Print Fabric Sofas

Add vibrant colors or floral patterns to you living room with these print fabric sofas. These sofas will take you back to a time before home furniture was simple patterns and colors, to the days of attractive decorative upholstery that set the sofa and chairs apart from anyone else's. Give you house a new look with an old style in these print fabric sofas.

Best Products

Charles Schneider Altus Brick Fabric Sofa With Accent Pillows Traditional Sofas

Charles Schneider Altus Brick Fabric Sofa With Accent Pillows Traditional Sofas
Softly rounded arms, bent corners at the front and timeless elegance associated with interesting dark-brown upholstery decorated in a brick pattern. Medium hardness is a guarantee of comfort. The print fabric also contains brown-colored cushions.

Ketchem Fabric Sofa

Ketchem Fabric Sofa
Simple yet truly classy and sophisticated, this sofa comes upholstered in the rich, chocolate fabric and offers a delicate accent with the nailhead trim on the sides of the arms to make it look just a little bit more unique.


This modern and stylish sofa is going to amaze all of your guests! Check it out and enjoy the brand new and intriguing design in your living room together with the best quality and a high functionality.

Our advice Buying Guide

Print fabric sofas can come in all sorts of upholstery designs and in different styles of sofa, from the student dorm room foldout sofa to formal sofas reminiscent of the Victorian era. Sofas are large pieces of furniture that can dominate a room, so selecting the print for a fabric upholstered or even a cowhide leather sofa deserves some careful consideration, especially if the sofa is part of a set.

What are the most popular prints on fabric sofas?


Narrow, colorful stripes can be a good choice for print sofas. The stripes can coordinate with other furnishings in the room, and also with solid colored throw pillows. Thoughtful positioning of the striped sofa can pull the viewer’s eye toward a picture or a window, simply because the visual tendency is to follow the stripes.


Plaids are a popular choice for sofas that will be part of a country estate theme. They can easily make one think of Scottish hunting lodges and the like, with English gentlemen or even Scottish gentlemen taking time away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Accompanied by mounted trophies, stonework and heavy wooden furniture, a plaid sofa can be quite imposing.

Delicate Florals

Team a sofa that is upholstered in delicate floral fabric with matching chairs, or with chairs that are upholstered in a solid color that matches or complements part of the print pattern. Add solid colored pillows, and soft, demurely patterned crocheted throws for a gentle effect.

Bold Florals

Cabbage roses, thistles, hollyhocks – you name your favorite flower and picture it larger than life on your sofa. This treatment requires equally bold accouterments for the room – a large brass vase filled with peacock feathers, for example, heavy swag drapes that pick up the color of the flowers, and sturdy furniture that can stand up to such a statement as is made by a boldly patterned floral sofa.

Cow Hide

While not precisely a print (although it can be) cow hide upholstery with the fur still on can be quite a statement. Depending on the hide pattern, it can be busy or bold or both – depending on whether the cow was dappled, pinto or Holstein. To allow that pattern to pop, tone down the colors and patterns of other furniture in the room.

Other Animal Patterns

With today’s modern fabric manufacturing, you don’t need to skin an animal to enjoy nature’s patterns on your sofa. You can easily select from leopard print, zebra stripes or giraffe spots to allow your furniture to express your wild side. Just remember that such furnishings can be overwhelming if used too extensively – although if you are going for a jungle safari look while using only a camera to seek your prey, these animal prints can be just right.

Print fabric sofas can perk up a room, but they and the other furnishings in the room should be selected carefully to avoid overwhelming the viewer. Rooms that are too busy can be fatiguing to the eye and brain, so plan accessories to your sofa carefully.


Flower print sofa

Now you can decorate your living room with blooming floral patterns by using this fashionable sofa. It's very comfortable and soft, with removable seat cushions, a low profile back, wide rolled arms and a stylish skirt.

Floral print sofas

A nice-looking traditional sofa featuring a lovely upholstery of white fabric with vivid colourful floral prints. A sofa has a pillowed backrest, deep removable seats and very wide flat arms. It has a wooden frame with low brown block legs.

Julie Sofa

Julie Sofa

Floral fabric sofas

Fantastic eye-catching armchairs, sofas and chaise lounges featuring flash fabric upholstery with various, mainly geometric and floral, designs in vibrant colours. They have wooden or metal frames, upright or slanted, turned or angular legs.

