. Genuine top-grain leather is also scratch and fade-resistant.

Adding a leather sectional to your home movie theater gives your house an industrial look, perfect for a media room with white walls and Edison light bulbs. If you want to bring an updated style to your eclectic home theater space, a few plants and colorful cushions will contrast well against this neutral tan home theater sofa. 

Our advice Buying Guide

You're planning on upgrading your home theater room and media room with a sectional sofa. But, do you know what to look for in such pieces of furniture? Good thing you've clicked on this article as we'll be educating you on all you need to factor in when choosing home theater sectional sofas.

Sofa Placement and Size

The positioning of home theater sectional sofas is the single most crucial aspect you need to consider. Strategically designing your home theater furniture's layout is important as it will have an impact on your overall theater experience.

The best positions that will give you a superior experience inside your movie theater will depend on the number of seats available, the sound system you are using, and your screen's size. Since we are talking about home theater sectional sofas, consider the potential placement of a sofa. If you already know where you'll place the furniture, then that means you already know how big of a space you have for it. Get the exact dimensions of the space so you can use it as a reference when you're measuring different models.

Seating Comfort

Your home theater sectional sofa must be designed to give you comfort. A serious enthusiast will only buy sofas that are comfortable and sturdy. Because you'll be enjoying this room and the furniture with your family and friends, you must also consider their requirements and needs.

Leather home theater sectional sofas are comfortable and they allow you to cozy up with a partner. If you'll be accommodating children, you'd want a sofa that's built to their small size. The theater furniture produced today allows seating for all dynamics. Loveseat or recliner options with no armrests would be good for families to enjoy.


As I'm sure you're already aware of by now, home theater sectional sofas are expensive. Reclining sectional sofas are even more costly. It’s, therefore, recommended that you set a budget even before you check for your options.

Try as much as you can not to stray too far from it. Also, take your time when deciding on a product. Research on financing options as they're readily available for these types of furniture.

There are home theater sectional sofas that are just under $500. Check them out as they may suit your home theater. If you'll be considering the purchase as an investment, then don’t worry about your budget. Sectional sofas for home theaters are worth every penny and they last a very long time, especially the high-quality ones!


They say that God's in the small details, but so is the devil. Regardless of how you take it, small accessories added to your home theater sectional sofa will already go a long way in making it the best around. Additional luxurious features of such furniture pieces include light-up cup holders, power recliners, and armrests among others.

Whatever you choose, we trust you'll enjoy it as home theater sectional sofas have yet to let down a person. Head on to the stores now and search for the most comfortable models available!


132" Velvet Symmetrical Modular Sofa & Chaise

132" Velvet Symmetrical Modular Sofa & Chaise
Perfect for a spacious living room, this 132” long sofa comes in either navy, pink, or gray velvet, with an option for gold or chrome feet. This product’s sleek, low-lying design makes it the ideal accessory for a modern-style interior. The modular cushions are supportive and comfortable, elevating your home theater experience.

Krysten 101" Wide Faux Leather Symmetrical Modular Corner Sectional

Krysten 101" Wide Faux Leather Symmetrical Modular Corner Sectional
If you’re looking for a curved, sectional sofa for your home movie theater or entertainment room, you’ll love this 70’s-style design. The LeatherSoft upholstery lends a stylish sheen to this modular structure and comes in two colors, while those with achy backs will appreciate the firm support provided by the foam-filled cushions.

Procida 108.25" Wide Faux Leather Symmetrical Reclining Corner Sectional

Procida 108.25" Wide Faux Leather Symmetrical Reclining Corner Sectional
If you love sinking into a soft, contoured cushion while watching movies, you’ll want to try this faux-leather design. The two end seats double up as recliners, allowing you to lie back and nestle into the soft, supportive fabric. There are two built-in compartments for storing your popcorn and soda while you and your friends watch the film.

Hattie 115" Wide Faux Leather Right Hand Facing Large Sectional

Hattie 115" Wide Faux Leather Right Hand Facing Large Sectional
Those wanting to recreate the full movie-going experience will love this large, plush design, with its reclining capacity, integrated cup holders, and reliable Alderwood frame. The black, faux-leather design complements light wooden floors and transitional-style interiors. The cushions are over 25" deep, so you can sink into this lounge, put your legs up, and enjoy the film.


