Cast Iron Patio Tables

There is a very classic look to the cast iron patio table that makes it the Premier seating and dining option for breakfasts and business meetings taken on your patio. They have the charm and style that can enhance the look of any patio, or even if it's put into the yard beyond the brick and mortar. Every one of these is beautiful or the intricate lines and we have plenty of them to choose from in our collection.

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Antique Vintage 3 Pc Cast Iron Garden Patio Furniture 2 Bench Chairs Table Set

Antique Vintage 3 Pc Cast Iron Garden Patio Furniture 2 Bench Chairs Table Set
A marvelous decoration for your outdoor area and a comfy place to sit for your closest friends. This antique 3-piece set consists of 1 patio table and 2 matching benches - all made of white-finished cast iron with gorgeous metalwork.

Outdoor table chair set wrought iron black

Outdoor table chair set wrought iron black
Beautiful and comfortable elements of outdoor furniture. These cast iron patio chairs are available with a table made of the same material. All of these items include plenty of decorative elements. Their black finish looks good in any outdoor stylization.

Garden Cast Iron Bench Set Patio Outdoor Chair Table Grape Vintage 19 31 G

Garden Cast Iron Bench Set Patio Outdoor Chair Table Grape Vintage 19 31 G
Cast iron patio set. Chair and loveseat with round, low-profiled cocktail table. The assembly draws attention with intricate details, with grapes and vineyard motives present in a great amount. Finished plain white.

Vintage industrial cast iron pair of

Vintage industrial cast iron pair of
Solid patio tables created in attractive industrial style. Their durable cast iron construction includes round bases that provide more stability and support. Their aged, industrial finish works very well with many decorative styles.

Cast iron king neptune table

Cast iron king neptune table
Patio table with round glass top. It is mounted on cast iron base and finished with carefully made carvings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Vintage Style 30 Wrought Iron Home Decor Garden Patio Side Table

Vintage Style 30 Wrought Iron Home Decor Garden Patio Side Table
Cast iron patio table that’s excellent for outdoor purposes. Such iron doesn’t get easily damaged and can withstand the outdoor conditions. Interesting, luxurious design is perfect for traditional houses.

French belle epoque cast iron bistro table marble top

French belle epoque cast iron bistro table marble top
This French Belle Epoque bistro table sports the painted iron base and a charming white marble top to match it. It will work in both a commercial setting and in your household thanks to its versatile looks.

Our advice Buying Guide

The strength and durability of cast iron are two features which make it so popular for outdoor furniture. If you've decided that you want to buy some new furniture for your patio, a cast iron table is a good item to consider. You can either pair it with cast iron chairs, or choose a different material for the other pieces. There are various sizes and styles available, as well as different colors to choose from. Here are some popular designs to have a look at.

What are the available designs of cast iron patio tables?

Small cast iron patio coffee table

You don't need to buy a large table for your patio, and in many cases, you might not need to be anything large. If you live alone or as a couple, or you rarely have people over to your home to sit on the patio outdoors, consider a smaller table. A couple of chairs or a sofa will match a cast iron coffee table well. This design often has a table top which is in the shape of a flower, matching the garden.

Cast iron patio table with wooden top

Cast iron has a harsh look, and many homeowners don't want a table which is entirely cast iron. However, there is a lot to be said for the durability of cast iron, and therefore mixing two materials to make a quality table is often the way forward. Four curved legs are connected by a circular cast iron piece. The wooden table top is then fixed on to the cast iron frame, creating a beautiful table which is perfect for your patio. The cast iron frame is sometimes painted white, which is an ideal look for colorful gardens. On some tables of this style, you may see a clock fitted within the table top.

Rectangular cast iron patio table

While many designs are circular on in the shape of a flower with petals, you will also come across the rectangular styles. These often have curved legs which spiral around and leave some intricate detail. The detail on the frame of the table helps to soften the hard effect left by the cast iron. The table top is made using a solid slab of cast iron, forming the ultimate weather-resistant piece of furniture for your patio. The table top may also have some detail around the edges, such as leaves, diamonds or flowers.

Cast iron patio dining table

When the weather is good, it's great to invite your family onto the patio for some food and cocktails. There are many cast iron patio dining tables to consider – if this is the style you are looking for you need to first decide how much seating you need. Most of the dining tables will seat six people, although there are some which will only seat four. There are rounded dining tables which are suitable for square areas or smaller corners, while the rectangular dining tables or larger circular tables are for the more spacious patios.


Rose 3 Piece Bistro Patio Set

Rose 3 Piece Bistro Patio Set
This set will help you to furnish the patio or porch. It includes a bistro table and two chairs with cast iron structure and antique bronze finish. It reminds me of the meals in my grandmother's garden.

