Tiny House Sectional Sofa

If you have recently bought into the tiny house trend popular in the last few years, you may hold the misconception that you will have to purchase small, cramped furniture to accommodate your space. The good news is that there is a range of tiny house sectional sofas out there perfect for you, no matter how small the space you have is.

Key points to look out for are benefits such as bonus storage, always extremely important in a scaled-down house, whether you will use the sofa as a sleeping area for any visitors, and, of course, exactly how much space you have to spare to prevent awkward overcrowding.

Here are ten of the best tiny home couches. 

Velvet Tiny House Couch

Velvet Tiny House Couch

This sofa comes in five different jewel tones which will add a rich textural accent touch to any home. With removable cushions and a solid wood frame, the versatility of this sofa will suit those looking for something with a hint of glamour. Even better, the tear-resistant upholstery will be an advantage for anyone who has children, pets, or a lot of visitors. 

Statement Couch for Tiny House

Statement Couch for Tiny House

Offering a staggering eleven color choices, this couch will make a statement without being overwhelming for a smaller living area. The velvet upholstery is aided by a streamlined silhouette which will add a touch of luxe opulence without the large size. However, there is no storage included, which could be frustrating in terms of saving space. 

Tiny House Couch with Storage

Tiny House Couch with Storage

The smallest couch on this list, this tiny sofa will give you a place to relax and unwind without taking up vital living space. A key feature of this couch is the included ottoman, which offers handy storage for anything from throw cushions to clothing and toys. The polyester material also happens to be dirt and water-resistant, meaning it will be easy to clean if you like to keep things in order. 

Tiny House Sleeper Sofa

Tiny House Sleeper Sofa

If you often have long-distance guests round and want to give them a comfortable space to rest in, this sleeper sofa is a great option. Expanding to produce a bed from underneath the seat cushions, another bonus of this sofa is that it offers extra storage. When you’re not using it as a bed, the sofa easily snaps back into place and can be used as a place to stretch your legs instead.

Grey Couch for Tiny Home

Grey Couch for Tiny Home

Looking for something simple and contemporary? This grey couch comes equipped with a chaise and ottoman for ultimate relaxation. Moreover, the soft suede finish is designed to be wrinkle-resistant to keep your couch looking spotless throughout the years. Durable and sure to fit in with a variety of pre-decorated spaces, this sofa is a good choice if you want something which will never go out of style.

Tiny House Sectional Couch

Tiny House Sectional Couch

Cozy and with plenty of room to lounge despite its smaller size, this sofa doesn’t scrimp on comfort with its foam-spring cushions and extended chaise-lounge end. With a choice of either left or right orientation for your chaise, another benefit of this couch is that it comes with two matching accent pillows for a finishing touch without any fuss.

Modern Tiny House Sectional

Modern Tiny House Sectional

Another sectional which converts into an additional place to sleep for visitors and overnight guests, this sofa would fit very well into any modern living area. With helpful hidden storage in the chaise, high-resiliency foam, and a sturdy hardwood frame, it will make the most of the space you have.

Designed in linen-look polyester which will blend in seamlessly with most décor, this is a dependable all-rounder. Nevertheless, due to the linen-feel fabric, this sofa may not feel as comfortable as others crafted from softer fabrics such as velvet or suede. 

Traditional Tiny House Sofa

Traditional Tiny House Sofa

If your taste in décor veers more towards the traditional than the modern, this elegant-looking sofa will elevate any tiny home with its cozy vibe. Perfect to seat two people and have a chill night in, the plush cushions would be lovely to snuggle up on, whereas the ottoman offers a place to put your feet up. However, if you have a large family or a lot of guests the lack of extra seating on this sectional sofa could be an issue.  

Leather Tiny Home Couch

Leather Tiny Home Couch

Designed in classic faux leather fabric, this sofa is intended to fit smaller spaces without compromising on your style vision. With enough room for family or friends to lounge comfortably when visiting, the minimal assembly required to piece this couch together only adds to the appeal.

Reversible Tiny Sectional Sofa

Reversible Tiny Sectional Sofa

This reversible sofa comes with a chaise and supplementary ottoman to ensure peak relaxation. Coming in four neutral colors to match a myriad of paint choices and wallpaper designs, the design of this sofa is timeless. Furthermore, the customizable aspect of the ottoman will allow you to get things exactly how you want them without much-added bother. 


