Modern Sectional Sofas For Small Spaces


Just because you have an apartment or a smaller living area doesn't mean you cannot have a quality contemporary sectional sofa specifically for you. Modern sectional sofas for small spaces are all the rage for anyone who doesn't need all of that extra seating. Great for couples and single child families. See collection for more. Take a gander at our collection and pick yours.

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Our Picks

Sectional couches for small spaces

Modern sectional sofa with a set of four comfortable pillows. Grey upholstery ensures stylish and fashionable look, while the wooden legs ensure stability and durability. A perfect sofa for a family living room.

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Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

If you have got the large living zone, you can add some comfort with this sectional sofa. It features the modern design, gray fabric upholstery, yellow cushions, and it works well with yellow arm chairs.

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Bobkona Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

Bobkona Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

Set consisting of sofa and matching ottoman. Both pieces are upholstered with bonded leather. Additionally, the sofa has plush, cushioned seat and back. The set also features appealing contemporary design.

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Henry 3 Piece L Shaped Sectional Leather

Henry 3 Piece L Shaped Sectional Leather

A high quality sectional couch that consists of three parts. It is made of solid materials and has got a foam padding for enhanced comfort. It is covered with skin that not only looks nice, but is also very resistant to damage.

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Modern sectional sofas for small spaces

A splendid choice for modern interiors, especially, those that have not much space to spare. The sectional sofa is stylishly upholstered in a grayish fabric, has button-tufted back cushions, soft seats and tapered wood legs.

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Modern Sectional Sofa

Modern Sectional Sofa

It is a modern sectional sofa that has got a gray finish. It looks amazing in bright rooms like living room, office space or guest room. If you looking for very comfortable and nice looking sofa you need to buy this one.

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Sectional sofa for small space

Often in such simplicity, family warmth is found. Gray and strong but classic and symmetrical quilting are the features of this spacious modern sectional sofa for small spaces. The chaise lounge allows you to freely adjust the form.

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Sectional sofas for small spaces

An attractive set of 1 sectional sofa and 1 matching ottoman, perfect for contemporary homes. The set includes removable cushions, espresso-finished wood legs, and an ottoman with a lift-up lid to access the storage compartment.

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Small modern sectional sofa 2

A small modern sofa having a rectilinear L-shaped metal frame with straight thin legs finished in grey. It has same level arms and a backrest (equipped with pillows) and features thickly padded tufted seats. Upholstery is of plain light grey fabric.

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Brands amazing brown small sectional sofa with contemporary style

... Brands: Amazing Brown Small Sectional Sofa With Contemporary Style

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Modern Sectional Sofas For Small Spaces

Buying Guide

Contrary to popular belief, modern sectional sofas aren’t just great for large rooms. They’re also for small spaces with their ability to maximize seating options within small condos and apartments.

As this type of furniture is considerable in size, you need to take into consideration lots of aspects to select the right sectional. Here are the crucial ones that will lead you to the perfect modern sectional sofa:

If you will be getting a chaise sectional or L-shape couch for your space, the most important thing you need to determine is whether your new furniture should be left-facing or right. The distinction is pretty simple, but it is the easiest to get wrong. Before you make a purchase, stand in front of the area where you’ll be placing your sofa. Imagine that you are facing the sofa’s front portion. Will the sofa extend to the right? If so, then get a right-facing sectional. If it extends to the left, then the right choice is one that's left-facing.

Tape out the exact shape with the exact dimensions of the sectional onto your floor. This way, you will determine whether you have enough room for maneuvering around the couch. Your new furniture must never disrupt traffic flow. As a matter of fact, it’s always crucial to draw a floor plan with a new furniture piece you are considering.

Also, be aware that with U- and L-shape sectionals, the corner seat is likely boxed in on each side which means there’s little room left for lounging legs when the sofa is almost fully occupied. If you think it’s a waste of space, then try breaking up the sectional. You can also try a round sectional to allow extra room for the legs of users.

For small apartments, a sectional is almost always broken into individual pieces not just to mix things up visually but also to ensure each corner of the room is utilized. Don't be afraid to do so as a modern sectional sofa is specifically made for such type of placement!

  • L-Shape - The L-shape sectional, as its name suggests, has an L shape from the two sofas that are merged together. You are most likely going to find a 3-cushion sofa connected to a 2-cushion with L-shape sectionals. Their design is probably the most versatile as it works well regardless of placement.
  • U-Shape - The U-shape sectional is best if there’s a large space that needs filling or if you simply want to have lots of seating options. It is perfect in fostering intimate conversations thanks to the extended arms that are facing each other.
  • Sleeper - It’s the most functional sectional. It makes room not just for sitting and lounging, but for sleeping as well! A sleeper is typically featured with a chaise sectional.

Best Ideas

Small modern sectional sofa

Sectional - great for small homes. This type of furniture is very appreciated because of the ability to function as two separate units. It can be used either as a sofa or a bed. It’s a very useful feature, especially in small rooms.

Modern small sofas

Sectional sofa in modern style. It is upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with decorative quilting on the back. It has additional pillows for added comfort. Perfect solution for small spaces.

L shaped sofa small living room

Modern sectional sofa for small spaces it's a noble and very fashionable color. It has a classic sectional shape, with one longer part acting as a chaise lounge. The blends perfectly match the additions in expressive and even bright colors.

L shaped couch small

You have small space at home, but it is your home and you know it is enough. Will be more than enough with modern sectional sofa for small spaces, with bright brown upholstery, soft structure, clean lines and tray, with an additional upholstered ottoman table.

Small sofa sectional

Great furniture arrangement for a sectional sofa

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