Solid Wrought Iron Beds

Rugged and strong and capable of supporting plenty of weight, Hillside iron beds are designed to handle anything you throw at them. They have the style and form you need, with the quality you expect. And if you are looking for your next Hillside iron bed you've come to the right place. We have plenty of these incredible beds in our extensive collection for your viewing pleasure.

Curved Iron Bed With Wood Slats

Curved Iron Bed With Wood Slats

Curved Iron Bed With Wood Slats

This wrought iron bed is made in queen and king sizes and has an airy open frame with a vintage touch. It features a center support leg and twelve even-spaced wooden slats to support a mattress.

Designer Advice:

The streamlined design on this wrought iron bed is a perfect match for a midcentury modern bedroom. The curved headboard and footboard keep your mattress in place, preventing you from having to readjust it. For some, its style can feel bland or minimal, but you can spruce it up with colorful décor on a nearby nightstand. 

Iron Bed With Double Top Arch

Iron Bed With Double Top Arch

Iron Bed With Double Top Arch

Victorian and classy, this solid iron bed flaunts a curved frame, simple lines, and rope knot details. Choose between full, queen, and king sizes and antique dark bronze or white.

Designer Advice:

A wrought iron bed with decorative joints uplifts a room with minimal shapes and grabs more attention than a bed with straight posts. Curvy adorned joints give it a more feminine feel, while sharp-edged joints have a masculine essence. The rounded head and footboard are good if you tend to walk into the corners of your bed.

Wrought Iron Bed With Bed Posts

Wrought Iron Bed With Bed Posts

Wrought Iron Bed With Bed Posts


This beautiful iron bed is sturdy and painted a matte black. It has metal slats, nine supporting legs to withstand more weight, and plenty of room underneath for storage.

Designer Advice:

Some traditional and modern stylists would argue this is the best iron bed because of its bed posts. A bed post comes in handy for hanging tomorrow’s wardrobe or other garments like hoodies, hats, belts, and scarves. This is a good bed for you if you’re running short on closet space and like having your outfits picked out.

Canopy style Iron Bed

Canopy style Iron Bed

Canopy style Iron Bed

Textured with timber and handmade iron leaves, this wrought iron bed is both functional and an art piece. There is a California king bed option, ten colors to pick from, and tree branch hooks on the footboard bed posts.

Designer Advice:

These iron beds are one of a kind, however, they come at a hefty price. If money isn’t an issue, getting a custom-made bed is one way to make sure others don’t have the same bed frame as you. Hang a light sheer over the top and dangle fairy lights for a magical or romantic bed theme.

Daybed Style Solid Wrought Iron Bed

Daybed Style Solid Wrought Iron Bed

Daybed Style Solid Wrought Iron Bed

This expertly crafted metal spool iron bed comes in black or white, and its spindle details are gorgeous. It is twin-size and has a finished back and crisscross metal slats for added support.

Designer Advice:

A daybed made of iron gives you a sturdy frame and a space-saving option for small bedrooms. One drawback to a daybed is you can only enter and exit from one side, making the way you style it more limited. The knobby rails on this bed pair well with toss pillows and sheets with patterns.

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Solid Wrought Iron Beds

Buying Guide

You can style Hillsdale iron beds by making sure that they are basically the design focus of your room. Hillsdale iron beds are classic, timeless, and have intricate frames that should be the star of any space!

Since the frames of Hillsdale beds are so beautiful, it’s a good idea to make sure that the rest of the decor that you go with in the area is relatively restrained. Go for toned-down wooden bedside tables and neutral shams and duvets so that the iron frames really cut through and look amazing in your home.

Yes, iron is a great material for a bed frame: in fact, it’s the very best choice when it comes to longevity!

Sturdy and reliable, it’s usually more cost-effective than traditional wood, too.

Plus, a Hillsdale iron bed will allow you to introduce a delightful nostalgic and vintage look in your bedroom, turning your frame into a conscious statement.

If you were worried about comfort when sitting up in bed, don’t forget that you can always prop up your pillows against the frame.

What color scheme goes best with Hillsdale iron beds?

Because Hillsdale iron beds are timeless, they can go with almost any color scheme. Whether you prefer the contemporary minimalist designs or you enjoy the rustic, farmhouse style, your Hillsdale iron bed will make a beautiful addition to your bedroom.

If you’re going for a modern look, analogous neutral shades of gray and white work extremely well. From charcoal shades to lighter grays, whichever you choose will complement your bed.

For a traditional-style bedroom, deep reds, burgundies, and purples work exceptionally well. These lush shades are the epitome of charming and create a cozy feel that will make your Hillsdale iron bed feel inviting.

Best Ideas

Hillsdale iron beds 5

With its ornamental head and footboards, this Hillsdale iron bed shall attract all fans of the English classical style. The use of wrought iron, a solid, yet formable material, enabled to create delighting shapes.

Hillsdale iron beds

Hillsdale Parkwood 1450BQR Queen Metal Poster Bed

Hillsdale Furniture 1335BQR Chesapeake Bed Set with Rails, Queen, Rustic Old Brown

Stanton iron bed by hillsdale furniture wrought iron metal bed

Stanton Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture | Wrought Iron Metal Bed ...

Hillsdale iron beds 28

Bennington Iron Bed in Rustic Pewter by Hillsdale Furniture

Baremore iron bed by hillsdale furniture

Baremore Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Victoria ornate iron bed in antique white by hillsdale

Victoria Ornate Iron Bed in Antique White by Hillsdale

Hillsdale iron beds 41

Ardisonne Bed by Hillsdale Furniture | Iron Beds, Cherry Wood Beds, Furniture

Hillsdale iron beds

Mandalay Iron Sleigh Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale iron beds 16

Bel Air Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture | Contemporary Iron Bed, Beds

Hillsdale iron beds 8

Kirkwell Iron Bed in Brushed Bronze by Hillsdale | Humble Abode

Hillsdale terrace metal panel bed in black finish

Hillsdale Terrace Metal Panel Bed in Black Finish

Hillsdale iron beds 35

Bed frame in elegant style. Construction is made of wrought iron and finished with sophisticated pattern on the headboard. Stylish accent for each bedroom according to taste.

Hillsdale iron beds 12

Latimore Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale iron beds

Rustic and elegant, this iron bed frame will allow you to finally know what real comfort feels like and at the same time is one of the most fitting choices for when you want to achieve a classy look in your master suite.

Hillsdale iron beds 2

Kensington Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture | Wrought Iron Headboard Footboard Complete Frame Bed humble abode $549

Hillsdale iron beds 39

The classic bed with the iron frame. Maybe it looks a little bit outdated to have at your home, but this type of decorations is getting back in graces. This type of bedframe looks good with the classic wooden furniture.

Hillsdale iron beds 26

Ruby Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Vista wood and iron bed by hillsdale furniture mixed wood

Vista Wood and Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture | Mixed Wood Iron Bed Headboard Footboard Frame Complete

Hillsdale iron beds 30

Hillsdale Kirkwell Metal Poster Bed in Brushed Bronze Finish - 1038BXR

Baremore headboard 1742 x70 lowest price online on all baremore

Baremore Headboard - 1742-X70 - Lowest price online on all Baremore Headboard - 1742-X70

Trenton iron bed by hillsdale furniture

Trenton Iron Bed by Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale metal beds classic king metal bed vandrie home

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Hillsdale silverton metal sleigh bed in brushed silver

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