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Nothing brings family and friends together like an outdoor gathering, and the right setting is key. Ty Pennington-style outdoor furniture is well-built, beautiful, and practical, making it ideal for casual brunches or sophisticated dinners. Now, you too can transform your space with the following collection of timelessly designed Ty Pennington-style outdoor furniture sets.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Ty Pennington patio furniture

Ty Pennington patio furniture

Red Barrel Studio®

This outdoor set has enough space for you and five of your friends to sit comfortably and includes a three-seater sofa, two chairs, and two ottomans that can serve as a coffee table. Everything is made from all-weather wicker with deep plush seating that is UV protected.

Designer Advice:

This stylish and spacious set creates an intimate yet eclectic look. Thanks to its all-weather construction, it can be enjoyed inside or out, and its sophisticated design creates the perfect environment for stylish relaxation. You can further freshen up your space with outdoor lanterns, plants, and colorful cushions. Throw in a blue Persian-style rug, and you’ll have an elegant spot to enjoy al-fresco dining.

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Cushioned Ty Pennington style outdoor seating set

Cushioned Ty Pennington style outdoor seating set

Birch Lane™

Invoke salt, sea, and sand with this beautiful five-person outdoor set. It comes with two chairs, a three-seater sofa made from weather-resistant teak, and soft polyester blend cushions. Also included in the set is a teak coffee table and a side table for drinks and casual meals.

$3340 $3369

Designer Advice:

This outdoor seating set is modern but comfortable, and it’ll work well in a Tuscan-style home. It offers neutral tones and an updated classic design that makes it ideal for any style or space. You can spruce it up with elements such as coastal blue hues, warm textures like driftwood, and elements that feel like they’ve been bleached by the sun. Use artwork that comes in soothing colors and sea glass vases and jute rugs.

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Eight person seating group with Ty Pennington style cushions

Eight person seating group with Ty Pennington style cushions

Red Barrel Studio®

Bring color, joy, and comfortable beauty into your home with the two sofas, two chairs, and four ottomans in this outdoor set. Each piece is made from high-quality wicker rattan wrapped around a steel frame with water-resistant cushions and a high backrest.

$1369.99 $1399.99

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Ty Pennington wicker patio furniture

Ty Pennington wicker patio furniture

Kelly Clarkson Home

Hand-curated by Kelly Clarkson, this patio furniture set comes with two chairs, two ottomans, and a compact glass-top table. Each piece is made from rich brown rattan with a powder-coated steel frame and polyfill cushions with beige polyester upholstery.

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Ty Pennington style patio furniture

Ty Pennington style patio furniture

Latitude Run®

Enjoy the outdoors in this 6-seater patio furniture set with a silver-top table. The seats are made from weather-resistant PE rattan with a metal frame and breathable, fade-resistant cotton cushions. The table is also supported by a matching rattan wicker frame.

$669.99 $849.99

Designer Advice:

This patio set offers the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Being available in royal blue, Aegean blue, red, and black/khaki, it’s compatible with different design styles, whether country, eclectic or modern. The resin wicker it’s made from is a material that looks natural yet is very sturdy, which makes it ideal for pairing with a cool geometric outdoor rug and matching throw pillows.

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Four seater cushioned seating group

Four seater cushioned seating group

Rosecliff Heights

This cozy four-person outdoor set comes with a compact loveseat and two chairs made from acacia wood. The wicker accents peaking through the curvaceous chair arms play off the exquisite water-resistant cushions. The mid-century-themed coffee table is also made from solid acacia wood.

$919.99 $1079.99

Designer Advice:

Whether you want to turn your balcony into an urban oasis or create a bistro area on your oceanside deck, you can do it all with this patio set. It can also work as a breakfast nook or a comfy reading nook in your sunroom. You can decorate the table with a beautiful flower arrangement in a large seashell vase and add a beautiful turquoise blue or sage green outdoor rug underneath.

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Solid wood Ty Pennington outdoor furniture

Solid wood Ty Pennington outdoor furniture

Winston Porter

This outdoor furniture combines timeless design with casual cool comfort and features two chairs, a loveseat, and a table made from acacia wood. The seats are covered with elegant cream cushions made from weather-resistant polyester, and there are convenient cushion ties, too.