Giant sectional sofa for living room and others interiors according to taste. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch material and decorated with patchwork pattern. Includes extra pillows for added comfort.

Top rated sectional sofas

Top rated sectional sofas
Modern setup for a large living room with a game room combo, furnished with a half-circle sofa sectional upholstered in microfiber material, nicely complemented by the square coffee table and finished with a glass entertainment unit.

Papasan Two Piece Sectional Sofa

Papasan Two Piece Sectional Sofa
An elegant contemporary a bit curved sofa comprising of 2 sections with wooden frames. A sofa has a thick-padded seat unified with a backrest upholstered in beige cotton fabric with square quilting. A base is covered in contrasting brown vinyl.

American made home theater sectional sofa set 3 recliners chaise

American made home theater sectional sofa set 3 recliners chaise
Sophisticated setup for an elegant living room with a large home theatre setup. The home theatre setup is made out of two armchairs and a loveseat joined together, all upholstered in faux leather in a brown colour with a red tint.

Delta City Right Sectional

Delta City Right Sectional
This is a large, spacious and very comfortable corner sofa. It is covered with dark brown material, which causes the couch do not get dirty too easily. It is designed to the right side. You have to keep this in mind when decorating your living room.

Yosemite Sectional

Yosemite Sectional
Are you dreaming of a dose of incredible style and luxury in your living room? Then, you're gonna be totally amazed by this amazing sectional that will make your house a very stylish and comfortable place.

Home theater sectional sofas

This amazingly decorated movie room is a great solution for anyone who loves watching movies. Beautiful couches finished in pleasing and eye-catching upholstery, curiously adorned with movie wall posters and the hint of shades of the walls, form a perfect whole.

Home theater sectional sofas

Sectional sofa in neutral form. It is covered with soft fabric and fitted with extra pillows for added comfort. Great for watching TV, reading books and more.

Home theater sectional sofas

This sensational entertainment room for the whole family is the perfect solution for those who love spending time together. The big sofa covered with beautiful upholstery, interestingly finished walls and huge cinematic screen makes the room a great place to have fun.

Entertainment couch

A fine addition for home movie theaters and large living rooms, this sectional sofa is able to comfy accommodate all of your guests. It's U-shaped, decorated with bunch of throw pillows, and has generously-filled back cushions for extra comfort.

Theater couches

That's what I call a truly spacious coach. When I look at it, it makes me wanna stretch all over it. Those multiple cushions are inviting too. Beige fabric padding can blend seamlessly with existing coloring scheme - it's neutral.

Home theater sectional

Enhance your movie theater using those beautiful additions in shape of long, sectional sofas. With nice-to-touch upholstery and couple of comfy throw pillows, you can easily forget about crowded cinemas.

Theatre sectional

Sectional sofa suitable for home theaters and living rooms. This piece of furniture is very large and finished in neutral color. Backrest and seat cushions are thick, soft and they provide comfort on the highest level.

Theatre sectional seating

U shaped sectional sofa for living room and others interiors according to taste and need. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch leather and finished with solid seams. Contemporary design for each home.

Pit couches

Spacious sectional sofa with footstools. This couch is covered with bright canvas and decorated of bright and navy blue cushions. This seat is very comfortable and will play its role perfectly in home theatre.

Home theatre sectional 6

Contemporary setup for a spacious living room with a home theatre sectional seating, providing a cozy and comfortable place to watch movies. The gray, low back sectional provides a classy contrast to the bright wooden floor.

Whipple russell architects grey comfortable sofa for home theater

... Whipple Russell Architects → Grey Comfortable Sofa for Home Theater

Home theatre sectional 5

An aesthetic comfortable contemporary U-shaped sofa. It has thick removable seat cushions, low rounded arms, slanted pillowed backrests. Upholstery is of plain mid grey fabric. All sections have wooden frames and low thick angular black legs.

Charcoal velvet mitchell gold bob williams dr pitt sectional sofa

charcoal velvet Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Dr. Pitt Sectional Sofa ...

