Inflatable Lake Slide

Up the ante on outdoor entertainment this summer by turning your backyard into your very own water park. Perfect for thrill seekers and energetic kids, inflatable water slides will kick your lake or poolside fun up a notch, and you’ll soon become a source of envy amongst your neighbors.

Whether you’re looking for some refreshing summer entertainment for your kids, or your inner child, there are a range of sizes and styles to suit all ages and dare-devil levels. From sprinklers to trampolines, climbing walls and more, the lake will never get boring. You’ll keep your cool and be set up for some long-lasting, screen-free fun and games. Better yet, it may even buy you a moment of child-free sun soaking, reading and cocktail sipping. Sold? Thought so! We’ve gathered some of our favorite inflatable slides to help you get your summer started!

Inflatable Water Slide with Sprayers

Inflatable Water Slide with Sprayers

Slide into summer with style this year with an inflatable lake slide. A source of easy and endless fun, simply blow it up, place it on the edge of the lake, or side of the pool, and plunge right in! Built-in sprayers are an enjoyable feature that also serve to keep the surface wet and slippery, for a smooth descent. Although, bear in mind that you will likely need a garden hose to hand in order for the sprayers to function!

Inflatable slides come in different sizes, so choose well according to the space you have available. Whilst the big slides may be tempting, they won’t be much fun if they take up half your backyard, or if you only have a small, shallow pool to plunge into!

$108.99 $239.99

Inflatable Pontoon Slide for Lake

Inflatable Pontoon Slide for Lake

Looking for a way to keep your tireless kids entertained? You can rest assured an inflatable pontoon slide will do the trick. Simply motor out into the middle of the lake, attach the slide to the side of the pontoon and watch the fun unfold. Meanwhile, it may even give you time to catch some rays and get started on that book you’ve been desperate to get your hands on.

Before splashing out on a lake water slide, make sure it is made of a heavy duty, and smooth material that is puncture-free and UV treated. It’s worth paying more for good quality materials for long-lasting, sturdy and safe lake-side entertainment. Recommendable materials include PVC or chemical grade nylon.

Inflatable Floating Water Slide with Trampoline

Inflatable Floating Water Slide with Trampoline

Prepare for a summer of lake-side thrills with your very own inflatable water park. Trampolines are a popular all-time favorite for kids and adults alike. But, put a trampoline in the middle of a lake on a hot summer's day and you’ve multiplied the fun tenfold. Bounce, slide, lounge or fish, a round inflatable floating trampoline has various uses providing just as much fun for the grown-ups, as for the youngsters.

Before you all eagerly clamber on, check out the criteria for the weight capacity. You don’t want it to rip apart with the first over-excited use! 

Themed Inflatable Water Slide for Kids

Themed Inflatable Water Slide for Kids

Inflatable water slides can be a cool activity for a kids' summer birthday party! The wide range of designs on the market offer different themes with unique inflatable water features and eye-catching prints, with anything from tropical jungles to Disney princess castles, and more.

Themed water slides come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different age ranges. Some are made with toddlers in mind, whilst others are made to resist bigger, more boisterous kids. Buy your slide with the users in mind and check it is age appropriate. 

Floating Water Slide Adventure Playground

Floating Water Slide Adventure Playground

Satisfy those thrill seekers with their very own floating adventure playground. Think slides, climbing lines, ladder walls and cave hangouts and it won’t take long before you become the talk of the lake. This stand-alone style of lake slide inflatable is ideal for older children, teenagers and adults.

Save time and arm day for the gym by investing in an electric pump that will get your inflatable water slide set up and ready for use in minutes. 

Inflatable Convertible Floating Slide Dock

Inflatable Convertible Floating Slide Dock

Looking for a lakeside inflatable for all the family to enjoy? Hangout on the water on an inflatable floating dock with a convertible slide to create a floating play station in minutes. Convertible floating docks provide unmatched versatility. Use it as a launch-pad to safely get on and off your kayak, or bring some lounge chairs and coolers and enjoy a picnic on the water. Later, flip up the slide and enjoy endless hours of slip-sliding around!

Make sure the inflatable floating dock is heat-sealed and that it has plenty of grip so that no one is at risk of slipping over. Anchor points and webbed loops are also useful to keep the dock in place and any water sports equipment secure.

Tall Floating Water Slide with Climbing Wall

Tall Floating Water Slide with Climbing Wall

With camps and many outdoor activities up in the air this summer, you’re probably searching for a fun alternative to keep the kids active. Whether you’re heading to the coast or a lakeside retreat, surprise your youngsters with a large inflatable water slide. It’s guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

One of the best parts about inflatable water slides is their portability and storage potential. Make sure to opt for one that’s lightweight and compact so you can roll them into neat storage bags to be hidden away during the colder months.

Inflatable Poolside Water Slide

Inflatable Poolside Water Slide

Slip-slide into summer and turn your backyard into a fun-filled splash park with an inflatable poolside water slide. This is the best style for anyone with a deck around their pool or lake. As well as providing endless fun, water slides enjoy several health benefits such as body balance, motor skills, overall physical fitness, as well as being a general mood booster! What could beat it?

