Wrought Iron Patio Benches

If you want a patio bench that is both sturdy and attractive, then look no further than this collection of wrought iron patio benches. They will suit anyone's taste, last a lifetime, and will fit in with the rustic motif of a garden or outdoor area very nicely. They come in many styles but each and everyone is designed to be put in a permanent home. See collection for details.

Best Products

Patio bench restorationyard benchwrought

Patio Bench Restorationyard Benchwrought
Add comfort, style, beauty and unique look to your garden, and choose this yard bench. It features the wrought iron construction and wooden slats. It fits to any style and decor.

Metal park benches 1

A traditional, curved, metal bench that will be perfect for your balcony, terrace or garden. The overall design is simple, but the back of the bench has decorative elements. The seat is perfect for three cushions.

Rod iron bench

An exquisite addition for park alleys, gardens, backyards and other outdoor areas, the bench is a true masterpiece with splendid metalwork. Made of wrought iron and neatly powder-coated, the bench directs all eyes on its marvelous design.

Wrought iron garden bench

Made in an old, slightly retro style bench is an excellent piece of furniture for the garden, patio or terrace. Simple cast iron and wood construction create a pleasant atmosphere. Finishing in white gives a whole lightness and romantic style.

Antique iron benches outdoor

With its intricate, ornate shape, visible i.e. in the curved, arched backrest, this wrought iron patio bench will be a perfect item for one's garden or backyard, especially if you like shabby chic or cottage styles.

Wrought iron patio benches

This lovely garden bench made from wrought iron in Victorian style is an excellent way to add a garden or terrace of style and elegance. The charm of ancient decorative motifs and robust construction create a brilliant whole.

Iron benches

Made of wrought iron butterfly chair and bench and table are a delightful combination that captivates the details. The beautiful motifs of the set of patio furniture make it impossible not to fall in love. Comfortable seat with backrest, openwork decorate form a beautiful whole.

Our advice Buying Guide

Some of the best patio benches are made from wrought iron. All-season friendly, the great choices of wrought iron patio bench styles presented here will aid you in creating a majestic sitting area.

Lattice Wrought Iron Patio Bench

A charming addition to any garden or patio area, a supportive criss-cross design brings beauty alone or surrounded with natural plants. Tender curved arms and legs will make your bench seem elegant even if the materials and craftsmanship are of commercial grade. Sturdy and inviting, a lattice wrought iron patio bench is a popular choice for those looking for style, durability, and price.

Wrought Iron Mesh Benches

Wrought iron patio benches that have durable mesh backing and seating offer incredible comfort and stability. In addition, these simple designs are at home with widely differing styles, from traditional to contemporary, making mesh benches a favorite for blending into any outdoor decor. To ensure maximum comfort, choose designs with a slightly tilted back.. 

Romantic Copper Benches

Antique copper garden benches are an epitome of a romantic evening. If you are on the lookout for a bench reminiscent of the glitter and glamour of the early 1900s, make sure there are no intricate details that have been left out. Curves, lattice, floral carvings, and rich color will all set fabulous ambiance and attract the romantic in you.

Artistic Wrought Iron Patio Bench

An artful display of flowing lines and curves is capable of being set flush against an exterior wall. A black powder coated finish may try to set a low profile, but exquisite architectural curves, slopes, and scrolls still deliver a stunning presence. Artistic benches with intricate detailing are a perfect match for traditional cottage gardens, abundant with lush greenery and flowers. 

A Backless Wrought Iron Bench

If you don't want your porch, patio or garden look too busy, a sweet little backless seat for a quick rest is an option to consider. If you go for a black powder coat finish, it will be stylish enough to place anywhere. Scooped arms will welcome visitors to a relaxing spot while providing an aesthetic blend to nature.

Contemporary Squares 

If you think wrought iron benches are suitable for traditionally styled backyards only, you surely haven't seen the simple and clean designs whose backs are made with interlocking squares. A unique example of how nature, wrought iron, and creativity can add style to your patio. The overlapping right-angles will suit any modern or contemporary style, bringing a different type of decorative value to your front porch, garden or patio.