Blue and white chair

Nothing so beautifully unites as white with a shade of blue - after all, nature itself indicates it when we look at the sky. Here, blue floral ornaments with a strong color decorate the traditional silhouette of the upholstered wingback armchair.

Sofa with pattern fabric

Decorate your home with a splash of striking abstraction, thanks to this exquisite sofa. Aside of the gorgeous upholstery, the sofa also brings a hand-carved, espresso-finished frame with brass nail head trim.

Floral print couches

With such striking upholstery, this sofa will enhance your room with various patterns and vivid colors. It comes with removable, over-padded cushions, and it's supported by a gray-finished wood frame.

Printed sofa

This sofa brings the fresh accent piece into your apartment. The upholstery is colorful with floral pattern. The cushioned seat is very comfortable and attractive to the living zone and bedroom.

Furniture living room interior damask fabric sofa in brown print

furniture-living-room-interior-damask-fabric-sofa-in-brown-print-with ...

Floral print fabric sofas

Having taken something from mid century interiors and some accents from 1970s hippie style, this Bohemian front room takes advantage of colorful folk motifs and varied textures (print fabric sofa) and materials.

Cancun Palm Sofa

Cancun Palm Sofa

Floral fabric sofa

Colorful mix of patterned pillows - Vintage / old teal green "granny" sofa - Sleeping cat

Bold print fabric and leather sofa

Bold Print Fabric and leather Sofa

The sofa was the first piece of furniture we bought

The sofa was the first piece of furniture we bought when we first met ...

Cotton furniture 23

Vintage 20's carved wood show Upholstered and Quiltd Designers Guild embroidered silk and cut velvets, in magenta, pumpkin spring printed cottons and plum

Patterned fabric sofas

Opt for a wide array of colorful pillows and choose something that will compliment your interior for sure. This selection will let you bring a breeze of fresh air into your interior and provide a charming, light aura to it.

Gobelin sofa sweet honey handmade two seats sofa upholstered with

Gobelin Sofa-sweet honey. Handmade two seats sofa upholstered with best quality gobelin style and velvet fabrics mix by Istanbul's namedesignstudio

Cockatoo settee o anthropologie

Cockatoo Settee • Anthropologie

Settee Loveseat

Settee Loveseat

2 pc Federico collection Silver and Damask print premium fabric upholstered tufted back design Sofa and Love seat set

Sofas with print fabric

a small settee made from vintage kilim rugs + pillows made from vintage wedding cloths from India. #CosmicStyle

Animal print ottoman

Add some influences of Asia and Africa to your interior with some help from this charming chair that offers the wide structure and the stunning zebra print of the seat and back upholstery and the beautiful nailhead trim.

Dartington sofa in a floral print velvet fabric sofas in

Dartington sofa in a floral print velvet, Fabric Sofas in ...

Modern sofa colourful printed fabric sofa designs

Modern sofa colourful printed fabric sofa designs ...

Coleridge sofa and chair in antiqued velvet print fabric

Coleridge sofa and chair in antiqued velvet print, Fabric ...

Floral pattern fabric traditional sofa loveseat set

Floral Pattern Fabric Traditional Sofa & Loveseat Set

This loveseat is upholstered in a durable floral print

This loveseat is upholstered in a durable floral print ...

Sofa flower print print fabric sofas foter thesofa

Sofa Flower Print Print Fabric Sofas Foter - TheSofa

Modern sofa colourful printed fabric sofa designs 1

Modern sofa colourful printed fabric sofa designs ...

Colorful printed fabric upholstered sofa

Colorful Printed Fabric Upholstered Sofa

Inspire q blue print fabric loveseat rich espresso

Inspire Q Blue Print Fabric Loveseat - Rich Espresso ...

Inspire q gray chevron print fabric loveseat rich

Inspire Q Gray Chevron Print Fabric Loveseat - Rich ...

Sofa slipcover in modern floral print fabric traditional

Sofa slipcover in modern floral print fabric - Traditional ...

Floral pattern fabric traditional sofa loveseat set 1

Floral Pattern Fabric Traditional Sofa & Loveseat Set