Wrought Iron Bedside Table


Sleek lines with a decorative swirl here, a romantic looping there, yes please! Bedside tables made with wrought iron are sturdy, eye-catching, and made to last a lifetime and then some. With so many choices to complement your existing bedroom set, this is the perfect option to keep your alarm clock and anything else you need near your bed close at hand. Parues the collection to find your next bedside table, or find a set for both sides.

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Our Picks

Studio a alexander side table

Studio a alexander side table

Contemporary look for a modern bedroom nightstand made in an unusual shape. The top drawer and the lower shelf are made out of gray painted wood with a thin frame around made out of light oak wood.

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Blue Wrought Iron Kitchen Cabinet Industrial Nightstands And Bedside Tables San Francisco

Blue Wrought Iron Kitchen Cabinet Industrial Nightstands And Bedside Tables San Francisco

With this weathered bedside table, your bedroom will be swimming in vintage accents and distressed finish. The whole is crafted of sturdy wood and reinforced with rustic metal hardware, offering 1 rectangle top, 1 open shelf, and 1 door cabinet.

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Wrought iron bedside table

Nice bedside table / bedroom nightstand with wrought iron scroll details. A combination of heavy duty metal (tube legs), decorous metal hardware (drawer handles) and wood in classic medium brown colour.

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Wrought iron bedside table 5

Durable bedside table with a sturdy wrought iron construction and a compact design. The table also comes with a relatively large countertop, beautifully crafted legs, and stunning art deco detailing. There’s also a small bottom shelf included for more storage if you need it.

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Wrought iron bedside table 12

Well-known in France - but not only. In the iron tables and squiggles bent in wrought iron, love also Italians and Spaniards. In a bright white interior, such a bedside table finished in black color will be an interesting contrast.

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Wrought iron bedside table 2

Thanks to this fine bedside table you can save space in your bedroom, while improving its decor with lovely scrollwork. The frame is made of tubular metal, with curved legs, and a square top with a clear glass panel embedded in it.

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New pair of wrought iron lamp side bedside tables

New Pair of Wrought Iron Lamp Side Bedside Tables

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Wrought iron bedside table 1

Are you searching for a bedside table that would spruce up your ambiance? The decorative wrought iron construction and black marble top are a fantastic addition into any bedroom.

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Glass Top Iron Night Stand

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Wrought iron bedside table 3

Bedside table with round glass top. Base is made of wrought iron and finished with decorative curves. Elegant design for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste.

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Wrought Iron Bedside Table

Buying Guide

A wrought iron bedside table is a sturdy furnishing that can easily become an heirloom. Wrought iron can be simplistic or ornate. Combined with glass or hardwood shelves, it becomes an item of beauty as well as one of excellent utility.

Wrought iron is a natural substance and should be protected against chemical agents that could mar the finish, cause it to rust or to corrode. The best cleaning equipment for wrought iron is a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush hose attachment, a soft cloth for wiping and a solution of mild dish detergent. Vacuum away loose dust and grime, then wipe with the soft cloth. Check the items for places where the paint has chipped because this can encourage rust.

Deep cleaning wrought iron can include sanding away rust spots and touching up the place where the paint has chipped with an oil-based paint of matching color.

Wrought iron isn’t just for bedside tables, of course, although that is a fantastic application of style. It can also be used to create coffee tables or occasional tables that match your bedside table or end tables. Again, the beautiful contrast of iron and glass make a statement that just can’t be beaten.

Wrought iron and glass makes beautiful end tables for your living room. The simplicity of the clear glass coupled with the flourishes possible with wrought iron creates a lovely conversation piece for your living room. You can add a fun conversation piece to your end table by adding a lamp made from either authentic cast iron plumbing pipes or from faux antique pipes. Add an Edison bulb, and you have a steam-punk decoration that will either enchant or horrify visitors. These crazy lamps work well as lamps on your bedside table, as well.

If you have a wrought iron bed frame, wrought iron and glass bedside tables, and a wrought iron occasional table in your boudoir, then it makes sense to continue the theme with wrought iron drawer pulls and closet door knobs. They need not be overly ornate, just enough similar to the other furnishings to give a feel that everything in your space belongs together. Of course, if you are creating a steam-punk environment, you could always use plumbing elbows and short pieces of pipe to create that vintage mad scientist look. Not many of us are that much into steam punk, however. Your local hardware is likely to have perfectly serviceable wrought iron finish items.

Best Ideas

Iron side tables

Wrought iron bed with bedside table is a great combination that brings to the decor an elegant and fascinating style. All solidly made and finished in white, beautifully presented with cream and white details of bedroom décor.

Black wrought iron bedside tables

The stylish and very impressive wrought iron bedside table makes the bedroom look exceptionally admirable. Beautiful legs design and unrivaled countertop combine to form a great unit. Ideal solution for any modern interiors.

Wrought iron bedside table with glass tops in several colours

Wrought-iron bedside table with glass tops, in several colours

Wrought iron bedside table 6


Fantastically hot wrought iron bedroom furniture 11

Fantastically Hot Wrought Iron Bedroom Furniture

Wrought iron bedside table 3

New Wrought Iron lamp/side table/Bedside Glass Top

Grey bedside table

This Shoreditch grey bedside table constitutes a stylish addition. It smoothly combines a soft grey paint with a natural wooden top, offering considerable storage space, divided between 3 drawers.

Bixel Industrial End Table

Bixel Industrial End Table

Wrought iron bedside table 4

wrought iron and wood bedside tables. Their Galle’ wrought iron ...

Fantastically hot wrought iron bedroom furniture 8

Fantastically Hot Wrought Iron Bedroom Furniture

Wrought iron bedside table rrp 195 131 hasena luigi wrought

wrought iron bedside table rrp £ 195 £ 131 hasena luigi wrought iron ...

Black wrought iron bedside tables 1

Zinc Top Tuileries Table - Iron Accent Table, Zinc Accent Table | Soft Surroundings

Wrought iron side tables

Long-lasting and fashionable, this accent table is shaped like a drum and crafted of powder-coated metal. The table is easy to maintain and well-balanced, featuring a round rugged top, and s hollow design with lovely scrollwork.

Decorative Espresso Wood With Elegant Metal Scroll Legs Accent Table With Drawer