French Bergere Chairs


Elegant and stylish, French Bergere chairs are a wonderful way to accent your home. Sit in them; they are very comfortable. Or don't and use them as a nice piece of the decor. Either way, you will never regret having added one of these to your decorative scheme and that is a promise. Just be sure to protect them. See our collection for all the options.

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Our Picks

19th c antique french wingback bergere chair

19th c antique french wingback bergere chair

Richly decorated arm chair in French style. It is mounted on wooden frame finished with carefully made carvings and upholstered with soft fabric. It includes extra pillow for added comfort.

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Bergere chair

With this spectacular chair, you won't have to worry about the appearance of your living room, anymore. This elegant piece rests on sturdy wood legs that accommodate a soft white seat cushion. The back is touched by an ergonomic design, while the armrests are padded for extra comfort.

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Pair french louis xiv bergere chairs

Pair french louis xiv bergere chairs

Add this stunning pair of Louis XIV chairs to your interior for a true elevation of style and charm. They come with the durable reupholstered frames in the taupe mohair velvet finish, making for a nice way of brightening up any room.

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French bergere chairs 2

So romantic! White French country style arm chair with wide cushioned ottoman (they create a decently wide chaise lounge together) are set by the large window. The stone floor makes the interior complete.

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Fine french art deco giltwood bergere circa 1920

Fine french art deco giltwood bergere circa 1920

A classy bergere type of chair in the Art Deco style. An antique piece of furniture from the 1920's that features a shabby, steel construction with a gloss finish and a deep seat with white leather upholstery.

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French bergere chairs 1

Stylish french country chair with beautiful upholstery. Handmade from wood, so you know it’s durable. Medium size fits all ages, and the beautiful trim makes it a real gem. Because of soft cushion, this chair is comfortable and healthy for your back.

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French bergere chairs 7

Some people said that the wingback armchair is the definition early XX century style. But when you mix it on the intelligent way with the another accessories, it could fit also to the modern interior.

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Massoud bespeckled bergere chair traditional chairs

Massoud - "Bespeckled Bergere" Chair traditional chairs

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Louis XV Bergere Arm Chair

Louis XV Bergere Arm Chair

Royal armchair with hand-made upholstery. Sophisticated design with carefully made carvings. It offers a large surface area for the seat. A stylish addition to the living room and more.

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Gold french chair

French stylization in the living room. These solid chairs feature durable wooden frames with carved accents. They include solid and stylish mesh backrests. These chairs also include white seat cushions that ensure relaxation and comfort.

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French Bergere Chairs

Buying Guide

French Bergere chairs are antique designs that can bring the magic of French elegance into your home. The chairs come in different types and are mostly purchased for the interior décor value they have. A Bergere chair is a type of upholstered armchair that can be traced back to the 18th century. It features closed sides around the arms and the back. The Bergere chairs are considered to be the first chair designs to fully focus on comfort and relaxation but ever since they have evolved to offer much more than that.

There are three main types of French Bergere chairs that you can find today. Each of these options can work in any space and it’s just a matter of picking something that appeals to you personally.

Bergere a la Reine

The Bergere a la Reine is a common and popular choice due to its high armrests and a comfortable flat back. The back is also quite high compared to the other types. It features a straight top with unique and beautiful sloping sides around the arms. The chair is also broader giving you enough space in-between. The upholstery is different but the fabric is very common with the Bergere a la Reine.

Bergere en Cabriolet

The Bergere en Cabriolet is relatively more vintage compared to the Bergere a la Reine. It comes with a simple rounded back which tends to be lower too. The lower height is matched with lower curved armrests. The rounded back is quite comfortable. The chairs also lie very low. However, it’s the vintage look that appeals to most people when it comes to the Bergere en Cabriolet.

Bergere Marquise

The Bergere Marquise is a petite design that usually has a low and curved back. The back seamlessly connects with the armrests. It’s also higher but thinner compared to the other two options above. The biggest difference though between the Bergere Marquise and the other options is the size. The chair is smaller in many aspects.

There are many chairs in the market that have tried to emulate the French Bergere design. If you’re looking for something authentic, you will need to identify a quality chair from the rest.

Here’s a simple guide to help:

  • The legs of the French Bergere chairs will often feature H or X shaped stretchers. This gives them a heavier look compared to traditional chairs.
  • The designs also have a unique level of rigidity. The armrests will extend to the front while the seatbacks are upright. In some cases, the back might be curved along its width but it will still be straight from down up.
  • French Bergere chairs also have a dramatic effect. The silhouette appeal is combined with a grand throne-like design. The chairs are fully upholstered except the frames which come in different vintage designs.

The royalty feeling you get from the French Bergere chairs is unmatchable because the chairs were actually quite popular with French royalty years ago.

Best Ideas

Very traditional bergere style by hickory white

Very Traditional Bergere Style by Hickory White

Cane bergere chair

Accent chair for watching TV reading books and more. Upholstery is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with striped pattern. Includes extra pillow for spine support.

Bergere armchairs

Oval Back Bergere Armchair - Oak Armchair, Dining Room Chair, Writing Desk Chair | Soft Surroundings

Bergeres chairs

If you want to experience the true feeling of comfort, try to sit in this gorgeous, French armchair. The frame is crafted from durable wood, and weathered for vintage appearance. The armrests are covered with a purple fabric, just as the chair's back and very soft seat cushion.

French bergere chair

I love the floral pattern located on a seat cushion, backrest and other elements of this chair. It stands on a very solid wooden frame with some carved details for enhanced aesthetics. It also looks very nice thanks to its decorative nailheads.

Louisa bergere chair

Vintage design for an old-fashioned armchair made in a Victorian style with a winged back made out of a wicker material. The armchair has a plushy and comfortable seat cushion upholstered with a velvet fabric in a purple colour.

Bergere chair 9

This Bergere chair constitutes oozes with its cottage, shabby chic character. Upholstered in linen, with hand-woven rattan back, this armchair combines solidness and smooth, elegant appeal. Measures 30"L x 32"D 37"H.

Fontaine swedish gustavian shabby chic french bergere chair

Fontaine Swedish Gustavian Shabby Chic French Bergere Chair

Pair of swedish art deco bergeres oval rosewood panels

Pair of swedish art deco bergeres oval rosewood panels

With the solid stained birch frames and the oval rosewood inserted side panels these two art deco bergeres will prove to be a sublime addition to your home decor, allowing for both comfort and significant style upgrade.

Leonide Limed Gray Oak Linen French Canopy Balloon Chair

It is a Leonide French canopy balloon chair that is a fantastic and comfortable addition to your living room, bedroom, family room, guest room and other. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Ooh white flowers gray dining room furniture natural wood and

ooh white flowers, gray dining room furniture, natural wood and vintage things...heaven!

Louis xv bergere

Beautiful color scheme - love the vintage white finish around the edges of the beautiful molding - Massoud

Antique bergere chairs

Cottage style for a French living room setup furnished with a single armchair made in an antique fashion out of white-painted wood with a distressed coat and a blue, nautical upholstery which nicely fits in with the small end table.

Petit salon bergere chair traditional chairs

Petit Salon Bergere Chair traditional-chairs