Our advice Buying Guide

A tiny sectional sofa can be just the thing for a small living room or even for a bed-sitting room. Sectionals can be configured in different ways to make good use of corner space. But standard sectional couches might not fit in a small apartment or tiny house.

A tiny sectional can also be made into one or two beds if the need arises. No more trying to push a footstool up to an easy chair to allow a guest to sleep or to take a quick nap.

What are the most popular designs of sectional sofas?

Three-piece sectional

An example of a super-efficient unit is a sectional consisting of a sofa love seat, a chair, and a cushioned bench. The chair and couch can be tucked into a corner and the bench pushed up to them to create a cozy cuddle corner, or the sections can be pulled apart and both the love seat and the chair fold out into beds.

Storage Sectional

If your couch choice is a tiny sectional, then you are already dealing with space limitations. So if your couch opens up to reveal storage space that can be used for bedding, toys or other living room accouterments, you know you’ve got a treasure.

Hidden Space Saver

Two sections of the couch are visible during regular use. The third section is really a pull-down bed that uses one couch section as a support and a small wall shelf (when it is in an upright position) as the feet for the other end.

U-Shaped Sectional

This type of sectional creates an intimate U, the perfect shape for a meeting of close friends. Don’t invite your frenemies, however, as you are going to be rubbing knees if sitting upright! With that said, it creates a cozy conversation corner, making use of a space that would otherwise be unusable.

How to style with a tiny sectional sofa?

Small size furniture is better for bold color experiments than bulky pieces as it is not going to be too overwhelming even if you go for flashy hues. You can easily brighten up a dark corner with a thirsty orange tiny sectional couch, add small accents that pick up the color, and tie the room together. On the other hand, light-colored upholstery such as beige or taupe makes a pleasant backdrop for bright throw pillows or knitted afghans and provides a neutral backdrop for frequent color transformations.

Where to place a tiny sectional sofa?

A tiny sectional sofa can be a wonderful addition to:

  • Narrow livingrooms. Turn that impossibly narrow living room into a cozy conversation corner with a tiny sectional couch.
  • Attics. Use a tiny sectional to create a cozy attic retreat without crowding the space with excess furniture. The low sloped ceiling of an attic room emphasizes the intimacy of the space, turning it into a pleasant place for quiet times.
  • Kids' bedrooms. Use the backless sectional pieces to transform a room for two children into a comfy wonderland. Cozy tufted wall substitutes for a back.

Tiny sectional sofas can be the answer for many limited spaces. All it takes is a little visualization, a few throw pillows and a bright afghan to transform a neutral couch into something beautiful.


Buchanan Chaise Sofa Sectional

Buchanan Chaise Sofa Sectional
Soft, solid and attractive piece of furniture created for use in living rooms and other indoors. A solid construction is resistant to wear and damage. This sofa features soft, flame-resistant, removable seat cushions.

Wrh quinn sectional

Wrh quinn sectional
This sectional is a product that brings the modern style and functionality to the bedroom. It has got a detachable case that is able to switch from left to right and solid legs made of wood in an Almond finish.

Becky U Shaped Sectional By Bassett Furniture Contemporary Sectional Sofas Raleigh

Becky U Shaped Sectional By Bassett Furniture Contemporary Sectional Sofas Raleigh
For all those looking for a truly relaxing and comfortable seating arrangement for the living room this U-shaped sectional will be the right choice, since it sports a design that will let you feel close to your friends and talk to them with ease.

%22small Living%22

%22small Living%22
This beautifully refurbished living room is a combination of coziness and elegance. Big windows light up the gaps, and multifunctional furniture makes them easy to use for rest, storage and more. The whole is maintained in warm colors enchant.

Sleeper Sectional

Sleeper Sectional
It is a beautiful and extremely comfortable couch corneum, done in a modern style. It is based on metal legs. It is made in gray. It is very spreading and large, and therefore also extremely nice and cozy.