$409.95 $479.99

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Four piece Ty Pennington seating group

Four piece Ty Pennington seating group


Create a seating area for cocktails with this elegant four-seater set with a bench, two armchairs, and a table made from solid acacia wood. The polyester cushions perfectly complement the wood to make furniture that’s resistant to the sun, wind, rain – you name it.

$429.99 $1202.97

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Ty Pennington patio dining set

Ty Pennington patio dining set

Red Barrel Studio®

This patio set comes with a corner sectional sofa, three ottomans, and a dining table. Everything is made with a steel frame wrapped in weather-resistant PE rattan and padded polyester cushions to ensure years of outdoor enjoyment.

Designer Advice:

With thick padded cushions and beautiful all-weather wicker styling, this set creates a cozy conversation space. The dining table is a great showpiece that is ideal for entertaining, whether you want to host large meals or spend a leisurely afternoon sipping lemonade. You can style this patio dining set with a grey or rust orange outdoor rug and drape a couple of throw blankets on the headrests.

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Four person Ty Pennington style seating group

Four person Ty Pennington style seating group

Red Barrel Studio®

If you think your outdoor space is too small for entertaining, think again. This outdoor set comes with an acacia wood table, a loveseat, and two chairs with acacia wood frames, wide armrests, and thick and soft cushions.

$519.99 $599

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Ty Pennington Outdoor Furniture

Buying Guide

Outdoor living spaces have been a massive trend for years now. As technology becomes smaller and outdoor furniture more durable, it's common to have or want a whole living room outside on the patio. A keyway to obtain that space is by getting a patio conversation set.

As the name suggests, these are sets that have multiple furniture pieces so that people can sit around and converse outside. But they have many different styles to choose from, so below we'll help you decide what to look for.

Patio sets tend to come in a limited amount of materials. This is because certain materials do best in permanent outdoor settings. Some of the main types you'll find include:


Most wicker patio conversation sets have a sturdy inner frame made of a metal like steel. The outside is most often a wicker/rattan weave. Sets like this are typically made of synthetic resin wicker that looks like real but is much more water-resistant and made with all-weather conditions in mind. Choose this type for dense texture and durability.


You'll often see outdoor furniture made of durable and weather-resistant woods like Killarney Ash hardwood. However, because it is wood, it won't last the way a quality synthetic might. However, you can't beat the rich and classic texture wood imparts.


Metal outdoor furniture sets are less common. These are typically made of metals like iron, and a good product will be coated with weatherproofing or a compound that prevents rust, if needed. People choose metal because it tends to be more lightweight for moving around and imparts a modern feel.

Another important consideration is the cushion type, which can mean different features for care and comfort. Again, patio sets don't have too much diversity in the material types, since the idea is to go for maximum durability. Patio conversation set cushions typically come in:

  •  Polyester: The fact is, the vast majority of cushions are made of some type of polyester or polyester blend. It'seasy to clean and water-resistant, making it the perfect outdoor seating option. However, many manufacturers still recommend you bring your cushions inside when not in use to preserve the quality.
  •  Foam padding: Most cushions on patio conversation sets have some type of dense foam padding, often a cotton or polyurethane foam. Foam is a popular and almost standard option in outdoor seats to protect people from the hard materials that make up durable outdoor furniture.

If you don't want the hassle of bringing in patio cushions when not in use, some sleek and minimalistic styles don't make use of cushions. The seating area might simply be a textile fabric that is pulled over an open frame, so it gives as you sit on it, which adds comfort.

