Victorian Folding Chairs

You will not believe your eyes when you see these gorgeous victorian folding chairs. Thy are really something to behold. And some of them rock. Yes, like a folding rocking chair. If you mind isn't blown, you need to look through this collection and see all the incredible options in victorian folding chair styles. Your home, your event, your life, will be enriched by these chairs.

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Antique victorian wood folding rocking chair antique is a bit

Antique Victorian Wood Folding Rocking Chair--"antique" is a bit of an overstatement, seeing it bears a label about how much used, etc. It is the spitting image of one I bought new for $10.00 in a furniture store in 1982. Great piece, I absol

Victorian folding chairs 13

If you are fan of vintage style and you always dreamt about rocking chair, this unique piece of furniture is dedicated special for you. This antique chair inspired of Victorian style. Frame is made of mahogany wood and seat is covered with soft cloth.

Antique rocking chair ca early 1900s

Antique Rocking Chair Ca Early 1900s
Add this sublime, antique rocking chair to your home decor and enjoy a design straight from the early 1900s that will surely catch your guests attention, while ensuring utmost class and durability for your home.

Victorian folding tapestry chair

Victorian Folding Tapestry Chair
Comfortable chair that brings a nice Victorian stylization into the house. Durable wooden construction is folding, so it assures space saving storage and transportation. Comfortable sitting space includes a nice floral pattern.

Antique mahogany folding rocking chair with floral patterned seat and

Antique Mahogany Folding Rocking Chair with Floral patterned seat and back...This Antique Mahogany Folding Rocking Chair has nice floral patterned cushioning. It was made around the 1930's. $174

Victorian folding chairs 10

Exotic and oriental design for an antique folding carpet rocker made out of walnut wood with colorful, fabric-upholstered seat and back. The folding frame of the rocking chair makes it easy to move and store when not in use.

Velvet Upholstered Folding Chairs SET OF 4 CHAIRS

This set consist four folding chair in European style, features a solid yet lightweight metal frame in old gold. Seat and backrest are padded and upholstered with bright red vinyl. It can be easy storage even in small space.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you're in need of chairs that can complement a contemporary setting, then consider getting Victorian folding chairs. They aren't just valuable antique furniture, but they're also great for myriads of applications. As there are dozens of aspects you need to consider when buying Victorian folding chairs, this guide will give you an outline of the decisions you need to make to maximize your investment.

In the past, Victorian folding chairs were only made out of oak wood, cherry, teak, and mahogany. Now they're reproduced using various kinds of materials.

What are the best materials for Victorian folding chairs?

Your best options in terms of the frame materials are:

  • Solid Wood - Wooden Victorian chairs are still best if you are after a classic, yet sophisticated look. They make for great seating within dining and living spaces. As they're made of hardwood, they offer exceptional tensile strength and durability.
  • Metal - Metal Victorian folding chairs have the beautiful silhouette of the original versions but they're made of more durable materials. They're your best options if you want chairs that can withstand rough daily use. They are great for outdoor and indoor use as well. As they stand up to all the rigors of constant use, you can expect them to resist any beating, including scratches and dents.

What are the practical considerations when shopping for Victorian folding chairs?

  • Weight Capacity. All Victorian folding chairs are built with durability in mind, but there are options that are a lot sturdier than others. Although weight capacity won't be the deciding factor when you purchase chairs, it is certainly something that you need to consider as you make a choice.
  • Storage. One of the benefits you can enjoy with Victorian folding chairs is space conservation as they can be folded and stored in closets. However, that means you need to consider the size of where you'll be storing the seats.

How to transport Victorian folding chairs?

If you will be purchasing several units, a folding chair cart would make sense. It is designed to hold several heavy seats at a time. Since it has casters, you can easily stow away your Victorian folding chairs in your storage room.

How to ensure the best quality of Victorian folding chairs?

If you'll be purchasing antique Victorian folding chairs instead of reproduced units, it is crucial for you to remember the following tips:

  • Just because you're going to purchase vintage furniture doesn't mean you will get excellent quality. Avoid Victorian folding chairs that are made with poor workmanship and inferior materials. It is a good idea if you research the specific chair you're eyeing before you press that "buy" button or make a bid at an auction.
  • Consider getting gently used Victorian folding chairs, especially if you want your chairs upholstered. The reason behind this is because it isn't cost-effective if you refurbish upholstered furniture. DIY upholstery may be something you don't want to impose on yourself either.
  • While it's important that you look for Victorian folding chairs that were only gently used, don't let a minor scratch put you off. The market has tons of products that can fix a minor flaw.


Victorian folding chair antique tapestry

Victorian Folding Chair Antique Tapestry
Folding chair in Victorian style. Richly decorated frame is made of wood. Seat and back is upholstered with fabric and finished with sophisticated ornament. It folds flat for easy storage. It is highly rated by customers.

Details about victorian folding rocking chair carved oak antiques


Pair of antique victorian grain painted folding chairs

Pair of Antique Victorian Grain Painted Folding Chairs

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365 antique victorian folding rocking chair 1

365: Antique Victorian Folding Rocking Chair

Victorian folding chair with fabric seat 1

Victorian Folding Chair With Fabric Seat
Folding chair in Victorian style. It is mounted on wooden frame and upholstered with richly decorated fabric. Back consists of horizontally arranged strips. Received very good recommendations from customers.

Antique victorian foldeing chair hand

Antique Victorian Foldeing Chair Hand
Folding chair in Victorian style. Frame is made of wood. It is covered with fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. It folds flat for easy storage. Elegant design for each home.

Victorian folding chairs 4

The folded version of the chair is more modern because it was created from the need to save space, which in modern homes is often quite limited. It is hard to believe that it can take the form of a wooden Victorian chair, with a seat and a wicker backrest.