Foldable Wrought Iron Bench

A foldable wrought iron bench gives new meaning to modern design and flexibility. Easy to fold up and store, you never have to worry about your beautiful wrought iron bench to be exposed to snow and rain. Graphite powder coating adds a touch of uniqueness to this architectural delight.



Wrought iron benches

A great piece for decorate your park alley, backyard, or garden. Legs of this bench are made of wrought iron, able to withstand weather conditions. The seat is made of wood, representing an eye-catchy, slat design and a warm cappuccino finish.

Iron patio benches 1

An interesting rustic style outdoor bench featuring 'legs' from old iron waggon wheels fixed to flat bars at the bottom. A sturdy seat and a slanted robust backrest are crafted of thick horizontally arranged wooden planks stained in brown.

Wrought iron bench

A sublime wrought iron bench that thanks to its durable structure will surely work wonders for your indoor or even the outdoor setting, making it a breeze to withstand the weather conditions, while the curved moldings accent the entire piece and give it an appealing look.

DC America SL677CO-BR Champions Park Bench, Cast Iron Frame and Hardwood Slats, Rust Resistant Bronze Finish

This beautiful bench features a cast iron frame covered in a rust-resistant bronze finish. The bench also includes a checkered back with a horse medallion design, gently raised up armrests, and angled legs. The seat is made of hardwood slats.

Black wrought iron bench

Gorgeous bench....isn't it amazing how a serene green backdrop can showcase painted iron?

Wrought iron garden bench r 1500

Wrought iron garden bench - R 1500

Christopher knight home lucia outdoor garden bench

Christopher Knight Home Lucia Outdoor Garden Bench
This wrought iron patio bench from Christopher Knight would be a perfect proposition for one's garden, yard balcony or patio. The bench would complement well any garden, balcony or patio.

Wrought iron patio bench

Suitable for spicing up outdoor areas such as park alleys, gardens and backyards. Entirely crafted of wrought iron and powder-coated, the bench is all-weather resistant and has a lovely curvature mixed with a lattice seat and back.

Iron bench 1

A stunning garden bench for 2 persons. Its openwork iron frame has a vivid blue finish. It has S-like legs, wavy both arms, a backrest and an apron. A back top and the apron have rich carving and scrolling. A seat and a back have a circular pattern.

Antique wrought iron bench

Wrought iron patio bench would be great for your private backyard but also for the public spaces. It is important to notice meticulous floral carving in wrought iron. Even if it is simple black shade, it has some greenish brushes.

Mobile woodworking bench

Classic bench made of wood. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Back consists of horizontally arranged strips. Great addition to the garden, patio, porch and more.

Metal Garden Bench

Improve your garden, patio, backyard, and other outdoor areas by using this strong bench with beautiful scrollwork. The bench is entirely made of durable iron, offering resistance to weather conditions, and easy maintenance.

Wrought iron bench lowes

If there is at least a single tree in your garden, you will love this idea of a circular tree bench. It's a white, metal construction with curved decorations that features a cottage-like character. A lot of space for gatherings or picnics.

Wrought iron benches 2

Stylish outdoor bench decorated with openwork pattern. Frame is made of wrought iron. Great addition to the garden, patio, porch and more. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Wrought iron benches 3

Wrought bench made of iron. It has seat with perforation pattern. Kickstand and back are scuptural and they are stylised in the shape of butterfly. This beautiful bench will fit perfectly to your garden.

Vintage wrought iron garden bench image 2

Vintage Wrought Iron Garden Bench image 2

Cast iron outdoor bench

For all those who simply can't help but opt for a lavish and romantic design for their patio or garden this bench will prove the perfect and most well-suited choice with the charming carvings of the frame and the French styled look.

Curved wrought iron bench

Romanticism is often seen in the example of metal hand-built wrought iron patio benches - although iron is not at all associated with light romanticism. White metal bendable - create a bench full of flourishes and twigs.

Iron patio benches 5

Fresh and very lively design! This steel bench is a perfect addition to any patio or garden. Bound to breathe life and invigorate its surrounding with its amazing, unique flower pattern. I just love it!

