Patterned Sofa Slipcovers

To protect your furniture, especially your sofa, why not add a slipcover. They aren't the drab, lifeless color they used to be. Our patterned sofa slipcovers are actually quite attractive and will accent your sofa very nicely. They are stain resistant, and can be scotch guarded for further protection. See all of our pattern sofa slipcovers in this collection.

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Patterned sofa slipcovers

A classy and sophisticated piece that doesn't even look like a slipcover, just like a simple upholstery of your favorite sofa or chair. This piece will keep your favorite relaxation spot clean and safe for years to come.

Diy sofa covers

Retro slipcover will turn your sofa and living room into beautiful and cozy space from 50'. Floral design and light blue color of slipcover will add some colors in monotonic spaces. Looks perfect with red cushions.

Patterned sofa slipcovers 2

Printed sofa slipcovers are a fantastic way to freshen up a room or give a worn sofa a second life. It can change a new sofa that doesn’t quite go with other furnishings so that they go together well.

Patterned sofa slipcovers

There is nothing more satisfying than getting unique textiles in the trip, and decorating your home. Such are the pillows that came directly from Uzbekistan on the couch. Natural texture, hand sewing in unique orange and pink colors.

Patterned sofa slipcovers 5

Slipcovers are an excellent way to change the appearance of any suite of furniture and is especially effective with a sofa and chairs that might or might not have been matching sets. Bright fabric can brighten or unify a room.

Patterned sofa slipcovers

Ruffled slipcovers can freshen worn furniture or make disparate pieces match. Create a living room suite with yard sale or second-hand store chairs and a sofa by adding matching slipcovers or coordinated prints and solids of your choice.

Jaipur Ikat Sofa Furniture Protector

Jaipur Ikat Sofa Furniture Protector

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What are the trending patterns of sofa slipcovers?

The main current trends for patterned sofa slipcovers include modern-inspired fluting and piping lines as well as patterns relying on colors from a natural palette (such as yellow, forest green, brown, dark blue, grey, or white).

However, we actually recommend looking for a patterned sofa slipcover that goes with your specific décor style rather than following a trend that might change by the end of the year or cause your sofa to look out of place.

For example, geometrical patterns are ideal in modern rooms, white designs with flowers scream ‘shabby chic décor’, bolder global-inspired patterns work well in bohemian rooms, whereas cozy checkered slipcovers are a safe choice in traditional interiors.

Will a sofa slipcover fit on a sectional?

Slipcovers aren’t just for traditional two-seater sofas; you can source them for other furniture types, such as sectionals, recliners, armchairs, and even dining room chairs. They protect your furniture, and transform the look, and are usually very affordable.

Slipcovers in bold hues or patterned sofa slipcovers are ideal for adding a splash of color to your sectional sofa. However, to ensure a secure fit, you need to measure your sectional carefully.  

You’ll need to measure the sofa width from the outside arm to the opposite outside arm, as well as the length of the chaise, from the back of the backrest to the outside edge. You’ll also need to measure the height, the seat cushion depth and width, and the armrest length and width. Finally, measure the contours of the sectional starting from the end of the right armrest and finishing at the outside edge of the chaise.


Floral sofa slipcovers

A nice and colorful slipcover that will make any sofa look truly beautiful - this piece sports the yellow and grey plaid finish and makes for a perfect choice for when you want your piece to stay safe from stains.

Patterned sofa slipcovers 1

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This is a brand new uncut sewing pattern from the

This is a BRAND NEW, UNCUT Sewing Pattern from the U.S. ~ offered to ...

Floral slipcovers

Simple living room idea. Beautiful patterned sofa slipcovers, cool white wooden coffee table and nice white ceiling and walls trully match this cool, dark and stripped large carpet on the wooden floor.

Amelie sofa slipcover

Amelie Sofa Slipcover

This alternative to reupholstering or slipcovering fast simple maybe use

This alternative to reupholstering or slipcovering fast & simple....Maybe use natural fabrics (linen , burlap) and use rope as closures

Patterned sofa slipcovers 9 patterned sofa slipcovers

patterned sofa slipcovers 9 Patterned sofa slipcovers

Floral pattern sofas

Floral Pattern Sofas

Patterned sofa slipcovers 7

Stretch Jacquard Damask Slipcovers, Gray is the new decorator color for 2013 that's now available in this timeless favorite. The regal pattern makes a textural statement with an exquisite raised design.

Floral pattern sofa furniture slipcover ideas

floral pattern sofa furniture slipcover ideas

This timeless floral slipcover pattern brings a fresh garden feeling

This timeless floral slipcover pattern brings a fresh garden feeling ...

Choose a slipcover made from machine washable fabric for ultimate

Choose A Slipcover Made From Machine Washable Fabric For Ultimate ...

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Rooms to go sofa covers

Slipcover sofa made of fabric and decorated with sophisticated pattern. It is compatible with standard sofa. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Beeson sleeper sofa

All the old jeans that seem to you to be unfashionable, change to a jeans couch! Even better when it is pull out sleeper sofa. Beautiful blue jeans, provides cover for a comfortable sofa.Cushions and solid support in classic form with non-classic jeans finish.

Floral slip covers

Turn an ugly-patterned couch into anything you want. How to sew a custom slip-cover

Patterned couch slipcovers

Sure Fit Slipcovers Matelasse Damask One Piece Slipcovers - Sofa in White