Metal Garden Benches For Sale

The enjoyment of your garden is more the art and skill of growing the plants, its in the joy of watching it, the beauty of new life, and the thoughts of the future. And what better way to sit and take it all in than on one of these metal garden benches. We have a lovely assortment and are sure the right metal garden bench is in this collection. Take a look.

Best Ideas


The simple and very stylish hardwood garden bench is a great way to create a comfortable place to sit in the backyard or on the terrace. The beautiful design captivates the details and makes the garden a cozy place to relax.

Bastia Outdoor Garden Bench

Bastia Outdoor Garden Bench
Beautiful and substantial garden bench, cast of heavy duty iron, featuring a range of romantic details, from woven seat design to swirled, rosy finials on arched bacl. Antiquated finish matches the style perfectly.

Steel Park Bench

Steel Park Bench
It is a very nice bench for the garden or park. It was made of steel, which makes it very robust and durable and is not easily damaged. The bench has a simple seat and very decorative openwork back. The bench is made in black.

Gather in the garden hampton garden bench

Gather in the garden hampton garden bench
The lovely metal garden bench is a perfect combination of attractive design and beautiful details. Completely styled in its unique design, it admires the details and brings a unique atmosphere to the decor.

Park Ave Steel Garden Bench

Park Ave Steel Garden Bench
This high quality, heavy duty bench is available in two colors and has a durable steel construction. Its simple, classic shape will match to any outdoor decor. It is suitable to use outside and is resistant for weather conditions.

Amador Aluminum Garden Bench

Amador Aluminum Garden Bench
Decorative garden bench constructed of heavy duty aluminium with dark finish. It has slender & curved but well-balanced four-legged base and a lattice seat and backrest. The latter has a decorative rim on top, with curly motifs.

Phat Tommy Fushion Steel / Wood Park Bench

Phat Tommy Fushion Steel / Wood Park Bench
Sturdy, steal frame od this park bench has a powder - coated finish, resistant for UV radiation or weather conditions, so can be use outside. Wooden seat was crafted from a certificated hardwood and keep in natural finish.

Heritage Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Heritage Recycled Plastic Park Bench
Designed for outdoor areas, this Park Bench in Black Finish is made of Jayhawks premium grade recycled plastic. The bench also has an aluminum frame, and offers resistance to cracks, splinters, breaks and UV light.

Butterfly Aluminum Garden Bench

Butterfly Aluminum Garden Bench
It is a garden bench that has got a butterfly shape and an aluminum construction. It is a perfect and comfortable addition to any outdoor space. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Botanist Lines Two Seat Bench

Botanist Lines Two Seat Bench
Arranging an apartment is very important and sometimes very hard. With out inspiration and proposition, it will be much easier. Select this two seat bench and enjoy a fresh accent piece.

Daffodil Metal Garden Bench

Daffodil Metal Garden Bench
A metal garden bench that adds a stylish and classic touch to any place it is set in. It features a metal construction that ensures high quality and long lasting performance. It is water and weather resistant.

Fretwork Wood Garden Bench

Fretwork Wood Garden Bench
White garden bench (solid color with protective varnish) made of wood. It has in fact quite simple design with its straight legs and armrests, but it catches the eye with geometric pattern on its backrest - a new approach to X-shaped detailing.

Metal garden benches for sale 1

A long-lasting garden bench, resistant to weather conditions and easy to maintain. Designed in the 1970's, the bench is crafted of durable metal in a green finish, offering a slatted design, and criss-crossed legs with a sturdy stretcher.

Metal porch bench

This is a garden chair that was modeled after ancient times as late as the 19th century. It’s famously called the White House Rose Garden bench as this pattern was common in the White House Rose Garden. The chair has metal seats that can accommodate up to four people and has foliate scrolled cabriole legs.

Hardwood garden benches

This outdoor stylization includes solid hardwood garden benches that feature simple lines and solid slats. The central part of this area includes a rectangular ottoman that is also made of these solid materials.

Metal garden benches for sale

The beautifully made and phenomenal garden bench is an excellent way to create a fresh arrangement in the backyard. Simple details and attractive form fascinate and bring interesting character. Openwork design is perfect for decorating plants.

Antique park benches for sale

The standard metal outdoor bench perfect for park and also the private garden. The whole has been painted with anticorrosive lacquer, what guarantees that it will still be on shape, even if it is standing all day in rain.

Iron bench outdoor

This is a very stylish and creative garden bench. The beautiful structure of this bench brings to mind a butterfly, and the choice of color further compliments that of nature. The seat is stylishly perforated and gives off a beautiful pattern of shadow.

Garden bench for sale

Stylish bench designed for outdoor use. It is made of metal and finished with openwork pattern on the back. It has 3 seating capacity. Elegant accent for garden, patio and more.

Coral Coast Coral Coast Royal 4-ft. Curved Back Garden Bench, Antique Black, Metal

Garden bench featuring powder-coated steel construction, appealing fleur-de-lis design of the back and antique finish. Thanks to the use of steel the furniture is very durable and can support up to 500 pounds.