Tiny sectional sofa

Custom corner piece for space-challenged apartments. A small scale sectional sofa with puffy cushioning makes any room corner perfectly cozy. This mini sofa is wrapped in light green fabric and it stands on medium brown block feet.

Tiny sectional sofa

This simple and very pleasing sofa is a beautiful combination of solid construction, beautiful upholstery, and functionality. Interesting quilts and embroidery, give all elegance. The perfect solution for the living room and small interiors.

Modular sectional sofas for small spaces

Suitable for modern and contemporary homes, this modular sofa can be set in few different ways - as a corner sofa, or a comfy bed for two, with a convenient tray. Features gray fabric upholstery and low-profile, steel feet.

Sectionals that come in pieces

The cotton upholstery of this tiny sectional sofa- perfectly permeates the air and absorbs moisture, allowing the skin to breathe. Easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned. In addition, the blue color of the upholstery makes us drift across the sky.

Furniture for tiny houses

The sofa bed is always a great option! At day you have a comfy, contemporary L-shaped sofa with navy upholstey, at night it will be the bed with comfortable mattress and storage option.

Tiny house couch

A cozy snuggler for smaller rooms, this sectional sofa goes well with tighter spaces, such as apartments, lofts, dorms, or compact living rooms. It has nice-to-touch upholstery, 3 overstuffed back cushions, and a wooden frame with stable legs.

Small sectional sofa 4

Opt for a nice, small sectional sofa that will beautifully complete and compliment your living room and provide you and your guests with the comfortable space to sit and relax. It sports the suede, soft upholstery.

Tiny sectional sofa

It is an incredible solution to save some space in your living room. Sectional sofa that can change into a bed, providing a comfortable place to sleep it can be also a storage space. Creative!

Compact sectional sofa

Comfortable and stylish, this sectional sofa perfectly fits contemporary living rooms.Upholstered in a charcoal grey fabric and resting on a wood frame, the sofa offers over-padded back cushions, soft seats and tapered legs.

Sectionals for small apartments

Denning Small Leather Sectional - jcpenney

Tiny sofa bed

Dealing with a small living room does not have to mean resigning from a sectional. This beige one will add cosiness and warmth to the space, offering a smooth space for up to 4 people.

Sectional small space sleeper sofa chaise

Sectional Small Space Sleeper Sofa Chaise

L shaped couches for small spaces

photo above, is section of Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces ...

L shaped sofas for small rooms

This charcoal sofa sectional constitutes a tiny, yet very practical proposition for a contemporary living room. It corresponds perfectly well to the intricate, round, silver accent table.

Tiny couch

This elegant, beautiful gray corner upholstery of the loveseat is a wonderful combination of attractive covers and decorations, soft cushions and slender high legs. The perfect fit in the living room.

Image detail for small sectional sofa for small living rooms

Image detail for -Small sectional sofa for small living rooms decorating ideas - Living ...

Apartment size sectional sleeper

Aspen Black Convertible Sectional Storage Sofa Bed | Shopping - Big Discounts on Sectional Sofas

Small l shaped sofa bed

I have never known that sucha small attic could be designed so trendy. The sectional in cream color perfectly play its role, even if it consumes the majority space there. The low ceiling boost the coziness.

Slim couch

There are several colors that we think of when looking for the right tiny sectional sofa to create a cozy space. We don't often come to a turquoise shade, which is a pity! This upholstery has a dark turquoise color, a compact shape and is an excellent addition.

Recommendations for a small sectional sofa good questions apartment

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L shaped couch for small space

Gray sofa. I love the color palate

Audrey sofa sectional in chocolate 609

Audrey Sofa Sectional in chocolate $609

Ambrose designer style apartment sectional w chaise ambrose designer style

Ambrose "Designer Style" Apartment Sectional w/ Chaise: Ambrose "Designer Style" Apartment Size Sofa With Reversible Chaise

Sectional sofa beds for small spaces

Sectional sofa beds for small spaces

Brentwood classics 5742 small sectional sofa

Brentwood Classics 5742 Small Sectional Sofa

Small modern sectional sofa for small spaces

Small Modern Sectional Sofa For Small Spaces

Dorel asia small spaces sectional sofa grey

Dorel Asia | Small Spaces Sectional Sofa - Grey

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