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Wrought iron park bench

The versatility of using iron allows you to create even such a subtle wrought iron patio bench full of flourishes and traditional Provencal style of iron joints. Very thin lines in brown color can stand both in the garden and at home.

Cast Iron and Powder Coated Steel Ivy Bench

Beautiful, large iron benches don't have to be just a part of public parks. So beautifully decorated, floristic benches can stand on your porch or patio. The dark color of hand-wrought iron, will add the arrey to your outdoor space.

Iron patio benches 2

Decorative work-out bench. It is made of iron and covered of white paint. Bench is sculptular and has grapevine pattern. This piece of furniture will plays its role as seat and interesting decoration in the garden or patio.

Wrought iron benches 1

An impressive classic garden bench having a beautiful sturdy frame of black coated wrought iron. It's richly adorned a.o. with showy wonderful scrolls, swirls and floral motifs. It has a rectangular seat.

Department 56 Snow Village "Red Wrought Iron Park Bench" Accessory #56.56445

This Red Wrought Iron Park Bench is going to completely change the appearance of your garden. Beautiful piece in red & black contrast with ladder seat and back, and strong steel legs/arms.

Antique iron garden bench

The antique style wrought-iron garden bench. Covered with white paint. The backrest's wires placed into the fanciful pattern, build the nice impression. It could be used in the private garden, but also in the public space.

Cushion from aubusson needlepoint

cushion from aubusson needlepoint

Antique cast iron park bench

Vibrant, lemon yellow finish and the lovely looks is what makes this bench a fitting solution for your patio seating. It is made from wrought iron and offers immense durability for plenty of years to come.

Outsunny 40" Cast Iron Antique Rose Style Outdoor Patio Garden Park Bench

Spectacular bench in vintage style, decorated with roses, that will look wonderfull at retro style outdoors. It is made of solid, bent metal with antiqued finish. Stylish, functional and decorative piece of furniture.

Iron patio benches

A charming bench in a country style. It features a wooden seat in a warm, honey color and a distressed metal backrest and armrests painted in a red hue. Decorate the bench with rustic pillows to get a homely look.

Garden variety meridian bench

Garden Variety Meridian Bench
Create a lovely backyard oasis with this eye-catching, charming addition to your spring garden. Its openwork mosaic construction shall enchant all, who like the ornamental design.

Our company was established in 1995 and since then we

Our company was established in 1995 and since then we are dealing in ...

Wrought iron settee and cobblestone

Wrought Iron Settee and cobblestone :)

English iron garden bench traditional outdoor stools and benches

English Iron Garden Bench traditional-outdoor-stools-and-benches

Metal circular tree seats

Incorporate a bit of the Mediterranean flavor to your garden with this beautiful bench. Wrought iron construction combined with soft, floral cushions will provide an inimitably comfortable, relaxing rest.

Iron patio bench

Wrought iron patio or garden benches are necessary equipment for the garden of romantics who love Provence. The delicateness of this strong, though full of flourish, construction also adds white paint in this case.

Wrought iron circular tree bench

Day bed made of metal with antique finish. Headboard and footboard consist of vertically arranged wires. Great solution for the bedroom, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste.

Wrought iron bench seat

Embellishing any garden space, this beautiful butterfly bench enchants with its intricate shape. Made from formable wrought iron, it combines original design and solidness.

Sun ray iron porch swing

Sun Ray Iron Porch Swing
Swing bench for porch and others outdoor places according to taste. It is completely made of iron and decorated with openwork pattern. It has 3 places to sit. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Cast iron bistro set

A very original set that consists of a loveseat and chair. Both items feature cast iron frames that are solid and very attractive. They include many decorative items and their solid constructions are weather resistant.

Wrought iron bench yellow wall rustic mexican bench original colour

Wrought Iron Bench, Yellow Wall - Rustic Mexican Bench - Original Colour Photograph

New life for old park bench diy gardening painted furniture

new life for old park bench, diy, gardening, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Black wrought iron garden bench

This wrought iron chippy vintage blue settee bench was created from the bottom of the heart and it is visible in the distinguished but still rustical iron form, and light azure color of the sky. Such a slim decorative and functional bench is perfect for the porch.