Mandalay 16-inch Iron Patio Side Table

Mandalay 16-inch Iron Patio Side Table
An iron patio side table that matches most outdoor spaces with its contemporary design. It stands on four sleek legs that ensure stability and more importantly, does not wobble. Stays steady even when placed on an uneven surface.

Cast iron patio tables 10


Cast iron patio tables 1

Beautifully made table with cast iron, thanks to lampshades decorative elements are presented lightly and delightfully. A subtle green and attractive form in the antique climate delight, creating a unique whole.

Cast iron outdoor tables

An antique chair and a cast iron patio table fit into a magical garden in the Provencal style. It looks as if these precisely carved, forged elements were created from snowflakes. Painted white are extremely decorative.

Cast iron patio tables 8

1920s Heavy Ornate Cast Iron Garden Patio Table by curioscity, $100.00

Cast iron patio tables

4pcs Antique Cast Iron: Garden Furniture; Includes Benc

Cast iron patio tables 5


Cast iron tables

Nineteenth-century gardens, had to offer many interesting furniture. Such as cast-iron table for your patio, or backyard. Round, with stylized carved legs. In pastel shades of mint.Thanks to its material, it is extremely durable.

Cast iron patio tables 8

Cast Iron Outdoor Table from Seventh Avenue ® | EK47343

Garden furniture grape and leaf

Garden Furniture: Grape and Leaf

Cast iron patio tables 5


Vintage 4 pc cast iron patio lawn set table chairs


19 th century cast iron garden table items by category


Cast iron patio tables

This unique and beautiful cast iron patio tables and chairs set is the perfect choice for anyone who values elegance and has a good taste. Made of best quality cast iron and richly decorated with original patterns would bring a lot of attention.

Kirklands outdoor furniture

patio furniture

Cast iron patio tables 1

Beautiful patio 4 summer meals! Repinned from Laura James

Cast iron cafe table base

Cast iron is almost break proof. Outdoor dining set is sure to withstand the harshest weather elements when it's crafted from iron and properly finished. How about a round black table with lattice top (good to drain water off)?

Wrought iron garden furniture ebay

So, you are here, because you need some inspirations for your patio area. These garden furniture are made of cast iron, are painted on the white color and have beautiful hand carved details.

Cast iron outdoor table

Cast Iron Outdoor Table

Small iron table

Looking for an outdoor table, that would spruce up your ambiance? Well you need to consider this one. It features the round top with terracotta finish and cast iron base. It's a great addition for everyday meals and conversations.

Cast iron patio tables 14

Vintage Ornate Cast Iron Garden Table Design Patio Lawn-39"Wide

Cast iron bistro table base

Straightforward and beautiful cast iron patio table is an unusual combination of stunning color, delightful design, and functionality. The adorable three legs of the base fit perfectly with the round top.

Cast iron table restoration 8 jpg


Wrought iron table 3

wrought iron table

One available qty buy this item ornate cast iron vintage

one available qty buy this item ornate cast iron vintage patio table ...

This lovely pierced top looks like lace antique cast iron

this lovely pierced top looks like lace... Antique Cast Iron Victorian White Pierced Top Garden Patio Pedestal Table

Cast iron patio table 4 chairs


Cc2525 series cast iron ornamental table base

CC2525 Series Cast Iron Ornamental Table Base

Cast iron base

Cast Iron Base

Cast iron table

Cast Iron Table

Cast iron patio tables 10

92'' factory zinc och cast ron rectangular Dining table, "only" 1495 dollars from Restoration Hardware

Cast iron restaurant table basecast iron restaurant baseheight 28 weight

Cast Iron Restaurant Table BaseCast Iron Restaurant BaseHEIGHT: 28�WEIGHT: 53.9 lbsBuilt For Commercial Use�

Cast iron patio tables 4

Decorative Wrought Iron Table Legs | Interesting Cast Iron Patio Chair with Large Green Seat Cushions also ...

Cast iron patio tables 9

Indoor/Outdoor Cast Iron And Glass Mosaic Clock Table

Cast iron crank table perfect accent for my foyer

cast iron crank table - perfect accent for my foyer

Vintage garden table and chairs

Round Cast Iron Potted Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Patio Deck Porch Table 2 Tier

Vintage patio table

A durable dining table that sparkles with vintage glamour and beautiful metalwork. Designed for both indoors or outdoors, the table is made of cast iron and finished in zinc, with striking curves and robust stretchers to keep the whole in place.

Cast iron tables and chairs

repurposed cast iron manhole cover

Wrought iron table for outdoors

Wrought Iron table for outdoors

Cast iron patio tables 7

French Country Estate in Castle Pines A beautiful outdoor living space

Antique english oak white cast iron pub garden patio bistro

Antique English Oak WHITE Cast Iron Pub Garden Patio Bistro TABLE Butcher Block | eBay $579.00

Antique cast iron patio furniture

Antique Cast Iron Patio Furniture