Fire Pit Table With Lid

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A fire pit table is an innovative way to do outdoor decor. The gas fireplace is a neat feature, and it adds mystique and romance to any time you use the table. But it is easy to get contaminants in the fire pit when it isn't in use. For that, we recommend a lid. And if you don't already have a firepit table, then getting one with its own lid is a great investment.

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Our Picks

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Lorraine Fire Pit Table

Lorraine Fire Pit Table

This large fire pit table features an enameled fire bowl in the middle create a stylish and safe way for a campfire. It was crafted from a durable steel. Its design allows for a easy air flow and circulation.

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Alderwood Fire Pit Table

Alderwood Fire Pit Table

Designed for indoor areas, this Fire Pit Table is characterized by a portable design, and heat-resistant, powder coated steel construction. Includes spark screen, log grate, protective storage cover, and log poker tool.

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Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

This 58,000 BTU Portable Fire Pit is lightweight and easy to move, thus also perfect for camping, backyards, and patios. Includes a 19" diameter fire pit, decorative rocks, clean and smokeless burning, and gas conversion feature.

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Fire pit table with lid 1

An excellent choice for making your outdoor evening gatherings warmer, brighter, and more intimate. This fire pit is embedded in a massive concrete circle and covered with a wood plank round lid. It's stabile and very durable.

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Fire pit table with lid

A smooth, round concrete fire pit is a beautiful addition to your patio or backyard living area. A bright wood lid covered the pit when it is not in use, creating an attractive table for the times between fires.

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Fire pit cooler

Round solid fire pit table,gives a cozy sensation to your backyard.It has copper accents and decorative cast iron legs.The lid converts the pit into a table and protects the fire bowl.Just open the lid to spend pleasant hours under the heat of controlled fire.

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Fire pit table with lid 2

Original and unique table that is also very practical. It features a round shape with a fire pit in its central part. This pit also includes a durable lid based on solid horizontal wooden slats. This practical solution is also very stylish.

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Fire pit table lid

You can use the fire pit table with lid also in your interior inside as a coffe table when you don't need fire. Hand-hammered fire pit tub is based on sturdy wrought iron legs. The bowl is very deep, giving you the possibility of a greater, safe fire.

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Fire pit with lid 1

Make a grand impression in your garden with this fire pit table with lid. It features the round shape, simple, modern design and lava rock filler. Everyone will be delighted how cool it looks at your exterior.

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Fire pit table with lid 3

Original fire pit table that also converts into an ice cooler for summer. Its embossed brass-finished top is very solid and attractive. It can serve as a coffee table and cocktail table. Its bronze and black colors look very interesting.

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Fire Pit Table With Lid

Buying Guide

What’s the best material for a fire pit table?

If you’re looking for the very best material possible for a fire pit table with lid, the answer is simple: it’s aluminum. This is the best choice for most types of outdoor furniture, as it’s lightweight, rust-proof, and easy to take care of in even harsh year-round weather conditions.

Another good option is stainless steel, which is a metal that offers a naturally high melting point. It’ll be durable, corrosion-proof, and the surface won’t stain. Steel also comes in a variety of finishes: Rusted steel, for a weathered look, or powder-coated steel for a matte aesthetic.

Do fire pit tables keep you warm?

The amount of heat given off by fire pit tables can vary widely from fire pit to fire pit. The heat is measured in BTU/hr. The higher the BTU, the larger the flame, and therefore the more heat the fire pit table will generate. The average BTU output ranges from 30.000 to 100.000. To give you an idea, 50.000 is equivalent to the heat of a medium sized campfire.

Whilst fire pit tables can keep you warm, we recommend the use of blankets or additional heating sources, especially during the colder winter months.

Best Ideas

Copper fire pit lid

Long-lasting and weather-resistant, this functional fire pit table will be a real hit during evening gatherings with your loved ones. The top is covered by a wood lid in oak finish, effectively covering the whole fire pit if not in use.

Home fire pit tables bloomsbury fire pit table

home fire pit tables bloomsbury fire pit table

Fire pit table with lid 10

A spare natural gas fire table can easily be attached to an existing natural gas line. It comes with natural lava rock filler as well as a matching lid for the times when the flame is not in use.

Fire pit table with lid 13

Solid Hammered Copper Fire Pit With Lid Converts To Table

Table top for fire pit

table top for fire pit

Saturn with Lid Fire Pit

Saturn with Lid Fire Pit

Fire pit table with lid 4

The Extruded Aluminum Round LPG Fire Pit from Fire Sense not only functions as a fire pit, but an outdoor patio table as well with its convenient extruded aluminum fire bowl lid.

Pit lids

Elaborate round patio table with fire pit that might be hidden under a matching lid. The all-weather rust-resistant cast aluminium design abounds with swirls; the arched legs add to stylish look. The finish is bronze.

Fire pit cooler table

Square fire pit table for outdoor applications. Its high performance, lightweight fiber-concrete construction and lava rock filler provides not only solidity, but also looks very attractive in any stylization.

Fire pit table with lid 7

leisurelife™ 4 in 1 Rectangular Coffee Table, Cooler, Fire Pit and Grill with Ceramic Tile Top and

Fire pit table with lid

An astonishing decoration for outdoor areas such as patios, sun decks, and gardens. This lovely table has a durable metal frame with a fire pit in the middle of its stylish top. It's all covered in black, beautifully contrasting with the flaming center.

Fire pit gray solid wood cover fire pit stainless steel

-fire-pit-gray-solid-wood-cover-fire-pit-stainless-steel-fire-pit-lid ...

Fire pit table with lid 19

Firepit with a lid to make a table

Fire pit table with lid 6

Oriflamme fire tables come with a protective lid. Available from Rich's for the Home