Wrought Iron Twin Headboard


With all the style of wrought iron, we give you a headboard for a twin bed that will be set apart from the rest. Wrought iron twin headboards are impressive, sturdy, and they will give the bed a new swagger. These are well-made, decorative and artistic, and very heavy, so secure it well. Take a look in this collection for all the available options.

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Wrought iron twin headboardfootboard and

Wrought iron twin headboardfootboard and

A unique wrought iron headboard like this is too beautiful to be thrown away. A splash of refreshing white paint and it can look as stunning as new, ready to emblazon another twin bed in a rustic bedroom.

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Wrought iron headboard full 10

Presented here wrought iron twin headboard has a a fun vertical design - made of stylish iron with mat trim. Vintage character adjust to both classic gray design and rustic style. Over a calm sleep - a small bird is being a watchman on the frame.

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Wrought iron twin beds

Simple and grand headboards. These headboards are made from wrought iron and are impervious to rust. They will never rust due to the paint and they come in sets of two.

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Sale glamorous hollywood regency twin

Sale glamorous hollywood regency twin

If you like to lie in bed, read a little in it - without a headboard it is impossibile. In addition, it can be a masterpiece of the bedroom - as presented wrought iron twin headboard, has richly decorated construction, with mid-century squiggles.

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Miniature artisan made wrought iron bed

Miniature artisan made wrought iron bed

The bed with metal frame fits not only into retro and folk interiors but also modern solutions. Ths wrought iron twin headboard has very intresting hand-crafted iron ornaments. Based on one big circle in the middle, with floral accompaniment.

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A less expensive alternative to an antique bed

A less expensive alternative to an antique bed?

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Metal twin headboard

High-quality headboard made from wrought iron and finished in black paint for that industrial look. The headboard is the epitome of duality and works best for modern bedrooms. It can support wrought iron beds too and offers high weight capacity.

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Iron bedside tables

This small wrought iron stool with round top serves as a perfect bedside table. Painted in vibrant red, it constitutes a great accent in this white, neutral dominated bedroom.

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Wrought iron twin headboard 1

The twin bed with wrought iron headboard. The iron frame guarantees the stabile position of the mattress. Maybe it is not the most modern version, but when you paint it in the light colors, it has its vintage lovely look.

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Black wrought iron headboard queen

Amazing wrought iron bedstead with headboard and footboard formed into the shape of a trailing vine with stylized leaves. They act as a brace for the four corner posts, while simultaneously keeping mattress and pillows from sliding off of the bed.

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Wrought Iron Twin Headboard

Buying Guide

Wrought iron twin headboards are sought-after for their ability to easily and quickly update any bedroom. If your bed is a divan style, which does not have a headboard, it can end up making your bedroom look a bit unattractive from its bareness. But, with a properly chosen wrought iron headboard, you’ll be able to transform your room into a well-decorated sanctuary. Read on as we’ve listed some handy pointers that’ll help you make the perfect choice.

Wrought iron twin headboards vary in terms of their installation. The most common types are wall mounted headboards, floor standing headboards, and headboards with struts. The ones with struts allow you to fit headboards directly to the base of beds. This means when a bed is moved, a headboard with strut will go with it. As for a wall-mounted headboard, it is attached to a wall as its name suggests.

As it’s mounted on a wall, it will remain stationary even when the bed is moved. The last type is the floor-standing unit which does not need any attachment or installation as it stands on its own feet. You simply have to position it at the head of the bed. The right kind of headboard for you will depend on your preference.

If you have a twin bed, then you simply get a wrought iron twin headboard as it will be of the same width as your bed. However, there are twin headboards that are oversized but should be paired with twin beds. If that’s what you want as the bigger size is a great design feature, the fittings will be twin-size, so the headboard will still be compatible with your twin bed.

If what you want is a simple headboard for your modern or contemporary bedroom, consider getting a headboard that’s slightly curved or rectangular. It's the type of headboard that won’t take center stage and it will allow other furniture pieces to be the room’s focus.

On the other hand, you may want a decorative wrought iron twin headboard for its romantic and sexy appeal. If so, then you will have lots of designs and colors to select from! It won’t be hard for you to pick the right one as most wrought iron twin headboards come with beautiful metal patterns and stunning silhouettes!

Deciding on the shape and style of a wrought iron twin headboard is the fun part of the shopping process! It is where you get to choose between a model that’s subtle and purely functional and something that creates a statement in a room. Regardless of what you choose, we are certain you will find the piece that you love as the online market has a wide selection of wrought iron twin headboards.

Now that you know what to consider when getting a new wrought iron twin headboard, keep them in mind and you will make the right choice. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun browsing!

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Saint lucia bed arhaus furniture stalking this

Saint Lucia Bed | Arhaus Furniture - stalking this!

Twin metal headboard

Guest Cottage sign in guest room at Junk Chic Cottage, wrought iron gate for a headboard

Bowdoin Twin Metal Headboard

Bowdoin Twin Metal Headboard

Elegant traditional frame-mounted headboard for a twin bed. It's crafted of matte black-finished iron. It has round posts with ball finials and features 2 arched top rails and beautiful large scrollwork in the centre.

BLVD Storage Headboard

BLVD Storage Headboard

Practical storage headboard with two lateral storage sections on both bottom sides of this furniture for some books and magazines. It wasmade from MDF material. Made in pretty white melamine finish. It requires assembly.

Newton Bookcase Headboard

Newton Bookcase Headboard

It is a bookcase headboard that is a perfect addition to any bedroom or kids room. It is perfect for storing books and other items, and is great to display your favorite accent pieces. You need to have it.

Tufted Cotton Upholstered Headboard

Tufted Cotton Upholstered Headboard

It is a tufted cotton upholstered headboard that is adorable and looks pretty in your kids room. It has got an adjustable height. You and your kids will be impressed how beautiful this product is.

Twin metal headboards

Sturdy metal frame featuring a copper finish and a hand-applied black coating, that corresponds to the general style of the bed characterize this wrought iron twin size headboard. The product comprises standard side rails.

Wrought iron twin headboard 2

Vintage elegance with this wrought iron headboard and footboard. Twin sized, it’s perfect for any child’s room or even teens. Personalize by adding a coverlet that is special to the child, either because of the giver or because of the theme.

Vintage iron bed twin

Minimalist and durable twin-size headboard made from wrought iron for extra longevity and durability. The headboard features incredible patterns, each intertwined to create the perfect bedroom focal point. While it’s finished in white, you’re free to customize it with other palettes as well.

Vintage metal headboards

One of the prettiest beds ever. Thanks to the use of wrought iron, a very plastic and formable material, the designer was able to create ornamental forms, visible in its headboard and footboard. A twin size proposition for glamour interiors.

Wrought iron twin bed

Twin Iron Bed Headboard Footboard Ornate High Headboard Scrolls

Wrought iron headboard full

A pretty though quite simple rustic bed frame of black coated wrought iron. A headboard and a footboard feature thick round posts with low feet, rounded top corners, simple collars. Vertical rods are joined with horizontal bars by ovalish knots.

Twin mattress sofa

With this functional set of 2 beds, you will have a comfortable and adjustable addition for your contemporary home. Each bed has a natural hardwood frame with thick legs, and it can be quite easily arranged according to your likings.

Hillsboro iron bed by wesley allen aged rust finish love

Hillsboro Iron Bed by Wesley Allen - Aged Rust Finish. Love this for our master, headboard only