French Country Chairs


The elegant feel of the a lovely upholstered chair and the feel of a quite french countryside all in one. This collection features a wide variety of lovely chairs that will bring charm and elegance to your home, no matter where you reside.

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Our Picks

Antique or vintage French country chairs

Antique or vintage French country chairs

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

With French country style dating back to the 17th century, it’s only natural that an antique touch will be a natural match for your new armchair.

If you already own other opulent pieces of furniture, you could consider a Louis XV or XVI style with the most decorative solid wood design full of carvings and recognizable motifs.

Alternatively, you could just give a tasteful nod to this style’s origin by opting for a retro twist with harmonious lines and legs.

$303.99 $419

French country chairs in pastel colors

French country chairs in pastel colors

Kelly Clarkson Home

We bet it won’t come as a surprise that the most typical French country palettes consist of the colors of nature and, more precisely, of the Provençal countryside: blue, green, yellow, pink, red, straw…

However, they aren’t usually bright and heavily saturated but rather delicate and pastel-colored.

Choosing an accent chair in one of these hues will immediately highlight your commitment to this style.


French country armchairs in neutral colors

French country armchairs in neutral colors

Kelly Clarkson Home

If your living room palette is already bursting with noticeable shades, you can avoid an overwhelming feel by focusing on neutral colors instead, another popular choice in French country homes.

White, cream, beige… as long as you stay away from the darkest hues, your new chair will complement your seating area divinely.

$539.99 $1099.67

French upholstered chairs

French upholstered chairs

Kelly Clarkson Home

It’s rare to find leather in the most #pinteresting French country living rooms: fabric upholstered chairs are key with this style!

To further enhance your home’s connection to the countryside and the rural world, prioritize natural materials like linen, cotton, or the most iconic French toile chairs with patterns.

Alternatively, if you’d rather put budget and practicality first, synthetic materials like polyester offer a wide range of elegant-looking options, nowadays.

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French linen armchair

French linen armchair

One Allium Way®

Intrigued by the natural fabric idea? An article on French country chairs wouldn’t be complete without a spotlight on linen.

Not only is this one of the most immediately recognizable fabrics for this style, but it will add a sense of sophistication without straying away from some romantic rustic charm.

Plus, French linen armchairs are durable, moisture-resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable. What more could you ask for?!

$721.97 $2137.5

French upholstered chair in a tufted design

French upholstered chair in a tufted design

One Allium Way®

Some popular options when it comes to French style chairs involve either monochrome or patterned designs with motifs from the countryside.

However, a clever compromise between the two could be to stick to a monochrome style but with a tufted finish that creates a more interesting focal point.

$2199.99 $3084

Provincial French sitting chair

Provincial French sitting chair

Another exquisite take on the French country style consists of Provençal interiors: while the former tends to be more elegant and sophisticated, the latter amplifies its rustic and casual inspiration.

If that sounds closer to your vision, be sure to prioritize natural wooden designs when choosing your new French country arm chair.

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French country accent chairs in a light wood finish

French country accent chairs in a light wood finish

Given this style’s connection to the countryside and its natural inspiration, you’ve probably already figured out that wood plays a central role.

You can obviously find French chairs in all kinds of finishes. However, to better complement your pastel palette and maintain an airy feel, we especially recommend country French chairs in lighter ones.

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French country wingback chair

French country wingback chair

Canora Grey

With its harmonious lines and majestic design, the wingback twist is another hot take on French country chairs.

We think you’d especially love French provincial wingback chairs if you’re after an elegant but versatile result and are looking to create a particularly cozy corner.

Consider their size too, though: their noticeable interruption of your room’s visual flow might not be the best in small settings.

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French country style chair for smaller living rooms

French country style chair for smaller living rooms

Modway Inc.

An easy trick to get the most out of your available living room space without making it look more crowded than it already is? Choosing a French country armchair with a much lower back!

Since it’s likely to be lower than your sofa’s, remember our initial decorative advice: match its color and/or its style.

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French Country Chairs

Buying Guide

If country chairs have taken your fancy and you're looking to purchase some for your home, think about the factors which are involved that should be considered beforehand. With many appealing features, including beautiful designs, it's certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.

The benefits of handmade French Country Upholstered Chairs?

With items like upholstered chairs, the option to choose a handmade trader is most certainly an option and a very appealing one. The great thing about going to a company or individual who will hand make the chairs for you is that you can get exactly what you want. This may mean that you want individual sizes for the chairs, so that you can order the perfect sizes for your children and other family members. There are many benefits to working with professional designers and carpenters in order to get the furniture you want.

Is it a good idea to reupholster French Country Chairs?

Many people looking to buy French country upholstered chairs do so because they like a very specific style of chair. While the style is unique and beautiful, the pattern and design you choose is equally important. Reupholstering furniture like this can be costly, which is why it's a good idea to get it right the first time. Apart from saving you money in the long run, you'll be extremely happy with your new furniture and won't have to worry about choosing another design. If you are having the chairs customized, you can choose your own design, either by asking the designer to work with you to come up with something perfect or by submitting your own design of choice for them to use.

Where to put French Coutry Upholstered chairs?

You've probably already considered it, but you need to know where your chairs are going in the home before you buy them. For the dining room, think about how many chairs you will need for the table, whether you want to buy a matching table and also what size they need to be in order to fit comfortably around the table while still giving everybody the space that they require. For the living room, upholstered chairs are generally larger and more comfortable to relax in the evening, but ultimately you'll need to consider your home specifically and think about the requirements.