Pair your inflatable slide with other fun floating toys and games for action-packed lake, or poolside, family entertainment. 

Two Lane Floating Water Slide

Two Lane Floating Water Slide

Ready, set, go! Two lane floating water slides are a great way to entertain multiple kids at once. Come up with fun swimming races and land to water obstacle courses, and get all of your friends and family involved!

If you are thinking of expanding your at-home water park, opt for a water slide that can be connected to other inflatable installations of the same brand, later on. This will give you versatility to use the inflatable slide either as a stand-alone, or as part of a bigger waterpark.

Multi Level Inflatable Floating Water Slide for Lake

Multi Level Inflatable Floating Water Slide for Lake

Kit out your lake like a pro with a multi-level floating water slide. A great option for older kids or adult lakeside parties, large inflatable structures allow multiple people to use it at once. Climb, slide, or chill out away from the harsh glare of the sun in an inflatable mini cave.

Even the most durable inflatable lake water slide is not indestructible. Make it last by avoiding too much sun exposure and sharp objects (including jewelry and shoes), and when not in use, make sure to store it in a dry place to avoid toxic mold growth.

Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you're going on a family vacation or you have a large outdoor pool that you want to make into a hub of excitement during the summer, there are many uses of an inflatable lake slide and several things that you'll need to think about before buying one.

What are the most common styles of inflatable lake slides?

Here are the main styles of inflatable lake slides that are available to choose from:

  • Pyramid style: You can buy inflatable slides in the shape of a pyramid. This rectangular shape has steps on either side for you and your children (or adult friends!) to climb up, and a comfortable slide to come down. Some slides in this style have more than one slide, which gives everybody the opportunity to slide at the same time!
  • Circular style: A circular design can also serve the purpose of a bouncy castle, and with these designs you don't even need to place them on the water. You can use it in your garden or other open space even if you don't have access to water. When on the water, however, there are ladders on either side to enable people to access it. The slide is then situated on the other side for the ultimate fun time.
  • Large structure: An inflatable structure is the ideal choice if you want something big enough to allow many people to use it simultaneously. This style allows you do various different things on one structure, and since each attraction on the slide is linked by paths or steps, it's accessible no matter which part you're using.
  • Climbing frame: The large structure inflatable lake slide is more of a flat design, while the climbing frame style is a great way to make some fun out of exercising. You can buy them in various designs, including a floating iceberg, providing a challenge for both young and old.

Choosing the right style is exciting but can be a challenge if you don't already know exactly what you want. You may have to alter the lake slide you buy depending on your budget or if you see something you prefer along the way.

How big an inflatable lake slide should you pick?

Getting the right size is equally as important as finding a style and design that you love. You should consider the following:

  • Where are you going to put the slide? For small pools which are outdoors, the best option is a large and interesting slide which is high rather than wide. The climbing frame style, for example, would be a good choice.
  • Who is going to be using the slide? Although you may have found the perfect style, you should check how much weight it can hold and what the dimensions are. A small slide for two children won't be suitable if you intend to use it for adults or bring it out during birthday parties.

Once you know what style you want and the size that you need, it's just down to the specifics such as colors and extra features.


Rave sports dock slide

Rave sports dock slide
A dock slide created especially for children. It is a product that provides fun in the summer. This slade is made of commercial grade reinforced PVC. It measures 120 inches long x 35 inches wide x 68 inches high.

Sportsstuff spillway inflatable pontoon boat slide

Sportsstuff spillway inflatable pontoon boat slide
A splendid choice for kids to be more active while having a tone of crazy fun with this fantastic inflatable slide. It's very easy to set, and equipped with protective straps and two convenient bolster arms on both sides.

Inflatable lake slide 2

The inflatable lake slide is a great way to have fun and enjoy water fun. Simple construction made of excellent quality materials will provide great entertainment and will give you fantastic holiday madness.

Inflatable lake slide

Slides are not only fun in the yard or a commercial pool, your own slide with a paddling pool - which can be mobile and sail with you to the middle of the ocean, that's something! Inflatable slide is orange and floats freely on the surface of the water.

Inflatable lake slide

Do you happen to be looking for an inflatable water park? this one is excellent for kids and adults and it have a lot of attractions, like the slide, and the stairs for climbing. The navy and white colors reminds of the nautical theme.

Lake slides

Imagine that you can make your own blown aquapark wherever you are.The inflatable lake slide, ladder floats slightly on the water but gives stability also for adults..It has a triangle form, on the one hand it is possible to climb and on the other - downhill.

Floating water slide

Floating lake slide with ultra large trampoline providing oodles of fun for many people at once. Heavy commercial construction utilizes tear-proof PVC creates UV-resistant 3 chambers inflatable construction.

Trampoline water slide

Gander Mountain® > Aquaglide Summit Express - Gifts & Recreation > Trampolines & Water Toys > Water Toys : $9000.00......YUP!

