Queen Anne Chair Covers

Queen Anne chairs are such a classic and elegant piece for a home, but sometimes they don't fit with the other furniture. Don't toss them. Cover them with our offering of Queen Anne chair covers. In soft, durable and machine washable fabric, these covers won't only change the look of your chairs, but also protect them from spills or wear from use over time.

Best Products

Stretch Stripe Wing Chair Slipcover

Stretch Stripe Wing Chair Slipcover
This Stretch Stripe T-Cushion slipcover for wingback chairs is available in a range of shades. It can fit with most wingback-style armchairs. Made from premium-quality materials, it will serve its role for years. Has the size of 45''H x 32''W x 30''D.

Reeves Stretch One Piece Wing Chair T-Cushion Slipcover

Reeves Stretch One Piece Wing Chair T-Cushion Slipcover
This one-piece Reeves Stretch T-cushion slipcover for wingback chairs enchants with its charming, traditional appeal. Finished with a delicate mesh pattern. Designed with elastic corners for a better fit. Machine washable.

Twill Supreme Wing Chair Slipcover

Twill Supreme Wing Chair Slipcover
An elegant and delicate slipcover for chairs. It's all white which makes it look very contemporary and it can match most decors with this particular set of features. It looks fresh and beautiful.

Parsons Chair Slipcover Pdf Format

Parsons Chair Slipcover Pdf Format
Handmade and with the ample amount of elegance and chic about them, these Parsons chair slipcovers offer a nice way of making your interior a bit more colorful and even more original with their pastel colors and fun patterns.

Pet Wingchair/Recliner Cover

Pet Wingchair/Recliner Cover
Cool contemporary cover designed for protection wingback armchairs and recliners against pets. It's made of durable soft foam-padded brown polyester with box tufting. It can be machine-washed and tumble dryed.

Cotton Duck Shorty Dining Chair Slipcover

Cotton Duck Shorty Dining Chair Slipcover
Slipcover for dining chair made of cotton. Additionally, it features box cushion design and thanks to the use of cotton the slipcover is machine washable. It's also adjustable, which makes it fitting also smaller chairs.

Burlap bow or burlap pew bow a rustic

Burlap bow or burlap pew bow a rustic
Personalized chair cover in rustic style. It is made of nice touch fabric and finished with decorative ribbon. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Great addition for wedding and others occasions.

Our advice Buying Guide

Chair covers have been used for decades, and you will already have seen them on many pieces of furniture in a huge variety of styles and designs. While not as popular as they used to be, you can still buy Queen Anne chair covers for your favorite piece of furniture.

Why have chair covers?

  • To protecting your chairs. This is arguably the most common reason for buying chair covers. Protecting your chairs from dust, dirt and general damage is highly important, especially if you have an antique or expensive item. A chair cover can be replaced for a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay out for your entire chair to be replaced or repaired.
  • To revamping old chairs. It's a great way to revamp your old furniture, so if you have any chairs that you were thinking of throwing away or giving to charity, hold off until you've explored Queen Anne chair covers and the amazing effect that they can have in transforming unwanted furniture. Apart from making your chairs look better, investing in covers for them can also enhance the value by a huge amount, making it easy to sell your antique furniture at auctions or markets.
  • Keeping the dining room tidy. Aside from protecting your living room chairs with covers, you can also buy them for your dining room chairs. Since the kitchen is the most risky place to be in terms of damage to furniture and making messes and spillages, it's important that you look after the furniture you have in this room, particularly if you have invested a lot of money into it. Chair covers in the dining room are a handy and practical addition, and you can buy them to match the rest of your kitchen décor.

How to personalize Queen Anne chair covers?

You can buy covers which are already made, or you can purchase personalized and customized chair covers which are the perfect way to really make your home unique to you. You could create chair covers using sentimental items such as your child's old clothing or the clothes of somebody close to you. Alternatively you can commission them to be made using fabric which means a lot to you, either by the words written on it or another feature such as music notes or special memories.

Do you need a professional to fit the chair covers?