When it comes to the style of the patio set, you have a little more selection here. The most common styles include:

  • Dense wicker: This is the most common style in patio conversation sets. The cushions sit on densely woven wicker that gives the set a solid appearance. These styles are typically boxy and mimic the look of indoor furniture. Choose dense wicker styles if you're going for an outdoor living room look. These also work in any backyard, as they offer a woven texture for rustic or classic spaces and a neutral design for more timeless spaces.  
  • Textured wicker: These look similar to dense wicker designs but will often have some sort of weaving where you can see through the chair. These offer a more rustic texture and look like classic outdoor seating.
  • Minimalistic wood: When you see an outdoor set made out of wood, usually the wood is in sleek cuts and the furniture itself is on the minimalistic side. Choose minimal woodcuts if you want an understated casual piece. The wood textures also work with rustic backyards.  
  • Modern: These are minimal pieces that make the most of sleek geometry and a sparse use of metal chair legs. Choose them for a contemporary, well-manicured backyard.

Another important consideration is the color. Patio conversation sets are large pieces that often define a backyard space, so it's important to get the color right:

  • Mixed neutrals: The most common color design in patio conversation sets is mixed neutral shades. Usually, the base of the furniture will be one color and the cushions another. It's common to see black and white combinations, which look great in modern spaces. You might also see brown wood tones with gray cushions or black bases with gray cushions. Mixed neutrals are made to work in any space because of how timeless they look.
  • Bold colored cushions: A fun take is a neutral base, like a black or brown, with bright cushions, like azure or cherry red. These really bring the space to life and are great for casual or artsy backyard spaces.   
  • Understated cushion colors: You can also find a neutral base with understated cushion colors, like a muted blue or sage green. This is the best of both worlds: you get some color to the space, but it's not a statement look. These look great in any backyard style, since they are made to be timeless.
  • Monochrome: Another interesting look is a monochrome, where the base of the furniture is one shade of a certain color and the cushions are a slightly different shade. For instance, a piece might have a muted blue-gray base and royal blue cushions. Monochrome is good for artsy and colorful backyard spaces. 

You also have a wide variety of seating types to choose from, each with its own function.

  • Sectional sofa seating: These sets are one sofa that connects in an L-shape and usually come with a larger, padded ottoman. Choose this style if you're trying to create an outdoor living room look and/or you often have large groups over.
  • Sofa and single chair: Another common look is the straight sofa with a single chair off to the side. There is often a coffee table component. If you want more separated seating but are still going for an outdoor living room look, try this seating style.
  • Loveseat and two chairs: For guests and families who prefer the physical distance, some patio conversation sets have a couple of chairs and one small loveseat "sofa." These sets often have coffee tables as well.
  • Modular sofa: These bring the best of the modular sofa outdoors. The sofa itself comes in sections that you can put together or pull apart. Choose a modular design for flexible seating options and an outdoor living room look.
  • Chairs: Then there are sets that offer casual chairs, usually with a small end table to place between them. Choose chairs if you want a casual outdoor space, want an outdoor space that looks more like a traditional patio or have a smaller space to fill. 

As the temperatures rise, it is time to uncover your patio furniture and take the cushions out of storage. However, you may then realize your patio sofa had made its debut years ago and does not look as fresh and stylish anymore. You decide that you need a new one!

You might be overwhelmed by the wide selection when browsing for new patio sofas and sectionals, so we have compiled a guide to help you navigate through the sea of options.

Here are the pros and cons of different materials for your patio furniture. Read on and select the one which will resonate with you best.

  • Natural wood is a sturdy and comfortable material, but it requires regular maintenance and preservative treatments for weather and UV protection. You can also choose weather-resistant woods such as cedar, cypress, teak or redwood, which will need less maintenance.
  • Aluminum, plastic and PVC are rustproof, lightweight and probably the most inexpensive. They can be easily cleaned with just soap and water. However, due to their lightweight properties, they may need to be secured when high winds and storms occur.
  • Steel and wrought iron are the most durable, but you will need to find the most comfortable cushions for them. To prevent them from rusting, you will need to occasionally paint them with a weatherproof finish.
  • Other natural materials such as rattan and wicker offer a more casual feel to your patio, but they will require you to add a weatherproof coat every few years. Or you can choose synthetic wicker or rattan, which has a resin finish to last you a lifetime.

Below we have covered the best materials for the cushion covers and the core of the seat. Read on to make an informed choice when it comes to cushion materials.


Outdoor cushions vary drastically in material and it is important to choose the right one to prevent mold and mildew due to a lack of water-resistant properties.

