Portable Beach Chairs Lightweight

Don't get sand all over yourself. Bring a portable beach chair. With a lightweight design and plenty of creative options, relaxing, sunning, or just enjoying watching the beachgoers frolic, can be made all the better, knowing when the day is done, hauling your portable beach chair back to the car won't be a huge undertaking. Available in hammock styles, chairs with built in umbrellas or visors, and even chairs with lumbar padding.

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Portable beach chair 1

Portable Beach Chair

Portable beach chairs lightweight

If you are a fan of outdoor activities you need the beachcomber lounge. It's portable and ultra lightweight with light green color. Excellent for relaxing at the park, beach or your own outdoor space.

Portable beach chairs lightweight 1

A truly well-thought design - this umbrella chair offers a perfect choice for any holidays or trips fishing, since not only offers it the foldable design but also the umbrella that will easily shield you from the sun.

Kelsyus canopy backpack beach chair portable hammock

Kelsyus canopy backpack beach chair, portable hammock

Folding beach chairs uk

Practical portable sun lounger with a lightweight foldable frame of aluminium tubes. It has 3 U-shaped supports. Both a headrest and a canopy are easy adjustable. Its covering is made of nice-to-the-eye durable blue mesh with cooling features.

Compact beach chair

Lightweight - and therefore pretty portable - folding beach lounge chair with foldable footrest and fuchsia pink padding. The backrest offers additional, ergonomically friendly cushioning on head level, and a removable cushion on lumbar section.

Travelwell Padded Portable Beach Chair

Travelwell Padded Portable Beach Chair
Portable beach chair in blue, with black rim. Padded for comfort. Extremely light in weight, equipped with zippers and handles - just fold it out to enjoy a comfy seat (with backrest!) in the outdoor ambiance,.

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Summer is all about the beach! There’s nothing like relaxing on a sandy beach near the water, listening to nearby birds calling and soaking in the sun. There is also nothing like trying to get that sand out of your swimwear and out of your towels! The preventative answer is a comfortable beach chair or chaise lounge. Portable beach chairs that are lightweight are an incredible summer investment.

What designs of lightweight portable beach chairs are there?

Shoulder bag chaise lounge

What could be better than an over the shoulder chaise lounge in a juicy color? When it is folded up it looks almost like a large handbag. It is perfect for taking to the beach, the park or setting up for a little sun in your own backyard.

Umbrella chair

You love the sun, but sometimes it can be a little too much. You can provide your own personal shady spot with a brightly colored personal umbrella chair. Constructed in a way that you are sitting just a little above the ground with comfortable back support, the umbrella folds out near the headrest.

Chaise lounge with sunshade

Along the same lines as the umbrella chair, but a little larger and more comfortable is the chaise lounge with sunshade. After splashing in the water, come up on shore and slather up with sunscreen confident that you are not going to grind your skin with sand particles from lying down with only a towel between you and the sand.

Canvas folding chairs

Dress up your porch or poolside with polished wood and canvas folding chairs. Bright green or almost any color, they are not quite as portable as chairs that rely on aluminum tubing, but they are easy to move and store. They could even be used as temporary seating at a garden party - they are that attractive.

A backpack chair

If you dread lugging baskets, blankets, and coolers to the beach, you will love a chair that folds up into a backpack. Just sling it over your shoulder and you are ready to go. It has a narrow back, but a wide seat and comfortable arms that include a drink cup holder. Now, if you could just figure out how to fold that six pack of drinks…

No matter where you want to spend your relaxation time in summer, portable beach chairs lightweight can make your holiday time more comfortable. If you are traveling light, you can carry your chair on your back, and your beach towel, sunscreen, and a large bottle of water in a shoulder bag.



Beach chairs

The most important thing in a folding beach chairs is that, it should take up as little space as possible after folding-and as much as possible, when used. And what if you add to it a fashionable lilac color? And stable metal base? Have a look.

Portable beach chairs 1

Small, but comfortable portable chair for outdoor applications. This simple element can be used as a beach chair. It is available in blue and green color. Its surface features special openings that serve as handles.