While some chair covers require a professional to fit and secure them, there are many which don't. You can cover the chair yourself if you purchase one which is cut for home use. You can easily take the cover off to wash it and then put it back on as you wish.

How do you measure the chair for Queen Anne slipcovers?

If you buy covers which are already made, ensure that you check the size rather than simply guessing whether it will fit your chairs or not. Measure the height of the chair back from above the top of the chair legs to the top of its back. Then measure the width of the back, from one side to the other. Good quality Queen Anne covers can be expensive and difficult to get hold of, so take some measurements before you commit to any purchases. If you're struggling to find the right size, remember that you can always cut down larger covers, whereas it's more difficult to make a small cover fit.


How to recover a queen anne chair

Elegant tight contemporary covers for armchairs having tall gently arched backs, S-curved wings, low rolled out arms and square seats. They are crafted of quality soft stretchable suede in blue shades with beautiful floral patterns.

Loose covers for queen anne chairs

Enhance your interior design with this stunning Queen Anne chair that rests on an espresso-finished wood frame with curvy front- and flared rear legs. It's upholstered in a white fabric with leafy motif, and comes with a soft seat cushion, rolled arms and nail head trim.

Queen anne chair cover

If you want to protect your chairs, you need the slipcovers. These are designed in Queen Anne style and they are very easy to care for and machine washable. Trust me, they look beautiful.

Wing back chair covers

The beautiful Anne-style chair cover is an excellent way to create an attractive interior design. Beautiful ruffle pulling down the bottom and matching elements on the armrests and backrest create a perfect fit.

High seated chairs

Featuring a smooth grey upholstery and ornate beige legs, this Queen Anne Chair is a classic proposition for classic interiors. Wingback design will for sure enchant those who remember the times when these chairs were the embodiment of chic.

Queen anne arm chair covers

queen anne arm chair covers

Queen anne chair covers

Transform your old Anne chair into something new and stylish by choosing this lovely chair cover. Designed of a premium fabric and spiced up with floral patterns, the cover is easy to use and machine-washable.

Queen anne chair covers

Chair cover decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of soft fabric and finished with seams. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant design for dining room, living room and more.

Dining room chair slipcovers pottery barn

Although it is a very delicate Queen Anne chair cover - despite its pastel pink, beige and white shades it has something unique. Weave various embroidery and decorations. Belts, flowers, embroidered crosses.

Andy queen anne style recliner

Andy Queen Anne Style Recliner

Slipcovers for queen anne chairs

Stylish wingback chair mounted on faux bamboo legs. It is upholstered with fabric and finished with geometric pattern. Ideal for reading books, watching TV and more. Classic form and modern design.

Queen anne chair covers 4

Tea on the green hill - is associated with an unforced order, direct and English design. This can be seen in canvas queen anne chair covers, embroidered with colorful and delicate flowers. Chairs take on new life, only their wooden legs stick out.

How to update queen anne furniture

With such a fashionable slipcover like this one, your Queen Anne chair is going to be much more beautiful. Made of a snow-white fabric, the cover is easy to use, machine-washable, and has a lovely skirt decorating the whole bottom.

Queen anne chair covers 2

Bring timeless accents into your home with this gorgeous Queen Anne chair with beautifully sculpted wood legs surrounded by brass nail head trim. The chair is upholstered in a grayish fabric, has rolled arms, a softt seat cushion, and a comfy back designed in wingback style.

Chairs covers

Dress your chair up in a customized fashion and expand your interior colors palette. Sew your own chair slip cover. Discover a tutorial that demonstrates how to do this. Slipcover tutorial for a side dining chair.

Sure Fit Twill Supreme Full Length Dining Room Chair Cover, White

This full length cover is suitable to use with classic side chair and will add elegance to any dining room. It was made of sleek, high quality pure cotton in soft white finish. It can be easy install and wash in washing machine.

Slipcover for queen anne sofa

Vintage Wing back Chair - barely used Vintage Chair with Queen Anne legs, great shape! kept covered