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In the spirit of outdoor gatherings, for the adults at the party, we give you outdoor bars for sale. Now you can have your own outdoor setup for making drinks for the neighbors, friends, or family members, during a barbeque or other event. Make them a Pina Colada, pray no one gets caught in the rain, and have a great time, with your own outdoor bar.

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Outdoor bars for sale

If you want to incorporate a bit of the Hawaiian style atmosphere into your house, check out this Tiki outdoor bar for sale. Sturdy bamboo set comprising also 3 complimenting bar stools.

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Outdoor bar tropical patio san francisco

Outdoor Bar Tropical Patio San Francisco
The tropical composition of furniture in a backyard garden with a conversational area placed in the vicinity of a bar. The area is furnished with two armchairs with green cushions, paired with a small table made out of pine wood.

Outdoor bar for sale

Outdoor bar in Hawaiian style. It is fitted with rectangular top and 2 open shelves for storing bar accessories. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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The outdoor patio bar in a Hawaii style. The base was constructed of the solid teak wood and bamboo elements. The bar is equipped with the additional roof protecting against sun, which was made of palm leaves.

Cheap garden bars for sale

Great gift items on sale now!!! Bamboo Furniture, Cedar Furniture,Tiki Bars, Portable Tiki Bars, Tiki Supplies, Tropical Artwork for your Palapa outdoor paradise

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Interesting illumination isn't only light - it is a very good way to decorate your interior. This chandelier is composed of bulbs hanged on long and short cables. Every light bulb is inserted in glazed ball lampshade.

Our advice Buying Guide

What outdoor bar style to choose for my garden?

To choose the right style of outdoor bar for sale for your garden you should take into consideration both your current outdoor furniture and the type of vibes that you’d like to create.

A popular option is to favor escapism and create a chilled, exotic atmosphere by choosing a Tiki or beach-style outdoor bar. You could also maintain your existing décor by choosing a style that matches it, such as a cozy farmhouse-inspired bar or, if you mainly have wooden and metal furniture in streamlined shapes, an industrial design.

If your priority is to keep the look of your garden consistent, stick to an outdoor bar for sale in the same color or wood finish as your main pieces of furniture.


Bamboo 3 Piece Tiki Bar

Bamboo 3 Piece Tiki Bar

Outdoor patio bars for sale

This beautiful outdoor bar constitutes a great way to embellish your garden space or patio. Wrought iron crafting enables to create magnificent intricate, visible for example in the barstools' backrests.

Outdoor bar furniture 5

Outdoor bar for residential and commercial use. Construction is made of wood and fitted with metal canopy. It has a lot of open shelves on the base for storing needed stuff. Classic form and modern design.

Outdoor patio bars for sale

With a such an attractive barn-board bar any decor can be elevated into another level. It is an excellent product for use at the porch. It features the cedar shake roof and natural finish.

Outdoor patio bars for sale

A fantastic idea to surprise your friends with this exotic bar for outdoor areas. Made in shape of a lovely Tiki hut, the bar rests on a large platform for stability, with a bunch of barstools, thick wood countertops, and enough shelves to store glassware and bottles of liquor.

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A cool traditional outdoor bar of wood in browns and beiges, grass, leaves, rattan. It has an open frame, thick square posts, a gable roof, a raised floor. Front panels and an interior feature traditional Hawaiian furniture and decorative motifs.

Premium Outdoor Wicker Bar with Storage

It is an aluminum wicker bar that has got a storage for your bottles of wine and other. This is a fantastic addition for outdoor area and indoor area. Everyone will tell you how great this bar is.

Outdoor bars for sale

With its characteristic louvred construction, combining dark wooden framing and white body, this bar will be an awesome decor proposition for one's outdoors. Supported by metal structure, it constitutes a solid, durable construction.

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Outdoor Bars For Sale ...

The build it network

The Build It Network"

Tiki bars for sale

An outdoors bar set, made out of cherry wood, which gives it a nice, red tint. The set hides a big Jacuzzi tub inside, which makes for a great addition to your backyard, creating a cozy relaxation spot for you and your guests.

Tiki bar for sale

Beach House Decor Styling Your Home For Sale | Desire Empire

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Outdoor Bars

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Outdoor Bar/Patio with double LCD Installation

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Ideas Outdoor Bars for Sale - : #HomeBar Sellers fairs are an excellent way to make your name or your business are known in the community and show people what you are selling. Most of these shows consist o

Outdoor bar foot rail

This incredible piece of furniture is must-have in your garden during every barbecue party. It is composed of two benches connected with table. Table has special compartments with ice intended to storage and freezing beers.

