Folding Wooden Beach Chairs

After a while, the cheap, store bought, fabric beach chairs fall apart, either through continued use, or sun deterioration. These very fetching folding wooden beach chairs take care of all of that. They will not be destroyed by the sun, can support plenty of sitting, and are sturdy, but still light enough to not require strain when carrying them to the beach.

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Beach Chair Solid Wood Lounge Lawn Chair Portable Stylish Fabric Design New

Beach Chair Solid Wood Lounge Lawn Chair Portable Stylish Fabric Design New
Add this folding beach chair with solid wooden frame and stripped back at your favorite outdoor area and enjoy the comfy seating place. You will be impressed how high quality this product is.

Vintage wood and canvas folding beach

Vintage wood and canvas folding beach
With this comfy chair you can conquer every beach and every swimming pool area. Crafted of wood, this vintage chair can be easily folded for transport or storage, and it's lightweight, so you can carry it in your hand. The frame is covered with a green canvas.

Two vintage folding wooden beach chairs

Two vintage folding wooden beach chairs
Outdoor chair with a folding frame made of wood. Its seat and backrest are made of material that shows multi-color stripes. It assures space saving storage and transportation when not in use. These chairs are resistant to outdoor factors.

The ripple kid size folding adirondack

The ripple kid size folding adirondack
If you are looking for comfy chairs for your outdoor area, then with this unique item, you cannot go wrong. A splendid chair for kids, which is crafted from sturdy wood, well-profiled, and can be quickly folded for easy transport or storage.

Childs folding wooden beach chair

Childs folding wooden beach chair
This element of outdoor furniture is a wooden chair with a seat and backrest based on horizontal slats. The frame features a folding construction for better transportation and storage. The chair also includes supportive arms.

The Companion Beach Chair

The Companion Beach Chair
This practical and portable Beach Chair in Green & Black Finish features a tubular steel frame, with a detachable bag designed of 600D polyester. The bag has 3 open pockets on each side. The chair can be easily folded for convenient transport.

AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chair (Set of 2)

AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chair (Set of 2)
This Set of 2 Inflatable Beach Chairs offers easy positioning, giving you a great support during sitting, napping or lounging. Made of durable plastic, each chair offers a transparent design, and easy folding.

Our advice Buying Guide

Going to the beach is a luxury everyone enjoys and will probably be the most popular way to go on vacation for the rest of eternity. Aside from the warmth of the sun and the refreshing waves, the right folding wooden beach chair can make your beach vacay just that much more comfortable.

What are the advantages of folding wooden beach chairs?

Folding wooden beach chairs offer the convenience of having your own seat on the beach above the sand. It’s an easy way to lounge in the sun more comfortably while minimizing sand contact. Wooden beach chairs are also known for not conducting heat, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting burnt on the fame. Check out the following tips are to assist you in picking the right wooden beach chair for your needs.

How to select the right size of folding beach chairs?

The size of your chair depends on how much you weigh (or whoever is using it weighs) and how big of a chair you want. Typical beach chair capacities are anywhere from 250-350 lbs, so you’ll want to make sure your chair can accommodate your weight.

A lot of wooden beach chairs are built to be low to the ground to allow your legs to extend out onto the sand. However, if you’re tall, then you’ll probably want a chair designed to sit higher off the ground so it’s a bit easier for you to get up and sit down. People who are both big and tall should look for a chair that’s designed with a wider, deeper seat and a longer back for proper support.

What features to consider when shopping for beach chairs?

  • Portability. You have to go to the beach; the beach doesn’t just come to you, even though it should. That means you’ll need to bring your chair along separately. Consider the weight of your chair and your ability to carry it. Most folding wooden beach chairs easily fold into a thin structure that is easy to carry around. If you don’t mind lugging around a larger chair or you have a way to easily transport heavier items, then just about any beach chair should work just fine.
  • Back support. If you’re someone who just can’t sit in a chair that doesn’t provide proper support for your back, then, by all means, avoid the traditional, slouchy beach chair. Even though these chairs are classic, they don’t provide good support at all. This can catch up to you after bumming on the beach, making your time not enjoyable which is the opposite of what you want!

What extra features to look for in folding wooden beach chairs?

Consider these additional features when scoping out a seat:

  • Cup holders
  • Full leg support
  • Footrests
  • Padding
  • Reclining ability
  • Headrest
  • Pockets/storage
  • Backpack straps for portability

There’s a reason folding wooden beach chairs are so popular. They’re durable, last a long time, and have a timeless look. With so many options out there it’s easy to get lost in your options. Hopefully, our tips can help narrow down your choices and get you sitting on the best beach chair for your needs.


highwood® Classic Adirondack Beach Chair

highwood® Classic Adirondack Beach Chair
A comfortable beach chair with folded seat to the garden, patio and more. The construction is made of wood. It can serve as an extra seat or place for relaxation.

Folding wooden beach chairs 1

If you searching for a solid and nicely finished folding chair, we've got exactly what you need! It features natural finish, so it's suitable with any style and decor. Perfect addition to the garden.

How to make beach chairs

Classic deck chair with wooden frame and elastic seat cover in navy blue. It is intended on the beach, but if you live far away sea, it will play its role perfectly in the garden or terrace too. It is comfortable and stylish!

Folding wood beach chair

This sling chair adds a comfort and relax at any outdoor space, like swimming pool area, porch, garden and yard. The tropical pattern makes this chair an interesting piece.

Antique 1920s 30s wood folding stripe canvas cloth beach lounge

Antique 1920s 30s Wood folding stripe Canvas cloth Beach lounge chair ...

