Antique Cane Chair

Aptly named because of the material used in their construction, these antique cane chairs were very popular a long time ago in the Caribbean islands and the southern states. They are just comfortable enough for limited use, and are very handsome. They come in many styles common in their day, and this collection showcases all of them with pride and dignity.

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Black high gloss cane chair chairs dallas

Black high gloss cane chair chairs dallas
The aluminum frame of this cane chair - adds versatility, so you can use it even in the backyard. Black and white combine in the unconventional upholstery of the seat, which is decorated in geometric black shapes on a white background.

Franklin Side Chair (Set of 2)

Franklin Side Chair (Set of 2)
This is a very interesting set of two chairs. They were made of iron wood, which gives them a very special expression. They have a soft seat. The backrest is made of a wooden frame and two wooden staves combined in x-shaped.

Louis Cane Side Chair

Louis Cane Side Chair
It is a very stylish, bright living room chair. Its arrangement fits perfectly into the interior designed in the French style. The lightness and gentleness of chair also fit into this type of rooms. It is very delicate furniture.

Cane bottom dining chairs

Pair of retro chairs. They are made of cherry, carved wood and have fancy shapes. Circle, spacious seats are made of plaiting. These chairs will play theirs role perfectly in living room or dining room.

Six matching victorian walnut cane bottom chairs

Six Matching Victorian Walnut Cane Bottom Chairs

Antique cane bottom dining chairs

Antique design for an old-fashioned cane chair with a wicker seat and a frame made out of dark oak wood. The chair is finished off with a light coat of varnish and no paint, which gives it an authentic look.

Collectibles general antiques taylor chair company rocker

Collectibles-General (Antiques) / Taylor Chair Company Rocker

Our advice Buying Guide

An antique cane chair has a unique look that is hardly duplicated compared to other types of chairs. In fact, in some interior design settings, an antique cane chair is the best choice as other types of design would merely be an inferior alternative. It's likely that you already know about that fact, and that's why you are shopping for an antique cane chair.

Before you do your shopping, continue reading as we've listed a few important factors that you need to consider so you'll have the best chance at purchasing that "perfect" antique cane chair for your situation.

How are you going to use your antique cane chairs?

When it comes to shopping for an antique cane chair, your first task is to know the primary purpose of such furniture piece.

  • Typically, most homeowners use an antique cane chair for a stylish outdoor seating. If you are planning to place the antique cane chair outdoors, then your main concern would be the elements. At the very least, the chair should come with a very good sealing and UV stabilization. This should allow the chair to withstand sun exposure and rain. You might also want something that is heavy so it won't get easily knocked down by the wind.
  • If you are planning to place the chair in a conservatory, then the primary factor that you should consider is its comfort followed by style. It's imperative that you find an antique cane chair that comes with an excellent ergonomic design and high-quality cushions.
  • If you intend to place the antique cane chair indoors, then the primary factor to consider is its style. Since this kind of chair comes with a very distinct look, it's imperative that you match the design of the chair with the rest of the room. The right antique cane chair in the right setting can definitely bring out that "avant-garde" vibe. On the other hand, making a mistake in matching the room and the chair would bring out that "student on a budget" vibe.

What material are used for the weaving?

Another part of the antique cane chair that you need to check is the weaving. There are two types of materials that are used for weaving. There's the flat and the round. As the name suggests, if the woven material is flat, then it's the flat type. The same applies to the round type. Each woven material has its own pros and cons.

The flat type has the advantage of being light. Hence, the furniture will also be lighter and portable. It's a good choice if you are fond of regularly re-arranging your decor. The flat type is also generally cheaper, so it's a good choice if the budget is a bit tight.

The round type comes with a more expensive look, and it's also generally costlier. Hence, it's a good choice if you want something that is luxurious and sophisticated. Also, the round weaving material will typically make the furniture heavier and appear larger, and that means it works great for an outdoor setting.

Another factor to keep in mind is the weaving quality. Generally, the tighter the weave is, the better. Loose weaving brings a lot of problems such as sagging and providing poor seating support.


Six Antique French Carved Dining Chairs

These six antique French carved dining chairs are a sophisticated addition to your stylish dining room. They have got a solid wood construction, beautiful details, comfortable seats and high quality.

Chairs with cane seats

Durable wooden chair that represents a very nice antique stylization. It features a durable and comfortable seat paired with a supportive backrest that is based on vertical elements with decorative carving.

Set of Six French Antique Dining Chairs

Add fantastic style and comfort to your dining room with this set of six French antique dining chairs. They are very stylish, nicely finished and high quality. Your guests will be impressed how beautiful these chairs are.

Antique cane chair 1

antique cane chair

Oak rocking chair cane back and seat antique by panchosporch

Oak Rocking Chair Cane Back and Seat Antique by PanchosPorch, $165.00

Antique cane seat side chair 4a

Antique Cane Seat Side Chair 4A

Antique curly maple cane seat chair

Antique Curly Maple Cane Seat Chair

6 Antique Dining Chairs 1880 French Hunting Style Regal Carved Oak Cane Seats

This magnificent set of 6 antique dining chairs features a breathtaking, 1880 French style with a hand-carved oak design. Each chair also features a cane seat, captivating back, fluted legs, and sturdy stretchers.

Lot 92 4 antique pressed back cane seat oak chairs

Lot # : 92 - 4 Antique Pressed Back Cane Seat Oak Chairs

Antique cane seat chair 3

Antique Cane Seat Chair ...