Cozy homes

cozy homes

Sofas para sala modelos diversos

Sofás para sala, modelos diversos

Home theatre sectional 1

Wide sofa for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. It is upholstered with nice touch fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Includes extra pillows for added comfort. Classic form and neutral design for each home.

Home theatre sectional 37

Why not style your man cave beautifully with some dark brown and gray shades, ensuring a warm and welcoming look and providing an utterly enjoyable setting for you to relax and rest to the fullest.

Movie room couches

Show your style - and how you like to rest in the form of those recliner that are connected to each other in a unique home theater sectional sofa. The whole has a black leather upholstery and a characteristic shape of fastened seats with folding footrests.

Manchester sectional home theatre sofa with built in recliners shopping

This sectional sofa is a product that has got built in recliners and drink holders. It has got not only solid, but also very soft and comfortable sitting spaces ideal for the whole families and groups of people.

Reclining theater sectional

Being a great option for a contemporary entertainment room, this magnificent large sectional set comprises a white sofa along with the chaise lounge and a white, marble coffee table. All standing on an intricate, grey rug.

Basement couches

This is an awesome hangout space, if you add a lil fridge for snacks. Like my version of my woman's "Man-Cave" lol

Pallet sofa design ideas innovative ushaped wood pallet grey sofa

Pallet Sofa Design Ideas : Innovative UShaped Wood Pallet Grey Sofa ...

Right arm chaise

With this casual, contemporary design your living room will gain a whole lot of new seating space for you and your guests. This piece comes with dome shaped arms, boxed seat cushions and fully upholstered base and offers plenty of plush seating space.

Inspirations elegant modern home cinema room with big red sofa

... Inspirations : Elegant Modern Home Cinema Room With Big Red Sofa Bed

Traditional home theater with carpet sectional sofa crown molding paint

Traditional Home Theater with Carpet, Sectional sofa, Crown molding, Paint, Chair rail, Wood molding, Built-in bookshelf

Media sofa

Living Room ~ low coffee table, two piece sectional, area rug, large windows for natural light

Pit sectional couch

Designing your very own home theatre? Just look at this wonderful sectional sofa. It's very big, so it will accommodate a lot of people. Gentle, dark grey colour will be unobtrusive and let you focus completely on the movie!

Movie theater sectional

The perfect way to wrap a room in soft seating, not to mention add a pop of color!

In our house plan we have the attic above the

In our house plan....we have the Attic above the garage.....and i found this movie room...exactly what Phil was trying to picture for his CAVE man!!! perfect!!! Except with windows on the side!!!

Home theater seating sectional

Grandover Five Person Sectional with Reclining Left Side Chaise by Catnapper - Morrison's Furniture Store Inc. - Reclining Sectional Sofa

Theater style couch

Home Theater Sectional Sofas | Lane Home Theater Double Reclining Sofa with Console

Theater sofa

Bring some luxury into your home decor while using this fine sofa, upholstered in fashionable corduroy. With its double wide chase lounge design and generously padded cushions, you are getting a top notch piece for larger living rooms.

Remoleing homes 30 basement remodeling ideas inspiration media room basement

remoleing homes | 30 Basement Remodeling Ideas + Inspiration media room basement remodel ...

Theatre couch

My dream sofa: 3 Piece Theater Sectional Set | Sectionals | Living Rooms | Art Van Furniture - Michigan's Furniture Leader

Home theater sectionals 1

I want a bar height table behind my sofa for extra seating!! sectional with bar height sofa table and stools behind sofa

Children's Home Theater Recliner Set with Storage Console Color: Amazon Sand, Number of Seats: 2

It is a set that includes two recliners for home theater. They have got an amazon sand color, storage, console and elegant design. If you looking for nicely finished recliners, you need to choose this set.

Media room sectional

Perfect for the rec room/movie theater. :) Edith Reversible Sectional, Charcoal on

Home cinema sophisticated brown sectional sofa feats wooden table

... Home Cinema 〉 Sophisticated Brown Sectional Sofa Feats Wooden Table

5 pcs reclining home theater black sectional

5 Pcs Reclining Home Theater Black Sectional

Lovely home theater sectional sofa inspiration modern

Lovely Home theater Sectional sofa Inspiration - Modern ...