How to style with French Country Upholstered Chairs?

Upholstered country chairs are such a traditional model and design of chair that it has become timeless and therefore it's possible to buy these chairs in almost any style. Decorating your home in a vintage fashion means that you can have real traditional and classic chairs to accompany the décor. A modern home doesn't have to miss out on these chairs, however, since a modern fabric will soon transform the appearance of the chairs into an elegant and attractive modern set of furniture. You can even choose to go somewhere in between, and with the option to have fabric, leather or another material of your choice, you truly can make the chairs exactly what you're looking for.

Best Ideas

French Country Chic Style Cream Taupe Fabric Wing Back Armchair Cabriole Legs

French Country Chic Style Cream Taupe Fabric Wing Back Armchair Cabriole Legs

French styled armchair with a durable wooden frame with some decorative curves and carvings. It features a comfortable, cushioned seat and a durable backrest with arms. Gray color is neutral and matches any decor.

Autumn in paris vintage armchair in ivory

Autumn in paris vintage armchair in ivory

This type of element is an armchair that has got a very interesting pattern - it looks stylish in any decor. The product has got a solid wooden frame and very soft seat and backrest cushions for enhanced comfort.

Bobkona Ansley Blended Linen Arm Chair

Bobkona Ansley Blended Linen Arm Chair

It is the arm chair, which was arranged in connection to the old furniture. It is entirely covered with a linen cloth. As a result, it becomes more delicate, pleasant to the touch and very convenient. It has profiled backrest.

French country upholstered chairs 1

Truly beautiful, mostly thanks to the charming curved design of the frame and the original, charming upholstery - this arm chair will become a focal point of your room and thanks to the thick padding of the seat will be a more than comfortable.

French country upholstered chairs

A lovely French country toile chair will help you to add some style and comfort and to create the cozy nook. The creamy floral pattern on pink upholstery is stylish and very feminine. I want to have it!

French country upholstered chairs 2

Stylish arm chair as additional place to sit or sit for relaxation in the living room, bedroom and more. It is made of wood and covered with pleasant to the touch fabric.

French Country Bastille Dark Gray Linen Salon Armchair

This arm chair is deigned to beautify your living room area. It has got a beautiful dark grey linen upholstery, stylish design and cushioned seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort.

Pair Bertha French Country Scalloped Back Dining Chairs

It is a Pair Bertha dining chair that has got a scalloped back and French country style. It is a fantastic addition to your dining room and kitchen area.

Elliott French Country Barnwood Gray Wing Back Salon Chair

It is a wing back salon chair that has got a sophisticated look, French country design, weathered barn wood grey and birch wood construction. It is a fantastic addition to your living room.

Rama French Country Blue Stripe Linen Club Chair

Add style, elegance, beauty and comfort to your living room and family room with this amazing club chair. It has got a blue stripe linen upholstery, french country design and very comfortable seat.

French country chairs

With its faded blue toile backs and ticking pillow seats, this vintage upholstered chair embodies the charm and warmth, typical for the French country style. Silver painted frames add a refined, eclectic character to the whole construction.

Red upholstered chairs 6

What a wonderful setup for a home library, with a beautiful set of black, upholstered armchairs with buttery fabric, which gives the room a traditional look, and a cosy, red and white rug to top it all off!

French country stools

French style for a rustic, country club armchair made out of birch wood with a distressed, subtle coat of white paint and wheels on the bottom. The upholstery of the chair is fitted with a script print, giving it a unique look.

Dafny French Country Empire Camel Back Dining Arm Chair

Arm chair with design inspired by classic French furniture. Additionally, it's made of solid carved elm wood, which provides durability and sturdiness. The chair also has carved acanthus leaf details on front legs and arms.

Chateau chair 8

I love this French country stylization in a living room. Large sofa includes soft seat and backrest cushions supported by solid frame. This neutral white element is paired with a comfortable wooden chair that includes padded and cushioned elements.

French country dining chairs

The elegant chair in French country style. The lovely cream and grey color scheme fits to many types of interiors. The backrest had been decorated with very precise embroidery, what makes this piece of furniture a real masterpiece.

Found a sofa and love seat in gingham gotta get

Found a sofa and love seat in gingham, gotta get soon

Highland house furniture 4076 73 rue de provence banquette

Highland House Furniture: 4076-73 - Rue de Provence Banquette

Rue du Bac French Country Chocolate Velvet Feather Chair

This type of chair is a piece of furniture that introduces a French country style into the house. The overall size of this armchair is 35.5 inches high x 40 inches wide x 28 inches deep. It has got a durable wooden frame.

Madeleine French Country Oval Gray Linen Dining Arm Chair

Boasting French country influences and stylishly weathered look, this dining arm chair is at home in rustic or cottage styled interior. Its horseshoe seat and oval backrest are upholstered with gray linen. The arms are padded.

Country french chairs

× via Trouvais, a stunning chair, pillows & curtain… / #interior #furniture

French country arm chairs 4

Looking glamorous in one's dining room, this pair of ladderback armchairs represent the gorgeous French cottage style. Gently curved silhouettes are available in a variety of woods and finishes. Each of the chairs measures 24W x 20D x 41H inches.

French upholstered chairs

Here's an ingenious way to renovate a simple wooden arm chair with oval backrest: a unique beige fabric with French script pattern gave the whole a stylish retro vibe that emphasizes the classic form.

White french armchair

Embodying the charming French cottage house, this button tufted wingback chair can be characterized with its ornamental silhouette, full of gentle curves and volutes. The whole construction is finished in a warm gray.