Small Chair Slipcovers

Perhaps it's time to change the look of your living room, but buying all new furniture is expensive and time consuming. As an alternative, a slipcover for small chairs can be a quick and easy way to change the color pallet, texture or feel of any room. Just slip it on, and it fits with elastic bands under the padding. No need to toss out a perfectly good small chair.

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Matelasse Damask Box Cushion Armchair Slipcover

Matelasse Damask Box Cushion Armchair Slipcover
Change up the look of your chair in seconds using this premium quality slipcover. The polyester blend material is thick yet luxurious and exudes a slight sheen, with the floral damask pattern infusing a sophisticated flair. Has an informal but trim look that’d look amazing in a shabby chic interior.

Seersucker Box Cushion Armchair Slipcover

Seersucker Box Cushion Armchair Slipcover
Coming in an array of stunning finishes, this cozy slipcover is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex. Polyester accords durability and tear-resistant qualities, while the spandex allows it to stretch and mold to any seat to a T. It features an elastic in the seat seam so that you can tuck it in place.

Patchwork Scalloped Printed Box Cushion Recliner Slipcover

Patchwork Scalloped Printed Box Cushion Recliner Slipcover
This reversible slipcover spots an eye-catching floral pattern in pretty colors. The scalloped bottom hem adds a graceful finish and it’s easy to clean, making it a practical choice. It comes with an elastic strap that hooks into a piece at the back to make sitting fuss-free.

Reeves stretch 4 piece recliner slipcover

Reeves stretch 4 piece recliner slipcover
A high quality slipcover that was designed for use with different pieces of furniture responsible for providing comfort. It is a product that is available in many colors, so it is able to completely change the appearance of armchairs.

Stretch Jersey Chair Slipcover

Stretch Jersey Chair Slipcover
Aesthetic contemporary slipcover crafted of durable elastic brown fabric with a solid pattern. It's designed for armchairs with thick backs and seats as weel as rolled arms. It's machine washable and tumble dryed.

Small chair slipcovers

Add a chair cover to your household to ensure that it will stand the test of time and never lose on its looks. This piece sports the navy finish and is made from the stronest materials to make it as useful as possible.

Where can i buy a slipcover for a swivel rocker

Where can I buy a slipcover for a swivel rocker barrel chair?

Our advice Buying Guide

So the small chair that came bundled with your plush IKEA sofa has borne the brunt of your pet’s paws and your child’s fascination with painting. It’s looking like a pale shadow of its former self. But you don’t want to do away with it yet.

Maybe it’s your favorite multipurpose chair that’s still got a few years left in it. Maybe you got it custom made for that cozy corner. Give it a brand new set of clothes, aka Slipcovers.

Slipcovers are the easiest way to salvage your sofa, chair, recliner or anything else that’s starting to become an eyesore. And if you just conjured up images of ill fitting, slouchy covers that resemble an oversized pant, stop right there.

Slipcovers have evolved and you can very well find one that looks custom made for your chair without costing and arm and a leg. Here’s a guide to finding the right one for your small chair.

Did the chair come with a slipcover?

If yes, then you are in luck. It might very well be a templated slipcover and you can easily find a replacement for it, in the store that you bought the chair from.

There are many aftermarket sellers too for popular furniture brands. However, if it’s an upholstered chair, then you might have to make do with a readymade slipcover, which might or might not be the right fit.

Also called a universal slipcover, these are slightly loose and are designed to fit all types of furniture including specialized types of chairs and sofas, like a wing backed one. These are readily available in most big box stores in a variety of materials and designs.

The only possible downside to them, (if you consider it a downside that is), is that these are sized at least 10-20% larger than the chair and you might have to tuck it neatly into the corners.

What are the benefits of made-to-measurement chair slipcovers?

If aesthetics scores over pricing for you, then go for made-to-measurement small chair slipcovers. These will give you the perfect, form fitting look that you seek. It’s as good as having a new upholstered cushion for your small chair.

Most retailers will send someone over to measure your chair. But some online retailers need you to measure the chair yourself and upload the measurements online. In this case, grab a measuring tape and go to work. Take detailed measurements across the back, the height and width and the depth.

How to select the fabric for your chair slipcovers?

If the old slipcover or upholstery got battered sooner than you expected, then you’d want to make a better fabric choice the second time around.

  • Denim, canvas and cotton duck are reasonably priced, extremely durable and require zero upkeep. However, it’s difficult to get a form fitting cover made with these fabrics. The fit is usually on the looser side.
  • If the chair is rarely used, then a fabric like polyester can provide you the aesthetics you seek. It’s reasonably priced and available in hundreds of colors and finishes.

When ordering slipcovers online, always request for samples. Most online retailers will provide 8-10 samples for you to review.


Barrel chair slipcover

barrel chair slipcover

Small chair slipcovers 2

Classic arm chair upholstered with nice touch fabric. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more. Neutral design for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Has anyone tried this it could save a lot of

Has anyone tried this?! It could save a lot of money and I wouldn't have to cringe when anyone sees our disgusting light beige couch...hmmm, well i couldn't make it any worse i suppose

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Click thumbnails to view larger images.