Garden benches on sale

Metal garden bench in green color that blends well with nature. They are made of metal and are very suitable for outdoor purpose. The backrest, seat, and armrest come in various designs. They also have four legs that are metallic as well.

Best Selling  Cozumel Cast Aluminum Bench, Antique Copper Finish

Gently curved legs and pierced, woven-like seat and back lend a stylish appeal to this outdoor bench. Rounded arms add a romantic flair to it, while the antique copper finish of durable aluminium construction creates a pretty industrial chic.

Innova C13762 Cast Iron Hardwood Garden Leaves Park Bench, Copper Rust

Wonderful combination of iron and hardwood is the essence of this extraordinary garden benches. Beautifully carved into the iron structure floral motifs give it its unique character, which is admirable.

Workshop benches 1

Workshop desk with a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing needed stuff. Construction is made of wood. Top has large usable surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

17 sm butterfly bench

17 Sm Butterfly Bench

Cute flower metal bench for gardens

Cute Flower Metal Bench for Gardens

Saint Kitts Aluminum Garden Bench

Aluminum garden bench. This elegant bench is a great choice for your garden. It features attractive grid pattern, detailed roses on legs and rubber feet. Special construction allows the rainwater to easily pass through without gathering.

Metal bench metal commerical outdoor bench for public cal 840

metal bench Metal commerical outdoor bench for public CAL-840

Victorian cast iron bench

Crafted only from the highest quality, durable wrought iron and offering the sleek, black powder-coated finish this porch swing will be a dream come true for your perfect patio or garden, letting you enjoy the beautiful weather from now on.

Metal garden benches 8

Metal Garden Benches

Jewelers bench plans

Jewelers Bench created on the basis of recycled timber. This solid wooden construction provides plenty of working space and many compartments for the storage of accessories or jewelry products in safe place.

Hardwood garden bench

Not just what we are looking at is important in a well-designed patio.Also important is the floor,such as this one made of cherry wood.From the same wood,was made the backrest of benches.Coloristically fit together and add natural touch to the patio.

Hardwood garden benches 24

Contemporary backyard arrangement: concrete blocks on the ground level juxtaposed against white painted benches with warm coloured wooden tops. The hardwood garden benches are, of course, combined with planters.

Metal garden benches 7

Metal Garden Benches

Kid 39 s bench for garden

Kid's bench for garden

Workshop benches 5

This amazing workshop bench will prove extremely useful in any craft room, since it offers more than enough space and compartments to organize your tools. It is handmade and will bring you the best possible quality materials.

Metal garden benches

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Wrought iron garden arch with bench china arches arbours pergolas

Wrought Iron Garden Arch With Bench / China Arches, Arbours, Pergolas ...

Sturdy 3-1/8 Steel Posts with Hidden Anchor System, Multifunctional 3-person Swing, Fade Resistant Fabric Cushions

Jewelers workbench plans

Great and practical furniture for small garage or basement. Folded - space-saver cabinet for tools, unfolded - desk with big top to work on it with hanged tools in handy positions. Smart solution in your home.

Wooden garden tables for sale

Wrought Iron Metal Garden Bench

Metal park bench metal garden bench metal garden patio bench

Metal Park Bench, Metal Garden Bench, Metal Garden Patio Bench - $720 ...

Workshop benches 2

I imagine this antique workshop bench to be the greatest adornment of a stylish contemporary jewelry studio. These numerous drawers just beg to be filled with necklaces and earrings. Distressed wooden construction will last another hundred years.

Workshop benches 7

Very fresh, exotic, tropical theme for a bedroom. I love the abundance of colourful, elegant beddings with a vast amount of pillows. Lush and cosy, perfectly complements the simple, iron frame of the surrounding furniture.

Workshop benches

This workbench constitutes a fantastic option for your workshop. If you find yourself a DIY enthusiast or a choreman, then this project shall delight you. Creates an ideal space for a table saw.

Metal benches park bench commercial outdoor benches for sale 140

Metal benches / Park Bench / Commercial Outdoor Benches for Sale (140 ...

Best Selling Foldable Outdoor Wicker Table

A small, foldable table created for an outdoor use. It has got a durable metal frame covered with wicker. These materials are resistant to rain, wind, low temperatures, etc. It is a stylish outdoor coffee table.

Workshop benches 2

Transformation, change-these things always bring something good, also for interior design. Amazing wooden workbench - it has perfectly cut parts to match the needs of its owner.Made of pine wood workshop bench,has a lower and higher top, with a wooden border.

Hardwood garden benches 2

Contemporary outdoor stylization that includes hardwood garden benches. They are suitable for exterior wall mounting. Solid wooden horizontal slats include some supportive metal elements. They are suitable for contemporary and traditional settings.

Hardwood garden benches 1

A splendid choice for improving patios, gardens, and backyards. This sturdy bench is resistant to weather conditions, made of oak-finished wood planks, and it's integrated with a matching cubic planter.