Antique Parlor Chairs


The parlor might be a dated concept, but that doesn't mean your home decor won't profit from the addition of some antique parlor chairs. Get one to sit on, or to attach a classic touch to the room, but whatever your motivation, you will not be disappointed. Take a look at all the antique parlor chairs we have in this collection for your home.

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Our Picks

Antique parlor chairs 1

Antique style wooden chairs with a dark brown finish. Chairs' legs, arms and backrest with a carved top are curved and grooved. A seat, full sides and a tall backrest with vertical stitching and button tufting are covered with fabric in yellow hues.

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Antique walnut victorian eastlake ladys needlepoint chair

Antique walnut victorian eastlake ladys needlepoint chair

The floral pattern on the upholstery creates the unique design of this antique lady's needlepoint chair. It features the walnut finish, which is suitable with the navy velvet cover.

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Riverside channel back chair totally

Riverside channel back chair totally

This armchair features an eye-catching appearance, quality material construction, and high level of comfort. The back is wide and nicely tufted, the armrests are padded, and the wooden frame is beautifully sculpted.

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Antique parlor chairs

This eye-catching armchair based on a solid wood finish and soft plush cushion cover in lime tint is an excellent way to revive any interior. The Victorian style adds all the interior and interior design of the class and style.

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Elegant victorian j h belter henry clay rosewood parlor set

Elegant victorian j h belter henry clay rosewood parlor set

The rich pattern is associated with Rococo and Victorian styles. This antique parlor chairs set was modernized with a strong color of quilted upholstery - fuchsia.

Black frames are an impressive way to emphasize the unusual stylization of these vintage chairs.

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Antique parlor furniture 1

Oh my God, this incredible parlor chair inspired of Victorian style looks like shorter chaise lounge or longer armchair. It has carved frame made of Cherry wood and seat covered with bright brocade. It is available in two sizes!

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Pair victorian eastlake carved walnut

Pair victorian eastlake carved walnut

Adorable antique woody chairs in mid browns. A chair has turned tapered castered front legs, an ornate apron, short sloped arms, a trapezoidal arched back adorned with carvings. A round seat and a tufted back are covered in fabric in light blue hues.

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Antique louis xiv style french parlor

Antique louis xiv style french parlor

Letters are one of the most romantic forms of correspondence and in combination with the light upholstery of French antique parlor armchairs from the era of Loius XV - a perfect duo with a bright wooden frame and analogous footrest.

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Very rare antique parlor chair with wood frame shown by

Very Rare Antique Parlor Chair with Wood frame Shown by metrosofa, $ ...

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Queen Victoria Wing Chair

Queen Victoria Wing Chair

Stunning 18th century parlor armchair designed in French style. Densely padded with thick foam and upholstered in beige fabric with ivy leaves pattern. Features decorative carvings along the wooden frame.

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Antique Parlor Chairs

Buying Guide

Antique parlor chairs were a combination of comfort and ornate beauty. They were usually the best chairs in the house, reserved for company, sitting quietly on Sunday afternoons or for extremely special occasions. The seats and backs were frequently upholstered with embroidered fabric, the wood was carved, and ornately ornamented. The designs were varied, as one might expect.

  • Victorian Parlor Chairs

One characteristic of Victorian parlors was the extreme ornamentation. The Victorian parlor chair is no exception. The wide seats are constructed to allow ladies to manage their skirts, which might include bustles or crinolines, while the straight backs encouraged excellent posture. the back styles might vary, but many were ornamented with elaborate carving above the oval backrest. The arms were curved and delicate, as were the legs.

  • Louis XVIII French Parlor Chairs

The French parlor chairs were no less elaborate than the English but were more squarely built. The arms were wide rather than delicate, and the legs uncompromisingly upright and uniform in size from the foot to the seat. They, too, had wide seats to accommodate elaborate dress, and the seats and backs were frequently embroidered.