Largo Beach Chair

Largo Beach Chair

Wooden camp chair plans

AnyWhere Chair - Wooden Beach Chair Manufacturers

Beach chairs wooden

Beyond the Adirondack Folding Chairs: The Montauk Collection

Canvas beach chairs

This solid wooden chair features a foldable construction for problem free carrying and storage. It provides support in the form of a backrest. This durable construction is suitable for outdoor use, because it is resistant to weather conditions.

Its a beautiful world

It's a Beautiful World!

How to make a wooden beach chair

Scandinavian influences are visible in the design of this folding wooden beach chair. The way of using natural warm wood with a honey shade - in combination with a futuristic but referring to the retro shape of a sunbed. Interesting folded design.

Vintage beach chairs 1

Vintage Beach Chairs

Wood beach chairs reclining folding lawn chair 1

Wood Beach Chairs : Reclining Folding Lawn Chair

Wood sling chair

Click on photo for LARGE view!

Folding wooden beach chairs

If you searching for a comfy, solid and nicely finished beach chair, you have to choose this one. It features the blue cover and wooden frame. It adds comfort to any outdoor space.

Canvas beach chairs folding

Beach chairs

Mini beach chair

Mini Beach chair

How to make wooden beach chairs

This durable wooden chair is based on solid construction of vertical slats. This foldable frame assures transportation and storage without problems or taking too much space. A solid seat also includes a back support.

XL Deck Beach Chair

XL Deck Beach Chair

Diy beach chair

A functional and comfortable stylization for outdoor applications. This chair features a sitting space in the form of green fabric with a soft headrest. Wooden frame of this chair is foldable and stable.

Frankford Umbrella Frankford Umbrellas Commercial Grade Wooden Beach Lounger

Cute beach chairs

This simple wooden beach chair is a perfect detail for blissful laziness and tanning. Attractive colors of the seat made of durable material, makes this folding chair look stylish and functional.

Folding beach chair wooden folding chair relaxing chair sillas beach

Folding Beach Chair > Wooden Folding Chair/Relaxing Chair Sillas/Beach ...

Folding beach chair plans

Beach chair mounted on wooden frame. Seat is covered with thick fabric and fitted with additional pillow on the back for added comfort. Folds flat for easy storage. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Wood frame beach chairs

Countryside approach to a Cabana beach sling chair made out of light birch wood with a polished finish. The beach chair has a folding frame so it can be easily taken with you, and has a comfy microfiber cloth as a seat.

Antique beach chair

All-Weather Folding Chair: All-Weather at L.L.Bean

Summer Vacation II by Carol Robinson Adirondack Chair Beach Scene Art Print Framed Picture

Art print picture, frame size 13.5 x 13.5 inches. The picture is 'Summer Vacation II' by Carol Robinson. Absolutely beautiful, perfect for your beach themed guest bath or any other room and home decor.

Sling Folding Recliner in Navy

With the durable structure and strong materials this folding recliner will prove to be a perfect choice for your outdoor trips, providing you with ample comfort and supporting your back immensely.

Folding portable chair

If you love outdoor picnics, grill parties or long, non-standard travels, you should buy this camping chair. This seat is stable, waterproof and folding - it doesn't stake a lot of place in your car trunk.

Folding spectator chairs

Provide a bit more convenience and functionality for your interior by stocking up on some convenient pieces like this folding chair that will also prove immensely suitable for your fishing trips or spontaneous visits from your friends.

Wooden folding rocking sling chair

Wooden Folding Rocking Sling Chair.

Yellow white wooden beach chair pillow

Yellow & White Wooden Beach Chair & Pillow

Beach chairs 23

A very solid and attractive patio chair that looks very stylish in different decorative projects. It has got a durable wooden frame, a well-profiled seat, a supportive backrest and solid arms. The whole construction is resistant to weather.

Wooden beach chair plans

Ana White Chairs

Folding beach chair

A very comfortable and attractive construction for outdoor use. This beach chair includes a durable, but lightweight frame. Its sitting space with backrest includes colorful material. This folding chair also features a head cushion.

Summer Vacation I by Carol Robinson Adirondack Chair Beach Scene Art Print Framed Picture

Print framed picture by Carol Robinson. Summer vacation and calm, blissful scene with white beach chair and blue shade. Image size 12 x 12 inches. Frame made from solid wood or heavy composite, includes glass.

Black folding chairs 1

A practical contemporary folding highchair for babies. Two X-shaped legs of grey coated metal have white plastic protectors. It has a padded shell, a front panel with slots for legs, a safety belt, durable grey and white upholstery, a back pocket.

Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Climaweave Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Throw Pillow, 18 by 13-Inch, Ambler III

This climaweave pillow is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It has got many amazing prints. It is a perfect piece of decoration for your home. If you looking for something special you need to buy this one.

Turkish Towel Peshtemal for Hamam Bathrobe Spa Pool Massage Sauna Beach Yacht Gym Fitness Kitchen Yoga Baby Towel Picnic Blanket 100% Cotton Table Throw Sarong Unisex "Silver Grey"

This imported product is a 100% cotton Turkish towel that is super soft and takes up much less room in the linen closet, thus being specially great for travel. This piece has high water absorption and quick drying, all with less energy.

Beach chairs canvas wall art

This type of product is very interesting for people who love attractive wall art. This product shows a seaside photograph. It has got a rectangular shape and it represents a casual style. It measures 23.5 inches high x 31.5 inches wide x 1 inch deep.

Sling chairs 1

A set of charming beach sling chairs. They feature a wooden structure that is foldable so you can transport them easily. The seats are made of fabrics in colorful, summer patterns. The structure of the fabric is smooth and cool, perfect for summer.

Wooden folding chair plans

Wooden Folding Chairs

Folding wood beach chair 1

Folding Wood Beach Chair