Inflatable floating water slide

15' Inflatable Dock Slide! #SummerFun #LakeToys

Inflatable lake slide 4

Extra large inflatable lake slide w/ water in it. In blue and yellow. Water slide = best water toy! Can't wait for the summer season and all the outdoor games by a lake with inflatable floats all around!

Inflatable lake slide 1

Throw this fantastic water attraction into a lake and surprise your whole family with hours of wild and wet fun. This slide is, practically, unsinkable, offering various attractions, perfect for spending hot summer days in style.

A gigantic water play slide this would be fun at

A Gigantic Water Play Slide. This would be fun at the lake house.

Lake water slide

Gigantic inflatable water park with slides, trampolines, jumping pillows, runways, bouncers and other fun-boosting elements, connected together to create large floating lake. Here coming in blue, grass green and yolk yellow.

Water slide for dock

This wonderfully made inflatable lake slide is a great way to have fun. The robust construction of the highest quality materials and ease of use makes the fun over water unique. Ideal set for summer holidays.

Water slide trampoline

Now this is a SLIDE! On my want list :)

Inflatable lake slide 2

lake islands inflatable water slide $300~$2000

Inflatable lake slide 1

Jumbo Inflatable Floating Water Slide for lake house by barbm

Inflatable water toys

Giant inflatable slide with climbing wall. It is made of durable material. It folds for easy storage. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Dock slide

Now you can surprise your children with this fantastic lake slide that is properly secured and very easy to set. It's inflatable and durable, with strong black straps, a smooth slide, and a pair of convenient handles on top.

Inflatable trampoline for lakes

Inflatable island recommended for 8 people. It is made of PVC and fitted with plastic handles. It is resistant to UV and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Blow up trampoline for water

Large inflatable water slide to climb on - an idea to add a fun factor to a swimming pool, lake or any other water side. The pyramid shaped floating slide is big enough for adults. It's white, blue and yellow.

Bongo 15' Northwoods Water Bouncer with Aqua Slide and Launch Size: 180"

Water slide for pond

Inflatable lake slide - water obstacle course ideas - floating bounce house with double slide - to have fun with friends by the swimming pool and win the race! Inflatible piece, coloured deep blue and sunflower yellow.

Inflatable lake slide 3

500ft Water Slid in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rave sports turbo chute waterslide lakeshore package bounce houses at

Rave Sports Turbo Chute Waterslide Lakeshore Package - Bounce Houses at Hayneedle

Inflatable water slides for lakes

water toy : trampoline AQUA JUMP WANTTTT

Inflatable water slide giant teeter totter on the other side

Inflatable water slide/giant teeter-totter on the other side

China but available for party rentals all over the world

China but available for party rentals all over the world (with the exception of Switzerland, where it was called unethical by the national Titanic Club), the Titanic Inflatable Slide is a 33-foot-high, bouncy replica of the doomed steamship—tilted at a

Water trampoline slide

gigantic inflatable water play station...we need one of these at the lake fo-sho

Party raft

Crafted for little and big explorers, this inflatable floating iceberg is really gigantic - it provides climbing challenge both for kids and adults. Apart from climbing wall, it has water slide. Cool!

Rave Turbo Chute™ Water Slide Lake Package

Rave Sports 02472 Inflatable Turbo Chute Commercial Water Slide Lake Package

Simdi burada olmak vard the cool hunter nike extreme just

şimdi burada olmak vardı..... The Cool Hunter - Nike Extreme - Just Deneyimi

Water trampoline and slide

6 Person Tropical Floating Island Inflatable Raft Pool Lake Float Water Slides - Inflatable Floats & Tubes

Boat dock water slides

Image detail for -... Boat | Blog | Everything About Pontoon Boat Stuff

Inflatable lake slide 6

World's largest inflatable slide the Hippo Slide that can be used wet it's great for huge corporate events, large festivals, the beach or lake summer events and is 40' tall, 50' wide X 170' long used wet with huge landing zone at the end.http://allaroundb

Water slides for lakes

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Interactive Water Inflatable ˚⃕༓F͚͝u̶N̮̮̑̑.⒤ꈤ̱̂. tིh̶ě̼.S

Master g giant inflatable floating water slide

Master G: Giant Inflatable Floating Water Slide

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway 1

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway 2

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway

Aquaglide summit express 16 gigantic inflatable water 1

AquaGlide Summit Express - 16' Gigantic Inflatable Water ...

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway 3

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway

The inflatable lake slide hammacher schlemmer

The Inflatable Lake Slide - Hammacher Schlemmer

Floating lake inflatable water park slide for sale

Floating Lake Inflatable Water Park Slide For Sale ...

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway 4

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway ...

Commercial inflatable water slide floating game aqua

Commercial Inflatable Water Slide Floating Game / Aqua ...

Inflatable water park gadgets matrix

Inflatable Water Park – Gadgets Matrix

Inflatable floating lake pool slide and 10 walkway 5

Inflatable Floating Lake Pool Slide AND 10' Walkway

Aquaglide summit express 16 gigantic inflatable water 2

AquaGlide Summit Express - 16' Gigantic Inflatable Water ...