397 two antique bentwood cane seat chairs auction est

397: Two Antique Bentwood Cane Seat Chairs. Auction Est

Antique Dining Chairs 1880 French Renaissance Chairs Unusual Carvings Set 8

It is a beautiful dining set that includes eight French Renaissance chairs with amazing details and comfortable seats. They are a perfect addition for your stylish dining room area.

Chairs antique mahogany chairs antique cane chairs antique seat chairs

... chairs antique mahogany chairs antique cane chairs antique seat chairs

Cane seat rocking chair

Antique Black Cane Walnut Chair eclectic-chairs

How to fix a torn cane chair

How to fix a torn cane chair

Caned side chairs the tall backs with turned pillars and

Caned side chairs, the tall backs with turned pillars and carved ...

Vintage wooden dining chairs

If you searching for an extra ordinary and unique chair, you have to choose this antique cane chair. It features the beautiful hand painted details and light gray finish, which fits perfectly to neutral color palette in the interior.

Cane bottom rocking chair

If you the British colonial style, then you shall also love these antique planter chairs. Both enchanting with their intricate finishing and high-quality materials. Cane upholstery makes it an ideal proposition for summer houses.

Collectibles general antiques cane seat chair

Collectibles-General (Antiques) / Cane seat chair

Antique tryst d amour has 188 antiques for sale click

... antique tryst d amour has 188 antiques for sale click here to see them

Vintage cane chair

for the old rocking chair I just bought! She painted the caning too... hmm

Antique cane rocking chair

Set of 2 arm chairs mounted on cane frame. It is upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with decorative quilting on the back. Stylish addition in the French style for each home.

Antique cane chair 1

With this cane chair you can spice up your home, and equip yourself with an extra seat for your guests. The frame has a lattice cane design, with tapered legs and sloping arms. The back of the chair is button-tufted, and along with the seat, upholstered in a nice-to-touch fabric.

Vintage cane rocking chair

Antiques of the Indies offers rare 17th to 19th century plantation and campaign furniture, maps and decorative arts from the East and West Indies. These regions include once remote outposts in Africa, India, The Caribbean Islands and beyond. Exotic and

Reupholstering chairs

How to upholster a caned, back chair? It's super simple! This slipcovered oldchool chair was rennovated and its legs got its color changed into white. Looks amazing by its own or in the set of four chairs.

Largo Furniture Turks Isle Side Chair in Black and Brown Cane

A chic chair of wood in brown with decorative, woven of cane in lighter browns, elements on sloped arms and an arched backrest inset. Curved legs are joined by an X-stretcher, a seat is covered in beige fabric, a tall flared back has ring insets.

Louis XV Cane Back Chair

It is a cane back chair that has got a Louis XV French style and is great for sophisticated home. It is a beautiful and stylish addition to your dining room, living room and other.

Joveco Vintage style solid wood cane seat dining chair - set of 2

This type of product is a chair created for use in dining rooms. It has got a frame made of solid wood. The seat is made of woven rattan, so it looks very nice and assures the highest level of comfort.

Safavieh Mercer Collection McKenna Arm Chair, Antique Brown

A solid, comfortable and attractive armchair that has got an antique brown seat filled with soft materials. Its frame is made of sturdy oak wood that looks attractive and provides resistance to damage or large weight.

6 Antique Renaissance Dining Chairs 1880 France Hunting Style Carved Oak Cane

This magnificent set of 6 antique dining chairs features a breathtaking, 1880 French style with a hand-carved oak design. Each chair also features a cane seat, captivating back, fluted legs, and sturdy stretchers.

Carolina Cottage Antique Black Victoria Bentwood Rocker

This kind of product is a rocker chair that has got a durable frame made of solid bentwood. Its cane seat and back areas are very comfortable. The seat measures 17-1/2"W x 17-3/4"D x 18-1/8"H. The whole product is not very heavy.

Antique cane seat chairs

Old-fashioned design for an antique accent chair made out of mahogany wood, which provides a sophisticated detail. The chair has a handy compartment under the seat, which gives an additional storage capacity.

Classic Ladder-Back Dining Chair w Red Finish & Woven Rush Seat

It is a classic ladder back dining chair that has got a red finish and woven rush seat. This chair fits perfectly to traditional and classic style and décor in your dining room area. It is a great choice.

Pissarro French Country Antique White Caned Arm Chair

Arm chair featuring antique design and appealing white gray finish. Additionally, it's made of high quality wood, which makes it sturdy, durable and long lasting construction. The chair also includes very comfortable cushion.

Cane armchairs vintage

I love you oh-gold-creation-of-delight. I am not worthy! (& I'm not since I cant have it)

Antique cane back chairs 1

Antique Cane Back Chairs

Antique antique peacock arm conservatory cane wicker chair

Antique Antique peacock arm conservatory cane wicker chair

Antique cane side chair nicholas haslam

Antique Cane Side chair | Nicholas Haslam

Antique armless wood and cane seat chair

Antique Armless Wood and Cane Seat Chair

Uhuru furniture collectibles sold cane antique style


19th century cane back chair antiques atlas

19th Century Cane Back Chair - Antiques Atlas

Antique french cane back 19th century corner chair for

Antique French Cane Back 19th Century Corner Chair For ...

Antique to vintage cane chairs ebth

Antique to Vintage Cane Chairs : EBTH