  • Wing-Back Parlor Chairs

Not all of the chairs were delicate occasional chairs. Wing-back chairs were often found grouped on either side of a fireplace, or toward the ends of a sofa or love seat. Compared to today’s buildings, many homes were drafty places. A winged back helped to block drafts and was ideal for capturing heat. Even today, a wing-back chair makes a cozy place to relax. Add a nice footstool, a heated throw and pillow and a nap could definitely happen.

  • Sofas and Loveseats

Sofas and loveseats often had structures similar to the occasional chairs, with the curved legs for the Victorian parlor, or the uncompromising stance of the French furniture. The seats were deep, although perhaps not as long as the modern couch, and the back upholstery was tufted. The upholstery might vary, ranging from woven tapestry to stiff horsehair.

  • Chippendale and Neoclassical

As might be expected, in Thirteen Colonies in North America, the wealthier colonists imitated their British counterparts. Neoclassical styles that drew heavily upon the classical Greek and Roman styles were highly favored, as were designs by Thomas Chippendale. Upholstery might be leather or a heavy damask.

  • Empire Style

Empire style parlor chairs traded heavily upon the neoclassical. But instead of the more delicate arms, they might have armrests that resembled the paws of a lion, or they might look like the long, delicate neck of a swan. Silk damasks were highly favored for upholstery. Some of the carved arms might even have been gilded.

  • Edwardian Era Parlor Chairs

By the Edwardian era, 1900-1950, parlors were being phased out in favor of dining rooms and living rooms, both of which were more geared toward family life than formal entertaining. The dining room chairs drew heavily on the heritage of the occasional chairs, with their upholstered seats and backs, delicate legs and arms.

Best Ideas

Antique parlor chairs

I like decorative character of this armchair. Its wooden frame includes attractive carvings. Soft, padded seat finished in red color provides comfort and support thanks to its padded arms and button-tufted backrest.

Victorian parlor chair

Add a luxury touch to your office space or drawing room with the armchair, made by the John Meeks. It's designed in Marie-Antoinette style of mid-nineteenth century.

Parlor chair styles

This armchair is a comfortable, stylish and functional element of furniture. It features a nice red color of a seat, arms and backrest. Its rosewood frame is solid and it includes some aesthetic carvings on legs and on the top of backrest.

Parlor chairs

Victorian style chair for your palor - elaborate and detailed in look, just as it should be. Intricately carved walnut wood frame goes with cream colored floral pattern jacquard characterized by beautiful nacreous sheen.

Queen Victoria Parlor Fabric Side Chair

Queen Victoria Parlor Fabric Side Chair

With this Side Chair you will be able to transform your dining room into a luxurious royal chamber. Inspired by Victorian style, the chair features a lacquered poplar hardwood frame, floral pattern fabric upholstery, medium density foam cushion, and hand-carved Venetian accents.

Vintage victorian balloon back chairs and sofa parlor set white

Vintage Victorian Balloon Back Chairs and Sofa Parlor Set White Great ...

Victorian era chairs

Antique chairs that are decorative and comfortable. They feature soft seat cushions and decorative backrests that are button-tufted for aesthetics. Solid wooden frames include carved details, so these chairs are comfortable and stylish.

Antique victorian parlor chairs

Elegant chair mounted on carefully carving frame made of wood. It is upholstered with high quality fabric and finished with sophisticated pattern. Suitable as dining chair or additional seating in any interior as needed.

Kimball victorian gents ladies parlor chair set


42000 0 elegant victorian j h belter henry clay rosewood


Old victorian chairs

Vintage approach to a set of two identical Victorian parlour chairs made in a Rococo style. The chairs are carved out of dark oak wood with a decorative shape and are upholstered in a pink velvet fabric with royal patterns.

Vintage parlor chairs

With these antique parlor chairs your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. They've got the tufted backs, solid wood frame, Victorian style, turquoise velvet upholstery and padded seats for enhanced comfort of use.

Pair of english antique victorian period carved rosewood parlor chairs

Pair of English Antique Victorian Period Carved Rosewood Parlor Chairs

Victorian style chairs cheap

Dreamlike chair upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with skeleton theme. Frame is made of wood. Perfect as dining chair or additional seating in the living room, bedroom and more.