Free ship victorian folding chair

Free Ship Victorian Folding Chair
This antique masterpiece is a late Victorian era lawn chair. It features an intricately carved top back slat and folds in to be easily carried and for storage. Measures 39" x 23.5" x 17".

Folding antique rocking chair

Folding chairs are very practical. These here are wooden, with a vintage vibe. Solid wood makes them durable and light, so you won't have any problems folding them when you don't need a place to sit. Brown and white colour, to match any interior.

Antique folding rocking chair value

A charming Victorian folding chair of wood in browns. It has X-legs, sloped curved arms. A tall backrest has side rails with ball finials, a slatted up lower part and a scroll top. A seat and a back upper part are of fabric with floral designs.

Antique folding wooden chairs

Alice in Wonderland theme. I would totally face the back towards a door and fold my legs up so no one knew I was there :D

Image courtesy of flomaton antique auctions

image courtesy of Flomaton Antique Auctions.;

365 antique victorian folding rocking chair

365: Antique Victorian Folding Rocking Chair

Victorian folding chair identification 9

Victorian Folding Chair Identification

Antique victorian folding carpet chair hand grained finish dolls bear

Antique Victorian Folding Carpet Chair Hand Grained Finish Dolls Bear ...

Victorian folding chair identification 4

Victorian Folding Chair Identification

Victorian folding chairs 2

Baby chair in Vintage style. It is made of wood and mounted on wheels for easy movement. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. Sophisticated accent for baby room and more.

Antique 1880s victorian campaign folding carpet rocker chair eastlake

Antique-1880s-Victorian-Campaign-Folding-Carpet-Rocker-Chair-Eastlake ...

Victorian folding chairs

This antique carved wooden folding chair in Victorian style is an unusual piece of furniture for the original interior. Beautiful engraving on the admiration delight and soft seat cover makes a rest very easy.

Vintage folding rocking chair tapestry sewing nursery victorian wooden rocker

VINTAGE FOLDING ROCKING CHAIR Tapestry Sewing Nursery Victorian Wooden Rocker

Victorian folding carpet chair bamboo style frame

Victorian Folding Carpet Chair Bamboo Style Frame
A stylish folding chair with a blue frame of faux bamboo. It has 2 X-legs, upright posts with ball finials, a backrest of ornate vertical rods. A backrest onlay and a squarish seat are of carpet fabric with geometric motifs in prevalent browns.

Old wood folding chairs

An eclectic home in Cape Town with scandinavian and victorian influences ©Micky Hoyle

Victorian folding chair with fabric seat

Victorian Folding Chair with Fabric Seat

Antique victorian folding chair tapestry 2

Antique Victorian Folding Chair Tapestry
This beautifully decorated folding chair decorated in antique Victorian style is a beautiful piece of furniture for every stylish interior. Beautiful floral motifs and an interestingly finished steel base together form a beautiful whole.

Old folding chairs

Victorian furniture is upholstered with expensive materials and decorated with dark wood. This characteristic is fulfilled by the presented folding chair made of dark wood wenga and with red upholstery hand-embroidered, with falling fringes from the seat.

Antique victorian folding carpet chair hand grained finish dolls bear

Antique Victorian Folding Carpet Chair Hand Grained Finish Dolls Bear 1800-1899 photo

Victorian folding chairs 6

Go for an oriental choice for your decor with these amazing folding side chairs that come with the ebonized and turned wood structure to ensure more durability and offer the unique inlaid wood, metal and brass accents.

194 antique victorian folding chair

194: Antique Victorian Folding Chair

Antique victorian folding lawn side wood chair

Antique Victorian Folding Lawn Side Wood Chair

Antique victorian folding chair tapestry 1

Antique Victorian Folding Chair Tapestry
Who said folding chairs have to look modern and unappealing? This one sports the Victorian design and the antique look with its distressed frame and will make for the perfect combination of space saving and class.

Superb antique victorian walnut folding rocking chair


Victorian folding chair 1

Victorian Folding Chair

Antique victorian folding chair tapestry

Antique Victorian Folding Chair Tapestry
Thanks to this functional masterpiece from the past, your home will have a great, portable decoration. The chair features beautiful, aged wood construction, a wool tapestry seat, and a neatly-carved "crown" top. And it can be easily folded for storage or transport.

Antique victorian rocking chair rocker folding gothic faux bamboo

Antique Victorian Rocking Chair Rocker Folding Gothic Faux Bamboo ...

Victorian folding chairs 12

A very dark beechwood has been used in a refined manner despite the fact that it is a folding chair. Instead of traditional upholstery, the chair has a woven backrest and a seat made of strong and light wicker.

Victorian antique ultimate steampunk folding campaign lounge rocking chair

Victorian Antique Ultimate Steampunk Folding Campaign Lounge Rocking Chair
This lounge rocking chair is a unique construction, which enchants with the inimitable design, combining antique and steampunk inspirations. Equipped with wheels, it offers full mobility and easy transport.

Italian savanarola folding chair c1880

Italian Savanarola folding chair c1880

Antique victorian folding carpet chair hand grained finish dolls bear

Antique Victorian Folding Carpet Chair Hand Grained Finish Dolls Bear ...

Victorian folding chair 2

Victorian folding chair

Heavy duty foldable chair with stylish X back. As a whole, it combines attainability and convenience of a typical foldable chair with an elegance of classic furniture. The seat is padded with black vinyl - you will clean it without any effort.

Folding rocking chair antique

Designed in late 19th century, this beautiful arm chair can be easily unfolded for extra comfort. It not only reclines smoothly, but it also has durable construction that features a wooden seat, arms and back, and a curvaceous frame made of quality iron.

Victorian folding chairs 5

Brass-Mounted Rosewood Campaign Armchair | From a unique collection of antique and modern chaises longues at