Overstuffed chair covers

How easy is it to extract a new quality from the furniture and automatically the interior? On an old chair, put on a new slipcover for the club chairs made of strong cotton, with an interesting texture.The light beige color will fit into the classic interiors.

Small vintage chair

Set of furniture intended to living-room or your cosy cubby-hole in studio flat. It is composed of little wooden coffee table, armchair and pouffe. Both pouffe and chairs are covered of white plush coverlet.

Loving the tailored box pleats and cute little ties

Loving the tailored box pleats and cute little ties .

Karlstad small armchair long skirt slipcover

Karlstad Small Armchair, Long Skirt Slipcover

Small chair slipcover

small chair slipcover

Small wingback chair slipcover t cushion canvas soft weave linen

Small Wingback Chair Slipcover T-Cushion - Canvas Soft Weave - Linen L ...

Chair t cushion slipcovers chair slipcovers in slipcovers lowest

Chair T-cushion Slipcovers Chair Slipcovers in Slipcovers - Lowest

Small chair slipcovers

Delicate ornaments, white classic color, soft material - that is definitely the most stylish and comfortable armchair cover in the world. Classic look makes it universal for most room decors. Easy to keep it clean.

Striped panel curtains 8

Classic: Slipcovered Lee chairs, striped panels, jute rug, and apothecary floor lamp... never goes out of style

Small chair slipcovers

Stretch Pique Wingback Chair Slipcover Color Balsam Green from Easy ...

Small chair slipcovers 9

Easy slipcovers (Miss Mustard Seed)

Fairbanks slipcover chair khaki stripe 1

Fairbanks Slipcover Chair - Khaki Stripe

Havana slipcover chair 1

Havana Slipcover Chair

2 piece wingback chair slipcovers slipcover chair and ottoman

2 Piece Wingback Chair Slipcovers | Slipcover chair and ottoman

Stretch Microfleece Chair Slipcover

Stretch Microfleece Chair Slipcover

Small chair slipcovers 1

Wingback Chair Covers on George Wing Chair Small

While slipcover add vogue with one free slipcover skills ready

while slipcover add vogue with one free slipcover skills ready made ...

Small chair slipcovers 11

If you aren't rich, you have to look for inexpensive solutions, which help to meet your needs. This linen slipcover protects your furniture and when composed well could look as good as a standard upholstery.

Small chair slipcovers

Small glider chair that provides good comfort to anyone. It is paired with an ottoman that can be used as a pouf or footrest. These elements are finished with white pattern on gray background, so they look attractive in any home design.

Barrel chair slipcovers

Make sure you treat your furniture well by adding slipcovers such as this one, perfect for a wingback chair. It offers a strong structure to ensure that it works well and protects the upholstery fabric from stains.

Jersey Chair Slipcover

Jersey Chair Slipcover

Cross leg table

If you're willing to you a step further to make sure your home provides you with the best solution for limited space then simply put a small desk behind your sofa and use this section as your work area.

Small chair slipcovers

We should take care of furniture- and thus can be from time to time give them a different style with slipcovers - like these one for small chair presented on the photo. Made of white pure cotton that is exceptionally durable, machine washable and pet friendly.

Slipcovers for small chairs

Verandah House Interiors: A Recent Project [May 16 2013] (I like the beachy blue and white cabana-stripe bar-stool slipcovers.)

So come back next week for the finished slipcover

So come back next week for the finished slipcover.

Small chair slipcovers 13

Sometimes updating your window shades is a very effective and low-cost solution to remodeling. Pin now for some of our favorite window treatments:

Shabby chic sofa covers

Classic arm chair with wingback. Frame is made of wood. It is covered with fabric and decorated with checkered pattern. Great for watching TV, reading books, playing console, and more.

Small chair slipcovers

Kitchen makeover in all white! Love the fabric on the chairs. Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Small chair slipcovers

Slipcovered chair in bedroom. This would work in any room! from At Home in AK magazine.

Small chair slipcovers 1

slipcovered settee the fabric and the pleated trim

Small chair slipcovers 4

Tutorial on making a small ottoman/stool cover out of a vintage tea towel, some trim and a little sewing...

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Small chair slipcovers

The 4 Chair arrangement is perfect for the bay area of the dining room turned Quiet Room.

Majestic Home Goods Wales Bean Bag, Small, Chocolate

This equipment is a high quality bean bag chair that has got a small size, so it saves plenty of space in the house. It is filled with very soft materials that are comfortable and supportive. The product has got an attractive chocolate color.

Small chair slipcovers 8

Slip covered parsons chairs, darker table. Lower the lighting (the scale is too small for this room).

Small chair slipcovers

PB Teen Addison Square Uposltered Headboard + Slipcover (349 headboard) (149 slipcover) 591.80 total

Small chair slipcovers 12

Favorite Pins Friday! | Beneath My Heart

Small chair slipcovers

Kitchen & dining chair slipcovers, custom made for small, low-seat chairs. Here: sewn of thick, cream fabric. The armchairs visible on the photo have specifically tall backrests, so it occured necessary to have slipcovers sewn to order.

Small chair slipcovers

Cottage style home decorating ~ opened window, arched curtains, paint color, shabby chair and funiture ~ From : Hydrangea Hill Cottage