Portable beach chairs 3

Such a nice beach recliner chair, perfect to put up next to your backyard pool to relax and unwind in after a hard day. Great for sunbathing! The minimalistic, simple design of this chair is bound to fit well any backyard.

Now that summer is here its time to break out

Now that summer is here, it's time to break out the beach gear and ...

Lightweight beach chairs uk

With this fold-and-go chair that comes with its own carrying bag, you can now take it wherever you go. The chair is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, with the frame made of sturdy aluminum, and the seat and back created of flexible and durable fabric.

Portable Beach Lounge Chair (Set of 2)

Portable Beach Lounge Chair (Set of 2)
This Set of 2 Beach Lounges in Black & Blue Finish offers a tubular steel frame, and 300 pounds of weight capacity. Also features 2 zippered pockets, carry straps, reclining mechanism, and resistance to rust, water, and weather.

This folding chair is a must-have if you like to spend time on the beach, camping or attending other outdoor events. Made of lightweight metal and polyester, it features comfortable armrests and back support.

Portable beach chairs 5

This chair has everything you need to spend a relaxing day on the beach. It features a fridge for cold drinks, an umbrella which will protect you from the sun and even the sound system so that you could listen to music too. And it's all portable!

Waves Tranquility Portable Beach Chair

Waves Tranquility Portable Beach Chair
This portable, folding beach chair has a strong, steel frame with powder-coat finish and seat made of polyester with a PCV cover. It is very durable and resistant to water, weather condition and will not fade.

Chair bass pro shops perfect lightweight chair for the beach

Chair | Bass Pro Shops // Perfect lightweight chair for the beach ...

Coleman 2000014449 Beach Chair Low Sling

Folding beach chair

A very comfortable and attractive construction for outdoor use. This beach chair includes a durable, but lightweight frame. Its sitting space with backrest includes colorful material. This folding chair also features a head cushion.

Portable beach chair folding canopy umbrella pool patio shade uv

Portable Beach Chair Folding Canopy Umbrella Pool Patio Shade Uv Sun Protection
This portable chair is very unique and useful. It is made of water-proof cloth and has built-in umbrella and container for drink. It is take-down, so you can take it everywhere, but it is intended especially for beach and garden.

Fold up beach chair folding festival camp chair portable picnic

... Fold-Up-Beach-Chair-Folding-Festival-Camp-Chair-Portable-Picnic-Chair

Folding beach chairs

A very stylish, solid and comfortable chaise lounge with a folding construction that is easy in storage and transportation. It features a durable metal frame and a comfortable sitting space in blue color. This item is resistant to different weather conditions.

Best Choice Products® Backpack Beach Chair Folding Portable Chair Blue Solid Construction Camping New

This well-designed backpack folding beach chair is the perfect solution on the trips to the beach or other places in nature. Solid steel frame covered with powdered coat was combined with polyester fabric of the seat.

Compact beach chairs

These multicolor floor rockers are a wonderful design and excellent functionality. Interesting finish and lightweight construction make it easy to take with you to the garden or to the beach.

Waves Beach Chair

Waves Beach Chair
Highly functional beach chair that is sure to suit your needs perfectly. It is fully-padded with adjustable reclining backrest and features an inner steel frame construction and
adjustable shoulder strap and a zippered pocket.

About caribee portable lightweight beach seat chair ideal for travel

... about Caribee Portable Lightweight Beach Seat Chair - ideal for travel

Reclining beach chairs

AMAZON- Portable Floor Chair, MEMORY FOAM Seat, Padded Back Frame, Folding Chair. Adjustable Angle Back-Rest. Comfortable Memory Foam seat along with a padded frame for your back Lightweight and portable-take it anywhere! There are five angled positions,

Comfortable beach chairs

Beach chair made of durable plastic and finished with pastel colors. Includes convenient handle for easy portability. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Customer review about folding portable beach lounge chair

Customer Review About Folding Portable Beach Lounge Chair

Travelchair Outdoor Packable Picnic Camping Beach Joey Chair Black

Picnic joey chair. This innovative furniture is a perfect solution for camping, fishing or going to the beach. The chair weights less than 2 pounds, has drawn aluminum tubing, and has the capacity of 300 pounds. Folds down into a small pouch.

