Circle Sectional Sofa

Have you ever wanted a sectional sofa, but not the usual offerings? Well, for something different, look no further than this eclectic collection of circular sectional sofas. Complete with circle ottoman that fits nicely into the curvature of the sofa, your going to love these unique ideas in sectional sofa opportunities. And they come in many colors and available upholstery options.

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Modern black or white circle sectional

Modern black or white circle sectional
Round sectional sofa in modern style. It is upholstered with leather and finished with solid seams. Stylish addition for each living room.

Pavoncello rotunda 3 pc round sectional contemporary sectional sofas

Pavoncello rotunda 3 pc round sectional contemporary sectional sofas
Set of furniture composed of curved sofa in a shape of three-quarters circle and element, which can be used as a pouffe or coffee table. Both elements are covered with bright, delicate cloth. It will be useful not only in home, but in club too.

Divani Casa Cosmopolitan Sectional Sofa

Divani Casa Cosmopolitan Sectional Sofa
Large sectional sofa with cushioned seat and backrest areas. This sofa provides space for many people. Its backrest area is button-tufted for improved level of aesthetics. It is paired with a round ottoman.

Pavoncello Rotunda 3 Piece Round Sectional Contemporary Sectional Sofas

Pavoncello Rotunda 3 Piece Round Sectional Contemporary Sectional Sofas
This circular sofa sectional constitutes a perfect proposition for spacious living rooms and large families. It enables to gather all the people in one place, creating a comfy conversational spot.

Modern Black Or White Circle Sectional

Modern Black Or White Circle Sectional
Thanks to this circle sectional sofa, your modern living room has a chance to look different everyday. The modular sofa is upholstered in an off-white leather, has 1 matching ottoman, and allows you to adjust its segments as you please.

Cameron upholstered roll arm chaise sofa sectional

Cameron upholstered roll arm chaise sofa sectional
A sectional sofa that features a solid frame and durable legs that look attractive and provide stability. The sitting and backrest spaces feature soft, flame resistant cushions. The overall size of this sofa is 88" w x 63" d x 35" h.

Semi circle couch

A great choice for contemporary homes that is going to make your guests much more comfortable. The set features 1 semi-circular couch and 1 round ottoman. Includes a kiln-dried hardwood frame with stainless steel legs, a HR 2.0 minimum density foam filling, and non-woven ticking material upholstery.

Our advice Buying Guide

A circular sectional sofa can be used to facilitate a group meeting because no one has the head or the foot of the arrangement. It can be reconfigured to create conversation groups, and it can be used to help break up large spaces. Although it might not fit well in a small, rectangular room, it can be interesting in a large space. The circular shape goes well in an outdoor setting where a central fireplace is a feature.

What are the advantages of a circle sectional sofa?

A circle shaped sectional sofa creates options for decorating not possible with an ordinary sectional couch. No one gets the end most section – because it is round. In fact, it operates on much the same principle as King Arthur’s Round Table – no head, no foot, no reason to make someone jealous. Sadly, human relationships are rarely that simple, but the sectional could be a good start in making people comfortable.

One of the neat things about a round sectional is that it doesn’t have to stay in the circle configuration. Portions of it can be moved away. It can be given a tail, like a question mark or it can be divided into conversation groups. Two of the sections together make a quiet place for a tête-à-tête. The sections can also be configured in an S shape.

Where to use a circle sectional sofa?

A circle can be an unusual shape when fitting furnishings into a room – unless, of course, the room is round. A circular sectional could be used to break up a large space, as in a conference or lounge area. These sectional couches can be a wonderful addition to a student center lobby or just about anywhere that you can anticipate casual mingling of people.

How to style with a circle sectional sofa?

Of course, like all sofa or chair seating, the sectional pieces can be upholstered in a variety of styles. Cloth, leather or faux leather are common options, but rattan might also be used. A scattering of throw pillows can make it less formal, and a soft shawl or snuggly knit blanket can be good for snuggling. A round, matching ottoman can help pull it all together. Or you could have a fire at the center if the sectional is made of rattan for the patio. Add a few citronella tiki torches to complete the ambiance.

Bonus tip: Having a recliner or two in the circular arrangement doesn’t hurt, either. If you have gotten together with friends, one thing you can count on wanting to do is to relax. There isn’t much that will work better in that department than being able to companionably stretch out in recliners.


Circle sectional sofa

This semi-circular sofa is a perfect piece of furniture for spacious interiors. Beautiful beige upholstery and a solid wooden base blend perfectly with the golden and cream shades of the pillows. This is a comfortable place to relax for several people.

Semi circular sofa

Looking for a perfect living room set? Look no further! This grey set will work great in any interior. Wooden legs provide stability and a fashionable look. Circular shape makes it great for people who like to sit together and talk.

Circle couches

Round sectional sofa upholstered with leather. Carefully profiled back is reinforced with solid seams. Frame is made of wood. It has 8 places to sit. Great solution for each living room.

3 4 circle sectional sofa

Deciding on this circle sectional sofa, you can be sure your home decor is going to improve rapidly. Upholstered in nice-to-touch material, the sofa has many fashionable throw pillows, and tightly surrounds an ottoman wrapped in matching material.

Half circle couch

Gosh, how I'd like to have such a rounded sectional beige fabric padded sofa at my place! It's so large and cozy, inviting to sit down. I also like the accent pillows that match the floral print carpet, gold on black.

Circle sofa 4

Circle sectional sofa for indoor and outdoor applications. It can be divided into two parts. One of them features a round surface that can be used as a coffee table. Seat cushions are soft and finished in white color.



