Purple Leather Sectional


In another fun and interesting leather couch idea, we give you the purple leather sectional sofa. Now you can have your sectional, which, who doesn't love a sectional? And it will be in a color no one will expect when they visit your home. And the eye-catching nature of purple leather will definitely start a conversation. See collection for more details.

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Purple leather is my fav!

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Purple Leather Sofas & Sectionals

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American Leather sectional in Wild Plum leather or suede

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Purple Leather Sectional

Buying Guide

Move beyond the oh-so-boring beiges and the done-to-death greys. But like a lot of homeowners, you might be skeptical about getting home that purple sofa. What if it turns out to be an expensive faux pas? Here are some factors to consider while you shop for purple leather sectionals.

A purple leather sectional will be a striking addition to your living room décor. It will make an impression as strong as any and can be the anchor for the remaining furniture pieces. And there are a gazillion hues in purple to choose from. From darker shades that can be relaxing, to bright ones that can enliven a drab setting instantly, now is the time to celebrate the many colors that leather has to offer.

A purple sofa blends easily into a room with a muted/neutral color palette. Greys and beiges usually work best. It sets a cool and soothing tone for the overall room décor. But you can always have one feature wall that matches the sofa. Or use different shades of purple to create a layered color tone in the room.

The sofa can also be propped against a white wall to create a brilliant focal point. And if you like a bohemian vibe to the décor then match it with a sharp colored wall, like orange or a neon green.

You can also use rugs, pillows, and cushions to create an eclectic mix of colors and textures that accentuate the purple sectional sofa.

Good quality leather is always a significant investment and one that deserves careful planning. You should consider the intended use of the sofa, your lifestyle and your budget before you narrow down on one.

The most luxurious variety of leather that money can buy is full grain aniline. It is sumptuous, retains the natural markings of the hide and becomes softer with time. It is dyed using soluble dyes only. But it wouldn’t stand up to a busy household with pets or kids.

Top-grain semi-Aniline is a better bet. It is low on maintenance and can almost pass for full grain leather in appearance.

And if you are shopping on a tight budget, then bonded and Faux leather might be better propositions. Faux leather in particular with its fabric base, wears hard and comes in a wide range of colors.

Before you get lost in all the permutations and combinations, consider if the sofa will fit into your space. Grab a painter’s tape and mark the outline for the sofa. Does it seem overwhelming? Does it smother the remaining furniture pieces?

Contrary to popular notion, you don’t need a cavernous room for a sectional sofa. You can just mix two pieces, like a love seat and a chaise to create a small sectional that makes the room appear less cramped than using individual seating options.

Some sectionals can have as many as five to six individual pieces and extend from wall to wall. It all depends on the size of the room, the number of people that will be using the sofa and the look that you are trying to achieve.

Tip: It helps to be aware of the commonly used terms like RAF (Right arm Facing) and LAF (Left arm facing) when you are shopping for a sectional. The placement of the arm is one of the most crucial aspects of the sectional and will determine how well the sofa works for you.

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