Beachcomber Portable Beach Mat

if you are looking for a quality beach accessory, you may want to check this portable beach mat. Designed of durable materials, and available in various colors, the mat will surely enhance your sun baths.

Lightweight portable chair

Ideal for the beach or any other relax in the sun, this portable chair is a small, lightweight construction, that will help you unweight your body in the critical cervical area.

Vibe Beach Chair

Vibe Beach Chair
Folding beach chair with a steel frame. It is covered with durable PVC coated polyester fiber. Folding flat and handle provide easy transport. Designed for outdoor use.

Folding lounge beach chair

A modern take on a contemporary beach chair with six reclining positions and backpack straps. The frame of the chair is made out of chromed aluminium with a polished finish and the upholstery is made out of faux leather in black.

Portable beach chairs

With this chair you can conquer every beach, and every swimming pool. The chair is made of a tubular steel frame covered in a white finish. While the seat and back are made of colorful, stripe-patterned, elastic material. You can fold the chair for transport and easy storage.

Onway Aluminum Portable Folding Sling Relax Chair (Black) - Camping Chair, Garden Chair, Tailgating, Outdoor Events, Solid Armrest with Ergonomic Angled Backrest

Classic folding sling outdoor chair by the famous Japanese designer. It offers full ergonomic support thanks to angled backrest and contoured armrests. Aluminium frame is fully foldable - can be carried in a bag after folding down.

Collapsible beach chair

Chaise lounge with a durable metal folding frame. This product is suitable for use as a portable beach chair. Comfortable sitting space is made of durable material finished in rich blue color that looks very natural outdoors.

Lightweight beach chairs

Long and minimalistic design for a garden chaise lounge chair with a portable, folding frame. The chair itself is made out of chromed aluminum and is fitted with a face cavity and arm slots so you can sunbathe on both sides.

Cool beach chairs

Would look great by my someday in the future pool!

Best backpack beach chair

Beach seat made of plastic. It has handle for easy carrying. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Handy gadget for holidays. Simple form and modern design.

Beach chair recliner wholesale china beach chair recliner

Beach Chair Recliner, Wholesale China Beach Chair Recliner

Multi-Position Beach Lounger Chair

Multi-Position Beach Lounger Chair

Chaise lounge beach chair

This beach chair is resistant to wear caused by different weather factors. Its sitting and backrest space are made of blue material that provides support and relaxation. Folding construction of this chair is easy to transport.

Folding beach lounge chair

This portable chair can be used while fishing, relaxing in the garden, watching game, or as an extra seat. The frame is lightweight, and you can fold it very quickly. It has a convenient caddy, where you can put smaller things, and a functional side tray for placing your drinks and snacks.

Beach Chair Cake Topper

This lovely beach chair made cake topper is a great decorative detail. Made of safe plastic that is suitable for food contact. Cute details delight, making the whole an interesting decoration.

Folding beach lounge chairs

The simple construction of this folding beach chair is an excellent way to enjoy a pleasant rest. The aluminum base is lightweight, and the sturdy seat material allows for a comfy seat. The whole is easy to store.

NCAA Monaco Beach Chair

NCAA Monaco Beach Chair
Beach chair on a stable aluminum frame. The seat and backrest is made of polyester and equipped with a pillow over the headrest. The folding flat for easy transport.

Decorative table fan

These amazing sea fans sport a charming and utterly beautiful design with the white finish of the pieces themselves beautifully framed to create an original work of art for any possible interior decor style.

Beach chairs canvas wall art

This type of product is very interesting for people who love attractive wall art. This product shows a seaside photograph. It has got a rectangular shape and it represents a casual style. It measures 23.5 inches high x 31.5 inches wide x 1 inch deep.

Designer dining chairs 6

If you want to add some timeless styled glamour into the dining room, consider a set of designer chairs. Heavily inspired by the shabby chic decor, this modern collection catches the attention with intricate backrest and two-toned finish.