  • Vinyl, also known as PVC, is a plastic material and is the least expensive. However, keep in mind that this fabric does not withstand heat very well. They can become extremely hot under the sun, which will cause a burn when you sit down. Also, remember that PVC cannot be recycled.
  • Texteline is a mesh woven material made of polyester yarn coated with PVC. It will still get hot under the sun, but the yarn offers more strength and durability. Even though texteline is waterproof, the color fades in the sun.
  • Cotton canvas is a fabric that dates back to the 13th century and is still considered economical. This type of material is not water-resistant, which can cause mold and mildew. Cotton canvas can be dyed and needs to be treated with a waterproof finish once a year.
  • Sunbrella fabric is a patented material, which has solution-dyed acrylics. It is the most expensive choice on the market, but it is fade-resistant, waterproof, mold & mildew resistant and chlorine safe.

Seat Core Materials

  • Dacron is a thermoplastic synthetic polymer resin and is a durable foam padding insert to provide optimum support. Because Dacron cushions are firm, they do no flatten out like other materials. They emit a tight and well-kept cushion, which can be compared to a pillow-topped mattress.
  • Dacron wrapped is different from Dacron since they are just wrapped in it. They feature a ½''-layer of actual Dacron, so they will flatten out like foam cushions. They look just as nice, but they are not as comfortable.
  • Foam cushions come in a range of densities, which can make it hard to know how supportive they can be. If you choose foam cushions, it is best to do your research on foam density to understand why weight and density are two different things when it comes to foam ratings.
  • Polyester fill is the least expensive choice and is the soft, fluffy material, which will not offer much support. They can offer visual stimulation but not functional comfort.

Best Ideas

Ty pennington patio furniture

Wicker set of outdoor patio furniture with cream, cotton seats and backs and a matching coffee table with a little shelf on the bottom and a glass top. The little side table in a similar style adds a nice touch to the patio.

Patio Furniture Sofa Only Outdoor Love Sofa 3 Seats Comfortable

Deep seating wicker patio furniture

sears Ty Pennington Style Mayfield 4 Pc. Deep Seating Set Sold by Sears Sears Item# 07180844000 | Model# 65-51051 Reg Price: $999.99 Savings: $50.00 $949.99 Now $854.99

Ty pennington style ty del sol 4 pc chat set

Ty Pennington Style Ty Del Sol 4 pc. Chat Set

Ty pennington style set

Ty Pennington Style Freeport 4 Piece Seating Set *Limited Availability

Ty pennington parkside

Swivel patio chair mounted on metal frame. Carefully profiled back is covered with rattan. Ideal for garden, patio, porch and others outdoor places.

Ty pennington furniture line

Ty Pennington Style Kesey 7 Piece Dining Set*

Ty pennington outdoor furniture

y Pennington Weldon deep-seating cushion loveseat is a stylish addition to your outdoor seating area or a four-season room.

Ty pennington sheets

Create a relaxing outdoor escape with the Ty Pennington Style Kesey 3-pc Bistro Set. Finished with a UV-protected earthy, outdoor fabric, it is a very resistant construction, which is also visible in its aluminum frames and dark brown powder-coat paint.

Ty pennington sears patio furniture

To feast with the family you need the right set on the patio.If it is enough this presented pennington style set takes 6 chairs and a large table with steel frame,and the tabletop is slightly orange and tough.Chairs are a combination of metal with gray wicker.

Ty pennington style bryant 7 piece sling dining set

Ty Pennington Style Bryant 7 Piece Sling Dining Set

Ty pennington comforter sets

The eighties style living room set taken directly on the beach. The olive upholstery has been composed with the dark parts imitating wood. With the palm it looks good, but you should check out if it is waterproof.

Ty pennington style set 9

Ty Pennington Style -Kesey 5 Piece Dining Set

Ty pennington style set 7

Ty Pennington Style Parkside 3 Piece Bar Set

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Ty Pennington Style Naples 4pc Seating Set with Articulating Coffee Table - Outdoor Living - Patio Furniture - Casual Seating Sets

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Ty Pennington Style Parkside 4 Piece Deep Seating Set

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