Kitchen bar table ideas

Cool, easy & super cheap outdoor kitchen - what's not to love? We wil definitely have this as our next outdoor project!

Home wet bars for sale

Modern elements of furniture for home bar applications. These items are made of durable materials resistant to weather conditions, so they can be used outdoors. Original round bar with the light looks nice with white backless stools.

Patio bars for sale

The table straight from the Vikings! Stable base in the shape of an oak wooden barrel, with metal elements. Ideal outdoor table, for small and big garden-partys. The large metal top, round shape can hold all the delicacies at the vikings bbq.

Cheap tiki bars for sale

I really really like this, so if anyone out there just wants to get it for me...I'd be so grateful! :-) ON SALE Bar with Extension Table Was by GreenFurnitureDesign, $5200.00

Outside bars for sale

These italian wine barrel table is a stylish way to serve your favorite wine. Handmade, has a oak wooden and iron finish. Just like good aiged wine, will bring sophisticated ans vintage character to any outdoor space.

Outdoor bar sale

I'll probably never do this because I don't live anywhere near the water but it's such a cute idea!!

Outdoor bar sale

outdoor bar sale

Outdoor tiki bars for sale

Yes please, house on the beach! Swim, shower, hammock. Swim, shower, hammock.

Glass orb chandelier luster

Glass Orb Chandelier Luster
Modern bar lights lamp with aesthetic design. The glass is a delicate, light-skinned, through which the light bulb shine. The chandelier consists of 7 black cables on which hang various sizes of glass globes, open from the bottom.

Tiki bar hut for sale

Great gift items on sale now!!! Bamboo Furniture, Cedar Furniture,Tiki Bars, Portable Tiki Bars, Tiki Supplies, Tropical Artwork for your Palapa outdoor paradise

Antique bar lights

Pendant lights for home and commercial applications. These ceiling-mounted devices assure the appropriate level of illumination. Their durable frames are also very simple and they represent an attractive industrial style in any house.

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Outdoor garden sink, fish cleaning sink, etc.

Outside bars for sale

Antique trunks create a vintage-themed display table for an outdoor wedding. #VintageWedding #WeddingDecor

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Cafe, Sydney

Outdoor bars for sale

Wine Barrel Bar | Wine barrel bar/beer table for Sale in BERWICK, Victoria Classified ...

Driftwood and antique jar hanging light

Driftwood And Antique Jar Hanging Light
Gorgeous and rustic project for a do-it-yourself, homemade hanging ceiling light made out of a rough driftwood plank with antique mason jars acting as lightshades, providing the piece with a unique, primitive look.

1930s industrial lighting vintage enamel

1930s Industrial Lighting Vintage Enamel
High-quality combined with proper maintenance resulted in well-preserved condition of this unique industrial lighting, coming from 1930s (!). Wear to enamel on the interior white of 1 lamp. It measures 16" diameter x 13" high.

Steel Serving Cart

Steel Serving Cart
Serving cart featuring steel frame which makes it durable and sturdy construction. Additionally, thanks to the use of synthetic resin wicker the cart is weather resistant and can be used both, indoors and outdoors.

Backyard bars for sale

A trio of long-lasting barstools that emanate with industrial accents and distressed finish. Each barstool is made of durable metal, including an X-shaped stretcher underneath the square seat, and widened legs with a fixed footrest and non-marring caps.

Home Bar Set

Home Bar Set
A striking appearance of this Home Bar Set in Natural Finish is going to surprise your with functionality and durability. Crafted of sturdy wooden logs, the set blends perfectly with country décor.

Outdoor bakers racks

Vintage design for an old-fashioned baker’s rack repurposed to act as an outdoor picnic cutlery storage. The rack is made out of wrought iron with a light green coat of paint and has three shelves on top and another three underneath.

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Jardine bar 1

Jardine Bar
The simple wooden construction of this patio bar table flaunts that the terrace, patio or garden decor gains an attractive style and functionality. Practical drawers and shelves will hold various trinkets and facilitate the preparation of meals on the barbecue and other.

Outdoor bar furniture 21

Made entirely from pallets, this DIY project features an outdoor bar, which will be a brilliant addition to one's patio or backyard. Constructed along with accompanying stools.

From old rake to wine glass holder awesome especially for

From old rake to wine glass holder = awesome! Especially for those of us w/small spaces! LOVE.

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Towel rack for the summer using pvc piping! GREAT idea! Could use to dry heavy items instead of using the dryer

Outdoor bar furniture 15

Creative DIY design for an outdoors’ bar table, made entirely out of pallet wood with a long surface on the top. The table is made out of rough, unpolished wood with a dark coat of paint, giving it a contemporary look.