Circle couch sectional 7

A pretty traditional semi-circular sectional sofa with wooden frames and black wooden angular tapered legs. Its thick curved seats, full panel flat arms with ascending back parts joined with slanted backrests are covered in beige microfibre fabric.

Horseshoe couch

With this circle sectional sofa your large living room is going to be visually enriched in no time. Upholstered in quality material, the sofa features well-padded cushions, a bunch of stylish throw pillows and 1 matching ottoman.

Round couch bed

Make yourself comfortable with this crescent moon sectional sofa with stylish throw pillows and off-white leather upholstery. The sofa allows you to adjust its shape as you please, giving you multiple choices for enhancing your home.

Conversation pit sectional

Modern design for a half circle sofa, made in a contemporary fashion. The sofa is upholstered in faux leather material in a white color with tufted back and nicely matches the round, glass-top coffee table in front of it.

Circle sofa

Bring some comfort into your home decor, with this stunning, crescent-moon couch. Upholstery of this fine piece is made of nice-to-touch material, and the filling is going to make you to never want to get up from its seat. The back is as impressive as the rest of the couch - displaying lovely, diamond button-tufting.

Half round sofa

Sofas are the basic elements of living room sets. The most exclusive, with very large interiors, often take the shape of a crescent moon. A beautifully rounded silhouette of circle sectional sofa is enriched with a light upholstery in artificial beige leather.

Half circle couches

A pretty traditional semi-circular sectional sofa. It has 2 narrow panel arms, quite thick seats, thick removable back pillows, upholstery of fabric with a white, blue and brown geometric pattern. All parts have woody frames and low black feet.

Circle couch sectional 12

Round sectional sofa for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. It is upholstered with high quality leather and finished with solid stitching. Modern design for each home.

Circular sectional sofa image 8

Circular Sectional Sofa image 8

Circular sectional sofas 1

Circular Sectional Sofas

Semi circular curved sectional sofa milo baughman 8

Semi Circular Curved Sectional Sofa Milo Baughman

The avanti circular sofa is the perfect centerpiec 1

The Avanti Circular Sofa is the perfect centerpiec....

Circle couch sectional 1

Unique and with the ultra modern and sleek look, this sectional sofa will certainly add an extraordinary look to your living room space with its special circular design and additional ottoman for more comfort.

Semi circle sofa

An elegant modern semi-circular 4-section sofa having low round metal legs with round feet. A low slanted backrest is unified with 1 arm. There are also rectangular back and lumbar pillows. Upholstery is of red leather and leather match material.

Modern white circle sectional living room set

Modern White Circle Sectional Living Room Set

Modern sofa with unusual shape circle

modern sofa with unusual shape Circle

Circle furniture sofas

Featuring a curvilinear silhouette, presented here circle couch sectional will provides to your living room a soft sensation of lush. Its upholstery is very classic and subtle in shades of gray. Features delicate quilt.

Circle couch sectional 10

This sectional set constitutes a refined proposition for sophisticated interiors. Its round shape, surrounding the ottoman and white leather finish create the prestigious character.

Semi round sectional sofa

Half rounded sectional sofa in modern form. Frame is made of wood and upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric. Perfect solution for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Circle sectional sofa 1

Unique seat in round shape. It is covered with polyester and finished with interesting pattern. It includes extra pillows to support the lumbar spine. Perfect as additional seating or place for relaxation.

Circular sectional sofa image 7

Circular Sectional Sofa image 7

Love the intimacy of this circular sofa

love the intimacy of this circular sofa!

Round modern sofa

semi-circle sectionals - desire to inspire - - Modern from Chelsea Hing

Decoration cool blue sofa for modern living room layouts decorating

Decoration, Cool Blue Sofa For Modern Living Room Layouts, Decorating ...

Modern modular sofas couture international


Circular sectional couch

A sunken pit couch surrounding a dark metal flame table bring back atavistic racial memories of gathering around the campfire. Gray upholstery complements the black steps that provide easy access to the seating area. The effect is somewhat formal, yet cozy.

Reversible sectional sofas 1

Why not simply create a living room that will fit your style and needs with this reversible sofa chaise? It comes wrapped in light grey velvet and is perfect for the entertaining space and gathering area of your living room.

Modern white sectional sofa 1

Modern Bohemian home, cozy and hip concurrently. White sectional sofa blends with white walls and white fur floor rug. Octagonal window lets natural light in. Wooden elements allude to contemporary Scandinavian design.

Semi circle couch sofa

Circle by UNStudio. The Sofa Circle furniture piece is the sum of three distinct seating sections sinuously morphed together. The height of the back rests of each section remains constant, whilst its angle and joining seat oscillate between deep and shall

Round sofa set

Modern Black Leather Circular Sectional Sofa- Circle - Modern Sofas - Living Room Movie Room

Round sofa couch

lounge your days away in the outerbanks sectional with its extra deep seating! wrapped in a woven creamy colored fabric, you’ll never tire of this so

Perfect floral soft brown seat sectional round sofa with tufted

Perfect Floral Soft Brown Seat Sectional Round Sofa With Tufted Round ...

Circle sectional couch

Circle Sectional Sofas Design With White Cushions

Semi circular sofas sectionals

Have to have it. Coral Coast Albena All-Weather Wicker Curved Sofa Sectional Conversation Set - $1299.98

Gorgeous pair of curved milo baughman sectional sofas mid century

Gorgeous Pair of Curved Milo Baughman Sectional Sofas Mid-century Modern | From a unique collection of antique and modern sectional sofas at

Genuine italian leather curved shape sectional sofa beige

Genuine Italian Leather Curved Shape Sectional Sofa Beige